PrAja collabo SS: Hamdard (Aru and Celana)

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Hello shello lovely peopleCool. So I'm back with another SSWink, but it's a joint SS this timeSmile. Me and Aru (Aru_A) are writing a joint SSBig smile. So we are going to post all the parts of this story in this thread onlySmile. Credit of the SS goes to both me and Aru. SO You're gonna see an amazing SS...evolved from the brains of two PrAja writersCoolLOL.

So here goes the intro of the story:

"Kunwar Pratap, shama kar dijiye hame. Marwar se matre banaye rakhne ke liye hamne aapko, aapki Rani maa ko, Ajabdeh ke prati apni bhaavnaon ko tyagne ko kaha. Lekin bhool bhi ham swayam kar baithe. Sehej mitrta ki apeksha ham Marwar jaise swarthi aur ghamandi rajy se kar baithe, jinhone ham sabki maryada par sawaal uthaya,bina kisi jhijhak ke Mewar ka, ham sab ka, vishesh roop se Ajabdeh ka, hamare hi mahal me itna apmaan kiya. Isi matre ke sambandh ko jeevit rakhne ke karan aaj Mewar aur Bijolia ke varshon purane sambandh me daraar aa padi hai. Rajputane ki ekta ke sapne dekhne me itne vyasth ho gaye the hum ki Mewar naresh hone ka kartavy bhool gaye, apne hi mahal me Ajabdeh jaisi bhali ladki ke saath itna bada anyay hote dekhte rahe. Kuch nahin keh sake hum, bass unke bole gaya har katu shabd ko chup chap sunte rahe. Ham sabka balidaan vyarth chala gaya Kunwar Pratap.  Jitna anyay ho chukka hai, uske baad to ham kshama ke bhi yogy nahi hain. Apne poore parivaar ko aur unki bhaawnaon ko kitni thes pahunchai hai hamne. Kshama kar dijiye hame Kunwar Pratap...kshama kar dijiye." said Rana Udai Singh in a calm tone which was full of guilt, to his son Kunwar Pratap Singh, who was looking at him attentively, as if waiting for his father's order. His eyes weren't blank, they clearly reflected his brought-back-pain from those painful memories that his father's speech had reminded him of. He was happy that his father was finally supporting his feelings. But at the same time, those feelings brought back pain, the pain of separation, from his soulmate, from his Ajabdeh.
"Hum aapke putr hain daajiraj. Aaj tak aapke har nirnaye me aapke saath the, saath hai aur sadev saath rahenge. Hum bhala aapko shama karne waale kaun hote hai? Kshama to we karengi jinke saath yeh anyay hua hai. Jinhone sabke liye itna kuch karne ke baad bhi badlein mein sirf aur sirf katuta aur apmaan paya hai.Unhe, unke maan-samaan ko, unke parivaar ki maryada ko, kitni gehri chot pahunchi hai daajiraj..." said Pratap. Each and every word that escaped his mouth was brimming with pain of losing her, helplessness of not being there to defend her, misery of not being able to even apologize to her, agony he was going through without her, and a desire to just have a last glimpse of her. His mind and heart was getting heavy thinking about the humiliation she had faced for that selfish girl. From those selfish people.

Pratap's words stung US's heart. He could feel how hurt his son was. How much pain was he going through. How hurt his heart was.How foolish and selfish he had been, telling him to sacrifice his love, for the people who didn't even know the worth of sacrifices.

"Hum jaante hain Kunwar Pratap, hume Ajabdeh se aur Rao Mamrakh ji se kshama maangni chahiye. Hamari aankhon pe parda dal gaya tha jo hum aapko aur Ajabde ko apni bhawnaon ka balidaan karne ke liye keh rahe the." US said as he remembered himself telling Pratap to forget his love for the sake of his motherland, telling Jaivantha bai to stop showing any care or concern towards Ajabdeh, going to Ajabdeh to ask her to sacrifice her love when she turned out to be selfless enough to convince Pratap for this sacrifice.

Pratap got flashbacks of the time when all the people were calling Ajabdeh a saadharan samanth ki putri' , insulting her and Phool's cruel, selfish and bitter words for Ajabdeh. His anger rose and soon he remembered RM challenging them for a war.

"To Raja Maldevji yadi yudh chahte to yudh hi hoga. Aapasi mat-bhedon ke karan ladkar ham us dhurt mughal ki sahayata hi kar rahe hain kintu, unn jaise logon se kootnaitik vartalap ka kya laabh jinhe matribhoomi se adhik mehetvpoorn apni niji ichchaen lagti hain? Ab yeh yudh nahin tal sakta." Pratap said in a determined voice, with a hint of helplessness. US felt proud to see the determination reflecting in his son's voice.

"Bass ek baar, bass ek baar hum Marwar ke virudh yeh yudh jeet jaaye, uske baad hum dono ko ek  saath hone se koi nahin rok payega. Koi bhi nahi Ajabdeh, na hi aap. aur na hi niyati.."  Pratap said to himself. His insides were burning with this desire and he couldn't stop his tears of happiness, hope, and redemption, from flowing.

Yes, he would do it, he would do anything to win this war against Marwar. No power in the universe could counter their love for each other. And after that, nothing could seperate them...nothing could keep them apart. Nothing...

We hope you all liked it. Please please please people hit the LIKE button (of course if you like it) and don't forget to drop you wonderful comments. Criticism is welcomed. And one more thing friends, we will only coninue if we get sufficient feed backs and LIKES.


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Hello Lovely people...I'm Aru_A...u call me Aru only...i'm the other hand in the making of this SS, as Celana has already mentioned in the'll see me too hanging around this thread, replying to comments and posting updates....Celu and I are writing this joint SS any of us can be seen posting...I hope you all like our work...  Wink Embarrassed Smile Big smile
And please don't forget to drop in your beautiful and inspiring comments...

Intro- page 1
Part1- page 6

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Posted: 5 years ago
awesum!!! plz continue...Smile

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Posted: 5 years ago
arre wah !!
awesome start ...
plz continue asap   :)
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Posted: 5 years ago
Awesomee pls continuee :)
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Posted: 5 years ago
Only gonna post after 20 plus likes and comment itni dadagiri LOL
Ye lo padlo comment kar rahe hoon main Wink
Nice update itni sari hindi Bahut time laga pad ne mainConfused
But loved the determine pratap Tongue
Omg so US has brain in this SS Wink BravoClap
Plz do contine 
Agar nahi kahoon toh bhi karoge LOL
Lakin sach main keep writing Tongue
Loved the updateTongue
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Posted: 5 years ago
Beautifull ss my two cuties ..
Amazing ..
Good work guyz ..
Pls cont soonish ..
N pm me wenevr u updt 
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Posted: 5 years ago
thanks for the pm

this looks promising- really looking forward to it
umm- but again, could you separate hindi dialogues from the english narrative?  hindi doesn't come as easily to me and such shuddh one is even more so.  it's difficult to switch back and forth Embarrassed
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