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Hello ppl! Its Rini here.Embarrassed I'm a die hard PrAja lover and so I decided to write a short scene on them. It has two parts, the second part will be updated if u all really want me to continue with it. And please bear with it since THIS IS MY FIRST EVER ATTEMPT AT ANY FICTION WRITING-FF/SS/OS. Appreciation & criticism is welcomed. So here u go!

Part 2 is already up.

Pratap on his way to Bijolia was engrossed in deep thoughts.

Pratap: Hum bijolia jaa toh avashya rahe hain parantu hum nahi jante ki hum ajabde ka saamna karenge kaise. Jis prakaar unhe hamare mahal se upmaanit karke nikaala gaya tha, hum nahi jaante hum apni aankhe unse mila bhi paayenge ki nahi. Pata nahi ajabde humse milna chaahti bhi hain ki nahi.

He just shuddered at the mere thought of him losing Ajabde forever.

He was brought out of his trance by US calling out his name.


US: Kunwar Pratap, hum bijolia pohonch chuke hain. Kahan khoye hue hain aap?

MP: Kahin nahi Dhajiraaj. Bas, bas kuch nahi.

Pratap was still nervous about what Ajabde's first reaction would be after seeing him.
He slowly walked towards the main entrance of the
palace, still lost.

Ajabde & Hansa in a room in the palace.

Sewak: Maharana Pratap apne parivaar ke saath padhar chuke hain.


Hansa: Ajabde hum Pratap ke swagat ke liye jaa rahe hain. Agar aap chahein toh hamare saath aa sakti hain.

Ajabde just lowers her head, without answering back.

Hansa, getting the hint, leaves.

Ajabde was a maelstrom of churning emotions. She sat on the bed & dived down deep into her feelings, she herself didn't know what she felt.

Ajabde loved Pratap, she indeed loved him but was not ready to acknowledge it. She severed her relations with him, not because she loved Phool more than him, but because her love for HIM was SELFLESS, something that remained unfathomable. She sacrificed her feelings only because she thought that in the long run, the union of Phool & Pratap was the only was to fulfilling Pratap's dream of a liberal motherland. She did this for HIS DREAM!


Ajabde(talking to herself): Aap yahan mat aaiye Kunwar Pratap kyunki hum sambhavatah fir se aapki bhaavnaon ko aahat kar denge. Hum aapke laayak nahi, aapne humse prem kiya parantu humne badle mein kya kiya? Aapke hriday ko chot hi pohonchaayi .
She started crying profusely. She was angry at herself, the chagrin inside her flowed out in the form of tears. She dreaded what would happen if she meets pratap today.


I know this is short but the next update is longer and better. Please like and comment.Big smile
Part 2 Precap:  Ajabde and Pratap Confrontation. Edited by RiniRocks - 5 years ago
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Posted: 5 years ago
awesomeee too good pleaseee update da next part asap
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Posted: 5 years ago
lovely story
me waiting on the 2nd part Rini 
plz update soon 

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Posted: 5 years ago
Lovely story please update fast
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Posted: 5 years ago
Wwowww... Nice Story... Continue Soon...!!!
Loved It...!!!!
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Posted: 5 years ago
Totally Loved it Clap Clap Clap
Update Soon Dear 
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Posted: 5 years ago
amazing !!
beautifully written ... update the enxt part soon ... and please please please PM me when you update :)
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Posted: 5 years ago
Thank you so much everyone!! I'm really encouraged to write more stuff like this. The next part will be updated very soon, probably today. *winks*Edited by RiniRocks - 5 years ago
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