OS: Koi Mujhko Yun Mila Hai... (Note on Pg 5, Final Part on Pg 6)

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Hi folks!

Really been a long time since I wrote last. Exams took the sail out of me. I do have an unfinished SS left, which I'd tend to as soon as I get over this damned writer's block. Till then, enjoy this slice of pie. It starts from Episode 163, just after Priya leaves following her confession. As I've always said, S1 is a goldmine for writers with so many situations and plots to explore.

Happy Reading!


"I think we both need a break from each other Mr. Kapoor. Mai jaa rahi hoon Papa ke ghar. Waise bhi aaj Ayesha ke liye bahut bada din hai. Usse meri zaroorat hogi," said Priya in a breath, picked up her phone and left.


Ram could do nothing but stare at her disappearing figure, as a lone tear made its way down his cheek! How could he have misunderstood her?? How could he have told her those things?? How could he have accused her of potential infidelity?? "Oh God!!! Kya kar diya maine?? Priya se kaise keh sakta hoon mai yeh sab?? Agar woh hamesha ke liye chali gayi toh! Nahin...I can't let this happen. I love her, dammit!" mumbled Ram to an empty room.


"I have to stop her...mujhe Priya ko batana hoga ki I love her as much as she loves me," Ram ran out of the room, taking his car keys with him. He reached the foyer just as Priya left, having already hailed a cab. Ram immediately got into his Mercedes Benz and steered his ride towards Sharma House. Ram was in luck as traffic was low during the early hours of the morning and he pulled up in the driveway of Narayana Shastri society, couple of minutes after Priya reached.



"Uff...yeh lift bhi na...hamesha bigdi hui hi rehti hai...sahi kehte hai Mr. Kapoor...kisi kaam ki nahin hai yeh lift", Priya sarcastically jabbed the lift button once more, having found it out of order. Just as she was about to take the stairs, she felt a strong hand gripping her wrist. Priya turned around to look into the soulful eyes of her husband, eyes which always made her go weak at her knees.



"Aap yahaan??"

"Please...mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai."

"Lekin mujhe koi baat nahin karni aapse. Just let me go Mr. Kapoor."

"No...I won't. Priya, dekho tum jaisa samajh rahi ho, waisa nahin hai. Just hear me out once. Chalo mere saath...let's not create a scene here."

"Aur agar nahin gayi toh??"

"Toh sabke saamne tumhe uthake leke jaunga."


Ram's suggestion stunned Priya into a stoic silence. She could see grit, determination and something unfathomable in his eyes. Without saying anything further, she moved towards his car.


Ram noticed Priya's clenched jaws and fiery eyes as he started the ignition of his car. He sighed and focussed on the roads, to keep that ache from engulfing his heart. Soon, Priya noticed her husband was taking a path which didn't lead to Kapoor Mansions.


"Hum kahaan jaa rahe hai??" she asked mechanically.

"Abhi pata chal jayega tumhe," pat came his reply.


True to his words, about five minutes later, Ram was pulling up in the parking of an apartment tower. Priya was shocked for the third time that morning when Ram led her to a duplex on the 12th floor. It was a sea-facing fully furnished apartment, magnificent in dcor yet not garish by any means.


"Wow!" Priya was totally enchanted by the serenity of the place. She could see the waves crashing on the shore from the balcony overlooking the sea. The master bedroom, with the king size bed, a mounted television and state-of-art wardrobe was picture perfect. She had noticed the living room and its artefacts spoke of the owner's classy taste. However, what surprised her most was the dining room attached to the sprawling kitchen. A table was laid for two, with delicacies from one of the finest Italian restaurants in Mumbai. Wine glasses, an expensive bottle of Chateau Laville Haut Brion, her favourite strawberry cheesecake were in the offing too. Priya returned to the living room, where Ram was waiting as she took a detour of the place.


"Yeh ghar..." Priya started to ask.

"Tumhara hai!" Ram said coolly even before Priya could finish her sentence.

Priya looked at Ram like he was speaking in Hebrew and said, "Mera?? Yeh ghar mera hai!!!"

"Kyun?? Tumhe pasand nahin aaya??" Ram was a little worried at her reaction now.

"Pasand?? Mr. Kapoor, are you serious?? This is probably one of the nonpareil residential properties in the city. Pasand kaise nahin aa sakta mujhe?? Par it's expensive and it's mine," spoke Priya like she couldn't believe that she owned this place.

"Oh!" Ram visibly relaxed, remembering his wife's frugal ways.


"Baitho...mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai," Ram led Priya to the plush sofa and settled down next to her.


After a moment's deliberation, Ram took Priya's hands in his and softly said, "Priya, aaj subah ke liye I'm sorry." As Priya looked up to meet Ram's eyes, he continued, "I know jo tumne kal raat Ronit se baat ki, it was just harmless flirting. I knew it all along...phir bhi, I lost it. Kaise samjhau tumhe, it's not that I don't trust you Priya. Mai janta hoon tumhe...samajhta hoon. Lekin tab bhi, mujhe accha nahin laga."


Priya knew Ram wasn't a man of many words. He believed in just being there and caring for his family, but he rarely spoke about how he felt. She could understand all that her husband was trying to say & even those he was struggling to put words to.


"I love you Priya." Ram's soft but heartfelt confession shook Priya to her core.


"US se mai tumhare liye wapas aaya hoon. Choti ka fashion show toh sirf ek bahaana tha," Ram softly caressed Priya's cheek with the back of his hand. "Mai tumhe notice karta hoon Priya. Shayad kehta nahin hoon, par tumhari har baat janta hoon. Maine dekha hai...jab tum khush hoti ho, toh kaise tumhare aankhein chamakti hai. Jab tum ruth jaati ho toh kaise chup si ho jaati ho. Jab koi baat tumhe pareshan karti hai, toh tum...tum apne honthon ko sazaa deti ho," Ram blushed referring to her habit of nibbling her lips.


"Yeh sach hai ke aaj subah maine nahin dekha ki tumne kapde bhi nahin badle...shayad is liye kyunki kal tum ussi saree mein behad khubsoorat lag rahi thi." Noting Priya's downcast eyes, Ram continued, "Dekhta hoon, mehsoos bhi karta hoon. Bas samajh nahin pata hoon. Nahin samajh aati mujhe ki tum kaise ek 40 saal ke stubborn, obese, unromantic aadmi se itna pyaar kar sakti ho. I don't doubt you, but I do doubt myself. I've no idea if I'm even worthy you," Ram's voice choked as an unknown fear clenched his heart.


"Raaam...please!!!" chided Priya as she threw her arms around his neck & scooted closer to him. "You're the best thing that has ever happened to me," she said, resting her head on his shoulder, basking in the sense of warmth & security he provided.


Ram kissed her hairline, inhaling the sweet smell of cherry she was emanating, as his arm wrapped around her securing her tightly into his embrace. "Priya, I bought this place as a gift for your birthday next week."

"Aapko yaad tha?? Ek minute...aapko pata kaise chale?? Maine toh kabhi nahin bataya," asked Priya.

"Maine tumhare passport renewal forms mein dekha tha...Australia jaane se pehle," replied Ram, sporting a sheepish grin.


"It's a beautiful place...just that bahut mehenga hoga na...aur phir aapki mehnat ki kamai hai," Priya voiced her concern, once again resting her head on his shoulder.

"I know baba...par kabhi meri mehnat ki kamai meri khushi ko bhi toh khush kare. Tumhe samundar bahut pasand hai na...that's why I got this. Aur phir...I thought why not get a place, just for the both of us!" shrugged Ram.


"Thank you...so much," Priya softly kissed Ram on his left cheek, evincing her affection for him. Her emboldened avatar lit up Ram's eyes and brought out his lopsided grin, causing Priya to turn into a shade pinker.


"Aaahaa...aise kaafi acchi lagti ho...jab ladti-jhagadti nahin ho," said Ram planting a kiss on her forehead, followed by one at the tip of her nose.


Priya, eager to stall her awkwardness, decided to continue their light-hearted banter, "So, tell me Mr. Kapoor. Is this the best compromise you've ever made??" she chuckled remembering the early days of their relationship. She was stunned when Ram pulled her even closer by her waist and said in a low, firm tone, "Don't, Priya. Manta hoon yeh samjhauta' wali baat maine hi tumhe thopi thi, par aaj ke baad tum isse kabhi nahin dauhraogi. Humara rishta...humari shaadi kabhi bhi ek compromise nahin tha." Listening to Ram's words, emotions dwelled up in Priya's eyes. Ram cupped her face with his free hand and continued in an impassioned voice, "Agar samjhauta hota, toh tum kabhi apni mehendi chodkar mujhse milne Hospital nahin aati. Agar samjhauta hota, toh Ashwin ke mamle mein mai tumpe vishwaas nahin karta. Agar samjhauta hota, you won't have been bothered about my relationship with Apeksha or my mother. Agar samjhauta hota, mujhe tumhare biopsy reports leke utna tension nahin hota." By the time he finished, Ram's eyes were glistening as well.


"I love you Ram. I love you with all my being," was all Priya could say before Ram kissed her square on her lips. A kiss which was tender but fervent at the same time, a kiss which Ram initiated but Priya reciprocated in equal means, a kiss which liberated both the thirsty souls from years of agony and loneliness. Ram finally broke off the kiss to satiate their need for air, but not before pecking Priya's bottom lips, a move which earned him a moan from his beloved. Sated, he asked, "Care to go on a date with me tonight, Mia Signora??" Looking every bit of a woman who was just kissed senseless, Priya replied with equal fervour, "I'd love to, mio signore."


Now...wasn't that big?? Took me hours to type it all. I am not too sure about the ending though. Will happily do another part, if you guys want.

Thoughts are love, share them!



Final Part Is Now Updated! On 22/8/2014 on Page 6

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Posted: 2014-07-23T10:59:08Z
Just mind blowing!!SmileClapStar

Loved it a lot & waiting for your SS

Btw you are absolutely right, S1 really is a goldmine for writersSmile, if you dnt mind could you please give us a part 2 of the OS & make this a TS? 
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Posted: 2014-07-23T11:01:16Z
Very nice one
Just sweet nd short ...Smile
Perfect ClapClapClap
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Posted: 2014-07-23T11:08:04Z
Originally posted by OrangeBlossoms

Just mind blowing!!SmileClapStar

Loved it a lot & waiting for your SS

Btw you are absolutely right, S1 really is a goldmine for writersSmile, if you dnt mind could you please give us a part 2 of the OS & make this a TS? 

I will. I couldn't write a proper ending to this one. I will put up the next part(ala March 12 version) by the end of this week.
Thanks for reading!
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Posted: 2014-07-23T11:20:49Z
Originally posted by Sreya08

Originally posted by OrangeBlossoms

Just mind blowing!!SmileClapStar

Loved it a lot & waiting for your SS

Btw you are absolutely right, S1 really is a goldmine for writersSmile, if you dnt mind could you please give us a part 2 of the OS & make this a TS? 

I will. I couldn't write a proper ending to this one. I will put up the next part(ala March 12 version) by the end of this week.
Thanks for reading!

Your most welcomeSmile
btw you don't have to thank me for reading it,  we are friends now, aren't we?Smile...& take your time in putting the next part up will wait for itSmile
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Posted: 2014-07-23T11:32:23Z

Lovely SS. Keep up the good work.

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Posted: 2014-07-23T11:36:27Z
Awesome! Continueee soon ! 
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Posted: 2014-07-23T11:49:06Z
Awesome it was nd do write another part.. waiting ... Smile
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