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After the storm

Note : This fanfic starts from the first turning point occurs when Paro comes to know the truth about Tejawat and reveals it to the press. A lot of things have happened on the show since then which were either enjoyable or unreasonable. This fanfiction reflects how I would have liked things to turn out. Comments will be anticipated and appreciated.

This starts with Rudra waking up after spending the night on Paro's lap in his office.

Chapter 1

Rudra yells at Paro," What are you doing here? Why didn't you leave?". Paro is surprised and tells that he asked her to stay. He is shocked but doesn't question her further. He picks up the phone and asks Aman to come over to his cabin.

When Aman arrives, he tells him to focus on Tejawat and that the Thakurain is not a priority. Paro jumps into the conversation and tells them "Thakurain is innocent, Tejawat admitted that. She is a kind lady who wouldn't hurt anybody. She is like a mother to me." Rudra wonders what she is implying and asks her, "What do you mean like a mother". So Paro explains that she helped her Mamisa raise her after her parents death and taught her embroidery, about the importance of faith, love and family. Rudra is hurt that his mother didn't bother about her own son as she busy with her new life with Tejawat. He tells Paro that he doesn't want to hear anymore about her precious Thakurain and orders Aman to keep her away from him. Paro interrupts again and tells him that Bade saab has agreed for her to stay with him. Rudra agains picks up the phone and calls VK Singh. " Sir, can I hand over the custody of Parvati to Captain Amandeep? No sir, my father has been hospitalized I need to be with him. Yes sir, she will be safe, he is my best man. No sir, she won't mind, she thinks of him as her brother. Yes sir. Thank you, sir."

Rudra turns to Aman and tells him, "Singh sir has given agreed for you to take over Paro's custody till my father gets better. You will report to him by phone every morning and I will drop by once in a while too." With that he dismisses Aman and walks out ignoring Paro.

Aman feels bad for Paro seeing her crestfallen face. "I will do my best to keep you safe", he assures her. But Paro says, "I know that bhaisa, I just wish I could do something to help Rudra, he seems so broken". Aman tells her that, he will come around, he has too much going on right now. Aman then asks if she would like to go to Birpur and visit her mamisa. Paro smiles.

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Chapter 2

On the way to Birpur, Paro thinks back to how simple her life was where the worst thing she had to deal with was waking up from dreaming about Rudra lighting a circle of fire around her. Now she is able to stand tall and fight even Tejawat who was nothing but self-centered traitor who thought so little about people's lives when it came to his notion of grandeur. Now she realized how noble Rudra was in comparison who was ready to do anything for the sake of his country and his soldiers. She laughed at her own blindness.

Aman asks her, "What is so funny?" She tells him of her nightmare and how different reality is where Rudra protects her and never hurts her. He explains that maybe she misunderstood the dream as fire is usually a protection from wild animals and that's why they always have fire while they are camping. Paro likes this explanation and tells him that his boss is no different from fire in temperament. He teases her saying that she is warming up to the same fire whom she calls Jallad, embarrassing a little. She tells him that he is not that bad, he has had to deal with too many emotional crises by himself so he has hardened his heart to save it. Aman nods quietly and points to a board saying Birpur is 1 km away.

As they drive into the village, people stare at the jeep. Paro worries that something is wrong. Aman asks her not to worry, the BSD have been the enemy in this area for so long that he will be surprised if they show them a little bit of hospitality. Paro promises Aman, "Not anymore, you and any other BSD officer who comes to her mamisa's house will be welcome with her mamisa's hot pakoras and her elachi chai". Aman smiles and tells her, he will definitely visit her often once this case settles.

They notice a crowd near her mamisa's house. Paro gets off the jeep and walks closer home. She sees women weeping and men staring at her angrily. In the center of the crowd, her mami is placed on the ground wrapped in a white cloth.

Note: I hated to kill Paro's aunt, but it was necessary for the future of the story. I also wantedAman to be an active part ofParo's life

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Chapter 3

Paro screams "Mamisa!" and rushes to her. She asks the neighbours what happened and how her aunt died. "She hung herself because she could not bear the truth", came the reply. Paro tells them that now they are free from Thakur's treachery and can focus on bringing their daughters home. "No, bhaisa. You are the one who turned against the village. You were the one who took away our beloved Thakursa. He was a kindhearted man who worked for our benefit. He protected us from the dreaded BSD. He educated our sons and married off our daughters. He gave us work for our hands and food for our bellies. And you turned him over to the enemy."

Paro was shocked to hear all this. Another woman spoke up, "You think we don't know what you have been upto. Living with the man who killed your husband and almost marrying him. And then betraying your people for him. Your mamisa couldn't bear the shame." Paro collapses on the ground and cries that it was not true. That she fought with Rudra for her people, for her Thakur. That she never believed him until Tejawat himself admitted it. But no one was ready to listen to her.

Paro reaches out to touch her aunt's hand seeking comfort. But she is grabbed by strong hands which draw her away from there. "Please let me go, I need to be with my aunt." She begs the villagers. But they push her away and warns her to stay away from Birpur for the next time, she will not be able to leave from there alive.

Aman helps her back to the jeep, completely shattered.

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