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Posted: 6 years ago
Hey thanks for the pm. Loved the update. Wonderful enjoyed every bit of it . Superb cudnt be more better. Jatin reached raizada mansion and tracked Muskan. Interesting. Update soon
Posted: 6 years ago
Hwy thanks for the pm. Loved the update. Wonderful. Well written. Enjoyed every bit of it. Excellent. Mindblowing. Happy Muskan has gone ahead in life leaving behind her past. Woow both of them to stay in the same house. Muskan controls the raizada men. Update soon
Posted: 6 years ago



Chapter 7

"Advya Room"

Advya walked towards his private garden , he picked his garden tools and began to Examine His plants while his thought started to drift towards last evening events, in all these years never his Mother had slapped him but last evening shocked him to core, though he realized he shouldn't have bring zoya between the discussion but that time he was mad at his mumma, what He can't understand is, Why His mother is hell bent on making Muskaan marry someone , why Dammit when they can take care of his Muskaan very well and what his Mother mean "you don't give a damn but the society we are living now did care about all this once she return With.." what ever He can Never let anyone Force Muskaan to marry , if mumma didn't budged than he will make sure that guy will be decent who don't Betray my Princess and he know aditya will be on his Side. His thoughts were broken by knock on the door.

Zoya: Advya are you inside she asked trying to locate him.

Advya(wiping his hands with towel): coming He said closing the Garden door.

Zoya: We need to talk she said .

Advya: I know he replied softly.

Zoya: Advya I think i over React in Office she seem hesitate.

Advya: Zoya I am sorry It's my fault too i shouldn't have shout at you he apologized .

Zoya was taken back by his apology.

Zoya(sighing): Advya i think we should think about our Relation before it get too late to think about it she said in broken whisper.

Advya Head snapped up hearing her .

Advya: I think It's you who should think because I had said yes to mumma about us If you think you don't want this than let me know first before you talk with Mumma he replied in a cold Voice.

Zoya: Advya i have told you before too And i am telling you now again I have feelings for you but i know because of Aunty you had said yes and if you still want to backout than just tell me i will talk with Aunty she finished as her eyes moisten.

Advya: you are right I agreed for marriage only because of mumma so don't expect anything from me in Return he said walked away .

A sob Escaped from Zoya , how can he be so soft with her in a moment and i next moment so cold and emotionless , How can she loved this cold hear-ted person who don't even think before talking so harshly , how will she lived a life where Her husband will never loved her ??


Next Day..


"Happiness Mansion"

Jatin open his eyes his lips curved in a smile when Muskaan face flashed before him he threw his comforter  aside and step inside the bathroom freshen himself he walked downstairs but Muskaan were nit their he check his watch it was showing 7:00 am damn its only 7 am, he thought to walk towards her Room but refrain doing just the he need to be patience she will surely come down soon he sit on sofa and grabbed her phone to check E-Mails  but were interrupt by Maria.

Maria: Sir i had serve the breakfast please come in she politely informed.

Jatin: Umm, wouldn't it be better if we wait for Muskaan he replied as casually as he could.

Maria: Sir i Don't think ma'am will be down anytime soon it's Saturday and on Saturday ma'am never get up before 10 she informed.

Jatin: Okay saying that he walked towards dinning area and started to serve himself. Dammit he had go without saying good bey to Muskaan he cursed under her breath if he had not an important deal (because of whom he is in London and off course for muskan) to finalize he would have canceled it but he can't do that he need to go their and then leave London immediately after meeting so he can reach India to submit quotes for another important deal which he need for his company. Once he finished his breakfast he asked Maria to tell Muskaan he need to attend important meeting otherwise he would have said a goodbye. Maria smiled at him and assured she will inform Ma'am. Jatin left the Mansion to attend his meeting.


Muskaan rubbed her sleepy Eyes and walked down the Stairs.

Muskaan(shouting): Maria pack all stuff and we are leaving for India She said as tears rolled down her cheeks .

Maria:Ma'am but What happened?? And Sir Left Early in the morning bec-

Muskaan(cutting her): just do as i said Dammit she barked.

Maria were taken back by her tone but obeyed her command and Quickly left the spot to pack stuff with the help of Others staff.

Muskaan(on call): Get ready the Jet she commanded and cut the call she walked towards the room quickly changing in White pant and pink Sweater she grabbed her Wallet and left for the airport where Other family will meet her in the terminal.




Adya were pacing in front of O.T it's been hours the operation were going On and no one had explain him what the hell had happened and upon that her Mother is seating like life less Doll, and his Father is inside O.T fighting with Death, he harshly run a hand through his hair..

Zoya: Uncle will be all right don't Worry she tried to calm him she know he is the second pillar of Raizada's after Arnav Sigh Raizada..

Advya: I know Dad will be fine but the damn Doctors are not saying anything he said annoyingly.

Yash(putting hand on his shoulder): Advya be calm Son Arnav is a fighter he will be with us very soon he assured.advya nodded and turn towards Zoya.


Advya: Did Muskaan reached India he asked.

Zoya: yes she will be here Soon , she said .

Advya: i need fresh air i will be back in a minute he said and walked towards Garden , he can't see his mother like this , and his Brother , sure he looks calm but he know better what is he going through and he don't Even want to think how will he handle Muskaan, He was walking in a daze that he didn't hear any one approaching him till he felt a tug at his pent. He narrowed his eyes for a second and saw the chubby hand pulling him by his pent to get his attention he gasped and knee-led before her so he can meet her grey Eyes who always held smile and now held big  fat Tears. He quickly Wiped her tears his face softened when she hugged him and sobbed.

Tamana: Where is Tamana's Big.Daddy she asked in baby Voice.

Advya gluped hard at her innocent Question and lifted his gaze to see a crying Muskaan going inside the hospital with Dadi and Laila followed by Guards.

Advya: your B.Daddy is Sleeping inside the Room he tried to assure her.

Tammana: But Mumma said B.Daddy is ill she said like a lost child.

Advya(closing his eyes): Yes baby Dad is ill but he will be fine when our Desire(Tamana) is here with her B.Daddy he said as lifted her in his arms and walked inside the hospital.

Tamana(smilling): Yes, Now TSR will take care of her Daddy she said firmly.

Advya Amused watched Tamana he loved the feel of her being in his arms, their Desire .. He kissed her chubby cheeks.

Tamana(giggling): chubti hai she said pointing towards his beard.

Advya: Oh Realy he kissed her cheeks again making her giggle louder.

Once he reached towards O.T he signaled Zoya and instruct her to take tamana to cafeteria make her eat something till he handle everyone once they both were out of sight he walked towards his family.

Muskaan: Mumma talk something Dad will be fine she cried seeing her mother seating like life less doll.

Manorma(crying): Arnav bitwa Will be fine please khushi cry as much as you want don't sit their like a statue she shakes her but no response.

Muskaan: Bhaiya tell mumma to talk with me please she sobbed and hugged aditya .

Aditya: Muskaan, Mumma is in shock she will be alright once dad is fine he said in choked voice.

Laila: But how it happened Aditya she asked as she wiped her tears.

Aditya: truck driver hit dad's car so hard that dad's car rolled down towards other side and in the process dad's head hurts so badly that they had to do operation his voice give away the pain he was trying hold .

Laila: Did you file the case against the driver she asked .

Advya: yes aunty he is under custody he replied coldly.

Muskaan seeing Advya Run towards him and cried like a child for her dad, the person who loved her immensely.

Muskaan: Bhaiya i want to talk with dad she cried hugging him.

Advya: yes baby, Wait for a while lets doctor inform us about dad ,please don't cry he kissed her fore head.

Muskaan(teary eyes): dad will be fine na she asked hopefully,

Advya: Off course he assured.that's when the doctor come out of OT .

Doctor:Advya Singh Raizada??

Advya: Yes Doctor! how is dad ??

Doctor: Mr.Raizada's is out of danger but The next 24 hour are critical , we only hope... suddenly khushi shouted.

Khushi: What do you mean by We only hope Huhh ?? Nothing will happened to Arnav do you hear me Nothing She shouted. The doctor were taken back by sudden shout but he can understand her situation.

Doctor: Ma'am Please relax but next 24 hour is very critical for patience , we only hope he wake up soon  he replied.

Khushi: Can i see him she asked in calm voice .

Doctor:once we shift Mr.Raizad in his private ward than sure you can but please don't distrube the patient he said and walked away while all were tense.


Khushi legs turned jelly when she walked inside the ward seeing needles pricking in his arm and wire attached to his body, she dragged her self and sit beside Arnav, she held his hand in her's and kissed his hand as a tear rolled down her cheeks.

khushi: Wake up Arnav Your Darling Tamana is here too don't you want to spoil her rotten, I know i know, i always Scold you for giving her so many Chocolates but Now i promise i will never Stop you from spoiling her just open your eyes and talk with me Come on get up your khushi is waiting for you , you know your we can't live without you Right , Arnav getup your Tamana is waiting for you She shakes him little, Arnav Don't you want to see Advya Marry ?? (slapping her fore head ) oh i am too silly Off course you want to see him getting married than get up she cried softly .
 Mukaan who walked behind khushi couldn't stand to see her Precious Mother crying while her father lay unconscious , she run away from the wards closing the door behind softly.

Muskaan(hugging Lavanya): Aunty Mumma she sobbed.

Lavanya: Muskaan She will be all right she assured.

Tamana(running towards Muskaan): Mommy Where is Daddy she asked eying the Room behind Muskaan.

Muskaan: Baby Dad is sleeping right now She said.

Tamana: Where is My Big Mumma she asked raising brow.

Aditiya( kneeling beside her): your B.Mumma is with your B.Daddy Now come on hug your Adi mamu , you don't miss your mamu he pouted.

Tamana(hugging): off course Tamana missed her Mamu Very much.

Aditya: I don't think so Desire missed me much because you didn't even kissed me he said faking sad face.

Tamana: why will i kiss you when tamana didn't get her Chocolate she pouted.

Muskaan Shake her head Her daughter is fully Spoiled by her mamu's and by her Big.Daddy too, Tamana is a girl who had wrapped all raizada's Man around her little finger she smiled seeing Aditiya giving her large chocolate .

Lavanya: And who will hug Lav Aunty she pouted.

Tamana(eating her chocolate): baad main.. Lavanya's jaw dropped seeing little girl attitude while Muskaan eyes turned wide seeing her daughter getting moody day by day.

Muskaan(glaring): Tamana Behave she said sternly.

Tamana eyes turn wide hearing her Mother sharp voice she gulped seeing around for Advya who can save her from her mother but not finding Advya she innocently turn her beautiful grey eyes towards Muskaan.

Tamana: what?? I didn't do anything Mommy she said innocently.

Muskaan stunned watched Tamana she had inherit many thing from her family but this mood is inheritance from her father she has to tame her soon but the time is not right.

Muskaan: Baby we don't talk with elders like that so hug Aunty and say sorry she explained softly.

Tamana(stepping towards lavanya): Aunty i..i am she struggled to say sorry she hardly say sorry to any one accept when Muskaan don't talk with her because of her antics.

Lavanya: it's okay tamana she said kissing her chubby cheeks.

Tamana(grinning): Lav Aunty now My Chocolate she said mischievously.

Lavanya: Oh ho! I don't have any chocolate she said apologetically.

Tamana(pouting): than promise me you will bought a big box of chocolates for me.. Deal.. she demanded.

Lavanya: Deal she said tugging her silky hairs behind her Ears.

Aditya(lifting Tamana): Come one baby girl you need to go home he said walking towards Advya who were coming towards them after talking with doctor.

Tamana: No Mamu! I will be here I didn't meet B.Daddy and B.Mumma yet she protest.

Aditya: but Desire..

Advya: adi it's okay, let her be here or else she will call me in every 10 minute to bring her back in hospital he said fondly.

Tamana extend her arm so advya can take her, advya lifted her in his arms and kissed her cheeks.

Tamana: Mamu Desire need Ice-cream she said In his ear so he can only hear.

Advya(smiling):Sure, mamu's Naughty Desire he nuzzled his nose making her giggle loudly.

Aditya(suspiciously): What are you talking huhh??

Advya/Tamana: Mind your own business Aditiya Singh Raizada both said laughing while Advya jaw dropped and Other family joined in laughter. Manorma smiled if their little angel were not here in hospital God know how had she handled her grand Son's and Grand daughter she wiped her tears that when they heard khushi's shout.

Khushi: Doctor..!! She shouted as tears escape from her eyes seeing arnav trying to open his eyes. Raizada's and Doctor rushed inside.

Doctor(checking Arnav): Mr.Raizada please give us some time, i will inform you about patient soon. One by one all left outside , khushi were not ready  to leave but advya make her understand so she left too.after almost 15 minutes doctor come out of ward with a formal smile.

Doctor: Mr:Raizada is out of danger and he is conscious now you can meet he said with formal smile.

Advya: Thank you doctor he smiled revealed.

Doctor: You are welcome he smile and walked away while all walked inside the room.

Khushi(treay): Aap theek hen ?? She asked as she grabbed his hand in her's.

Arnav: I am fine Khushi he smiled at her.

Mukaan: Dad you scared the shit out of us dammit she barked as tears spilled from her eyes.

Arnav(extending his hand): Baby I am fine come hug me, i missed you he smiled seeing Muskaan rushed to hug him.

Muskaan: Don't you dare do that again she sobbed hiding her face in his shoulder .

Arnav(wrapping an arm around sobbing khushi): Come on guys i am perfectly fine he hugged them smiling.

Tamana(pouting): B.Daddy you didn't missed me she said folding her tiny arms around her chest.

Arnav(amused): why will i missed you When you didn't even call me but you did call your Akdu Mamu he said as if challenging her to refuse. While all had a little smile on there face seeing their fight.


Tamana(flaring her Nose): because i was Angry on You that you didn't bring me India With you she said glaring.

Arnav(sighing): Sweetheart your School were going on how could i had bring you India he tried to make her understand.


Taman(pinching the bridge of her nose): But Advya Mamu were ready to bring me with him but Nanu You said No to him she said annoyed.

Arnav(giving up): Okay.. My bad , Now Hug your B.Daddy he said opening his arms.


Tamana(smiling widely): oh Daddy I missed you she said as she started giving him sloppy kisses making arnav laugh loudly..

Arnav shake his head His granddaughter is Very active girl even she is merely 4 years and some months Old , He loved tamana to pieces..

Khushi: come on guys Arnav should take rest and you go home before anyone can protest she added, If i need some thing i will call you She said as She hugged tamana.

Aditya: Dad take care of yourself he glared.

Arnav: Okay I will now Stop behaving like My father he groan making Aditya smile.

Advya: Adi take everyone home accept Desire he said and walked towards Arnav while everyone slip from room.

Advya(glaring): Dad you scared me dammit , What if some thing might have happened to you he fisted his palm.

Arnav: Advya I am fine son he assured.

Advya: Don't give me that Crap dad i know your head is pretty hurt he snapped.

Arnav(sighing): Doctor told you didn't he ??

Advya: He tried to Kept under warp All information as you asked him to Do(Glaring) But Doctor was not that Smart he snapped.


Arnav: okay I agree my head is hurting like someone had hit me with hammer but I will be fine he assured.

Advya: God Dammit Dad can't you drive more safely he snapped and walked towards him(holding his hand) Dad i can't  even imagine my life Without you he glup down the pain he had gone through in bloody 9 hours.

Arnav: Advya We are Raizada and we don't break but Stay strong For family, If Something happened to me in Future( Advya head snapped up and were ready to barked when Arnav gestured to be quit) you have to be strong for your Mother and Siblings he said firmly.

Advya(annoyed): Nothing will happened to you Dad and from now on you will take driver with you he said in nonsense tone.

Arnav(raising brow): Excuse me , I am your father Not you he rolled his eyes.

Advya: Oh Come on Dad you know me well To argue with me he replied smirking.

Arnav: i can say the same beside You had not Seen Earlier Arnav Singh Raizada He smirked.

Advya: maybe i had not but I had inherit many things from you as Mumma says he replies back.

Arnav: Oh Drop the topic Advya i am tired he said laying on the bed.

Advya: Take care dad i will be Right back Once i drop Tamana home he said and left the Wards.



As per Tamana's Wish Advya walked inside the Restaurant and Order Her favorite Mango and Chocolate Ice-cream and Black Coffee for himself. Once waiter placed ice-cream Tamana's eyes twinkled she attacked her Ice-Cream Making Advya Laugh.

Tamana(Wrinkling her Nose): Mamu Don't laugh i had missed My Mango And Chocolate Ice-cream she pouted.

Advya: Tamana you are too cute Baby he pinched her chubby cheeks.


Tamana(pouting): Mamu I am Sweet like my chocolate Not cute okay she glared.


Advya(pulling her nose softly): Desire Do you know when Princess were little she used to say exact same line "Bhaiya i am Not cute but Sweet like my Cake" he chuckled.


Tamana: Yeah B.Daddy Told me , Mamu I want Another Chocolate Ice-Cream she demanded.

Advya: You already ate 2 Ice-Cream, i don't want you to Get sick he said seeing in her eyes which were already Watery and any moment she will cry he closed his eyes for making her cry he inhaled sharp breath and Called a waiter to Oder another Ice-Cream while Tamana smiled at her victory her one tear and her wish will be fulfilled she had learn that trick from her Badi Nani Who Always Spoiled her Rotten Even when Her B.Mumma Scold Everyone to not fulfill her all demands but B.Mumma is helpless in front of Badi Nani because she is Elder to her.

Tamana: Love you Mamu she said giving him flying Kiss.

Advya: Love you too baby he said gesturing to catch her kiss and place in pocket. tamana baby don't getup from your seat i am coming back in a minute he said sternly.

Tamana: Okay mamu she said eating her ice-cream while Advya walked towards Wash Room. After finishing her ice-cream her eyes Caught something she getup from chair and walked outside of Restaurant but stopped dead in her track when she felt some cold liquid on her Shirt her head snapped up at the person who dare to ruin her favorite Shirt she pinched the bridge of her nose in anger.

Jatin: Errr Sorry Baby I was in hurry and didn't knew my water bottle were uncapped he said pinching the bridge on his nose. She angrily saw his gesture How dare he copy my style.

Tamana: how dare you copy my style she said angrily pointing towards his hand who is still on his Nose.

Jatin: Escuse me Baby i don't copy anything he bemusedly watch her as she flared her tiny nose.

Tamana(flaring her Nose): Don't you dare call me baby she glared.

Jatin(folding his hands): and why should not I ??

Tamana(pinching her bridge of nose): because you are not My Mommy or Daddy(Arnav) To call me baby Dammit she glared.

Jatin(frustrated): Listen baby..

Tamana(cutting him): Are you deaf Dammit ?? Don't call me baby she said stomping her foot.

Jatin(angrily): Okay than what should i call you he raised a brow.


Tamana: TSR she said lifting her chin.

Jatin: okay.. Listen TSR I am getting late so please forgive me for ruining your shirt he said .

Tamana: Dammit i almost forget , see you ruined my favorite shirt she glared at him.

Jatin shakes his and walked away not before muttering Naakchadi and walked away leaving behind a fuming Tamana.

Tamana(slapping her forehead lightly): My GOD Mammu she muttered and walked inside the restaurant to see a angry Advya barking at Staff.. She gulped The fear and walked towards him.

Tamana: Mammu she called him as she held her ears as if apologizing.

Advya let out a relief breath and lift tamana immediately and kissed her.

Advya: baby Where were you i was so scared he said hugging her tightly.

Tamana: uff ho Mammu I am big girl Dammit don't worry so much she scolded.

Advya(smiling lopsided): Uh.. I think I forget you are 90 years Old he Pinched her cheeks .


Tamana(frowning): Mammu I am that Old she scratched her head while Advya chukuled.

Advya(walking outside of Restaurant): You are too Cute Baby he chuckled seeing her glaring at him just like her mother.


"Muskaan Mansion"

Late Evening..

Muskaan(chasing Tamana): Sweetheart Please Eat This Today, tomorrow i will make Pasta for you.

Tamana(grumpily): No, I will not Eat That vegetable soup She said running around the living area.

Muskaan(still chasing her): You are becoming so naughty day by day Tamana she said panting

Tamana(lifting her chin): i want Pasta Only she said and running towards her Adi Mamu and sit on his Lap.


Muskaan: Bhaiya i am done running behind her , here take the bowl and make her Eat she said grumpily.

Aditya: Desire Why are you hell bent on making my kitty tired he asked feeling bad for his Darling sister.

Tamana: because your Sister is hell bent on making me eat that Yukkk Soup she made disgusting face.

Muskaan(glaring): Soup is good for your health Tamana so Stop fussing and Finish the soup before I made your Bed she said sternly and walked towards tamana's Room which were just beside her.

Tamana(making puppy face): Mamu i hate vegetable soup she said innocently.

Aditya: baby your supporters are not at home, So think baby think he pouted thinking when ever he tried to help his desire Muskaan always Catch his lies.


Tamana(pinching her nose bridge): Idea she shouted


Aditya: Desire don't shout Kitty will hear he whispered.

Tamana: Mamu You Eat the soup , Mommy will never know who ate the Soup she said clapping her hands.

Aditya: What the ! He said horrified.

Tamana: What the Nahi Eat the Soup she said battling her eye lashes.


Aditiya(stunned): You can't be serious Tamana, are you??

Tamana(shrugging her shoulders): Think wisely mammu if you don't drink the soup Mommy will be Angry on me and so on you and if you Don't eat the Soup i will tell Advya Mamu that you didn't save me from mommy she smirked.

Aditiya stunned watched her and gulped he know In both cases he will be the one to bear the burnt.

Aditya(eating soup): You little TSR you will pay for this he said making faces while eating soup.

Tamana(smirking): Oh My dear Mammu When Advya Mammu is here than No one dare to say's a word to TSR she said lifting her Chin.

Aditiya: You just wait baby Because i am gonna tell mumma that you had ate all chocolate Cookies he smirked.

Tamana: Oh No.. Mammu you can't do that Dammit, i am your baby tamana Naah She said Nervously.

Aditiya: Oh yes baby tamana i am gonna do just that he smiled a winning smile.

Tamana gulped down her fear as she Remembered last time she had ate full Chocolate Box and in punishment Her B.Mumma had Not let anyone buy her Chocolate for 2 hole days.Even her Advya Mamu had not buy chocolate for her. Aditya Cursed himself for even saying something like that see her eyes getting burl with tears.


Aditya(cupping her face): Desire Don't cry baby I was just joking he hugged her.

Tamana: You will not tell B.Mumma About cookies Promise she extend her tiny palm.

Aditya(kissing her palm): Your Promise he said lovingly.he watched Tamana as she run towards her Room calling for her Mother, He loved his niece too much to even see her in tears he simply hate tears in her Beautiful Grey Eyes.His phone Buzzed with upcoming call seeing his brother name flashing on screen he quickly accept the call.

Aditya: Bhaiya is Everything alright??

Advya: Don't Worry Dad is Fine in fact Doctor are discharging dad Tomorrow he replied.

Aditya: Thats Great he said smiling.

Advya: Adi i want you to meet Investigator Tomorrow And find out what he had found his voice were cold and hard.

Aditya: Yes Bhaiya he said Sharply, he cut the call and walk towards his Room. Aditya closed his eyes as Muskaan crying voice Echoed in his ears.

"Bhaiya He played with me How can Someone be so cruel "

"Bhaiya I Lo..ved Him and he.. "

"I want to forget every momment i spent in India "

"Why Did you let me go Their bhaiya Why Why "

His eyes Wide Open as tears started to form in his eyes Remembering the pain his baby sister had gone through after returning from India. He would had ripped that bas***d Apart if only he were not bind with her Promise but He can't let him win and let him happy after breaking his baby sister heart.

To be continued.


A/N: this chapter is dedicated to following my buddies who had guessed correctly That Muskaan had a Child. surrazdan , Namruashi , and please check character sketches too.Big smile

Posted: 6 years ago
mineBig smile

MY GOD  Muskaan has a childShockedShockedShockedShocked
what were khushi and arnav's reaction when they come to know that muskaan is pregnant ConfusedConfused
thank God arnav is fine Big smile
aww tamana is sho cute Wink
awesome update :)
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Posted: 6 years ago
tamanna is chooo cweeettt...
really enjoyed/loved the update...also little face off of tamanna with her dad...
plz continue soon...
Posted: 6 years ago
marvelous update
loved it
thanks for the pm
Posted: 6 years ago
muskaan is too cute and stobborn also... especially for a 4yr old kid...

i am though shocked that how come khushi arnav are cool about it now.. i mean muskaan isnt married yet... and khushi as a traditional girl..

what was her behavior when she came to know that muskaan is pregnant?? and arnav and others??

did they scold muskaan??
Posted: 6 years ago
amazing update! Tamanna the TSR the chota packet was lovely surprise.. entire family loves Tamanna so much.. she is life of everybody.. good that arnav is fine.. loved the update.. 

thanks for pm Smile

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