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B E A U T I F U L  M I S T A K E

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It was success party of reyaansh singhania on winning business man of the year award, He won this award third time in his 4 year career.

"Reyaansh" His mother called him, He was busy with his clients but when he saw his mother calling him. He excuse himself and walk toward his mother.

"Beta, I want to tell you something" His mother said to him, rey nodded.

"Rey, The girl me and your dad has selected for you, She will be here in any moment, I want you to behave properly with her, she is our family friend's daughter , I want you to get married to her" His mother sumitra told him in strict yet soft tone.

Rey nodded in agreement, He knows that there is no point of argument, Now he has see some chick for marriage. From past one year his parents were after him for marriage but every time he avoided this topic. But not this time, This time his mother was determined to make his marry.

"But mom, how will I identify her, I didn't even saw her photo" Rey asked his mother, Her mother took out her phone and send one file on his phone. Rey look at his phone, It was photo of two girls. But his gaze was struck on one's face, By seeing the photo only he was mesmerized by her beauty.

"The girl on right side? right?" He asked his mom, She wasn't paying any attention to her son's question, as some guest called out for her.

"Yeah beta, please behave properly with her" Sumitra said, knowing her son's mood swing and his temper problem, she warned him to not to behave rudely with the girl they had chosen for marriage. sumitra left to greet some guest.

Rey was still staring at the photo, this girl is surely something, He has to meet her.

After sometime, A girl clad in Sky blue Color Net Saree, her hair left open and minimum make up on face, She look around to see someone familiar.

Rey's eyes were struck on entrance, His gaze travel from her head to toe. He was so happy that his parent has choose her for his marriage. Rey with smile plastering on his face, walk toward her, with every step he take close to her, his heart thump loudly in his chest. He has little fear in his heart, what if she didn't like him, as he has already develop some feelings for her.

"Hey" rey greeted her, she smiled and they both shook their hands.

"Congratulations reyaansh" Her voice was so melodious that it stopped his heartbeat for second.

"Thank you, your name?" 

"Taani shekhawat"

His hazel brown eyes were staring at the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, He was in aww. 

Rey lead her inside, they both were standing away from the crowd. rey get themselves drink.

"Tum akele aai ho?" he asked her, starting the conversation. She let out a chuckle, he raised eyebrow at her response.

"My friend suppose to come with me but she ditched me last moment, she had some  other work" Taani answered him.

"Accha hua, wana main tumahare saath time spend nahi kar paata" Rey muttered under his breath, which she didn't able to hear.

"Did you said something?" she asked him. 

"Nope! So friends? I won't ditch you ever, Life ke har  mode par apne saath paaogi" Rey extended his hand, Taani took it happily. their eyes got locked, Honesty in his words touched his heart.

"Friends" she smiled, he is different from others thats the quality attract her toward him.

Rey didn't bring up the topic of marriage, they talk a lot, They tell each other their Likes, dislikes, Taani found him cute and friendly, she was talking to him freely besides that she don't know anyone here except few but she don't talk to them. Her friend naina also ditched her last minute saying she has some other important work.

By the end of the party they both became best friends, exchange their numbers. Rey offered her drop her home but she decline it sweetly saying she has her car and driver.

After she left Rey was smiling like an idiot. Realizing that he has fallen in Love with her at first sight, He got his dream girl Tongue

Next Morning.
-Singhania mansion-

"Reyaansh, will you care to explain, why you didn't even meet naina let alone talking to her?" His mother questioned him, she was angry on her son,  Naina was the girl whom rey was suppose to marry.

"Who naina mom?" Rey asked in irritation.

"The girl with whom you suppose to marry" Sumitra shouted, How could her he forgot the name of his would be wife.

"But mom her name is Taani not naina" rey corrected his mom.

"I Spend my rest of the evening after you left with her then how can you say that I didn't even met her" Rey added further in calming tone. he took out his cell phone and showed her the same pic she sent him last night.

"She is Taani" rey said to his mom.

"But rey tumhe toh naina se milna tha" sumitra said, she pointed at photo, that was the girl beside taani. Thats when Rey got, he had mistaken taani as the girl he suppose to marry.

"I got it, maine samjha aapne Taani ko chose kiya hai" Rey explain it her.

"Oh, its okay beta its just misunderstanding" she replied.

"Mom mujhe Taani pasand hai, I want to marry her" Rey said gathering some courage. sumitra's eyes widen in shock, she stare at her son with her jaw drop.

"Okay, I will talk to your dad" Sumitra said coming out of the shock, she left from there. She smiled after all his son's happiness matter to her a lot.

"This was the beautiful mistake ever" rey said to himself, His one mistake made him meet her, his taani.

Pta nahi maine kya likha hai but kuch toh bakwass likhi hai. Ouch
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You are a star, sun.
Well done !
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Posted: 2014-07-31T05:50:06Z
wow amazing update ye bakwaas nhi superb hain next update soon plz taarey love bite wali story bhi update plzz
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Posted: 2014-07-31T05:54:10Z
kyun apne aapko underestimate kerti hai...
it's a beautiful updt...
so sweet and cute...
love the love at first sight wala concept...
plzzz updt ASAP...
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Posted: 2014-07-31T05:54:24Z
Awsm start
Loved it
Very nicely written
Continue soon
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Posted: 2014-07-31T05:58:34Z
Cute sa update.luvd it.
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Posted: 2014-07-31T06:06:30Z
Awsme it was not bakwas at all its awsme... Rey thought taani is the girl whom he is supposed to get marry.. Updatd soon..
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Posted: 2014-07-31T06:16:28Z
wow yr superb concept
rey mistaken taani as the gal he want to see
update soonSmile
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