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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by koiza.k

Originally posted by Parko

How pathetic. Stop trying to bring down Parineeti... she is and always will be a better actor and a bigger star than your Alia Bhatt LOL

Okay I'll admit... that is a cute gif of Alia Tongue
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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by koiza.k

Originally posted by Chandu2000

Did it really get stolen ?? OMG !! We didn't know..Shocked
You might feel like that because Pari didn't have any recent release..but fact remains she has been liked by the public more than Alia has been till you can say that is because Alia is very dumb or Pari has more people to the normal people...

Also no critic has ever commented bad about her acting in the film ever and most of the people I know also like her better than that Alia who is definitely more insecure than any of the newcomers. 

Such hypocrites everywhere...if she's trying to do something, she has changed and is going to fail but if Alia does the same she is doing something new..Thumbs Down
LOL some of you fans really need to amazes me how a simple post of mine can boil some one's blood to this extreme. Bad for your health dude
also nothing wrong in trying something but you shouldn't lose your focus...I guess pari is losing that. You can just agree to disagree instead of calling me a hypocrite but I enjoyed it so relax! Wink

Thanks for your concern..but I don't need it necessarily.Smile I typed this long so that you stop making commenting rudely on all posts concerning her. But still if you don't understand..Stern Smile
Can you also please explain how she is losing focus..because I don't understand your mahaan words' context.Confused
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Posted: 6 years ago
She is supposed to be like Kajol, since she is my favorite actress I am supposed to like Pari LOL, but I can't quite place why. She herself is quite spunky, bright, outspoken but something is missing for me 
I just did not like her choice of movies so far. HTP, her character was just hard to swallow, SDR the movie itself had an identity problem for me. I liked her very much in Ishaqzaade and Ladies vs Ricky Behl. So 2 for 2. Even. I am waiting for Kill Dill and Ranveer. 

But in any case she seems very talented and here to stay. 
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Posted: 6 years ago
Parineeti is a really good actress . It comes to her naturally ! She steals the show in every movie she works .  The thing is that she needs to do more versatile roles and leave that stupid PH behind !
Alia was below average in SOTY but she has improved  a LOT ! Plus she chooses versatile roles  . 

 Pari can rule if she makes the right choices  coz she is a better actress than her counter parts ! 

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Posted: 6 years ago

I like Parineeti and Alia is okay, but I personally am rooting for Shraddha!

Sorry I might be superficial but looks are really important to me. Parineeti good looking but shes def not hot. Alia reminds me of a teenage boy. Plus we all know Alia is being backed up by KJO and being forced onto the audience. There is no way she would be in the industry without him.
When it comes to looks Pari and Alia are pale in front of her It is not only that Shraddha does have acting potential as well. Shes the underdog and I mostly always support the underdogs.Plus,  I think Ek VIlliain is going to do more business than any Alia and Parineeti movie so I am excited to see where this takes her.
But as of right now. Parineeti is in the lead for sure. She is the most liked, and that is a FACT. Whoever disagrees is being delusional.
Nevertheless, I am not sure why everyone has to pit them against each other? Why cant they all co-exist? Its not impossible for that to happen.
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Posted: 6 years ago
I don't think Pari is any more natural than Alia. I think they are both natural actresses..but I prefer Alia because I liked her in all of her films while Pari annoyed the hell out of me in HTP. And on top of that the film was such a bore. 
In terms if thunder being stolen..I don't know about that..but Alia def is giving her a tough competiton because before Alia, Pari was the only newcomer who was giving good performances and getting great reviews from critics. Rajeev said in SDR Pari was the one who stole the show..and in 2 States he said Alia stole the show. 

I also prefer Alia's offscreen personality than Pari. Pari comes off as a know it all and the attitude that says am better than everyone. I also think she can be fake sometimes. 
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