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Friends, it's my first attempt to write a fan fiction. Like all of you, I am also a  Diehard RaYafan. Their unbeatable chemistry has prompted me to write this. I have the basic story in my mind but no clue as to how to execute it properly. Only request I have to all the wonderful writers in this forum is to give this novice a chance. Please be patient as the story unfolds...and do leave comments. Here goes nothing...

When he had come back two days early from his business trip to an empty house needless to say that he was disappointed. Kapoor Mansions ever so loyal butler, Bansi kaka informed him that everyone had decided to Amritsar for a couple of days and memsahab had gone to a party. With nothing to do at home, he decided to go to his office and work on an important presentation that could get him another contract worth millions. Around 7:30pm Jenny, his secretary pushed his office door slightly ajar and saw her handsome boss busy working On his computer. Before leaving for the day she just wanted to check with him one last time if he needed anything. She hesistantly knocked on the door and heard his deep baritone voice "yes, come in"while he took a brief pause and looked up at her to acknowledge her presence. 
Jenny: " sir, I have all the paperwork ready for your presentation on this coming Monday" handing him a file she hesitated further. Jenny had been working for KAPOOR industries for about a two years now. Despite being in her early twenties, she was very focused and Ram had to never repeat himself. Most of the time she was ahead in getting things done anticipating her bosses routine and knack for perfection. Ram looked up again from his computer screen "Jenny, is there anything else?" Jenny " Errr...Sir since you are back early from your trip, you should attend Singhania's party this evening... As you are well aware of how important their alliance is for Kapoor industries" Ram gave this suggestion a long thought and letting out a sigh he said "why not! Getting out is probably what I need this evening anyways!" Jenny the most efficient assistant that she was said before leaving "Sir, there is a suit ready for you and a gift that you can take to the Singhania's in that closet" Ram gave his most charming smile to her and said "Thanks Jenny! Have a wonderful weekend ahead!" She gave him a reassuring smile and left for the day. 
      Coming to Singhania's party was what he needed at the moment,while meeting his acquaintances and going through the normal routine of chit chatting he felt this odd sensation of relief and anticipation like something big was about to happen!" What nonsense are you thinking Ram!!" He chided himself. Holding a glass of scotch he walked around mingling with the other guests at the party. There was a sudden hushed silence followed by immediate louder chit chatter, his eyes followed others to see what caused that sudden pause in an otherwise lively party. He stood rooted in his spot to see her entering the hall. First thing he noticed was her radiant smile that reached up to her beautiful kohled eyes. As she greeted the hosts with folded hands and smiled, his lips automatically curved into a smile as if she was greeting him. He shook his head to bring himself back to reality but couldn't help his eyes from absorbing every detail about her.She was wearing a sequined black sari with a low cut blouse which was hugging her curves in the right places making her fair and smooth skin glow even more. There was grace and sensuality in her aura. The gentleman who had accompanied her excused himself to take a phonecall. She situated herself at a corner table sipping a glass of orange juice while watching and greeting everyone who came to exchange pleasantries with her. She was looking at her phone every now and then as if she was expecting someone to call her. Her smile was not reaching her eyes anymore...with tears welling up in her beautiful eyes, she tried to control her overflowing emotions. She was contemplating whether it would be rude to leave now. Her husband, the big business tycoon, was always busy in making business deals. They loved each other and he would do anything to make her happy but when it came to work,he was so obsessed with being the top most businessman of India that he was not able to give anyone else, even Her,the love of his life, his Wife the time that she so craved from him. 
     She was from a middle class upbringing, believed in joys of simple things like sitting and enjoying every sip of adrak wali chai with her loved ones after a long day ( to her that was a stress buster) she wanted to feel the downpour of monsoon's first rain with him. Only if he could take the time to realize that all she wanted was to count stars with him instead of counting the diamonds he gave her on every little occasion.Ram saw an array of emotions displaying on her angelic face while she was unmindfully playing with her mangalsutra. He got up thinking its now or never. He can't let this opportunity pass him by...with confident strides he started walking towards the direction of her table. He fixed his red tie and tugged down his black coat to straighten out any wrinkles and ran a hand through his thick black hair to make sure he looked presentable in every way.  She had her eyes downcast at the moment trying to hold back her tears. For a moment he stood right in front of her not believing that he was actually going ahead with this. After a reassuring thought he fake coughed a little to get her attention "Emm...Hi! I am Ram! Ram Kapoor! And you are...Can I have the pleasure of your company this evening? " 
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hey grt job yaar... Seems really interesting.. Now looking forward to story unfold... I have a gut feeling that ram is her mr tycon .. I hope i m not wrong.. :) .. Plz update soon.. Btw whts ur name??
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Ofcoures You are a Diehard Rayafan 
that was visible in your username itself 

This is intresting  one 
Hmm even I have the feeling That lady is priya and he is her Tycoon hubby 
lets see how the story unfolds 
waiting for next part 

P.s:Can you please divid it into paras ,its getting very hard to read whole in one . 
please drop a pm to me . 
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Posted: 2014-08-01T01:31:12Z
wow superb writing yaar, but why stopped at the interesting point..
update soon
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Posted: 2014-08-01T01:45:13Z
Very interesting waiting how raya meet n wats store for us n pls continue soon
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Posted: 2014-08-01T01:47:10Z
 hi ...
 it  was really  nice  start. 
 was the lady  priya n  his wife? 
well will wait  till next  part.

please   leave some  more space between para's   A double line  spacing  might  help .   difficult to  read  long    parts ..


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Interesting Story
Continue soon Smile
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Posted: 2014-08-01T01:59:31Z
Very interesting. Continue soon.
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