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hey guys, since i didnt know to edit my thread i am posting my OS as a whole here. both the parts combined. it may be a bit too long please bear with it.


Thank you Balhians,

            I've been a silent reader for quite sometime before becoming a member in this forum and as of today I want to dedicate this OS to our beloved RAYA towards the ending of their wonderful journey. Its been while since I attempted in writing anything but you have all been an inspiration for this trial.


25th anniversary:

The sun rose over KM which was bustling with activity in the preparation of the silver jubilee celebration of the wedding anniversary of its king & queen. But Alas !! The Mr. & Mrs. Of the palace is no where to be seen. In search of them as we slowly peep into their own green kingdom, we get to see the king sleeping away to glory, probably tired from yesterday's back to back meetings. Though "THE RAM KAPOOR" has transferred all his properties and responsibilities to his children he still couldn't change the habit of being a boss for the past 40 years. Even today he presents himself in all the meetings either to support his childrenor simply to watch with pride at the way the children manage the business. Sound from the changing room informs us the presence of the queen there.

Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor, mother of 4 children, fresh from bath, with dripping from hair, trying to wear her jhumlas in one hand comes to wake her beloved. She stops in her track seeing her husband sleeping peacefully innocent as a child with his mouth slightly open.  On second thoughts she slightly benda over him, thinking " aey Mr. Kapor bhi na. Char baccho ki baap ban gayi lekin aaj bhi ek baccho ki tarah sorahi hai" she slightly ruffles his hair. When she turns to leave, she was stopped by a tug and a sweet Good Morning in his half asleep husky voice.

P: Mr. Kapor.You woke up?

R: Ha.. Wo kya hai na, bin mausam bearish aagayi. So Had to wake up.

P(noticing the droplets on his face from her hair, she sits near him ,wiping his face with her pallu): Sorry Mr. Kapoor I didn't mean to disturb you.

R: Come on Priya. If you are going to wake me up like this then I am ready to wake up anytime.

P: Oh ho Mr.Kapoor. Now don't start your romance in the morning. Go and get ready. You are getting late for you office.

R: his is not fair madam. Today is our anniversary and you didn't even wish me till now.

P: Happy  Anniversary Mr. Kapoor. Now go.

As she tries to move from there, he pulls her hand and she safely lands on his broad chest. Taking her in tight embrace

R: Not so easy Mrs. Kapoor. I want a wish in our style. If you forgot let me remind you.

Placing his palms on either side of her face, with a deep eyelock

R: Happy Anniversary Priya. I wish to spend the next 25 years of my life and much more if God permits with you by my side. Each and everything of you makes me fall in love with you more and more everyday. With you I feel like a complete man. I Love You Priya.

Saying this he pecks on her forehead.

P(with slight tear in her eyes): Mr. Kapoor,you are the light of my day and the star of my night, My day starts with you and enda with you. Each and everyday I thank the god for giving you to me as my better half. I pray for your innocence. I pray to him seeking another day with you. I love you. Happy Anniversary Ram.

She leaned on his chest listening to her favourite song, his heart beat.

After Ram shouts for Priya from the changing room.

R: Priya. Priya. Where do you keep my things yaar. I don't find a single thing where I keep them.

P(coming from the kitchen): Uffoo Mr.Kapoor. what happened? Again started? Every morning same problem. What do you want?

R: Where are my Cuff links yar ?

P (taking them from the cupboard): Here they are. You keep them somewhere and scold me for that. This is not done.Now what else?

R: My Watch?

P: here

R: My wallet?

P: here

R (with a sheepish smile): my tablets?

P: here

R ( rolling his tongue in his cheeks): My Kiss?

P: Her... So this is the matter. Mr. Kapoor you are the father of 4 children. Keep it in mind.

R (taking her in a hug): So what? I am still a husband to my lovely wife.

P: You are impossible Mr. Kapoor

R: Priya. You know what. I may be impossible. But you are irresistible. Moreover you have spoilt all my habits such that I am unable to take even a single step without you. What will I do without you?

P:You neednot worry about that. I have no idea of leaving you.

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In the evening:

Ram entered the room from office. Not finding priya there he goes to the changing room. There he finds his angel struggling with the hook of her backless blouse. Even after 25 years, she looks mesmerizingly beautiful for his eyes. Slowly and silently he moves near her and taking the hook in his fingers, whisphers, "May I ?". Startled from the sudden disturbance, she looks through the mirror into his dark chocolate brown eyes. The glint in his eyes shows his feelings, she lowers her eyes. Taking her silence as a affirmation, he puts her hook. Snaking his hands around her waist, nibbles her earlobe and says, "you look gorgeous my lady. Have you planned to kill me with your looks?" she remains silent underthe trance of hos closeness. They were disturbed by a knoch in the door. Natasha barges in search of her bhabhi. Priya slightly pushes him saying, "Mr. Kapoor go and get ready. All are waiting for us downstairs." She moves from there to talk with Nuts.

Half an hour Later:

Ram in a black suit contrasting with Priya's white saree comes down the stairs hand in hand amidst a round of cheers.

Khush hoists the party.

K: Ladies and gentlemen today is a special day for us. The 25th Anniversary of our beloved parents. Starting as a arrangement their lives blossomed into a beautiful love story. They have become the example of a perfect couple. Though they fight often at the end of the day they are always there for each other. We are really happy to invite you all to celebrate the silver jubilee of this perfect pair. Now its time for us to start the celebration with a cake.

A dark  tier chocolate cake was placed in the middle. Both of them Cut the cake, fed each other wishing Happy Anniversary. Priya fed Khush and Ram fed Pihu. The twins chorusly asked for their share. When RAYA was about to feed them Pihu & Khush fed them.

Music started. RAYA was invied to start the dance. Taking her right hand in his left, possessively plaving his right hand around her waist he started dancing for the LAMHA LAMHA song (the same one in Mahamilan) She had her other hand over his shoulders. Lost in each other's eyes they were taken into their own world forgetting the surroundings. They were brought to the reality with a big round of applause.

As the party were going on, Vikram and Neha came to wish their best buddies.

V&N: Happy Anniversary love birds. Congrats to both of you on your 25th Anniversary.

N: What yar Neha!! You just need a chance to start your teasing.

N: Hello madam. What did I say wrong now?

I just said the truth. We saw how you two were dancing. Even after 25 years you are going strong in romancing. Thank God they stopped the music or else I would have come to remind you that you were not in your bedroom.

Both Ram and Priya blushed with this.

R: yar Vikram. Control your pagal wife.

V: why bhai. What wrong did she do? She is saying the truth.

R: shut up now idiot. Now you also don't start.

V: No seriously yar. Remember , in the initial days of you marriage told you that a husband who cribs more about his wife will love her the most. Today you are a living example for it.

R: Ha. So what. Yes I love ym wife the most. What's wrong in it.

V: ok.ok. who told you not to love. Now come lets move for a drink.

While Priya and Neha are involved in their family talk Ram and Vikram were engrossed in their talk.

V:  Tell me Ram, how do you feel today?

R: I cant explain it yar. I seriously don't know what to say. Just think of it. I was not even ready for marriage but now I am a proud father of 4 children, a good son, a good brother and even a good husband to say. And you know what. The sole reason for all of these is a woman whom I hated even before meeting, whom I was not even ready to meet once, whom I was not even ready to talk with. But today I want her in every step of my life. I think I am blessed to have her in my life.

V: seriously Ram. You two are perfectly imperfect to complete each other. I am happy to see you like this.

With all means the party ends in a happy note.

At night after the party in green room:

                     Ram in his trade mark white kurtha near the window staring at the sky. Priya enters the room finishing all her chores. While going to the changing room, she sees him standing near the window and goes there. She places her on his shoulder. Sensing her presence, he takes her into a side hug. Leaning on his broad chest,

P: its beautiful na.

R: ha. With you near me everything looks beautiful. You are the one who makes everything in my life beautiful.

P: No Mr. Kapoor. Your heart is beautiful. So it sees everything the same way.

R( taking her hand in his hold): Maybe what you say is true priya. But you know what, my heart is beautiful isliyae it is filled with you. You made me a complete man. I was a man full of flaws. It was you who came in my life, changed it and completed me. Through all my ups and downs you were with me, even when you were in coma I was able to feel your presence everywhere. You were and are my strength. You are my everything Priya. I have fought many struggles all my life. Now I am tired. I cant fight anymore. I need you besides me always. I cant even breathe without you. Promise me Priya that you will never leave me alone.

 P (she knows her man, he may look very strong but inside he is a still a child who cant bear any heartbreaks): Mr. Kapoor, what are you talking. Why am I going to leave you? You are my soul RAM. Without you I am just skin & bones. You are the heart which gives blood to make the skin & bones into a human. If you think I am your strength then you are no less a support system for me. I promise you Mr. Kapoor I have no intention of leaving you so easily. I still have lots of things of fight about, lots of things to complain about you, a lot of things to tease you. So don't worry I will not leave you until death do us apart.

Ram smiles and takes her into a hug saying "thank you Priya"

P: Accha leave all that. Now enough of all the emotional talks. Shall we count the stars.

R: Count the stars, now?

P: ha, why not? What's wrong in it?

R: Sure. But you shouldnot cheat like last time.

P: Ho Mr.Kapoor. Me and cheating? No way. It's always you who cheats.

R:No way. Come on Priya , Don't lie. I never cheat. Infact I don't know to cheat

P: Accha. Ok. Let's see. We will start.

They start counting the stars.


With that their never ending love story continues. Be it a 3year period or 25 years we will always have their memories. Even small small things we see or hear everyday might remind us of them. Their nok - jhoks, romance, fight, everything has made this journey beautiful. Though the show ends, RAM & PRIYA's love story will never perish in our hearts.



Thank you guys, for bearing with me.

Slippers, rotten eggs, tomatoes all are welcome. Please leave you valuable comments.

Dedicated to RAYA and all RAYA fans.Tongue ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.Tongue ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.Tongue ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.Tongue ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.Tongue ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.

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Very very nice. Loved Ram's dialogue to Priya and the humor in the endingClap
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Posted: 2014-07-08T09:05:48Z
Originally posted by vishakupp

Very very nice. Loved Ram's dialogue to Priya and the humor in the endingClap

thank you for the comment. am happy you liked it.Smile
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Posted: 2014-07-08T09:47:46Z
Superb yaar.. 
 u should write more 
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Posted: 2014-07-08T10:00:07Z
superb os
loved it very much
do write more
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Posted: 2014-07-08T10:22:39Z
Beautiful os thanks for writing this n do write more
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Posted: 2014-07-08T10:23:02Z
That was so sweet OS 
Perfect ending  for a perfect couple 

P.S: I haven't seen your first part ,But  if you want to continue your stories  in future You just edit the first post and edit the title in which page your next post has been posted ..Hope you got it 
[ Os .Raya saga part-2 on page -8 ]
Hope you got it ... 
Do write more 

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Posted: 2014-07-08T10:45:36Z
Originally posted by BALHLOVER

Superb yaar.. 
 u should write more 

thank youBig smileBig smile
will try to writeSmile
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