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Posted: 6 years ago
Hey thanks for the pm. Loved the update wonderful enjoyed every bit of it. Omg it was really long. Cant believe jatin    came to know about tamanna. Wonderful. Update soon. Why heard d convo?
Posted: 6 years ago
Its getting intrstng..
Awesome updt..
Posted: 6 years ago
Awesome update! Loved it! Thnx fr pm!
Posted: 6 years ago
just found this fiction of yours...
its really awsm...
characters r jst fantastic...
one request can u please focus on advya and zoya a bit more...
they r lyk young arshi...
please update soon...
Posted: 6 years ago
Love advay n tamanna's bond
is it ruhaan who heard their conversation
Posted: 6 years ago
so finally Jatin knows the truth...
awesome update...
Posted: 6 years ago



Chapter 9

Next day..

"Dinning Area"

Almost Everyone were Eating their breakfast silently but Raizada's Desire were still getting ready for her first school visit. Tamana descend down the stairs looking adorable in her white shorts and Ted tank-top with matching White and red shoes her hairs were tie in high ponytail.

Tamana(giving flying kiss): Morning Big Daddy and Everyone.

Arnav(bemusedly): Morning Sweetheart he said eying "Don't mess with me" written on her shirt.

Muskaan bit back her smile seeing Her daughter Ordering poor Hariprakash while he just nodded his head.

Tamanaa(flaring her nose): What the.. Where is my chocolate cookies and My fav: pasta she fumed looking at Hariprakash.

Hariprakash: Baby ji but I made pratha , toast and Orange juice for breakfast.

Tamana: But I always eat Pasta and chocolate cookies and Milk she glared.

Hariprakash: Baby ji today eat pratha i will make you favorite breakfast from tomorrow he smiled.

Tamana: But dammit i-

Aditya: Tamana eat pratha today from tomorrow you will get your favorite breakfast he tried to handle her.

Tamana: but i hate paratha Mamu she pouted. She tun towards Advya to say something but she frown seeing advya thinking something his mood were off she noticed she left the idea to ask him and turn towards Her Badi Nani.

Tamana: Badi nani i want Pasta only she huffed.

Manorma: tamana you will get let for admission baby eat Toast and drink Milk she said lovingly bringing the Milk glass to her lips.

Arnav(eyeing watch): When will you get free princess , i wish can accompany you he looked sad.

Muskaan: Dad I think 11:30, Don't be upset i am fine with going alone she replied wiping her lips with napkin while Arnav nodded.
Advya eyed her and than Tamana who drink her Milk only and getup from chair annoyed.

Arnav: Khushi I will eat lunch with clients he informed, he frowned getting no response from khushi he shakes her softly.

Khushi: huhh.. She murmured coming out of her thoughts.

Arnav: where are you lost??

Khushi: Um.. Nothing i was just thinking something(smiling) you need something??

Arnav: No, i will eat lunch with client he informed her.
Khushi: okay, i forgot to mention i am invited in Charity function today you will accompany me right she asked .

Arnav: I have back to back meeting i will be late he said apologetically. Why don't you take zoya with you she will be back till than Right zoya??

Zoya: Sure, Uncle i will go with Aunty as my i will be back from duty till than she smiled.

Arnav: zoya hows your colleague   here in India? Do you enjoy work??

Zoya(smiling): They all are great Uncle i have made friends too.

Arnav: that's great he replied.

Muskaan: Mumma,we will be back by 11:30 she informed checking her purse.

Khushi: That's fine but Muskaan wear something warm beta you will catch cold and make that little brat wear Something too she replied lovingly.

Tamana(showing khushi her Woolen white jacket): I have my jacket Big.Mumma your daughter is only one who is careless she replied smirking and hi5ing her Adi mamu.

Muskaan: You little brat come we are getting late and for you information here is my coat she said slipping her coat on. everyone laughed at mother daughter pulling each other leg that no one noticed a silent Advya. He eyed his watch which were striking 9:30 am and he quietly watched as Tamana and Muskan left the house he too getup and left he will windup meeting in hour and go to school he will not leave them alone.


Jatin singhania were very happy, Why not after all he is going to meet his daughter first time as her father. He wear his watch grabbing his wallet he He run towards his car Only 15 minutes are left to meet his daughter. He stop on florist shop he asked the lady for Red rose and buy a chocolates box from next shop and drove towards Excel School where he will meet his daughter,he smiled to himself he had a daughter he still can't believe. Jatin stopped the car little away from School in case Muskaan were srounded by Guards but to his surprised their were no guards but  BMW car were parked outside the car But Tamana were not inside the car but Muskaan promised she will leave tamana in car than where the hell is she he frown can muskaan really lied so that he can leave or i am thinking too much but its striking 11:05 , i think she will come in a minute he calmly muttered to himself 10 Minutes turned in to 20 minutes he waited , waited and waited but Muskaan and tamana never come out from Excel School instead a couple sat in BMW and left. he punched his nose bridge in frustration how can Muskaan do this with him how dammit.he walked towards school gate just in case that maybe he were wrong but the school guard informed him they left before 11:00 am. He closed his eyes as a tear escape his eyes he drives his car blindly but stop after seeing her arguing with someone on street.


STOP she shouted her mouth watered seeing so many peoples eating pani puri on street while Advya glared at her for scaring him to death.

Tamana(clapping her hand): Mammu i want that Round Round Thing I had seen Rabir Kapoor eating that thing she smiled opening the car door.

Advya: Desire That thing is unhygienic he quickly step out of his car and grab her before she Oder anything.

While Muskaan shakes her head knowing tamana is gonna black mail her Mammu. Muskaan were quite surprised and shocked seeing Advya walking inside the principal Office after she has almost completed the procedure. When trio step out side the principal office she asked him what is he doing here when it office hours,than Advya shrugged saying he should have come with her when Dad were busy so he attend early his meeting and come here and upon that his Baby is hungry so lets go to restaurant and than he will drop them Home she tried to tell him she will go home directly and make Tamana her favorite breakfast but he refused saying he had sent guards home saying he will drop them home that moment happened to shut her mouth but she were restless what will she gonna tell Jatin Now she worriedly follow her brother and sitting inside the SUV Drove away.

Tamana(pinching her nose bridge): but i want to Eat that Round Round thing once mammu she pouted.

Advya: you will fall sick Tamana and i can't bear that he tugged at her hand started to walk away.

Tamana(making sad face): Mommy, Mammu  is not buying that Round Round thing for me for the first time she said as she will burst in tears any moment halting Advya in his tracks.

Muskaan: Tamana That Round Round this is called pani puri baby. Bhaiya is Right you will fall sick and you had just eaten breakfast she creased her hairs softly.

Tamana(in tears): Mammu she said as tears started to fall from her eyes. Advya immediately Neel before her and wiped her tears he can never see tamana crying.

Advya(kissing her temple): You want that thing than you will get that thing he said and lifted tamana who were smiling cunningly bruising her face in crook of his neck.

Muskaan silently captured a picture of advya kneeling before Tamana because it was very rear he Neel before anyone let alone in public place She caressed the picture with her finger.

"Mommy Come this round round thing is so yummy" Advya and muskaan chuckled.

Tamana: Mommy take selfie what say . You , me and mammu eating Round round thing she said excitedly while Advya make face but Tamana forced him to eat Pani puri while taking selfie. They smiled seeing picture, the picture were perfect for them but for jatin it was heart breaking scene he was not part of his daughter life. Though he was happy Advya loved his daughter like his own but didn't tamana miss him ?? Didn't she need her own father to pamper her?? He feel dejected if only the things would have been difference instead of advya he would have been there but Alas things could not turn different now he saw them laughing and giggling trio walked seated in car and drove away while jatin kept staring till the car were not visible. His phone buzzed but he ignored the call and sat their thinking something when his cell kept ringing he were already frustrated and now this karan is making his life hell he accepted the call.

Jatin: What?? he barked.

Karan: there is a bad news he muttered.

Jatin: spit out .

Karan: we lost the tender he replied.

Jatin: What?? But how we had quote less than how ?? He shouted.

Karan: i too don't know how it was possible he replied quietly.

Jatin(gritting his teeth): who beg the tender ??

Karan(hesitating): Raizada's he replied,

Jatin(wide eyes): what? but you told me they are not interested in this deal than how??

Karan: i am too not understanding jatin but they did submitted their figures on last date he informed.

Jatin: dammit that deal were important for us,

Karan: i know jatin but we can't do anything now he replied.

Jatin cut the call and lean back his head. Why can't something remain in his favor dammit why he had to work hard to get what his he need a good plan to make everything Right but he fears if something go Wrong he will lose his love and his daughter too which he can't bear.


"Advya Cabin"

Advya picked a picture from his desk a smile lit his lips while his fingers caressed muskaan picture Muskaan and Advya were hugging each Other, his gaze zoomed towards Black Ferrari which were stood behind them in background she were so happy when he had gifted her latest Model of Ferrari on her 20th Birthday his memory move towards that Day.


Clad in a White anarkali suit with Red chunari dupatta she storm inside the AR Office fuming "Get the hell out of my way Dammit" she barked at Advya P.A who tried to inform her something but stop dead from uttering anything because a Fuming Muskaan is really dangerous sometime. Without knock she slammed the conference door open and glared at Advya before advya could understand what is happening she switch on the lights while Advya signaled his staff to take care of everything, getting up from his chair he grip her hand softly and walked out of Conference once they reach Advya cabin Muskaan threw the vase on floor in anger which were kept on coffee table but said nothing to Advya. Advya bit back his smile he clearly know what had upset his princess.

Muskaan(glaring): I don't want that stupid blank check she spat angrily.

Advya(raising brow): if i remember clearly you love blank checks he replied smirking.

Muskaan(angrily): that's the problem dammit. bhaiya, mumma will kill me if she saw another check in my purse and you clearly know Mumma had banned my half pocket money so i can learn to save money and not spent on unnecessary things and instead of helping me you are making it hard for me(glaring) you clearly know Your princess love to do shopping and seeing the blank check on my dresser i was so happy but Adi bhaiya remind me Mumma had banned me to spent money on shopping and beside you didn't give me my Main gift blank check was just a tailor so where is my gift she asked excitedly her anger forgotten.

Advya(chuckling): Breath Princess breath.

Muskaan(smiling cheekily): i am just excited bhaiya your gift is my fav: part of birthday, you know what i know you will give my most fav things which i desire (giggling) Adi bhaiya gave me diamond earrings, and Mumma give me Nani anklets and Dad gifted me a property and can you believe That idiot Ruhaan didn't gave any gift he is number one Miser I hate him hummph..  Oh come on bhaiya now give me my present  she said happily.

Advya(chuckling): first let me talk than i will give you present right he smirked seeing her red cheeks without further delay he extend a rectangular Black velvet box, she excitedly opened the box only to see a key lying in box and the next second she were in his arms laughing.

Muskaan: OMG Bhaiya you are world best est brother i knew it you bought me ferrari right which i want to buy month back I love you Bhaiye she kissed his cheeks.

Advya: Love you too , come one let me show you your car saying he laid her outside the Office. Muskaan jumped palming her car and giving a100 watt smile to Advya.

Muskaan: Bhaiya Lets take picture.

Advya(frowning): but who will take the picture??

Muskaan: Uff ho bhaiya our Guards off course who roam around me as someone is kidnapping me she huffed while advya laughed at his crazy sister. Muskaan hand guard her cellphone and Hugged Advya who were smiling hugging his princess.

His thought were broken by Aditya.

Aditya: Bhaiya we beg the deal he replied happily.

Advya smirked hearing they beg the deal while he placed the photograph back and getting up from chair he patted his brothers back proudly.

Advya: Now our next target is to get next deal any how he smirked.

Aditya: Consider it done bhaiya, even Dad is happy with this deal he said looking at his brother he is really curious why suddenly he is looking like he is hiding something.

Advya: i know that look he smirked.

Aditya: what are you hiding he questioned.

Advya: why do you think i am hiding something he questioned instead of answering.

Aditya(smirking): Playing with words are we he raised a brow.

Advya placed a file before him and gesture him to read it. Aditya picked up the file and skim through details his eyes widen.

Aditya(stunned): but bhaiya Sameer  is a C.B.I officer we don't have to do background check he frowned looking at his brother.

Advya: I don't want to give my princess hand to any idiot so i want a background done before we talk with muskaan he replied.

Aditya: okay i will give this file to investigator team he said getting up from chair.


"Rathore Industry"

Yash: what i heard i can't even think in dream that you can cheat on girls like that , i can't believe i trust you YOU  he barked looking at his eyes.

Jatin: it's the truth he said bowing his head.

Yash: You don't know Raizada's jatin what will they do if they come to know, they can destroy you in a spun that your head will spin thinking what had just happened,  Arnav is not that easy beside there is Advya and aditya.. Arnav is shark when it comes to his family and Advya can be beast at times but only two person can control him khushi and Muskaan(smiling) but that too when he is at fault Otherwise no one can control him and Aditya is too like his brother when he gets angry he can do anything in anger and to add more their is Ruhaan he is really protective about Muskaan he will do anything to keep you away from her and me too i won't betray my best-friend he said angrily.

Jatin: Sir i am sorry for what i did but can't i remand my mistake by giving Muskaan and tamana my name he replied brokenly.

Yash(punching the desk harshly): Where were you that time when muskaan were giving birth to your child ,where were you when your  child needs you where were you he spat.(continuing) you were not their for them jatin if it was for not Muskaan, you would have been dead by Arnav you don't know how madly he is searching for you he replied.

Jatin: i know he whispered.

Yash(garbing his collar): You don't Know Dammit, You had destroyed my daughter life whom i love to death, do you think she will accept you NEVER, you have to cross 5 person before you come before Muskaan he said pushing him away.

Jatin(angry): I love her dammit and i can cross any wall to win her back he shouted back.

Yash(smirking): Than win her if you are worth Muskaan Arnav himself will give you Muskaan hand its a Rathore Promise but i should inform you Khushi is Getting muskaan marry as soon as she can he said looking in his eyes while jatin stood stunned.

Jatin: What?? But Did muskaan said yes he asked painfully.

Yash: She can never say no to her Mother he replied confidently.

Jatin: No she can't do this she loves me he clearly denied.

Yash: than you hardly know Muskaan she will never deny her family he replied.

Jatin: what about tamana she can't accept anyone as her father.

Yash: Tamana had never seen her real father so if the person give her love she will accept him for sure.

Jatin(angrily): i will kill that person  if he dare to take my place he replied.

Yash(mocking): You are clearly mistaken jatin because Arnav already chossen his Son-In-Law who is C.B.I officer himself he smirked.

Jatin: so you wont help me ? He asked plainly hiding his pain.

Yash: No he firmly told him before jatin could say any thing they were interrupt by someone.

Miskaan: try to understand Ruhaan you are fooling yourself and me too why can't you talk with her dammit ?? She was our friend once for god sake she replied angrily.

Ruhaan: but muskaan i .. How.. I means after her marriage how can i?? He replied frustratedly.

Muskaan(cupping his face): You are still my Old devil who know all tricks to fall girls in love with you (in tears) Even i love you form years she placed her forehead on his while Ruhaan smiled widely.

Ruhaan(chuckling): Keep saying you love me in reward i will gift you your fav: sport car he smirked.

Muskaan(excited): Which model is out this year Ruhaan i want new car she asked like a child.

Ruhaan(chuckling): You are still my Same 20 years Old smiley who got excited even hearing sports car name (laughing) by the way our likes matches why don't we get marry we will live happily ever After he chuckled earning a slap from Muskaan.

Muskaan: Sudhar ja mere pyaare Ruhaan warna Tu shadi k baad buhat pitega.

Ruhaan(serious): my marriage is far away first you will get marry and than Us (Advya, Aditya, Ruhaan), you know we three had promise we will not get married till we see you settled in your life he said kissing her temple while muskaan were seeing his face .

Muskaan(hugging his Arm): Chal i have to meet my 2nd Dad she changed the subject and walked inside the cabin without knock and Muskaan stilled seeing jatin standing before Yash, while yash were not happy with the way jatin were staring at Muskaan.

Ruhaan: oh did we disturb something Romantic he chuckled.

Muskaan: Ruhaan shut up she glared.

Ruhaan(placing a finger on his lip): Okay boss he laughed.

Yash(shrugging shoulders): We were finished right jatin he Mocked.

Jatin: yeah Right he said eying muskaan and ruhaan he walked towards door not before hearing.

Ruhaan: Dad We are in love and want to get married said seriously trying to stop laugh seeing Muskaan and Yash face while jatin fro-zed on spot but soon he reveled left the cabin.

Muskaan(hitting him): Shut up you idiot, Uncle he means we are in love with sports car and want to get one permanently she laughed

Yash: Ruhaan don't joke like this  dammit you will give your dad heart attack he scolded.

Ruhaan(rolling eyes): than you should have been dead by now he smirked.

Muskaan(sitting on yash Seat): Uncle I want you and lav Aunty to come with us to Nanital trip which we had plan today she Ordered .

Yash: Okay even i want sometime alone with my wife so i can spent time with her he replied laughing.

Ruhaan(smirking): Bless us for giving you opportunity to romance with your wife he laughed hi5ing muskaan.

Yash: yeah like i can't romance in my bedroom he blushed at his own statement while Muskaan and Ruhaan laughed till their tummy hurts.

Muskaan(laughing): Uncle you are soo cute she kissed his cheeks while Yash blessed her in heart and thinking something he replied.

Yash: Muskaan can i invite someone to join us for Nanitaal he asked casually.

Muskaan: Come on you don't have to ask you can invite anyone you want she replied smiling.

Yash: Are you sure it won't bother anyone if i invite someone as my guest he asked again.

Muskaan: if you are talking About Advya bhaiya i will handle him i promise she smiled.

Yash: okay so when we will start tomorrow he asked about details while Muskaan told him and left the office with Ruhaan to inform everyone about trip while yash dialed number.

Yash: tomorrow we are going on Nanitaal trip you are invited too sharp at 8:00 outside Raizada Mansion he disconnect the call. He know what he is maybe wrong but he want to give him and Muskaan a chance he just hope Everything work in his favor so he can give tamana his father back because somewhere he know no one can love a child as her/his own father dose he will try to unite the lovers because he had a doubt somewhere in tiny corner of muskaan heart jatin still lives.


"Garden Area"

Tamana(watering plants): uff ho B.daddy you again forgot to remove thorns from plants she huffed.

Arnav(chuckling): You should have remind me meri Maa he said examining rose plants.

Tamana: kis kis ko yaad dilaon main nanhee se jaan ?? She pouted watering the plants.

Arnav: tum aur Nanhee se jaan jo saab ko apni ungliyon py nachati hai he laughed while Manorma, manohar and Advya joined too who were sipping evening tea and laughing at muskaan antics.

Tamana(pouting): Bade Nanu Main aap saab ko ungliyon p nachati hu per kese she asked adorably while elders chuckled.

Manohar: Tamana leave all that let me show you your dolls which i specially bought for my barbie doll he lifted her in his arms and left the garden.

Muskaan: Dad we had planned nanitaaltrip tomorrow so canceled all you meets she ordered looking at Advya and Arnav.

Advya: Excuse me ??

Muskaan: i said cancel all your meetings we are leaving for Nanitaal she said excitedly.

Arnav: but we had not even arrenged-

Ruhaan: Don't worry uncle we had make arrangement and talked with Maa she said a yes so we are leaving tomorrow he replied hi5ing Aditya who's plan is this.

Arnav: okay than i have no problem he smiled.

Advya: but dad i have important meetings he huffed.

Muskaan(pouting): its okay bhaiya, ruhaan lets go we had to tell Yash uncle the trip in canceled she replied sadly.

Ruhaan: but smiley you were so happy about nanitaal trip he make fake sad face understanding muskaan plan.

Advya(giving up): fine lets pack the bags he replied.

Muskaan: Yes she hugged aditya in excitement. Bhaiya , yash uncle is asked about inviting someone so i said yes so please don't behave before guest as you are unhappy okay she warned.

Advya: fine, but who is coming with us he asked.

Muskaan: i don't know she replied grabbing his arm and walking inside the home .

Ruhaan(yawning): I am already sleepy he said lazily while aditya hit him playfully.

Aditya(teasing): Than go home and sleep you need to get up early tomorrow.

Ruhaan: I am gonna sleep here today i am lazy to go home and than come her early morning no way he replied resting on sofa while Aditya chuckled.

Aditya: You are such a lazy bone ruhaan , Subha sawere uthna warna Kitty tujh buhat pyaar sy uthae gi tere uper pani daal ky he laughed.

Ruhaan: lets see he smirked watching t.v.

To be continued..


So how it is??

Posted: 6 years ago
Amazing update 

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