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Hello everyone. So I am back with some crap peace of writing. If time permits or if you want to do time pass or if you want to rwaste your time then please have a look on this. So here it goes-

"Kyun karti hai ve humare saath aisa? Kya aanand aata hai unhe aisa karke? Ek to hum apne aap ko bohot samjha bujha kar Bijoliya aaye, humein laga tha ki iss baar, marwaar ke saath yuddh hone ke pashchat aap ka acharan badal jayega. Par phir bhi aapne humare saath Phool ke vivah waali baath dohrayi? Kyun kar rahi hai aap aisa? Aap kyun de rahi hai iss prakar apne aap ko kasht? Kyun Ajabde? Kya aapko lagta hai aap humse apna kast chupa payengi? Nahin Ajabde, aap kitni hi koshish kyun na karle, humein saaf dikhaayi deta hai aapke chere par woh dard, woh kasht. Ab bas bohot ho gaya, yadi aapne tay kar hi liya hai ki aap khud  ko iss bhaanti kasht dengi to hum bhi nahin peeche hatenge. Aap ko apna hath chodna hi parega" Pratap said to himself.

The maid's voice took him out of his conversation with his imaginary Ajab.

"Baojiraj, Maharaj ne aapko bhojan ke liye bulaya hai." The maid said.

"Humne kaha na, nahin karna humein bhojan.Ek baar mein samajh nahin aata aap logon ko." Pratap said for the second time to the maid who was being sent to him once again, for calling him to have dinner.

The maid got frightened by his anger and hurried out of the room.

"Apna gussa iss bechari dasi par utarne ka kya arth hai Kunwar Pratap?" He turned around and found Ajabde standing with a plate of food in her hand.

A sarcastic smile spread over his lips with a look of "look who's talking" on his face. He turned away from her and moved towards the window.

"Humein pata hai ki aap humse krodhit hai, par iss tarha bhojan naa karne ka arth kya hai? Isee..." Before Ajabde could complete her sentence, Pratap said "Aapko to sab pata hai na Ajabde, to aapko yeh bhi pata hoga ki hum bhojan nahin karenge."

Now she was getting irritated. Why was he showing his anger on the food when it should be herself.

"Thik hai, to aap nahin khayenge?" Ajabde asked placing the plate at his bed side table.

"Nahin khayenge!" Pratap said stamping his foot.

"Nahin khayenge aap?" She asked once again taking a step closer to him.

"Nahin khayenge hum!" He said in a childish way and took a step closer to Ajab.

A:To hum

P:To aap...

A: To hum...

P: To aap kya Ajabde? Bataiye.

A:To hum bhi nahin karenge bhojan!


A: Haan, nahin karenge hum bhojan.

P: Par aap aisa kaise kar sakti hai?

A: Kyun nahin kar sakte hum?

P: Aap aisa nahin kar sakti matlab nahin kar sakti!

A: Jee???!!!

P: Humara matlab hai, aap aise kaise khaana nahin khayengi. Ek to waise hi aapne vrat rakha hai. Upar se yadi aap ab khana nahin khayengi to bimar pad jayengi.

A: Aap to yahi chahte hai na ki hum bimar pad jaaye.

P:Nahin Ajabde aisa nahin hai.

A: Aisa hi hai.

Saying this she started going out of the room. Pratap knew very well she won't eat until he does.

P: Thik hai. Kar rahein hai hum apna bhoja.

Ajabde turned around with a bright smile adorning her face. She knew that he would listen to her.

P: Aap bohot ziddi hai Ajabde.

A: Hum to ziddi nahin hai, aap hai ziddi jo bhojan na karne ki zidd kar rahein the.

Pratap couldn't believe this. After all this she thought it was him who was stubborn. He knew that it was better to end this topic here.

"Khana to hum khayenge parantu ek shart hai." Pratap said with a mischievous look.

"Kaisa shart?" Ajabde asked, confused.

"Aap bhi humare saath  bhojan karengi. Woh kya hai na aapka koi bharosa nahin hai. Kya pata aap humare kaksh se nikal ne ke baad hi bhool jaaye ki aapko bhojan karna hai." He laughed at his own words in his mind.

"Parantu..." Ajabde said.

"Hum koyi baat nahin sunenge." Pratap said and made her sit in front of the table.

He sat opposite to her. Both of them looked at each other before starting. A smile was there in Pratap's face.

P:Shuru karein?

A: Haan.

Saying this both of them leaned together on the table to eat which caused their heads to clash with each other. (You all must be thinking table itna chota ki dono ka sar takra gaya? But it's not a table, actually its that thing on which they place their plate and eat, I don't know what it's called.)

P and A together: Aaah!!!!!!

P: Aap bhi na Ajabde!

A: Hum? Humne kya kiya?

P: Aap humesha humse takrati kyun rehti hai?

A: Matlab?

P: Haan. Jab hum pehli baar mile the, tab bhi aap humse takraayi thi aur dekhiye phir hum dono ka sar takraya. Kabhi aap humse takrati hai to kabhi humare sar se.

A: Kya hum aapse takrate hai?

P: Haan..

A: Achaa..umm...ya..yadi aapko humse behas hi karna tha to pehle bata diya hota.

P: Achha thik hai, bass aur kuch nahin kehenge hum, chaliye, aarambh karte hain bhojan.

Pratap really loved to see that irritated face of Ajabde. She looked really cute when she was angry or irritated. They started having their food from the same plate. Both of them would glance at each other when the other was eating. All this was being noticed by HB. They made a perfect couple, this is what she thought seeing these two bicker.

They had completed their dinner. Ajabde asked a dasi to clean the table and take the plate away and she started leaving the room. Before leaving

A: Hum chalet hai Kunwar Pratap. Yadi aapko kuch chahiye hoga to dasi ko bata dijiyega, ve aapki sahayta kar dengi.

P: Kyun? Hum aapko nahin bula sakte kya Ajabde.

A: Nahin.

P: Kyun nahin?

A: Kyunki...kyunki humein bohot kaam karna hai, to hum vyast rahenge isliye daasi aapki madad kar dengi.

P: Itni raat ko aapko kaun se kaam karne hai?

A: Woh..woh..

P: Haan Ajabde bataiye kaise kaam?

A: Hai humein kaam. Hum aapko kyun bataye. Achhha hum ab agya chahenge. Shubh Ratri.

Saying this she rushed out of the room.

Silly girl, why was she trying to ignore him when she never could, thought Pratap. He smiled to himself. He was feeling happy. After so many days he had a good long conversation with his Ajab. Even if they get to spend some moments together, either somebody comes and interrupts or Ajabde drops the conversation leaving from there.

Pratap went near his window and stood there remembering all their moments spent together. The blissful moments of Bijolia when he stayed here for some days, Ajabde in his arms today.

Pratap took a look at the sky. It was dark, stars wee tinkling. It was purnima. The sight was so pretty. It would have been prettier if Ajabde had been there, standing beside him, hand in hand.

I know its horrible.Ab yeh padh kar jab itna time barbaad kar hi diya hai to LIKE button bhi hit kar hi do. And please drop you comments. If you like it then I'll update the second part. I know you'll not like it but still I'll update the 2nd part. Ab apni mann ki baat kahin par to likhna hai na.LOL

You can find more of my writing works on PAja from m index

Celana's Writing Index


PART 1-above

PART 2-page 4

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Posted: 5 years ago
Celu dear missed your writing is just awesome. ..keep writing
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Posted: 5 years ago
celena Hug
crap work ?? this is awesome!... update ASAP... .. ..
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Posted: 5 years ago
loved it 
can please request to add something in your story 
plz add the bedroom scene and Pratap after Ajabde is in danger going all nuts plz its humble request if u could add this in your story it would be so much fun
plz update soon 
pm me 
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Posted: 5 years ago
Awesome!!!!! Finally, you've come back. I was yearning for your writing! Update fast!
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Posted: 5 years ago
Itsss So Dammnn Osssummm...!!! No Words...!!! Plz Plz Update Sooon... Wowww... Continue...
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Posted: 5 years ago
Celluu Hug
Kitne dino baad teri writing padhi
Kitna mast likha hai
''seeing these two bicker.'' - English literature text ka aur IF chodne ka faayda hua LOL [The Brook , if u rememberLOL]
Update soonish pls :)

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Posted: 5 years ago
amazing! amazing! amazing!
loved it ..totally! <3 <3
mind blowing...
please update the next part soon ^_^
will be waiting...

- Much Love,
Anjori <3
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