Os-Heart's Desire-LOVE! by @Kour Amrit

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Os-Heart's Desire-LOVE!

Thanks pj for the title ! Ye nahi hota to what I would have done *winks* This one is exclusively for my jaan Trishu...! So Ram comes back today.. *drools* obviously my naughty horses are for a run! Hope you guys like this crazy short attempt which makes absolutely zero sense.. Nothing would come true !



Happy Reading!



Priya was busy reading a book half lying on the bed..Her concentration was least in the book.. She had talked with Ram a few minutes ago and he informed he would return in the evening..still she was missing him so much.. Her fingers were playing with her mangalsutra.. All she wanted was to call him again and talk and talk, hear his husky voice and get marooned in his thoughts..Her world of dreams came to a halt by a knock at the door. She was overwhelmed to see Neha at the door! Neha ran to Priya and hugged her tightly!"Hey Neha! What a pleasant surprise, when did you come back? "



"Thodi der pehle! I couldnt wait to see you guys! Kaisi ho.. Fatty kaisa hai" Neha in excitment!"Everything is fine.. Wo business trip pe gaye hai..shaam ko aa jayenge" Priya pouted!"Wowww.. Wo trip par gaye hain.. Oh my godd Priyaa.. You sounding like a day-old bride haan" Neha teased her!!"Kya Neha tum bhi...tumne poocha maine answer diya thats it.." Priya looked down shyly!"Yaar I dont get it.. Fatty aur tum itne din baad saath aaye ho... How did you let him go" "Yaar man to mera bhi nai tha unhe kahin jane dene kaa..par kya karu his work was important too..""Awww and now you are terribly missing him right.."Priya looked up agsin at her.."Obviously yaar.. Kisi kaam mein man hi nahi lagta..I just want him to come back as soon as he can" Priya picked up a pillow and hugged it!!"Waisee ye Raam nahi hai that you're holding it this tight" she giggled !"Offooo Neha" Priya hit Neha with the pillow!



The talks and teasings continued for some time more! Neha left..and Priya again tried to indulge herself in some chores. After some time she picked up few books lying on the table and went to keep in the book shelf..She felt air being blown on her neck..her heart skipped beats! She knew he was here.. He went more close to her.. His body pressing against hers.. A wave of electric ran through her body.. She closed her eyes, his lips lightly brushed against her nape.. He moved to her earlobe and pressed a soft kiss! She started breathing heavy! Before he could move ahead, she turned around and faced him.. She looked into his chocolate brown eyes and kept on gazing at him! "Hey" he whispered! "Aap to shaam ko aane wale the naa.." her eyes were moist by then!"I lied.. Shaam tak mujhse wait hi nahi hota..isliye aa gaya bas tumhare paas.." he took her hands in his and kissed them gently!



A lone tear escaped from her eyes..he at once wiped it off.. "Please ye rona dhona nahi...let me show you the surprise.." he was excited like a 6 year old boy!"Haan bataiye is baar kya special plan hai apka wo bhi Mrs Priya Kapoor ke style ka.." she winked!!"Haan wait baba..come here first.." he took her to the table and pulled out a chair for her! Both sat down..."Close your eyes Priya.." he asked her!"Hawww kyu..noo aise hi dijiye mujhe..""Har baat pe argue karne ki aadat nahi gayi na tumhari..chup chap baat maan jao meri warna..""Warna kyaaa..." she rolled her eyes!"Warnaa you know me.." he smiled naughtily!she burst out laughing! "okay..." she closed her eyes!Ram took out a box from his coat's pocket... "Now open your eyes and dekho." he told her!She looked at the box and waited for him to open it.."Here is your surprise.." he opened it and took out a ring !!Priya went jawdrop!!"A ring!! One more ring !! Wow Mr Kapoor this was your surprise !! "



"Haan..to ?? Yehi to tha.,tumhe achha nahi lagaa...??? " he asked her innocently !"han achha hai par.. I already have more than twenty rings that you've gifted me.." she looked away!!Ram got up dejected.. "Okay... You dont even value my gifts and feelings anymore..ye main use de dunga jise mere gifts aur mere feelings dono ki fikar hai." he started moving towards the changing room!!Priya's eyes were welled up with tears.. She blocked his way and clutched his hand.. "Kise.." he could only murmer this..With a puppy face he looked at her.. "Apni Mallika ko.." he laughed out loud!!"Offfooo Mr Kapoor you scared hell out of mee.." she hit him softly..."Hahaha I was just kidding yaar.. Mujhe samajh hi nahi aata what to buy for you sab kuch to tum special ocassion ke liye rakh leti ho..""Awww Ap jo bhi laate hai kitne pyaar se laate hain mere liye..everything is so so so sooo special for me.."



"Sachhi..?? " he asked her with a broad smile!"Muchhii.." she replied!He moved forward to hug her..she stepped back!"Waitt pehle ring pehnaiye to sahi..Nahi pehnayenge kya.." she teased her !!Ram was in playful mood.."Not so easily Priya.. Pehle I want something..""Hawww kyaa...boliye..""amm... First a kiss then this ring!!! Deal ?? ""This is cheating Mr Kapoor..not done! " she fought hard with her blushes!!"See.. I told you! Mallika never does this!! Yehi farak hai tum dono mein" he knew exactly what would ignite her!"Stop taking her name first.. I dont want to listen anybody else's name from you" she warned him and stepped closer to him !He knew he was about to get what he wanted !She stood on her toes and clutched his coat tightly! She planted a feathery kiss on his lips and pulled herself back..."Baasss... We are seeing each other after soo long Priya! I wont let you go now.." he pulled her closer through her waist !Her cheeks had already turned blood red due to blushing!



He planted kisses on her neck..she giggled ! "Its tickling mee Mr Kapoor stop naa..""Whattt!! " he rolled his eyes! "Come on Priya.. Phone par to badaa bol rahi thi apse door nahi raha jaata missing you terribly aa jaiye bas.. I want you close to me.,ab kya ho gaya.. Now you want me to stay away!! " She kept on staring at him! "Yes.. I missed you so much.. Each second without you killed me.. Now I wont let you go anywhere.. You wont leave me now! " she hid her face in his chest and closed her eyes peacefully! She pulled herself back a little not freeing herself from his hold, she kissed him on his cheek, "I love you so much Raam... I cant live without you.." he smiled , "I love you too.." he took her hand and slipped the ring in her finger !She was overjoyed.. Again hugged him tightly, he kept on running his hand on her bare back..!!!



********************All sorts of rotten stuff at your home welcome!!!Thanks for bearing it, sorry if it wasted 7 minutes of your life !!




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Posted: 2014-07-02T09:33:39Z
hey sanju di...lovely OS...Clap
i like it very much...Smile
neha teasing was nice...ye dialogue ...waise ye pillow hai ram nahi that u r holding it tight...LOLLOLLOL
aww!! raya scenes too good...Tongue

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Posted: 2014-07-03T01:50:22Z
aww so sweet
 Raya sachii mucchi wala scene loved it
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Posted: 2014-07-03T03:00:07Z
very nice osTongue
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Posted: 2014-07-03T03:11:34Z
lovely os Smile
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Posted: 2014-07-03T03:28:53Z
Perfect this couple never fails to amaze me..
the writing was so apt..
hayye rayaDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming kitne badmash and naughty hote jaa rhe hai day by dayLOL
very good writing, perfectly fits onto raya.
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Posted: 2014-07-03T04:28:27Z
Superb os 
Thanks for sharing 
Raya love never ends Wink
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Posted: 2014-07-03T12:33:57Z
Lovely os di pld do write n update more
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