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Posted: 2014-06-27T13:15:00Z

Again I am here with my OS and this is on request  for a special person of my life ..and .. on her special day..I am sure today is very special day for  her for a mother..and .. She is a wonderful mother .. as I know..and already .. Neel Di gave her .. gift  so there is  a lil gift from my side for u .. ..Happy Birthday Aftab. ( Roshi's little Prince .. )

Don't know I am going to do justice with this update ya ..not as Jaipur track is one of the best  part for me.. simple life of eternal couple.. with so much love. understanding..and..the most  important promise of marriage  to stand beside with each other in every need and deed.. that's why I love Jaipur track  most and here Rosi wants .. one emotional update .. hope I will do justice with it ...


Completing a big deal.. ya.. success after achieving something ..its not a  new for .. Mr. Ram Kapoor.. former business tycoon of India .. but .. for  the father of lil Peehu.. for his princess Priya  who is so down to earth person.. who exactly shows him.. Life is  not only earn lots of money.. life means.. to stay happy with family..with so much love and care...for whom he gave all his property and happily accepted  a normal life .. just to breath in a real sense with his life Priya and Peehu,

On Peehu's birthday , he got the opportunity to prove himself again.. to give a happy life  to his lil princess and his life which is Priya... and when its going to be complete..just a lil far away to make it success ... just waiting for a few hours more, the couple.. who r more friends.. are standing at  their own place ..and sharing their thoughts  with each other , their happy moments .. cool breeze  started blew..and suddenly .. Rain also..all time Priya consider  Rain is bliss.. blessing of god .. even getting Priya in his life .. the changed Love started to love Rain.. he is love with nature .. but today's rain is not bliss for him.. not for Priya too..

Suddenly it reminds him .that all his products .. which are waiting for delivery are lying outside his go down..and the rain can destroy all... even his dream with these..

Priya mujhe jaldi se godown jana  hai ..  without finishing his word he rushes towards the main gate..

 Just  within a moment ..restlessness conquered Priya totally.. she wanted to go with him.. but ..he did not give her the chance to realize exactly what happen and when the reality stuck her .. already Mr. Kapoor gon from her yeside..and even he  forgot to take his  ph with him.. and Priya knows her man.. he is so strong..but  in heart he is still like a kid.. in this situation he needs supports.. a moral support .. which she can give him.. just she wants to stand beside him to convey that .. what ever happen .. just she is  there  to heal his all pain...  suddenly she makes a plan .. she hand over their lil princess to  their near neighbor ..and making her understand that ,,her Papa needs her mumma right now.. as she is so matured .. she  so easily  understands and without any complain..she agrees to go their ..

Taking her cell and ..and his .. she starts her journey towards his office ..  reaching their  she found the most vulnerable sight for her .. Ram is trying to  safe all his works all alone..and also  with bad state.. already he broken down..but he is trying .. This makes her more emotional..and more proud to when she realizes .. that only for her ,,and their princess  the business tycoon once who did not wanna put down his car's glass for long time in rain.. this same man .. is trying hard  to safe all products  when he is complete drenched in rain..

Suddenly Ram found so many people just beside him.. who r equally tensed like him and ..trying to help him out .. and .they are his employee .. without them he could not complete his works.. this deal..and again  they came to help him ... Ram looked at them and   with a query looks just asked..how did u all know and come.. ?  

All of them in unison just uttered ..Sir, Mam called us..

Ram looked at his behind and found .. ..Priya was standing..just a few steps away from them...he mimed a Thank u .. and   again concentrated his unfinished works...but  just after  few minutes ..  Sir  m we can handle the rest .. as maximum ..we covered up.. so u can go.. sir..

With so many thoughts.. and mixed emotions.. he came to his  wife to his life...who   keeping her promises each and every steps of their life.. he came alone to save.. but yes unity is great strength..only with the help of his all employees.. he succeed to safe all... and this credit is his  wife only ... Standing beside her ..he asked..: tumhe sabki contact no kaha se...

Priya did not give him chance to complete .. showing .. his cell .. she said.. sometime I need to thank my starts that u forget something..with a naughty smile .she said.. when she felt that all are fine now.. but Ram cutely replied her .. sometimes? I should thank my start all time that  I got  u as my wife...Priya looked at him..and mimed. I love u ...within a sec Ram replied with soft voice as her.. I LOVE U TOO.

With the help of all employees.. they safe all the products..and just waiting there  for the sun rises .a new beginning of their life..and must be all of their life ..as the amount of the deal  is huge ..and it can change each and everyone's life  lil bit ..

Sun rises with  new hope...and .. within the given time limit ..they sent the products .. to its destination.. .. after a horrified night.. after  lots of tension..Ram and Priya came back at their world.. Priya once called her neighbor to know about their Princess.. and  They informed that ..she is in deep slumber.. when they returned .. they took her .. and ..lied her in her room..

Ram went to their room to take rest..after a few minutes...Priya joined him..

Aap aabhi tak fresh nehi huye...

No..just waiting for their  ph call..

Mr.Kapoor.. please.. u were drenched yesterday .. so much tensed. Too . u need rest..and.. Don't worry all ill be good..

I know Priya .. phir bhi ...just one call from they it can  make me happy na..

Priya went close to him..keeping her hand on his shoulder   softly she said...

Mr.Kapoor.. I know all is going to be good..and yes its going to be a successful one.. I know my man .. I have totally faith on him.. all her words making Ram so emotional as well as.. so strong that still there is some one in his life .who can blindly trust him..have faith on him..and specially..his heart beats lies in her ...

Taking her hand in his..and with a soft kiss on it he said..Thank u priya for  everything .i can do anything when u r with me..u r my strength...

This is an emotional moment for a couple..who r more friends.. who promised each other .. while taking the vow that .. they will be with each other in their every need.. sorrow ..Whenever any sad phase will appear in their life the other one .. will appear first to  protect the other one..and when the ..happy phase will come.. they will share with each other ..this is life ..an eternal..and most sacred relation..and They are exactly same...

Mr.Kapoor ..aapko nehi lagta hai..k aab hum e wapas ..Mumbai jana chahiye .. we came here ..u proved urself..cracked a big deal..now..its time to go back to ur root place  Mr. Kapoor.. with these money.. u can start a fresh business there .I am sure u will again can establish an empire like Kapoor Industry even more than it .. so why here ..Mr.Kapoor..all our family members there ..and I know..i do feel how much u r missing all of them..and yes I do too.. so please...

Ram not at all satisfied... no Priya .. from here only I want to establish a new empire..i know .. I can do.. as u r with me.. my princess with me..but ..dont say me to go back please..

But Why Mr.Kapoor..Mumbai is ur own place..there are so many contacts u have.. and with these money .. u can start a fresh..with Maa, Dadi's blessing.. they r missing u ..Maa missing u so much..unke bade me to sochiye.. 20 years she was not with u..and now.. she needs u too..

With a teary eyes..Ram said..i don't know..about this deal.. but  ven don't know about god's grace..but.. I am blessed to have u in my life Priya .. I love u ..I love u more than anything...

I want ur happiness Mr.Kapoor..coz ur happiness makes me happy only..and u know na .. I am so selfish..  and ur eyes expresses a lot.. that how much u miss them.. I can feel the pain..and void which no one can fill..

Ok.. agar is deal me mujhe success mil gaya.. to.. after distributing all fees with bonus to my all employees.. I will  listen which u said...Priya with teary eyes just noded..

Ram just going to hug her.. that time he got one call from a no.. of course a land no..

Hello ..  Mr.Kapoor..

Yes speaking..

Congratulation..we r so impressed with ur work.. all are superb.. even we are  interested to do . a lot  deal with u agar aapki koi Mumbai branch ho to it will be beneficial for us...as we r impressed with ur  commitment..within limit .. u completed.. ur work.. and.. apki payment.. within 2 days aapki account me transfer ho jayega.

All the words made him.. speechless that .. he could not say.. anything...even just showed one expression ..a surprised look.. that was not enough for Priya ...

After disconnecting the call .. Ram  suddenly took Priya in his tight hug..and  said..in her ear.. Mrs.Kapoor..apko Mumbai laut ne  ki bohut saukh hai na.. just ..start ur packing.. within seven days .. we will be there..and broke the news to her.. suddenly they heard  the cutest melodious voice from door side..

Mumma papa.. aap log aagaye..and Peehu k bina hi..hug kar rehe ho..

Both looked at her...and. Strethed their arm to  take her .. within a moment pehu ran to them..and Ram hugged  his two most beautiful women of his life.. for whom he can do anything


Hope Rosi u will like ..and which u want .. u got it.. I was in hurry yaar and u know ..work akes me so busy.. sorry for late..

Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AFTAB our lil prince..May god bless him with happy helth and .. all happiness which he deserves ..

 Sorry for all error ..






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Posted: 2014-06-27T13:53:15Z
beautiful OS.
Thanks for the pm
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Posted: 2014-06-27T18:33:02Z
Hi Sanju ,
thank u so much for fulfilled my little wish & Very big Hugs to you Hug

OMG! it was really Awesome OS, you wrote it well. Each & every scene is very well written. I loved it.

 I love this lines very much, "Life is not only earn lots of money.. life means.. to stay happy with family.",
"cool breeze started blew..and suddenly .. Rain also..all time Priya consider Rain is bliss.. blessing of god .. even getting Priya in his life .. the changed Love started to love Rain.. he is love with nature .."

when Ram told Priya i have to go to godown, Priya don't know what had happen exactly. Her care for Ram, you shown it very well.
Priya's idea is very good, if everyone together done the job, they will solve any problem easily.

Ram realized some other people behind him doing some thing, when he saw them he is quit surprised. when they told mam only call them, they way Ram look at his lady love is superb.

when employees told Ram, sir we will managed you will go, he came to Priya & asked innocently did u have all my employees number, she very coolly shown his mobile. that scene is very cute.They softly exchanged that three magical words, that is super cute.

Priya always make Ram to agreed her wishes, Ram is a lovely husband obey her.

when he heard all the words from his love, he gone to hugs her, right time phone rings & when he heard the good news of his first big project success, his expressions told everything to Priya that scene is beautiful.

Ram suddenly hugs Priya & told
"apko Mumbai laut ne ki bohut saukh hai na.. just ..start ur packing.. within seven days .. " it's very cute & beautiful scene.

Pihu's one dialogue is best dialogue
"Mumma papa.. aap log aagaye..and Peehu k bina hi..hug kar rehe ho.."

Finally family no. 1 Hugs happen. Star

Thanks for the wonderful OS, i am really happy & i have no words.
Thank u so much Dear
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Posted: 2014-06-27T18:38:37Z
"Again I am here with my OS and this is on request  for a special person of my life ..and .. on her special day..I am sure today is very special day for  her for a mother..and .. She is a wonderful mother .. as I know..and already .. Neel Di gave her .. gift  so there is  a lil gift from my side for u .. ..Happy Birthday Aftab. ( Roshi's little Prince .. )"

This words make me very emotional Dear, i am really very lucky to have you, Neel & Abhi (she is also my little sister).
You three people always shown your love in different way i am really felt blessed & very happen.

I am going to take a snap of this message & save it. Thanks once again for the lovely OS. I really very happy Hug

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Posted: 2014-06-27T18:45:00Z
Thanks for the PM
Thanks for the Awesome OS

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Posted: 2014-06-27T21:36:00Z
Awww very nice os kaash show mein aisa hota its was very sweet n loving os di pls write more naa n best part was family hug
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Posted: 2014-06-27T23:29:53Z
lovely os
thanks for pm
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Posted: 2014-06-28T01:54:52Z
lovely OS Sanju, thx 4 PM
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