ZaYa SS: Busted (Chapter 6, Page 11, Aug 22) [Complete]

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HOLA AMIGOS! This story is going to be AU and will not follow the storyline of the show. Surraya isn't evil + Barkat was never kidnapped! If you want PMs leave a comment stating so and I'll add you to my PM list :) 

The age old "we cannot tell anyone about us" dilemma...with a twist? I guess you'll find out as the 
story unravels. I promise laughs + cuteness galore.
Some Selected Cast from Beintehaa + Asha Negi as Barkat Abdullah

Chapter 1 -Interesting Contemplations + Revelations (Page 1 - Below)

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Chapter 1 - Interesting Contemplations and Revelations

December 14, 2013 - 2:30am: Abdullah Mansion




Aaliya cringed and held her breath, her hand still on the door handle. She looked around to make sure no one had heard the door. Stupid doors usually make no sounds but play the song of their people when you can't afford to be caught.


She breathed a sigh of relief when she didn't hear the whole house wake up and rush towards this side of the house; luckily the hallways of the Abdullah mansion were still dark and silent. She quietly stepped inside the room and closed the door behind her. His room would have been pitch black if it wasn't for the moonlight shining through the oversized window casting a soft glow around the blue room. She slowly walked towards the bed and almost let out a scream as she caught herself from tripping over his shoes. Seriously, when is he going to stop leaving his shoes in the middle of the room? It was okay when he was a child, okay annoying brat, but he is a grown man now, kind of.


She creeped up to the side of his bed to find him sleeping like a baby - on his back with his hand underneath his head and a small smile on his face. Kitkit! Meri neend, nahi, meri zindagi kharab karke kitne aaram sai soh raha hai.


"Zain!" She whisper-yelled near his left ear. "Zain!" She tried again reaching out towards him with her hand. Suddenly her hand was in his and she was flying over him to land on the bed with a thud as he flipped the lights on. His eyes were wide with surprise, but one look at her and his erratic heart  calmed down.


"Owww." She whisper-yelled sitting up on his bed and crossing her legs. "What are you, a ninja in training?" She groaned.


"Aaliya?" He asked confused sitting back on his bed. "Tum itni raat ko yaha kya kar rahi ho?"


"Owww. Zain, tum mujhe maarne ki koshish kar rahe ho kya?" She said rubbing her side which was still killing her.


"Aadhi raat ko mere kamre mai kyun aaye? Kisi nai dekhliya toh? Wait, why am I complaining? Couldn't stay away from me huh? " He teased pulling her beside him and putting his arm around her shoulder.


"Shut up idiot. Aur yeh light baand karo, saare ghar ko batana hai ki meh yaha hoon?" Aaliya snapped. He turned around and hit the light switch encompassing the room in darkness before facing her.


"Ab batao kya hua MKB? Neend nahi aarahi?"


"Zain, maine bahut socha. We have no choice. Bhaagna hi padega."


"Tum pagal hogayi ho? Hum bhaag nahi sakte. Aur tumhare 'kabhi jhoot nahi bolna chahiye' ka kya hua?" He whisper-yelled.


"Doh saal sai jhoot hi bol rahe hai." Aaliya whined hitting her forehead with her hand.


"Sabko sach bata detai hai." Zain said.


"3 dino sai wohi karne ki koshish kar rahe hai idiot. Tumhare mooh mai toh dahi jaam jata hai."


"Haan, toh tumne bhi toh kuch nahi kaha."


"Koi baat hi nahi suntaa, sab shaadi kai kaam mai itne busy hai ki..." She groaned. "Waise bhi yeh tumhari hi galti hai." She said whacking him again.


"Meri galti kaise?" He whisper-yelled.


"Tumne hi toh kaha tha naa ki 'Aaliya hum apne baare mein kisiko baata nahi sakte, aise hi humare milna mushkil kardenge aur ek hafte mein humara nikaah kardenge'." She said trying to imitate his voice.


"Haan toh theek hai naa, pehle bata dete toh ab tak toh doh baar nikaah hogaya hota."


"Isse toh acha hai naa, aab ek baar bhi nahi hoga."


"Yaar, qubool nahi hai bol dena."


"Zain seriously!" She whacked him again. "Ab kya karenge?"


"Hum sab koh bata hi doh." A voice came from Zain's door as the lights turns on causing Zain and Aaliya to shoot up into a sitting position.  


They took one look at the door and then at each other. Busted.




Two Weeks Ago

November 26, 2013 - 1:30pm: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai


"Maamu!" Aaliya and Aayat yelled as they broke into a run towards their dad's business partner, who was also their mom's cousin and hence their mamu, Usman Abdullah. He laughed hugging the two girls as their parents trailed behind them smiling.


"Shabanaaa!" Surraya yelled hugging her sister-in-law before turning to her sister-in-law's husband. "Salam Ghulam Saab. Aapki flight toh theek rahi hogi?"


"Theek kaise ho sakti hai mom, yeh mamu ki bhanji joh saath thi." Zain's voice came from behind them, he stepped out of the car and pushed Aaliya out of his way and made his way towards his aunt and uncle. "Phoops! Phoopha!" He smiled hugging them.


"Ab tum dono shuru maat ho jana." Surraya laughed turning towards Aaliya and Aayat. "Mashaallah, dono kitni khoobsurat lag rahi hai." She smiled hugging them.


"Doll, tumhari Aapi kai chehre ko kya hua?" Zain asked as he hugged Aayat and looked at Aaliya.


"Tumhe dekh kar mera chehra aisa hi ho jataa hai, maachis ki teeli." She retorted looking at him.


"Inki bachpan ki aadat kabhi nahi jayegi. Mujhe toh laga inki dosti hogayi thi jab hum akhari baar Bhopal aaye thai." Surraya said recalling how the two somewhat got along last time they went to Bhopal, which was almost two years ago.


"Dosti aur isse." Zain scoffed.


"Fahad nahi aaya?" Shabana asked looking around.


"Uski important phone call aagaye thi." Usman laughed.


"Important phone call?" Shabana asked confused.


"Arre begum, sagai kai baad hamesha ek hi important phone call aati hai." Ghulam explained causing everyone to erupt into laughter.


"Aap sab mere saath chaliye, Zain tum apni gaadi mein samaan rakhwa loh." Usman said to his son.


"Ji. Chal MKB." He said grabbing Aaliya's hand and dragging her towards his car.


"Arre!" She said shocked.


"Ab tum insaan toh ho nahi toh tumhari ginti samaan mein hi aayegi naa." He teased.


"Zain, bechari ko taang maat karo. Chalo Aaliya." Surraya smiled.


"Koi baat nahi mami, mein iske saath hi aati hoon. Kya pata yai kaha guum hojaye, iska dimaag kaam karne sai toh hokai joh aaya hai." Aaliya smirked causing Zain to smile nervously as his mom gave him a disapproving look remembering his less than impressive report card among the fakes.


"Theek hai beta. Zain aate aate Barkat koh bhi college sai pick up karlena, woh subah sai Aaliya ki raah dekh rahi hai, khush hojaygi." Aaliya and Zain nodded as Surraya got in the car, driving off with the rest of the Haiders.


"Mamu aur mami kai liye hugs aur mamu kai betae ka kyaa mamu ki bhanji." Zain said as the car moved out of their sight. Aaliya turned around and smiled sweetly at him before whacking him hard on his arm.


"Insaan nahi hoon? Mera chehra kharab hai?" She asked whacking him again.


"Owww, Aaliya." He said holding both her hands. "Marna baand karogi please. Waise  tum thodi moti hogayi lagti ho." Zain said smirking, he loved annoying her.


"Tumhari shakaal toh abhi bhi waise hai, bandar ki tarah." She retorted.


"Bandar kai liye ek hug toh banta hai naa?" He smiled pulling her towards him and wrapping his arms around her. "I missed you." He whispered into her hair as she nuzzled herself into his chest.


"I missed you too." She replied. "Even though tum doh mahine pehle hi Bhopal aaye thai."


"Chup karjao mamu ki bhanji, kisiko pata chal gaya naa toh mera band baj jayega."


She moved away from him and whacked his arm again.


"Owww. Ab kya hua?"


"Tum apna exam miss karke kaise aagaye thai?"


"Yaad nahi raha yaar, tumhare magarmach jitne bade aansoon nai mujhe blackmail kiya thaa. Ab baki ki interrogation car mein karlena." He said opening the passenger side door for her.


"Wow, Zain Usman Abdullah nai manners bhi seekh liye hai." She arched her eyebrow smirking.


"Shut up and get in the car MKB, Barkat ko bhi lene jaane hai."


Parking Lot - Mumbai College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology


"Wait karni padegi, she is still in class." Zain said reading Barkat's text as he parked the car. He turned it off and turned around to look at Aaliya.


"Hmmm." Aaliya yawned stretching when a stall caught her attention. "Ganne ka juice!" She squealed.


"Aaliya...nahi." Zain shook his head knowing her weird love for all things you could buy on the side of the road. He found it frustrating, yet amazing because she was so unlike all those other rich girls that he knew.


"Please!" Aaliya begged.


"It's unhygienic." He pointed out.


"Pleaseee." She pleaded her eyes wide.


"Don't look at me like that."


"Kyun?" She said pouting knowing he would agree eventually. He couldn't say no to her, no matter how hard he tried and she knew how to use it to her advantage.


"Aaliya." He groaned.


"Pleaseee." She said making her eyes bigger and sticking her lips out while blinking, it always worked and this time was no exception.


"Fine, chalo." He said.  "Ganne ka juice, seriously." He mumbled turning off the car.


"Thank you!" She said kissing his cheek quickly which instantly lifted his mood causing him to smile. Aaliya got out of the car followed by Zain, the latter walked around to her side and took her hand.


"Just in case you get lost." He said laughing as they headed towards the stall.


"So thoughtful." She said sarcastically, but swooned internally. She didn't ever expect the guy she used to fight with all day to be such a romantic sap...she should have guessed it though, the man 'got something' in his eyes every time they watched Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.


"Agar tum bimaar hogayi naa toh mai doctor nahi bulaunga." He stated in a final attempt to discourage her.


"Agar mein bimaar hui toh tum bhi hogai aur phir toh tum doctor bulaugai hi." She pointed out before looking a the man behind the stall. "Bhaiya, doh gaanne kai juice dena."


"Tum apne aap ko bahut smart samjh thi ho?"


"Samajth thi nahi hoon, main hoon." She said passing a glass to him and taking a sip out of her own.


Zain watched fascinated at how a small glass of juice could make her smile so much. She literally chugged two cups and slammed the cup down, all within a few minutes. He laughed at her foamy moustache. "So attractive." He smiled wiping it off her upper lip with his thumb.


"Oops." She laughed as he paid the man behind the stall. "Mumbai ka ganne ka juice...not bad."


"But Bhopal jitna acha nahi?" He asked already knowing the answer.


"Of course not." She smiled. "Ab kya kare?"


Zain shrugged taking her hand and walking towards the car. "Waise tumne aaj bahut buri acting ki." He said.


"No way."


"You did. Tumne plane trip waali comment ka jawab nahi diya, aur tum mere saath aane ke liye thoda jaldi hi mangaye. Mom ko shak hogaya toh." He said as he leaned against the side of the car and pulled her towards him. She rested her hands on his chest as his arms wrapped around her waist.


"Excuse me, mera haath pakad kar gaadi tak tum leke gaye, woh bhi mami ke saamne!"


"Okay, fine. Hum dono nai bahut buri acting ki, aage sai thoda convincing lagna chahiye."


"Hum ab tak yeh kyun kar rahe hai? Sabko bataa dete hai naa." She said.


"Haan, of course. Hum abhi ghar jaake sabko bata dete hai ki hum actually ek doosre sai nafrat nahi karte, aur hum 2 saal sai...I don't even know how to describe it, aur main padta kam aur chori chupke Bhopal zyada jaata hoon kyunki tumhe meri yaad bahut zyada hi aati hai." He said sarcastically with a smile on his face. "Aur phir Fahad bhai kai saath saath hi humara nikaah kardenge." He exclaimed.


"Acha, toh tumhe meri yaad aati hi nahi? Roz phone kaun karta hai?" She retorted pushing herself away from him.


"Mein toh isliye karta hoon na kyunki tumne kaha..." He said standing up straight.


"Acha, toh tum mujhse baat bhi nahi karna chahte. Mat kara karo phone, mein bhi tumse baat karne ke liye maari nahi jaa rahi." She retorted.


"Aaliya, calm down. Mera woh matlab nahi tha yaar."


"Toh kya matlab tha?" She said looking away.


"Mein toh yeh...kya?" He stopped short noticing her eyes go wide as she looked behind him into the car. She looked back at him again and then back inside the car. "Kya hua Aaliya, tum-" He asked as he turned his head around but stopped short when he saw a smiling face from inside the car. She looked almost delirious, her eyes sparkling and her smile so wide that all her teeth were showing.


"Arre, go on Bhaiyoo. This is so interesting." Barkat smiled. "Hi Aaliya Aapi...or should I say future bhabi?"


"Tum..." Zain started to say.


"Mein toh car dekh kar yaha aaye lekin aap dono yaha nahi thai. Ganne ka juice kaisa tha?" She smiled.


"Wohhh..." Aaliya started to say but stopped turning towards Zain her eyes wide. Busted.


"Bak Bak, tumne kitna sunaa?"


"Bahut kuch." Barkat smiled at him fixing her hair and looking at her nails nonchalantly.


"Tum apna mooh baand rakhne ka kya laugi?"


"Poori story, yeh sab kaise hua aur kab hua. And woh Chanel bag jo maine aapko pichle haafte dikhaya tha."


"Kisiko kuch bataa nahi sakti." Zain said eyeing her suspiciously.


"My lips are sealed." She pretended to zip up her lips by swiping her fingers in front of them.


Zain turned back towards Aaliya who was still kind of shocked. He shook his head and opened the door for her but she didn't move. "Aaliya, ghar nahi jaana?" He asked causing her to break out of whatever world she was in.


"Wait!" Barkat yelled throwing open her door and jumping out of the car. She literally jumped on Aaliya and hugged her. "HI AALIYAAA." Aaliya laughed hugging her back. "I MISSED YOU." Barkat said before letting her go and allowing Aaliya to sit and seating herself back.


"Acha, Bhaiyoo, dheere sai gaadi chalana, mujhe poori story nahi batai toh mein ghar jaakar sabko sab kuch bata doongi. Waise saab koh batane mein kya problem hai? Woh naah kehne sai toh rahe..."


"Exactly. Humari kal hi nikaah kardenge." Zain replied.


"Toh?" Barkat asked confused. "Tum dono nai nikaah nahi karni?"


"Nahi...nikaah toh karna hai lekin..." Zain said.


"Abhi nahi." Aaliya finished. "I don't think ki hum abhi ready hai, atleast 24 tak toh wait karna chahiye naa."


"So nikaah  doh saal ke baad, jab aap 24 ki hojayengi? Actually, next year karlo naa, bhai toh 7 mahino mai 24 ki hojaynge." Barkat smiled. "I can't believe this, you two... Ab story batau. Yeh saab kab sai chal raha hai? Aur aapne mujhe bataya kyun nahi?! Aur Bhaiyoo! Aap London sai India aate hai aur mujhse milke bhi nahi jaate?" She pouted.


"Chalo Mamu ki Bhanji, isko batao ki tumne kya kiya tha." Zain said pulling out of the parking lot.


"Maine kya kiya tha? Joh kiya woh tumne kiya!" Aaliya replied.


"Not even! Tumne mujhe jealous feel karwane ke liye uss Zeeshan ko use kiya." Zain accused, his mouth folding into a grimace with his name.


"Maine kuch nahi kiya, tumhe toh aise hi jalan ho rahi thi."


"Woh ek chotte sai puppy ki tarah tumhare peeche peeche ghoom raha tha." Zain exclaimed.


"Haan, toh maine usse aisa karne ke liye nahi kaha tha." She replied.


"Hello. Still here!" Barkat piped up from the backseat. "Aur mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha."


"Hum doh saal pehle jab Bhopal gaye thai..."


"Allah Miyah! Yeh doh saal sai chal raha hai!" Barkat exclaimed.


"Tumne kahani sun-ni hai yaa nahi?" Zain asked.


"Sorry, go on."


"Toh obviously main bahut hot lagta tha aur Aaliya ko mein bahut zyada hi pasand aagaya." He concluded.


"HA!" Aaliya exclaimed. "Maachis ki teeli! Aisa bilkul nahi hua."


"Acha? Toh mujhe shirt ke bina kaun ghoor ghoor kai dekhta tha?"


"Hi. Still here." Barkat said again laughing. "You guys were uncharacteristically nice to each other then." She recalled.


"Yeah...I think hum dono ko realize hua ki..." Aaliya stopped trying to think of what she should say.


"Ki iss kitkit kai peeche kuch aur bhi hai." Zain said.


"Aur yeh kaise pata chala?"  Barkat asked sticking her head between the two front seats smiling.


"Iske saath time spend karna ajeeb sa lagta tha." Aaliya said.


"Aur iske bina time spend karna bhi ajeeb lagta tha." Zain added.


"Ajeeb?" Barkat asked.


"Yeah like...main bahut nervous feel karti thi, aur pait mein jaise butterflies..."


"Butterflies? Really Aaliya?" Zain smirked.


"Shut up Zain. I think hum ek doosre sai attracted thai..."


"Obviously, aap dono hai hi itne hot." Barkat said waggling her eyebrows. "Aur phir?" She asked.


"Zeeshan." Zain said. "Woh iske aage peeche ghumtha rehta tha, yeh uske saath bahut zyada time spend karti thi aur mujhe bahut zyada gussa aata tha."


"Aur mujhe yeh samajh nahi aata tha ki isko itna gussa kyun aata tha."


"Ohhh, that's why I remember you two sulking all the time." She laughed thinking back to that summer vacation. "So, pehle kisko realize hua?"


"Mujhe." Zain said. "Thoda waqt lagaa samajhne ke liye ki yeh gussa nahi jealousy hai."


"Haan, aur phir mujhe realize hua ki yeh Zeeshan sai kitna chidta hai." Aaliya laughed.


"Aur mujhe chidane ke liye uske saath hi chipki rehti thi." Zain mumbled.


"Aur mujhe childane ke liye yeh uss Gawhar sai chipak gaya." Aaliya said remembering her annoying neighbor, she had actually liked the girl until she set her eyes on Zain. "I think ek-doh hafto ke baad Zain aur meri ladai hogayi, he was mad at me for spending time with Zeeshan and I was mad about Gawhar."


"Apni filmi line bhi bata doh naa." Zain said.


"Filmi line?"


"Haan. Jalan ho rahi kya, mujhse pyaar-vyaar toh nahi hogaya?" He said trying to imitate her voice.


"Awww." Barkat cooed.


"Pehle tumne poocha tha! Kyun Gawhar sai jalan horahi hai?" She said imitating him.


"And then?" Barkat asked.


"He said pata-nahi kya hai lekin yeh Zeeshan sai dhoor raho'." Aaliya recalled.


"And she said Gawhar sai dhoor raho'."


"Phir hum ek-doh aur hafto ke liye bahut confused rahe."


"Haan, aur jab hum waapis Mumbai aane ke liye nikal rahe toh mujhe bahut weird feel ho raha tha. Waapis aane ka bilkul mann nahi tha." Zain admitted.


"Mujhe bhi. Lekin isne kuch nahi kaha, aur maine bhi kuch nahi kaha."


"Toh phir?" Barkhat asked confused.


"Iski bahut yaad aati thi." Aaliya admitted.


"Mujhe bhi, toh meine isko phone kiya." Zain said.


"Aur kaha ki, Shit Aaliya mujhe lagta hai ki mujhe seriously tumse pyaar-vyaar hogaya hai'."


"And then she said mujhe bhi'."  


"AWWW." Barkat screamed. "And then?"


"Mein London jaane se pehle Bhopal gaya, and we decided to not tell anyone, just in case it didn't work."


"Lekin iski kitkit ki aadat si hogayi hai, isse baat karne ke bina neend nahi aati." Aaliya smiled.


"AWWW. This is so cute." Barkat said. "That's why tum dono ka phone hamesha busy rehta hai! Aur Bhaiyoo chupke Bhopal bhi jaate hai. Awww. Man this is so cute."


"Kisiko batana maat Bak Bak." Zain warned.


"Nahi bataungi Bhaiyoo. Sabko apne aap hi pata chal jayega." She laughed.


"Woh kaise?" Aaliya asked.


"Bhaiyoo pichle 30 minutes sai ek haath sai gaadi chala rahe hai." She said smiling looking at Zain's other hand, which was intertwined with Aaliya's.

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