A small OS: undying love..

Posted: 2014-06-30T13:59:09Z
Priya lazily opens her eyes, her beautiful eyes is still tried.. The moonlight is falling on her face, white curtain is dancing with the wind.. Different types of flowers spread a mist fragrance in the air..a soft music is playing at room.. Priya pulls the duvet and covers her body.. She sits on the bed.. Her messy hair is hanging on her right shoulder... She looks here and there, her beautiful dove eyes is searching her man her love her life Ram.. She gets a little scare not finding her man beside her.. She slowly gets up from the bed and wrap the duvet around her body...she takes some slow steps and goes near the washroom.. There is no sight at ram.. She feels a unknown pain in her heart.. She is fearing that ram might again leaves her... She calls his names several times.. Her innocence eye gets wet.. She is bitting her lower lip to control her tears.. She heard a sound from the outside of the room.. She wipes her tear and hurriedly goes near the balcony...looking at the garden her wet eyes twinkling in happiness..there is a stair which is adjacent with the garden.. Priya holds the knot of the duvet which is around her body.. She is slowly getting down from the stair.. Several color and types of flowers r blooming and spread the a seductive scents on the air..the edge of the duvet is caressing the ground.. Ram is sitting on grass he is making a beautiful heart shape with help of little candle.. In the middle of the candles he spread rose petals.. All area is cover with the moonlight.. Its gives a silver shade.. The heart shape candles is looking more beautiful because of the beautiful atmosphere... Priya is longingly looking at the candles.. Her tears is rolling from her dove eyes... Ram can feels her presence.. Ram stands up and turns back.. Priya is staring her man with a amusement expression.. Her face is showing that she has no words to describe her happiness... Ram smile looking at his wife.. He moves near to her.. They r still lost in each other eyes... "Ram" priya wants to say something.. But ram place his fingers on her lips.. He gentley wipes her tears and says " i hate it when ur those beautiful eyes get wet" i m sorry.. I know when u awake up, not finding me beside u, u got scare... I just want to make u feel special... Priya cups his face .. She does not know why her eyes is getting wet again... Ram this time if u leave me i will die ram... I cant stay away from u anymore... Ram takes her face between his palm and makes her looks in his eyes.. This time if god comes to me and says that i have to stay away from u, i will fight with him because this time i will not let come anyone between us... Both r going through in so much pain that they forget to smile.. Everything is now seems to a dream to them... A long tear escape from her eyes.. Priya closes her eyes slowly ram thumbs caressing her tear... His gentle touch is making her weak.. She raise her hand and clutches his shoulder . he slowly and gentley silps his hand around her waist.. Priya close her eyes tightly.. She is feeling butterflies in her stomach.. Her expression is making him crazy.. He pulls her near him.. Her upper body is pressing his chest.. Her eyes is still close...priya s both hand is resting on his both side of his shoulder her nails is digging on his soft flesh...ram bends a little..his soft moist lips touch her cold neck..feeling his soft lips priya shivers a little.. Ram tightly press his plams against her soft waist.. Priya hand finds its way to his hair.. Her delicate finger is playing with his silky hair.. Ram takes her soft flesh in his mouth and suck it hardly.. Priya clutches his hair tightly and pulls his head backwards... Ram leaves her flesh and looks at her.. She is also looking at him... In a seductive voice ram says what happens?? Why u stops me??? I want to taste u.. priya makes a baby face and says i m hungry.. Looking at his cute wife ram smile and says sorry he bends and kiss on her cheeks.. He entwins his finger with her and guides to her near a table.. One corner of the garden ram places a round table and two chair.. White clothes is lying on the table.. Her favorite foods r waiting for her.. A candle is spread a beautiful golden ray on the table..priya turns towards ram with a excitement expression.. Ram ya sab ... mera sab favorite food, candles, kulfi.. Aap ya sab kab arrange kiya.. A strand of hair is falling on her face ram tugs the hair behind her ear and smilingly says jab tum sho rahe the baby... Ya sab kuch aap mere liya kiya ram... priya is so happy that she wants to hear from ram that yes he did all the things for her.. " nahi baby ya sab mai tumare liya nehi kiya, wo kya han na meri gf aane wali han uske liya ya sab kiya.. Ram is teasing her.. Priya lightly hits on his chest and says u r soo mean ram, i hate u.. Ram pulls her in his arms and gives her a bear hug.. And says but i love u a lot... He lose his hold a little and whisper in her ear Tum bhi na priya tumare aur mera ya lava koi aur ya han kya to obviously ya sab maine tumare liya kiya... priya smile and says mujhe ya hi shun na tha aap k muh se... Both separates from each othe, ram pulls the chair priya takes her sits.. Ram also takes his sits.. Priya is serving food in their plate.. Ram lovingly gazing her... Priya looks at him, she raises her eyebrows and asks aise kya dekh rahe?? Ram looks down and smile .. Priya smile too... Both r silent their heart is talking with each other.. They forget to eat their food they r lost in each othe eyes.. A strong wind pass from there priya breaks the eye contact she folds her hand and rubs her naked shoulder... Seeing his wife like this ram forward his hand.. Priya looks at him and says what is this through her eyes..ram blanks his eyelashe and says her to hold his hand through his eyes.. Priya places her hand above is rough palm.. Ram signal her to stand up priya obeys and comes near him.. Ram makes her sits on his one thigh.. He silps his hand on her belly.. Her back is rested on his board chest... Ram entwins his another hands with her... He whisper in her ear to fed him... His body temperature is helping her to keep warm.. Priya is feeding him and also she is eating in the same plate... They finish their dinner, a bead of rice is stuck near his lip.. Priya kiss near his lips and takes the rice bead on her mouth... Ram lips curls a sweet smile.. Priya also smile looking at him.. She places a sloppy kiss on his forehead..
Priya wants to stand on her feet but ram holds her tightly, holding her carefully ram stands up.. Priya encircle her arms around his neck... And gazing her man... Ram is taking slow steps towards their room..his every steps makes her heart miss a beat.. Priya buried her face on his neck... And holds him tightly... Ram carefully climb the small stair and steps inside the room.. Still music is playing on the cd.. Ram makes priya sits on the bed.. And he also sit beside her... Her facial expression is showing that she is sad... Ram takes her hand in his hand and says kya hu a itna udas kyun ho, maine kuch kiya han kya???
"Nahi ram bas kuch yaad aa gaya mujhe ek gana shun na han"
" haan to bolo kaunsa gana? Ruko, ram gets up he grabs the cd remote from the tea table.. Ya lo he handed the romote to priya.. And again sits beside her..
After pressing next button several times priya finds her favorite song...
songs start...
Tuu mujhee chhood jaayee Yehh nahii hoo saakta saathiyaa Merii baatoon meiin teraa zikr saadaa Merii yaad meiin terii fikraa saadaa
Maiin joo bhii hoon tum hi too hoo Mujhee tumm see miilli aapni aadaa...
Priya is lost into the lyrics... Her mind goes back that when every second she waits for his call his sms and his presence... This song beautifully describe her feelings when she was away from him.. Thinking about all time that she spend without him.. Her eye becomes wet... Ram is looking at her without any clue why her mood change so suddenly.. He is wating for her to speak.. Priya wipes her tear and says " pata han ramm jab mai aap se dur thi, tab shone se pehle har raat ya song shunta tha... Aur bohat rohte thi.. Sochti thi kyun aisa hun aa kyun hum bechre kyun hum ek dusre se itna dur han kyun har pal sab k kushiyo k liya hum a alag hona padta han... Ya sab question ka sawal dhunte dhunte sho jate thi...priya looks at the floor.. She is feeling that pain when she is stay far away from ram...
Bita hu a kal mai badal nhi sakta priya, par aane wali kal ko mai jorur change kr sakti huin.. Jo bhi, halat jaisa bhi.. Mai kabhi tumse aapne aapse dur nhi hone dungi... Ram opens his arms priya throw herself on his arms.. Both r holding each other tightly..
In the background the music is still playing..
Kyuun kii tumm hii hoo, aab tumm hii ho Zindagii aab tumm hii hoo.. Chainn bhii, meraa dard bhii Merii aashiquii aab tum hii hoo Tumm hii hoo, tumm hii hoo
Karzz bhii, meraa marzz bhi.. Chainn bhii, meraa dard bhii Merii aashiquii aab tumm hii hoo...
I wrote this os almost two or three month before.. Want to share it here so that post it.. If u guyz like it than plz leave ur valuable comments and dont forget to hit the like button... :)
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Posted: 2014-06-30T14:08:44Z
simply superbly written 
 i liked the description of the place 
 and their eternity of love 
just filled with raya 

Thanks for sharing 
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Posted: 2014-06-30T14:27:00Z
magical  raya..
hmm romantic   
was  very  realistic.. truly   loved the  whole  OS..

thanks  u
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Posted: 2014-06-30T18:47:39Z
I sincerely hope we get to see even more RaYa romance in the show...
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Posted: 2014-06-30T20:16:20Z
Awesome Os loved the whole scene:)
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Posted: 2014-06-30T21:09:42Z
Emotional os..
Enjoyed reading it..
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Posted: 2014-06-30T23:21:51Z
Originally posted by luvsakshi

<font color="#0000ff">Wow </font>
<font color="#0000ff">simply superbly written </font>
<font color="#0000ff"> i liked the description of the place </font>
<font color="#0000ff"> and their eternity of love </font>
<font color="#0000ff">just filled with raya </font>

<font color="#0000ff">Thanks for sharing </font>
<font color="#0000ff">ClapClap</font>

tnx di for liking it :)
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Posted: 2014-06-30T23:25:25Z
awesome os
well written Clap
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