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Posted: 6 years ago

H e y a a a   e v e r y o n e !  S h o p  n o.#2 i t  i s !
Before I start my blabbering..a b i g  f a t  t h a n k  y o u  to each one of you who helped me to successfully
complete my 1st shop and for the amazing response and support I got all throughout! 
L o v e  y o u  a l l  D i l  s e ! Hug

 I'm A h e l i , a 5 letter name yet very few ppl get it right :P I still cant remember how I exactly got into editing and PSing! Being a true Piscean, creativity mujh mein khut khut ke bhari huyi hai! ;P I'm a pretty self-obsessed chhori (if you already didn't know about it :V xD). The love and appreciation that I got in my shop#1 was so overwhelming and was something I never ever expected! A heartfelt thank you to all once again for you constant love and encouragement! <3

I have been PSing for a little over a year now ! I believe experimenting is the best way to make progress..I dont have a particular style of editing that anyone can recognize my edits even without my copyright :P I try to make PSing fun and a new learning experience everytime :)

Animated signatures are what you will primarily and secondarily find in my dukaan. I loveee making them and didn't realize when it became my forte (as others say :P) 

Apart from that I make animated and non-animated icons-avis.
Non-animated signatures..well ermm..Atleast I'm trying to make better ones with time Embarrassed

I P K K N D , it is for this show that I joined IF and started making edits on a regular basis. The CG of this forum is where I got all my inspirations from.. To name a few talented sig-makers of the forum who have inspired me the most

N a b i l a  (18shabbo)
When it comes to PSing..Koi hai jo iss ladki to takkar de sake? C'monzz..tellz me pilij ! o.O

J a a n . (patakhaguddi) 
Her animated stuffs were my first love and inspiration

a i s h i . m u f f i n cityoflights now)
What to say about her bakery products! She makes the most adorable creations and coloring ever

D a n g e l z 
The coloring that she does is just magical and is the best out here

M a n a l  (.FlawlessSarun.
The biggest and most dedicated Sarunian I have ever come
across..Her creations are so unique..none can even try n replicate that!

and tumblr geniuses

Rafael Nadal (my sunshinee )
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon <3
Dil Dosti Dance
Arsha.Kriyaansh.Shakti Mohan
Sadda Haq.Sandhir.Parsh
Sid Malhotra.Chopra-sisters..SRK

~ Almost everything I post here are freebies..i.e you are free to put them in your signature box or avatar section unless mentioned otherwise.
~ But you are certainly NOT free to cut, crop and plagiarize them..If you wish to be called as a 'creator' then stop copying and start creating your own ideas.
~ Dont haunt me to take your requests whenever you want to ohkay! I dont sit opening PS 24x7!
~ Feel free to come up with suggestions :) If I would like to work on them, I will certainly ask for more details :)

( c )  R A F A H E L I  or  ( c ) R A F A H E L I  / IF  (for bigger stuffs)
( c ) R A F A or just RAFA  (for smaller stuffs i.e. 100x100 icons/avis)

Hope you all keep appreciating my work here and encourage me to make moreEmbarrassed

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Posted: 6 years ago

previous gallery
page-1  - glimpse of shop#1
page-16 - arshi, arsha-KR, SH, khoobsurat, SI, BS, divergent
page-32 - arshi, SH, vrushan, BS bday, sonam, Requests
page-48 - sarun, SI bday, arsha, kash, TFIOS, fawad-sonam, marykom
page-60 - arshi, rafa, shakti, sandhir, swaron, ZGH, sid, jodhaa-akbar
page-73 - arshi-diwali, SH, KYY, BS, IshRa/Divan, PK
page-92 - sarun, shakti, manan, BS-KSG, MAMR, aishwarya
page-115 - arshi, sarun-reunion, manan, kriyaansh, swaron, BS, insurgent
page-132 - arshi, arsha , REQUESTS

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Posted: 6 years ago

some of my favs from gallery#1,some unseen and some which were liked by others d most
Had a tough time short listing them :P





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Posted: 6 years ago
Yup I'm gonna filter the PM list everytime I open a new gallery Approve

 1. Hit 'LIKE' under this post                                                    
2. 'BUDDY' me (no more individual PMs are to be sent)

SUBSCRIBE to the updates-PM list ONLY if you wish to open it and leave your comments here (atleast occasionally) Embarrassed
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Posted: 6 years ago
congratulations Hug

was not going to write this so colorful but the banner called for it. It's all things bright and beautiful and colorful so I thought of making the congratulations a little colorful too. LOL

So anyways, congratulations again.HugYour work is brilliant and I hope you open many many more shops. Embarrassed Your animated stuff is absolutely gorgeous. <3


I chose these five badi mushkil se. LOL I always quote my favorite icons but it was so difficult this time because each and every one posted is beautiful. <3 All these five that I've posted have such different coloring but how amazing do all look?

https://i.imgur.com/PFpeXbU.gif This is definitely unseen for me. LOL But SaRun. :') And the black and white coloring.


These icon size GIFs are heaps pretty. All of them. Your coloring looks so soft and yet they retain the clarity which is totally amazing. And the text. <3

https://i.imgur.com/rm8AbRJ.png She is beauuutiful but she looked extra beautiful in this get-up and this work of yours makes her look extra beautiful, if that's even possible. The blending is great and so is the coloring.

https://i.imgur.com/LaMGcwj.png Your best non animated signature till now. I'm sure you'll make better but from all that I've seen, this is the best. I've already expressed my love for this sig, but this is classiest signature I've seen. It's absolutely flawless.

https://i.imgur.com/w0aB0ON.gif How do you even get such ideas? The shadow thing is so so good and you've blended so many pictures in the background but it all looks so neat and pretty. And the text. <3 I've used this for the longest time and might use it again. Tongue
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Posted: 6 years ago
unresving maan 
Firstly you are one of the most amazing person i have meet in this IF ..Your creation are damn magical and epic let me quote it because i dnt have enough word to describe my feeling

luks niz but i wish u have but little more colour on the text it would luk soo brightishhhLOL but i m not complaining just complimenting girl its amazing totally!!!

u r tags r so simple but sooo amazing girl u r the ani queen LOL

how do u come up with some unique idea???????????????????????????????????? this is abs stunninggg dripping index hahaha

everything luks stunning but let me highlight my personal favs


this totally stole my heart girl the bright colours and each abd every icon is sooo damna aaamazinggg

i loved all ur signature i could actually pic anyyy girl 
wat abt my kash Angry make it soonerrr girl wanna fill my dabba with ur awsomeness

i have no words for this how do u come up with bright ideas?
this is totally epic ..you r one legendry signy maker i have meet on IF and u r damn awsomeeeClap Clap Clap Clap

i dnt need pm i will be a stalker LOL whenever i update i will make my presence wada hey yeh mera amazing

your work are flawless magical enchanting super se upper ,mind blogging ... keep rocking and i m sure u gonna open more soonish and keep experimentingggWinkWink

Hug with lots of love
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Posted: 6 years ago
res i lost saumya u won but we filled first page LOLEdited by Aichuu - 6 years ago
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Posted: 6 years ago
And I won. ;) LOL
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