OS-that's LOVE- RAYA's Love! by @Kour Amrit

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OS-that's LOVE- RAYA's Love!

This has to be the hardest thing to write the end of balh... I have no clue what is to written as the end.. To add on a chillarlicious end! Lol... A small attempt only for the queen CSQ! Dont laugh anybody if its not good.. My heart will break down! Thanks Pooja for the input ! Happy reading dearies..!






*6 months later*



Priya slept calmly with her head dug gently into the safe pillow.. Ram tip-toed went closer to her not to disturb her peaceful slumber. He settled down besides her.. A soothing smile covered up his face seeing his wife! He raised his hand which had a red rose and took near to her face! He trailed the rose against her soft skin.. She moved a little and opened her eyes lazily.. "Good Morning Priya.." he grinned ear to ear!"Very good morning Mr Kapoor.." she reciprocated with the same warmth! She looked at the rose he held, "Kya baat hai.. Subah subah itne romantic hmm.. Rose and all" she raised her eyebrows..



He giggled, "main to roz hi itna romantic hota hun..aaj thoda zyada hun.." he extended his hand to her! "A beautiful red rose for my beautiful Priya.. I promise to love you more and more with each passing day" She took the rose from him.. "thank you for the rose and all the love..Anything special today ya aise hi" she asked him!"Special to hai bahot special" he smiled!"Hawww aisa kya..bataiye mujhe..jo mujhe yaad nahi hai"Ram bent down over her.. "Bata dunga..par abhi nahi..shaam ko choti si party tab tak you keep on guessing! " he winked!"This is not done Ram..bataiye naa" she pouted!"Hahaha..nothing would work.. Shaam ko Pihu aur Karan bhi aa rahe hain.. Atleast ye to bata hi deta hu tumhe"Hearing Pihu's name her face lit up.. These 6 months had changed Pihu's life completely! She fell in love with the right guy who reciprocated the same love and affection! Above all she was so happy with him! There was no looking back for Ram and Priya's princess!



After sometime.. Priya put Ram's coat on him.. Anyhow she wanted to know what the special occassion was! She knew her husband was a golu..a little effort and he would reveal everything! Priya caressed his coat.. "Aap mujhe har baat bataate hain na.." In a confident tone he replied, "Yes ofcourse..""To ye..""ahaa..not this one! Yaar tum khud dimaag lagaao. Aaj ka din kitna important hai how could it skip your mind...waise to har baat yaad rakhti hu tum and yehi yaad nahi hai.." she made a puppy face with pleading eyes..He held her through the shoulder "Will finish off work as soon as I can and will rush again to my darling Wife" he pressed a kiss against her forehead and left for work!



Priya went downstairs with a chain of questions building up in her mind! She served breakfast to Myra and Pari who were to leave for their junior college! "Mumma its party time today wow Am so excited! " Pari exclaimed!"Bachhe tujhe tere papa ne bataya aaj kya hai aisa khaas""No mumma.. Bahot pucha humne but he didnt, he told to wait till the evening! " Myra replied!"Pata hai mumma Pihu di is also coming... It will be so much fun.." Just then.. Bansi kaka came with a bouquet of white roses and handed it over to Priya..Priya was surprised! She touched the soft petals of the roses and smiled at the corner of her eyes!She took out a lovely card from the midst of the flowers.. Her eyes widened seeing the bold handwriting of her husband!*Our love is as pure as these white roses.. Ab tak to sabse pooch liya hoga..yaar khud bhi dimaag lagao.. Yaad aa jayega...humse judi itni important baat hai.*She moved a bit away from her kids and biting her lower lip again thought of the occassion!



Khush came to his Priya angel.. "Dad ne bheja hai aapke liye..kya baat hai Priya angel..aaj to dad subah se bade romantic ho rahe hain"Priya blushed, "Chup kar tu" Bansi Kaka again came up with bouquet of pink roses.. Priya felt embarassed in front of her kids!"Ye umar humare bachhon ki hai flowers lene dene ki yahan aap ko ye sab ideas aa rahe hai..uff Ram kya karu main apka" she thought as she took the bouquet from Bansi Kaka! There was a note stuck on a flower.. "Thanks for being my life.. Without you I am nothing..together we are everything" her eyes became wet! She excused herself and went to her room.. Placed the flowers on the table..smile wasnt leaving her face.. "Sometimes I dont understand the craziness behind your love...subah se kitna kuch kar rahe hain aap.. And you think I have forgotten everything..A lady can never forget such an important thing of her life.. But I wont tell you Ram..I dont want to spoil your plans.." she smiled in her thoughts..



The day somehow passed...with loads of preparations taking place.. "Bhabhi aap jaakar ready ho jaiye..bhappa must be coming in sometime.." Soumya told Priya..Priya's phone rang just then.. Ram told her to wear the aqua coloured saree that he had kept in the wardrobe for her! He would reach in sometime.. All he wanted was to see his angel perfectly ready to kill everybody in the party! Blushes ran to her cheeks turning them red ! She got up to leave and get ready! The aqua saree that he had chosen for her would perfectly suit her! She never had any two ways about his taste! She was more than happy! She changed herself into the saree..wore the jhumkas that he had bought for her... He entered the room with his coat hung on his shoulder.. "Goshh I knew you would look gorgeous in this colour.." he spoke as he headed towards her! She turned around.. "Matlab main baaki rangon mein apko achhi nahi lagti.. " she pouted!"Yaaar did I say that.. Meri to nazrein hi nahi hatt rahi tumse"



"Nazrein hataake is umar mein aap karenge bhi kya. " she teased him!"Hataane ki kya zaroorat hai.. My focus has always been on you.. I have the loveliest lady as my wife.." he kissed her hand ! "Abhi bhi nahi batayenge mujhe... I thought so much.. Par yaad hi nahi aa raha.." "Wait naa baaba..thodi der aur..I will change and come! " he left for washroom!Priya combed her hair.. She again looked at the mirror.. Nothing could make her happier than compliments coming from her man! His words always made her heart dance! Just then Pihu came rushing to her mom in excitement.. Priya was overwhelmed to find her princess infront of her eyes.."Mummaa..kaise ho aap" she asked hugging her tightly!"Mera bachha..kaisi hai tu.. Tu aane waali hai mujhe nahi bataya par apne papa ko har baat bata deti hai..""Sorry mumma wo Papa ne bola apke liye party hai to anyhow aana hi hai..to seedha aa hi gayi""awww no sorry.. I am so happy to see you here"



"Papa kahan hai""He's in the washroom..""Okay to main unse mil lungi baadmein will see Myra and Pari" Pihu took a leave..The door of the changing room clicked, Ram was ready for the party dressed in a light purple shirt with blue blazer! Priya's eyes twinkled seeing her handsome man! "You're looking no less Mr Kapoor.." she smiled!"Hahaha.. Tumhare saath achha lagna chaiye na mujhe bhi" "Wo to aap humesha lagte hain.." she sheepishly spoke!"Hum chale I am so excited for the surprises waiting upar se aapki rockstar bhi aa chuki hai! " Priya exclaimed!"Wait.. Something is missing.." he went nearer..!"Kyaaa" she asked him!He pressed a bindi against her forehead... "Tumhari bindi.. Mere bina tum theek se lagaa hi nahi paati ho..""Jaan boojh kar bhool gayi thi.. I love it when you put it.." she smiled again!He took her hand in his and left!



The Kapoor Mansion looked no less than a bride! Everything was according to what Priya liked, her favourite songs played softly! She saw her parents already present there...she went and hugged them..  Rounds of laughter and teasing took place! Lots of time Priya turned red due to Shipra's comments ! On the other side.. Ram being the possessive father of his rockstar Pihu, was busy enquiring if Karan kept her happy or not! Everybody's curiosity reached heights to know what the special occasion was! Ram went upto Priya and extended his hand.. "May I have the pleasure to dance with my beautiful wife! " She blushed!! Without thinking twice..she gave her hand in his and joined him for the dance! He took her to the dance floor below the chandelior.. He slipped his hand around her bare waist while her hands scooped around his neck! Slowly she rested her head over his heart... She basked in his warmth as their bodies swayed with the rythm of the song!



After a few melodies..she pulled herself back..and looked straight into his pool like eyes.." I feel like the queen""You are the queen of my heart.." he winked at her!"Can you please reveal what this celebration is for? "" Hahaha sure.."He signalled to turn off the music! The hall got illuminated with dimlights.."Attention everyone.. As you guys know.. Aaj ka din mere aur Priya ke liye bhot special hai.. Par kaise ! Well.." he pulled Priya close to her through her shoulder, "Aaj hi ke din 24 years ago.. Hum pehli baar mile the..tumhe yaad hai Priya.." he asked her looking straight into her eyes! "Bahot jhagda kiya tha humne.. Who would have thought we would end up making the best couple" he winked at her!Her thoughts transported her to memories that belonged years ago.. Their first meeting which was their first fight too! He had tapped on her shoulder... She never had thought her destiny had plesantly knocked her life in form of Ram Kapoor!



Tears welled up in her eyes.. Goshh he remembered this too.. was celebrating it and How!! " Our journey began with a fight Priya..and look now there is only love and just love.. Thanks for changing me..thanks for loving me"she fell short of words.. She just nodded her head for a no.. Their kids jumped up in joy clapped in happiness seeing their love birds!!"And How can I forget.. Tumne mujhe us din dinosaur aur mota bola tha" he pouted! Everybody laughed in unison!!"awww sorry..." she held her ears!"Dont be.. Tumne usi mote insaan se itna pyaar kiya.. Thank you! "Priya giggled.. "Aap mote nahi hai...bas thode se healthy hain.." "haawww healthy indirectly means mota only..you again called me mota..""Hahaha aap jaise bhi hain mujhe bade achhe lagte hain.." she entwined her fingers in his!He mimed an I love you..to her!She replied him with the same vibes! Their kids went upto them and hugged their parents...49 minutes ago



The kids had always witnessed their love and passion for each other, their beautiful relation had survived all ups and downs and emerged a winner! Ram lightly brushed his lips against her forehead! Her lips curled for a beautiful smile! "Lets cut the cake mumma.." Myra in excitment. Everybody headed to the table !. Priya whispered in his ears, "I already knew this important date! " she winked at him! He was shocked, "Jhooti..you're lieing.." she grinned, "you think so Raam.. I didnt want to spoil your excitment..so I didnt say anything.." Ram's face turned like a pumpkin "Offo.. All my plans turn out failure..damn yar" Priya clutched his sleeves, "aww your plans didnt fail baba..You actually won my heart all over again.. Every small thing you do for me make feel so special! Today was no less.. I am so happy Ram..thank you so much for everything.."



Ram pressed her hand.. He asked her to join him to cut the cake. She took the first piece and fed him... He did the same! She hugged him briefly, everyone was overjoyed to see them so happy together! Ram held her as close as he could! Her eyes sparkled in love! All she wanted was to spend all her time in his safe arms..it meant heaven for her.. He grinned ear to ear holding her tightly!



***************A beautiful story of the most loveliest couple comes to an end! They started their journey from where nobody thought they would end up making the most loved couple.. Story ends leaving memories behind to be cherished forever!



-Amrit !

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Posted: 2014-06-30T00:11:12Z
beautifully written... Every scene was just awesome.. So real... Again fall in love with raya... They indeed the most beautiful onscreen couple i ever seen.. I will cherish them forever in my heart.. Tnx amrit and sanju di for this wonderful os.. Feeling really sad.. Will miss raya badly .
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Posted: 2014-06-30T01:13:39Z
Wass just watching that episode!! Wow yaar, you write so beautifully...
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Posted: 2014-06-30T01:26:59Z
Thank u sanju di n amrit for lovely os we ll surely miss BALH n lovely os pls do write more
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Posted: 2014-06-30T01:57:00Z
Aww so cute and romantic Os
Ram want to surprise Priya
but don't want to reveal it but she knew it already
kya pyaar hai dono ka lovely
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Posted: 2014-06-30T03:00:14Z
awe...that was one of the most cherished moments in my lifeHeart...
very well described...
but Ii am sad that you wrote the end alredy abhi serial bhi khatham nahi hua 
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Posted: 2014-06-30T03:29:28Z
Loved it very much Amritt
ROcking os!!!
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Posted: 2014-06-30T03:45:22Z
Hey sanju thanks for posting 
thats a very good OS
you have written beautifully Clap
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