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Shekhawat mansion

All were running here n there doing Last minute arrangements, Barat will arrive any moment, Guests has already started to come in the very big occasion, today two business families Shekhawat's and singhania's are going to convert their friendship into Relation by marrying their children Taani and reyansh. All were happy and excited, A big smile was playing on every one's face but in all this one person was hell nervous, excited and hundreds of new emotions she was feeling and that person is non other than our bride Taani.

In Taani's Room

she was sitting on in front of dressing table, her cousins were teasing her about her future husband, Her face was as red as cherry, she was feeling damn nervous like a every normal bride. She was dreaming about her future with her husband.

"Taani barat aa gayi" some of her cousins screamed ran toward window to see the groom. Taani come out of her thoughts, her heart beat were fasten than ever before as if they were running in Olympic race.

Taani carefully stood up from her place, adjusting her lahenga she slowly walk toward window to get at least one glimpse of her would be husband who came here to take her for forever. hiding herself behind the wall she sneak peek little and saw him, he was wearing cream color sherwani which fitted to his muscular body perfectly. She had never seen someone so handsome as him hell he is the first man she has seen in that way.

Just when taani was about to turn, he looked up at her direction, their eyes lock for 2-3 seconds which Taani broke, he gave her a smile. Taani blushed and ran inside the room.

"Hey krishan ji! What is happening to me?" Taani questioned herself, All her nervousness flew away seeing him smiling at her. The emotions she is going through is very alien to her.

Here with Rey

His feelings were not different than taani, Coming from a very tradition family he always stayed away from girl, though very girl be it in college in his college time or at his work are ready to throw themselves on him but he don't give them damn. Thats why he agreed to marry taani without second thought, when a month ago his mother come to him with this alliance, he finds her different from others.

After Taani's mother welcomed him and his family, he was lead to the altar, where priest was chanting mantras, After doing some puja which priest told him to do now it was time to call the bride. Priest asked taani's mother to bring her. Taani's sister sanjana and some cousin goes upstairs to get her.

They entered inside her room and tell her its time to go. 

"Taani I know you are feeling nervous you know it happen with everyone, so relax and you should be that you got reyaansh as your husband, he will keep you happy" sanjana said, pulling her sister in calming hug, taani get calmed in her sister's embrace.

Sanajana and others tease her little to make her smile then they take her downstairs, her eyes were glued at ground, her face was clearly showing nervousness. She could feel all the eyes on her as she descend down the stairs.

Taani's Lahenga

Rey was staring at the angel descending down the stair, he could feel that how much nervous she was. Taani was looking like a goddess in her red and cream lehenga,he was lost in her, completely smitten by her innocent beauty. His brothers and sister-in-laws too saw him lost in taani. Kriya his bhabhi smirk seeing her dever's lost expression.

"Muh band kar lijiye Dever ji! woh ab aapki hi hone wali hai, Jitna chaho dekh lena abhi ke liye puja par dhyaan dijiye" Kriya said to him, Rey immediately look away being caught. his elder brothers shivam and swayum laugh at him and he gave them "stop it" look.

Sanjana made taani sit beside rey, Corner of her eyes she look at him and found him already staring at her, he gave her heart warming smile which make her relax. Sanjana sister ties the chunni of Taani with Rey's waist. This is called the "gath-bandhan" or tying the knot. It symbolizes the union of two different individual. From today, Rey and Taani is considered as one unit.

After that priests tells Rey to take Taani's hand on his hand, from today both of them will spend their entire life together whether in good times or bad phase. This ritual is called as "Paani Grahan".

Now, comes to the most important and significant step of any Hindu wedding - Saath Pheras or Seven Wovs. With each 'phera' the couple makes a vow, a commitment while taking a round of fire which is to be lived forever and more, its only then that a couple is accepted as husband and wife for the next seven lives to come.

Taani and Rey start doing the pheras while the priest is explaining the meaning of every phera to them and to all other guests present over there. All present there were showering flowers on this couple.

After completing the seven pheras, the priest asks Taani to sit left side of Rey because the heart is in the left side of the body. Rey fills Taani's center hair parting with  vermilion, as per priest's instruction. he chants the mantras and tells that by this Rey is accepting Taani by his heart. Finally, Rey ties the mangalsutra, a black beads chain around Taani's neck. As rey did it their eyes met, rey could see the thousands of emotions expectations in her eyes, expectations, which he was ready to full fill and make her happy.

She is now spiritually & legally Mrs Taani Reyaansh Sinhania! Taani and Rey took blessings from elders.

After this now it was bidaai, all the members of shekhawat family were in tears, after all their princess is going away. Taani was crying hysterically hugging her mom-dad. her mother gives her blessing and ask her take care of her new family, be a good bahu. Sanajna made her sit in car beside rey.

Taani was still crying, Rey kept his hand on her and gave her his handkerchief. Taani took it, her eyes were staring at carpet of car, not daring to look up at him. Taani wipe her tears.

Rey didn't talk to her much, was giving her time, he knows she must be feeling sad after bidaai and needs her own space. They drove away to singhania mansion.

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Chapter One : Scroll Up

Character sketch : Scroll Down

Chapter Two : Page 21

Chapter Three : Page 42

Chapter Four : Page 59

Chapter Five : Page 76

Chapter Six : Page 86

Chapter Seven : Page 101

Chapter Eight : Page 119

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Reyaansh Singhania - 25 Years old, CEO of RS group of industries.Sweet and Loving person to his love ones but he can be ruthless angry young man if you mess with him, All girl die to be with him but he don't give a damn to them, comes from very traditional family, Loves his mother very much, can never go against her. Getting married to taani, It was arrange marriage. He wants to be the best husband , wants to fulfill her every wish. He has one problem and that is his anger, he hates liars and cheaters, all the staff members are afraid of him because of his anger, he is very serious about his work. Loves his family alot.

Taani Shekhawat/Singhania - 20 Years old, A cute bubbly Innocent girl, very naive. never raise her voice on any one, very traditional. Her family is very traditional too, She always wear Indian dresses. Afraid of her father as he is very strict. Wants to continue her studies but don't know how to ask rey about it. Getting married to rey, has started loving him.

Swayum Singhania - 27 years old, A very sweet guy, loves his brothers and family very much. Married to sharon, his marriage was arrange but he loves her very much.

Sharon singhania - 25 Years old, Loving traditional girl, a girl with morals, Loves her family and husband very much.

Shivam Singhania - 29 Year old, Eldest son of singhania's, married to kriya, Love of his life, In his family he was only one who had love marriage, After lots of struggle and fight between him and his parents they agreed for his marriage.

Kriya singhania - 27 Years old, Sweet girl, eldest bahu of singhania family. wife of shivam and loves him very much.

Sanjana Kapoor - 24 years old, Taani's elder sister, wife of prithvi. Can do anything for her sister's happiness.

Prithvi kapoor - 25 year old, A very big lawyer, wife of sanjana, loves her very much.

Sumitra Singhania - 56 Year old, very strict yet loving person, Loves her family, can do anything for her kids happiness, very traditional.

Ranvijay singhania - 60 years old, Very strict and traditional.

Rajni shekhawat - 55 year old, loving mother of taani, very traditional.

Avinash shekhawat - 60 year old, Taani's father, loves his both daughter but very strict with them.

Both the family's are very traditional.
All the bahu's put veil on their heads in front of elders.
And there are many other restriction on them.

No negative character is here as of now. Villain ki entry baad main hogi.

This Fiction will be updated every monday.
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New concept
Taarey are from vry traditional family
Cs se lagta hei rey anger us his biggest enemy
Looking forward for it Smile Edited by nishu98 - 2014-07-14T06:06:07Z
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Nice concept
Awesome CS
I like that u made Kriya Rey bhabhi lol
Amazing start, Taarey are married and it's arrange marriage
It will be fab to see how they fall in love with each other
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nw stry ... nice part... taarey wedding was grt... waiting to read further parts ...
thnx fr pm
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Wow new story awam concept plzz next update soon...
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Wow awsm start
Loved it
Very nicely written
Cs is lovely
Continue soon
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