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Posted: 4 years ago
@Madhura : Babe is too late to apologise but so sorry for replying so late. I hardly bump into this shop. Well considering your suggestions i have make only Sherlock for the time being but i'll keep the later in consideration while PSing next. Maybe next time i'll update the shop based upon what the forum demands ROFL Imma love you Madhura. You are so sweet baby :*

@Debolina Di : You are not required to apologise di like common IKR, No explaination needed. IDK really what to say but to thank you from the bottom of my heart di. You are one true inspiration for me you know that pretty much right. These words just made my day. Im just dancing lalala. SO sorry i couldn't make titanic stuffs for you but i'll whatsapp you the edits wookay. :))
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Posted: 4 years ago
Does spamming hurts ?
Posted: 4 years ago
No, when its for a good cause it doesn't. ROFL Next PAGE PLEASE !
Posted: 4 years ago


Perhaps, we all are made up of little procrastination and lack of inspiration. We are known as lazy people often belonging to the family of Panda's. #eat_sleep_repeat 
Wanted to quit this forum and finally settle at another world with my business but Virina and Husna insisted (blackmailed bole toh, specifically V) to stay. This update is because of these two brave ladies and the next they might tell me to leave with immediate effect, reason below.

Pardon bella's : Utterly rubbish stuffs alert + short update alert + i sold off my PS skills

Resources credits :
Tumblr, Amidst-the-hues, Deviantart and my own jackpots

Kara Sevda

Just read an article that turkish chicks are the most beautiful woman. Well i can count on it too. Also, the turkish men are hot. Very hot.


coloured versions : 1 2 3 4 5


stacked icons

IDK what it turned out to be. Highly disappointed

bae <3 bae <3 bae <3 

Half Girlfriend

LMAO this book indeed was a bollywood item. Such a cheesy storyline. ROFL Got mixed feeling for this movie :S Also, Shraddha was a bad choice for Diya Somani. 


[Tom Ellis and Lauren German]


Stacked icons


suggested by Madhura. Will make more stuffs on your recommendation babe.


Risk liya, risk liya, risk liya inko banane mein ROFL I tbh was never a fan of Barun Sobti until i watched him as Haider Ali Khan. Then humse control na hoove. Admirable pair of Surbhi and Barun. Not to forget, i wanna steal all of Surbhi's wardrobe.

bug me for individual icons or crop it yourself :D

without that red thing : xxx


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Posted: 4 years ago
Tekrar hosgeldiniz sen de. I see you're making very good use of your turkish slang these days ROFL

So that's what you call "utterly rubbish stuffs"? Wow then i encourage you to make even more of these "utterly rubbish" kinds because am entirely floored by each and every edit and gifs on this page. Thank you for not leaving and nope you ain't going off from here anytime soon until i quit. I'm very adamant and selfish on this part. Duh! Take a break or go on hike BUT you don't freaking leave ok Angry

Kara Sevda: Haha. They got it right no? Seeing the KS female casts is enough to vouch for that article. But the Baes are hotter too. Again watch KS, ladies and gentlemen ;P Dude those avis :'( your coloring looks so pretty on those. I love your textures used on it and how subtly it's been applied there. Such a sexy outcome of that scene. I'm so saving them for future use. Thank you for making them. I so adore this scene of KN. Oh gawd even the colored version looks so bloody good. Dude i know it must have been an ass of a time to find an appropriate psd for this since the scene had many red-blue light beams on it. But kudos on this one. 

Your icons looks so posh. You are so good in making those colored version types of icons. Does take a while to mask and refine them. I see your hard-work and patience. I love those snaps of KS btw. Some are one of my favorites. 

And the best out of the lot is here. Dips this picspam is SO MY FAVORITE. I'm having a crush on the style and size of it that i may just copy this out soon Stern Smile  SO USING IT SOON TOO :| Those pictures were well selected and the work you did on each one of them is so commendable. Kudos buddy. Don't think i can praise this one enough tho :|

OMG That Burak Bae oneDay Dreaming My heart is fluttering for this one. SUCH A f**kING SEXY ONE. That blue grungy texture + it's BW. That's it. Heart wooed by this beautiful work. Saving it to use next too. So many stuffs i've to use Shocked

Half-Girlfriend: That's a new movie? Your updates is full of colorful stuffs. There's a sense of liveliness and vibrancy in your updates Dips. I've told you this before too but it's so your style and it's so soothing to come and see those stuffs and sigh with content *sigh* ;P Your colorful borders looks so good on those avis with those texts as well. Oh i see what you did there, you put a quote/lyrics on those gifs :O NICE IDEA. They are so pretty :') Omg that edit is even more gorgeous. Your coloring is so point there man. Is it the psd you gave me? Am loving this one so much Stern Smile Sheez and your text style with the arrow shapes. I love the creativity + simpleness of it. 

Lucifer: HA!!!! Going through Lucifer withdrawals lately? One more month to go ;) You're always so good with your icons and dude where did you find those HQ photoshoot of them? I don't think i found that many around ;| Leave the icons, the star of the Lucifer part has to be THAT EDIT. Yes right. You little sly, i see how much of utterly rubbish stuffs you've been making. This is legit one of your best too :') That texture is goal, that text is goal and that couple is goal. Dips this one is very artistic dostum! I dig this style of yours so much. 

Sherlock: WOW! And you never cease to amaze me here. :| I see you going  a level up in your editing skills. *Bravo* That edit looks so tumblrish dude. It's so classy. Does not need much words to express how amazing it looks. You got one amazing eye and mind to choose your texture wisely and your text stands out perfectly here.

Tanhaiyan: You watched it finally. I didn't like Barun much in the show, nor his acting or his look. He kinda looked like a bikhaari to me ROFL No offense to the fans *looks here and there* :| But am genuinely saying this. The show was okay okay. And yes Surbhi was just beautiful in web series man. Ok forget this. Dude your icons. Dang your textures are so pretty :'( Your coloring is so wonderful too. I love your set so much here. AHH, now you nailed this update with the last two edits. Teach me how you make such freaking gorgeous signatures man. I CAN'T EVEN come with something poetic to praise this two pieces. I'm slowly losing touch with my signature stuffs lately but this is WAY TOO AMAZING. I'm trying to string words together to say something :| Okay first BW + Red is already a sexy combo and your blending is frigging flawless. You even chose the right pics to blend. I love that brush and texture on it. :') The text though Stern Smile Yes it's bloody true.[referring to the text] xD 
The 2nd one is *happysigh* Keeping it simple was the best idea. Who would have thought using a grungy style as  background would do the trick? Yea i see you did some text warping too ;) Where do you find such amazing texts man? I suck so bad with those brilliant texts but you always come with something so clever and witty Shocked That's one Barun pic i like a lot btw. 

Am done and sorry for taking quite sometime to comment but bottom line: "UPDATE AGAIN YOU IDIOT" This forum needs you. You need to take the legacy forward. One talent that can't go away that soon okay. I need my daily dose of inspiration too. So kinda care for your arkadas sometimes. Tamam tesekkurler gule gule [Ok thanks bye.]ROFL

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Posted: 4 years ago
Guessing it's a update 

oh man, now from where i should borrow sundar sundar alfaaz for this updateD'oh its so gorgeous. The icons, background so neatly erased and single color BG (I love DA icons filled with textures but these looks stunning), kara sevda coloring, THE BARUN SIGGIE OH MY GODDeadDead Already saw the sherlock edit in tumblr. Everything is beautiful, this is why you should not leave, humko iss khoobsurti se bichadne ko mat boloCryLOL

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Posted: 4 years ago
can i plz get these avis stack verticallyBig smile


saving this

burak bae is so hotBlushing

saving this tooBig smile

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Posted: 4 years ago
Hello shello!!Approve

I missed commenting on ur updatesBlushingblame my lazinessBlushing

Now here to comment on the missed updatesEmbarrassed


https://i.imgur.com/R2eyCoR.png love the coloring of this picspamHeart

These icons r my fav from the entire lotApprovebeautiful coloring,effects and croppingClap

https://i.imgur.com/F8tnqeK.gif  This Maneet gif is gorgeousnessApproveamazing texture and coloring on the gifsEmbarrassed

https://i.imgur.com/Jbo0xY9.gif  Woah this is damn hot!!animated version is my favEmbarrassed

Blending on the arjun-kareena and ranveer-deepika ones look amazingStarTexture used on the fitoor stuff is coolCool

https://i.imgur.com/JT9f1ZT.png Love the style of this shraddha siggyApprove


Such a colorful and cute update Day Dreaming

Everything looks fantastically awesomeEmbarrassedHeart

https://i.imgur.com/Rj108CH.gif  this is shoo cuteHeart

https://i.imgur.com/ncb51h5.png love the blending of this siggy soo prettyySmile

https://i.imgur.com/dE0ZtLt.png This is jus P.E.R.F. E.C.TBlushing

Keep creating more and keep rockingApprove


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