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Hello to all MP fans.
I am Niki Borah and it is a pleasure to meet all of you.
While I am new to the forum, I've been watching MP since it started, and one day all of a sudden I came upon some os and ff.
This spiked my interest in writing a fanfic on my favourite historical drama.
However I would like to warn all of you that it will be set in modern India and while I won't make much changes in the characters, some slight layers of grey will definitely be added.
I welcome any advice or support or criticism from the readers.
Also since I am from NE, I have a very meagre idea about Rajput traditions and stuff, especially marriage traditions.
If anyone out here has knowledge on any of the above mentioned topics please send me a PM.

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Welcome to the forum waiting for you ff
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Hiii Niki, I'm Anosha Smile
Welcome to the forum Smile Smile
Do continue soon. Would love to read your FF!!
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hello!! ...
welcome to d forum... ...
waiting for ur ff
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will be waiting...!!
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The Rajputs were a proud clan of people, taking immense pleasure and satisfaction in being known and respected far and wide for their nobility and bravery.

This pride undiluted had travelled through successive generations as inheritance as even centuries later; as once rising kingdoms have blended to form a democratic India; the Rajputs are far from different. The swords of death changed to deadly guns, Palaces gave way to Mansions. The chariots changed to latest cars and limos but the pride; remained exactly the same.

The majority holders of almost all of the financial reins of Indian economy, these Rajputs established themselves as a separate class of people- the Aristocracy.

Then again it is quite well known that two lions can never rule a forest together. And thus we hit upon the first snag in this supposedly invincible community.

The most powerful Rajput dynasties, the Suryavanshi's and the Rathore's hold up true to their ancestor's; the Mewari's and the Marwari's respectively, by being true to the blood feud between them. The long standing enmity between these two families with increasing influence as a whole disrupted the whole community.

Years passed by the heads of the families at loggerheads.  But one action of the present head of the Suryavanshi family sent the fragile peace to the fiery pits of hell.

Rana Udai Singh Suryavanshi went and married the woman whom Rao Maldev Singh Rathore, the head of the Rathore family wanted to marry.

Rana Udai Singh Suryavanshi's controversial marriage with Virbai Jhali worked as the flick of a matchstick near a petrol pump and soon this led to a bloody fight between the two families.

However fortunately the war of blood ended a few years later but sparked the start of a cold war between the two dynasties.

And thus the Suryavanshi Empire and Rathore Enterprises came to being.

While the Rajputs tried their best to keep the disputes inside the community, and talked only inside the four walls of their homes, the stone and brick walls themselves took upon a skill of developing ears as soon these secrets reached those determined to exploit the Rajputs and the Indian economy.

Unexpected attacks came upon the Rajputs be it sudden deaths or financial ruins all manipulated by a clandestine figurehead no one knew about.

Fortunately despite being egoistical to point of blindness, the Rajputs were fiercely protective of their community and so at the face of such threats, with much hesitation an alliance was proposed between the two most powerful Rajput families.

What no one knew that one simple suggestion by a lowly maid to her mistress would lead to the joining of two people utterly different from each other in the most sacred of all vows. No one knew that a tale of heart wrenching love and pain would become the shield of the Rajputs.

Alas no mortal can ever understand the wheels of destiny as future is always Obscured Fate.


AN(1) : Hello to all my readers. It is my first updated chapter and I would love it you guys would leave some reviews for me.

Moving on if anyone would like a PM whenever a chapter is updated please mention it in the reviews.

Also I had to make much changes in names of some characters, especially the surnames which will be visible in coming chapters keeping in mind to use only Rajput titles.

Thank you to all those who reviewed and I would like to quote my request for help in understanding Rajput traditions of which I know a very little amount of.

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its really a gud start...update soon nd also send me pm..Smile
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omg!! its too good!! ...
do continue...
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