OS: ~" RaYa-Together Forever"~

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"BALH ending on july 10th " a news which made all of us sad ... but friends let's face it,,, All good thing comes to .. so why not BALH RaYa ... balh has given soo many memories which will be cherished forever ..,,,, set of Superb friends who will be their with us Always .. & manny more things tooo ...! 
So let us all bid a Happy GoodBye to our beloved RaYa & show ... 
Here is an attempt to write a OS for how I want the end of BALH.. its on a very simple theme just like RaYa .. ;) & you can also call it a kind of nostalgic ride coz I tried to include some season 1 memories .. its a bit long .. but bear with me plz..  HOPE YOU ALL WILL LIKE IT .. :) :) 

~ "RaYa-Together Forever" ~

*Kapoor Industry -Ram's office*
Noon time
Ram is in hurry to complete some work assignment... he wants to complete it with perfection... So that the person taking over the work didn't find any difficulty in it .. 

Ram thinking priya aaj tumhe sabse bada surprise dene wala hu... m very excited it . Really want to know your reaction .. Priya m coming to you right now ... Ram in all excitement heads towards KM
Before leaving ram made sure all work & formalities are done completely. 

*Kapoor mention*
*Green room*

 Priya in Green Room ...sitting on the table, kept  in mid of room.. ...and  writing her diary with a big Smile... she stopped writing & looked to the live size picture of her & her beloved Husband... with a wide grin on her face which is their coz she remembered something .. she resumed writing. . 

 On other side Ram enter the room... looking to her , her moments, he stop there at the door .. keenly observing her .. her smile ..  glow on her face .. she draped in a pink&yellow saari looked beautiful. .  her long hairs falling on left shoulder... decent Jhumkas which completely complement her saari, adding to her beauty. ..   the way she kept her left  hand under chin & writing & than looking to their picture... . 
Ram just enjoyed the view of her wife .. how beautiful she looks how gracefully she carries herself .. most of all, even at this age she is the only one who is the most beautiful woman for him... & he still is crazzy for her .. 

Suddenly priya felt his gaze on her looked up ... found him standing at the door...
With a sudden sweet shock standing from chair..  she said 

Priya : mr Kapoor..!!  aap ... Yahha ..  kab aae... wo bhi is samay...  aur aise waha kyu khade hai... 
Ram : (moving towards her) kuch nahi priya tumhe dekh raha tha ... bhot dino baad tumhe aise akele muskurate dekha na...  wo smile disturb nahi karna chahta tha... after all yahi to wo sight h jo main zindagi bhar dekhna chahta hu ..  
Priya : (blushing, smiling .. ) aisa kya .. ;).. 
Ram : (coming close to her) haan.. 
Priya : waise yaad h aap ko hamari pehli meeting jab hum pehli baar mile the .. uske baad aap meri shakal bhi nahi dekhna chahte the ...
Ram : ( holding her form her shoulder) kya priya .. !! Tab baat kuch aur thii.. ab kuch aur .. now you are the only person jise main dekhte rehna chahta hu .. 
Priya : (blushed) sacchi .? 
Ram: (coming close to her) haan sacchi... 
Priya :  Mr. Kapoor aaj aap yaha is samay . Mera matlab abhi to aap office me rahte h na.. to achanak ghar par kyu.? Sab thik hai na.? Aap thik hai .. !! 
Ram : prriiyyaaa ,, bas karo.. main thik hu ..!! Sab thik hai .. !! Bas aaj apni wife ke saath lunch lena tha to aa gaya ... aur waise bhi .. kya hai na .. meri wife ko chote -chote surpises bhot pasan hai to socha chota sa surprise de du ;)... 
Priya : wow .. !! Main abhi khana lagwati hu .. aap fresh ho ke niche aa jaiye .. 
Ram : priya yahi room me khana lagwa do na ... main aata hu, kuch calls kar ke .. 
Priya nodded ..

Few minutes later .. 

Priya was very very happy for their cute surprise lunch date kind of thing .. 
She made sure all the lunch arrangements are properly done.. the table kept in center of room is perfectly set .. 
Than she moved towards the Dressing Table .. checking herself . That she looked perfect .. the way He wants to see her always.. she made sure her hairs are perfectly done .. she tried to put the bindi correctly on her forehead ... but suddenly inturpped by the sound of Ram coming to room .. 
She rushed to the table . 
& waited for him to step in the room... ( ram steped into room)
Priya : Mr. Kapoor chaliye lunch is ready .. 
Ram : aarraayy waaah . !
Both ram & priya sitting on the table when ram stared to priya .. 
Priya with a confused look .. 
"What happened mr. Kapoor"
Ram : smiled a bit " tedi hai..!!! tumhari bindi ...!!! " kya priya itna time ho gaya tum thik se bindi nahi bhi nahi laga sakti ... 
Priya : aur mr. Kapoor app aaj tak sabse pehle meri Tedi -Bindi note karte hai  .. thik waise jaise us din kiya tha .. jab hum first time restaurant me mile the .. kartik nathasha ki shadi ki baat karne... 
Both remember the scene & smiled together ... 
Ram gave her the direction & she corrected her bindi ...
Raya completed their lunch .. 
Ram : priya muje tumhe kuch batana hai ... kuch special ...
Priya :( excited ) kya batayie na .? Aur kya surprise h mere liye .? 
Ram : haan actually wo...

When suddenly ram's phone rings .. 
Looking to Vikrams name ram smiled & receive the call.. 
Ram: Hhii Vikram .. .. 

Ram ended the call & gave a tensed look to priya .. 
Priya : kya hua mr. Kapoor koi problem hai..? Kya kaha Vikram ne .? Ram : priya hame abhi neha - vikram ke ghar jana h ... kuch baat hai... vikram ne bataya nahi .. but .. 
Chalo jaldi .. 
Priya : kya .? Okay chaliye .. jaldi .. 

*At shergil Residence* 

"Vikram !!! Tum ne aisa kyu kaha Ram ko ... he must be worried for us ... " Neha said
Vikram: chota sa prank hai neha .. !! Yaad nahi tumhe Ram hame kitna pareshan karta tha ..  socha is baar hum thoda mazak karle ..;) 
Neha : good idea

Few minutes later

Ram -priya reached there .. knocking the door RaYa worried for their Best Friends . Hope all is well..!!
NeVi opened the door .. smiling looking to the worried faces of their friends . 

Ram : (worried) kya hua sab thik h na .. kyu bulaya hame aise .. 
Priya : (shocked)  wait!! Tum done aise smile kyu kar rahe ho .. 

Neha : batate hai !! Sab batate hai ..!! Pehle andar to aao .. !! 
(All 4 moved inside,,, at living area .. all four sitting der & chatting )

Priya: Nehaaa !! Whats this yaar .. 
Neha : wo kya hai Mr.& Mrs. Kapoor .. ye ek chota sa prank tha tum dono ko yaha bulane ke liye.. !! 
Actually kya hai na ..
Vikram : Haan yaar kafi din ho gaye the tum dono se wo pehle ki trah mile .. aaj bacche bhi nahi hai ghar par .. to bula liya tumhe . !!! 
Ram : Arraayyy ohh !! Ye kya tarika tha bulane ka hame..  pata hai kitna pareshan the hum... 
Priya : Neha -Vikram .. !! Tum bhi na .. abhi bhi tumhari pranks khatam nahi hoti .. 
Neha : ooho !! Fatty -priya choro bhi ab!! hum aise hi hai..!
priya : Accha okay!! so guys kya plan hai .. 
Neha: plan ye hai ki priya ji. 
 . priya ki favourite adrak wali chai & fatty ke favourite aalo ke pakode .. & hamari never ending baatain.. 
Ram: wow.. sounds interesting .. !! ;) 
(Priya heads to kitchen to help neha)

 vikram : ram football match dekhega .. wait I will start .. 
Ram :(least interested in match answered ) haan tu start kar main abhi aata hu .. 
(Ram inturn goes to kitchen behind priya ,, but neha caught him)
neha : Ae Fatty tum ek minute bhi priya ko  dekhe bina nahi reh sakte na ..
Ram immediately tells "yes she is my wife aur muje uske saath rehna h" (Ram realizes he has shouted his thoughts )
Priya (shock with his statement) 
(Vikram too listened the convo)
(& NeVi started Teasing RaYa )

Neha :(to vikram) Baby ! Muje lagta h aaj bhi hame in dono ko Honeymoon plan kar dena chahie .. jaise tab kiya tha .. 
Vikram : bilkul sahi keh rahi ho Neha .. tab to ye Fatty jana nahi chahta tha ... ab to ye Ready hai bilkul !!
Priya : oohhoo !! Stop teasing us now.. 
(A perfect evening ! All four Best Friends enjoying the evening laughing teasing each other . Enjoying the company, like old days.) 

(It was late at night ,, after having dinner with NeVi &  spending quality time with their best friends,,,,,  RaYa headed back to KM   ... )

(Adding a small change in green room.. their is a small balcony added to the green room.. having priya favourite plants etc .. decorated & maintained by her .  & their is a swing for two, where RaYa love to enjoy spending time together ;) )

*RaYa in green room*
Ram heads towards changing room.. 
priya moved to balcony ..
Few minutes later .. 

Priya standing in balcony admiring the beauty of night .. bright full moon in sky &  stars giving company to it... 

Ram changed into his usual white kurta...  stepped in balcony ...
 said "kubsurat hai " !
& stepped near priya ... (priya blushed  nodded yes shyly) (ram standing near her)
Ram : ye chand ,, tare,,  ye Raat.!!
Priya : haan... !! (Looking to him ) Waise aap kab se in sab cheezo ko pasand karne lage.? 
Ram : Jo pyar karna jante hai na priya , unhe dunia ki har cheez pyar karne layak lagti hai ..
Priya (blushed again .. in a teasing tone ) I am glad mere husband ko pyar karna aata hai .. 
(Both laughed the conversation,,, coz this was the exact same conversation which they had years ago in Sharma House, ) 
Priya : yaad hai, aap ko wo din..?
Ram : haan !! Us din tumhari shadi kisi aur se hone wali thi .. :p 
Priya: kya aap bhi na mr. Kapoor .. !! 
Ram : haha !! BUT  Aaj.. Aaj main bhot khush hu priya ki tum mere saath ho !! Kitne anjaan the na hum us samay .. !! Hum dono ko lagta tha ki hame kisi ka Pyar nahi mil sakta .. but aaj dekho we are happily married for 24 years now ... Thank you for coming to my life priya & making it soo beautiful,, its coz of you I can see beauty in every thing !! 
Priya : ( teary eyes )  thank you for having me in your life Mr. Kapoor .. 
( saying dis she moved towards him.. 
RaYa hug . Both Feeling each other .. ) 

(Ram checked his watch & said ) 
""Happy Anniversary priya""

Priya (smiling & moving out of his embrace , looking into his eyes ) ""Happy Anniversary Ram "" 

(Ram smiled listing his name , kissed her forehead .. raya absorbing the moment of togetherness .. ) 
Ram: congratulations to us on completing 24 year together ;) 

Priya : btw Mr. Kapoor wher is my gift ..? 
Ram : (was waiting for this ) ha ha .. I have a very different gift for you this year .. 
Priya : pata hai phir koi jewellery hogi .. 
Ram : Arraayy!! Pehle suno to bhot special gift hai .. 
Priya : haan bataiye ..
Ram : priya! Today  I am making promise to you...  to give all my time only to you now onwards ... 
Maine sari formalities complete kar di hai .. now business will be looked after by khush & sid .. & I will give all my time to my beautiful wife .. 
Today we are stepping in 25th year .. & I promise to be with you always .. 
Priya : (happy knowing dis ..  happy coz this is the Best Gift from Him .. nothing else she want now ) thank you mr kapoor .. lekin .. 
Ram : Arraayyy ! tumhari koi baat 'lekin' ke bina nahi hoti na..
Priya : but mr. Kapoor how will khush manage all this he is not ready .. I mean our kids need us,, our guidance .. 
Ram : haan to hum yahi h na priya ..!! We are here to guide dem.. & sid is with him.!! . jab bhi unhe hamari zarurat padegi we'll be with demm to guide dem . Support dem... maine sab plan kar liya hai .. itne din se yahi sab plan kar raha tha tum se chupa ke .. TRUST me priya everything is perfectly fine .  

Priya : ( now pretty much convenience ) I Trust you Raaam.
Ram : Now I want to spend all my time with you only priya ... remember maine us din maine kaha tha 'ab hum maaut tak saath rahenge ' I mean it ..:) ab se hum Roj hum saath me morning walk par jaenge ,,,than Yoga,, ..!! Main tumhari help karunga routine works me. Saath me lunch dinner .. in short my full time given to you .. 

Priya : (very happy .. feeling like a queen) .. Thank you ...   I Love you Raaamm
 ( saying dis she moved close to him & hug him ) 
Ram: I love you to Priya . ( happy feeling her close to him)  

Ram : waise thank you se kamm nahi chalega . Mera gift kaha h Mrs. Kapoor .? 
Priya ( with a cute expression -sakshi's special  ) wo mr. Kapoor main kuch plan nahi kar pai aap ke liye .. 
Ram :Arraayyy ! 
Priya :Aap hi bataye kya chahie aap ko .? 
Ram : ( with a grin) okay !! Ye hui na baat !! .
(thinking a little ) haan to priya !! Muje tumhari diary read karni h .. 
Priya : kya .?? (Confused)
Ram : haan tumhari diary !! Aaj bhi jab main office se aaya tum apni diary likh rahi thi ... aur madam, tumari smile se pata chal raha tha tum mere bare me hi likh rahi thi ... 
Muje wo sari entry read karni hai priya.. aaj tak jo kuch likha tumne.
Priya : (smiling & biting her lip) ooh to aap ne notice kiya tha tab muje ..

Ram : mera gift muje mil raha h ya nahi .? 
Priya : aap ne kuch entries read ki h mr. Kapoor .. 
Ram : haan kuch entries read ki h ... ab puri diary read karni.. simple !! Gift mil raha h ki nahi .? 

Priya : (she know he is still stubborn on some matters) haan baba .. you can read it .. !! Aap rukiye yaha main diary le ke aati hu ...

(Priya moved to room to take her diary ... & ram sit on the swing placed in the balcony ) 

Ram: priya kaha ho .? Kitni der . ?
Priya: ( coming to him & sitting next to him ) aa gai baba .. ! Ye lijiye diary ..
(Ram taking her in side hug ) 
Ram: tum hi padh kar suna do .. !! 
Priya : ram ye first entry bhot pehle ki h .. aap kud read kariye .. 
Ram: nahi .. tum.. 
Priya : nahii aap .. 
Ram : oohhoo priya .. ( takes diary & read the first entry ) "Khadus" !! Kya ..!! tum ne mere bare me aisa likha .. muje nahi baat karna ..!! 
Priya : arraayy ye bhot pehle ki entry h Mr. Kappuu.. tab hamri nok-jhok bhot jayada thi .. !! Aage ki entry read kijiye accha likha h *wink* 
Ram : tum hi read karo .. 
Priya : ooffoo Raaamm  !!! Okay !!
(& they continued reading the diary & revisiting der beautiful journey ) 

( Bg : NatKhat -NatKhat ye pal mere...
Man ko chue Gungunayeee...
Mere liye tum Kya Kya karoge...
Soch ke dil Muskurayeee...
Bade Acche Lagte Hai ...
Ye Arpan...
Tera Daman...
Tum... ) 

(Ram holding her in side hug .. & the nok-jhonk,, love -chitchat continue,, smiling-brushing,,  love for each other,,Happy being together)
( screen zoom out ,,, a heart draw covering ram & priya (picture perfect) every thing else get blur but RaYa..  pictures of RaYa freez ) 

 "And they lived happily ever after ... like ke tuf times ko face karte ... sweet times ko enjoy  .. .. ladte jhagade .. ruthte manate .. ek dusre ke saath me ... ek dusre ke pyar me.. " .. 
its their Story  Ram & Priya's .. Story of two stranger who thought they can never get some one's company .. someone's love in their life .. were Gifted with the best Partner,,, Love,, for each other..  And They lived happily with  each other "In Love-Together Forever". !! :') :') :')


Hope you all liked this small attempt of mine .. Sorry for the mistakes (if any :p ) this is a among initial few attempt to write something like dis .. hope you liked it & bigger Sorry if I bored you with it .. 
Plz do let me know your honest feedback :) .. 
Than You :) 
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Too good
loved it Pooja di
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Posted: 2014-06-30T09:07:37Z
awesome os... Tnx for sharing...
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Wonderful write up Clap
on Raya 
simply superb 
Loved it 
Thanks for posting 
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Simple, cute & beautifulClap
Wondering how the show will end...
I've always wanted this show to go on & on so thinking about it ending is so heart wrenchingCry
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awesome... too gud...
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Awesome and very sweet os pls do write more n love four friends dinner plans too RAYA N NEVIK rocks
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too goodSmile ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.
best gift to priya from ram. Smile ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.Smile ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.
hope CVs give us something like this for us in these last days
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