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HELLO! I am back with a Three-Shot this time! It's AU and doesn't follow the show but this is something I could see happening with ZaYa so I wrote it down. Do let me know what you think, I'll be posting the second part soon! Anything in blue is a flashback.

8 Years


May 20 2008


"KYA KAROOON HAYE KUCH KUCH HOTA HAII!" She sang out loud laughing dancing in front of the TV.


"Seriously Aaliya, my ears are bleeding." He laughed from the couch.


"Puh-leaaase, I have an amazing voice." She said flipping her hair over her shoulder.


"Singing is definitely not a profession you should consider."


"You're so mean to me. I am not talking to you!" She crossed her arms over her chest and went to sit on the loveseat pretending that she couldn't see him as he stared at her with his infamous puppy dog eyes.


"I was only speaking the truth." He said looking at her but got no response. "Aaliya." He said, no response again. He scooted over to the right of the sofa, trying to get closer to the loveseat. "I am sorry." He said again. "Look at me."


 She didn't look at him, she knew she would melt as soon as he looked at her with those huge eyes and that crooked smile. She looked out the window instead and thus didn't notice that he had gotten up from his seat. 

She screamed when she felt his arms wrap around her as he started tickling her. "NOOO! STOP!" She got out in between laughs but he didn't relent and continued tickling her, laughing just as much as her. "AHHH ZAIN STOP!"


"Do you forgive me?" He asked smiling at her.


"Yes!" She gasped.


His eyes lit up and his mood immediately changed as soon as the words left her mouth. He sat back down on the sofa and Aaliya took a few deep breaths trying to calm herself, her stomach was still hurting from laughing so much.


 "You are lucky you are my best friend or I would so beat you up for this." She informed him.


"You are two years younger than me and half my size, I don't think that would work."


"Age is but a number, I am scarier than I look." She threatened laughing curling up beside him as they turned their attention back to the TV.


July 10 2017

A knock on the door broke her out of her thoughts, she looked up to see herself standing in front of the mirror, eight years later. She was decked out in what every girl would envy, a pink lehengha right off Manish Malhotra's runaway. Her hair was curled flowing down her back and her make up was done to perfection. She looked absolutely beautiful but dead. Her eyes had lost their spark a long time ago and the concept of really smiling and laughing was foreign to her now. The careless laughs, the smiles and the zest for life had diminished over the years. She was a robot now, living her life for others, pretending to be happy when she was anything but happy, and she hadn't been for a long time.


"Are you sure about this aapi?" Aayat asked her, the only one privy to her internal state. "It's not too late to back out."


"What else can I do? I am going to have to marry someone someday right?" Aaliya whispered forcing a fake smile onto her face. "Are they here?" She asked causing Aayat to nod. "Is he with them?" She whispered, hoping and praying that he wasn't. But she knew he had to be here if his family was here.


"Yes." Aayat answered. "It's been eight years Aapi, he..."


"Don't." Aaliya said getting up. "I won't be able to go through with this if I still hold onto that dream."


Aaliya took a deep breath stepping out of her room with her little sister behind her, they headed down the decorated hallway towards the spiraled staircase that opened into the main hall, where the party was going on. It was her Ammi and Abbu's 25th wedding anniversary, and all the elite of Mumbai were present. They would not miss the chance to party with the Ghulam Haider, co-owner of the Barkat Royale Hotel Chain.


The whispering and gossiping started as soon as Aaliya came into sight. All the people in the room hadn't seen her for eight years, all they knew was that she went to school in the USA somewhere. Everyone had to admit that she was beyond beautiful, just like her mother. Theamount of people in the room who envied her was beyond count, she was rich, smart and beautiful, what more could she want? But if only they could see how imperfect her seemingly perfect life was.


The smile on her face never wavered, which was not a surprise for her, she was good at pretending. She went to stand beside her father who just nodded at her, Aayat stood by her side as her silent support system. Aaliya's eyes moved across the room, she just loved to torture herself. He was there, standing far away with a glass in his hand. Her treacherous heart still came alive when she saw his face, he looked as handsome as he always did in a black suit with a white shirt, her favourite on him. Not that he knew. He looked different now, grown up, he wasn't scrawny anymore but built. His face had lost all traces of baby fat leaving behind an angular jaw line and a prominent chin sprinkled with stubble.


Aaliya looked away when Aayat squeezed her hand. It was time for the show to start. "Thank you for coming today." Her father's voice rang out through the hall. "On the occasion of our 25th wedding anniversary, we would like to announce that our daughter, Aaliya, will be getting engaged to Zeeshan Ahmed next month."


And all hell broke loose. Everyone clapped and took their turn to congratulate Ghulam Haider and his wife along with his daughter and future son-in-law and his family. The daughter's eyes never strayed from him, he stood still his hand closed tightly around a glass. She thought that his face filled with anguish but wrote it off to her imagination. She internally laughed at herself for even thinking that she was over him, she was still in love with him even after eight years. She died a little more on the inside as he walked out of the room. She didn't even know that she was still waiting for him. His brother and sister looked just as sad being aware of the dynamics between the two.


"Congratulations Beta." Usman Abdullah said kissing her forehead before hugging his childhood best friend and business partner, Ghulam Haider. Their families had been friends since before Aaliya was even born, her childhood was filled with memories of going to each other's houses, on picnics, on vacation...they were like family.


"Mashaallah, Aaliya you look beautiful." Surraya Abdullah said hugging her. She pulled away and took Aaliya's face in her hands and looked at her, really looked at her. Aaliya felt really uncomfortable, almost as if she was looking into her soul. "Are you happy?" She asked with a undertone to her voice that Aaliya couldn't quite comprehend. Aaliya said nothing, she wanted to but couldn't get herself to say yes. Surraya gave her a sad smile before she let go of her face and turned to Shabana.


Barkat just looked at Aaliya before engulfing her in a tight hug. "I can't believe you didn't even talk to me after what happened with Bhaiyoo." She whispered. "You were my best friend too."


"I am sorry Bak-Bak." Aaliya said hugging her back, she had missed her friend.


"He does love you-"


"Please don't." Aaliya said pulling away from Barkat.




December 14 2009 - 8 Years Ago


"She said you like me...that it's obvious." He said to his best friend.


"Oh..." She whispered, it was barely heard over the sound of the running water as she stood in the middle of the kitchen of her little apartment washing the dishes. She didn't know what to say, he already knew. She knew she should have denied it but she was tired of lying to him, tired of trying to hide her feelings.


"Aaliya, do you?" He asked noticing how she wouldn't even look at him.


"Do I what?"


"Like me?" He asked.


"Does it even matter?" She asked still not turning around


"I-uh is that a yes?" He asked.


"Yes." She whispered feeling her eyes watering.


He let out a short breath, surprised. "Why didn't - why..."


"It wouldn't have done me any good." She whispered quietly, afraid that her voice would crack if she spoke any louder. She decided that it was time to be honest, she had lied too much for the past few years and she couldn't any longer. "I know you don't like me and I didn't want to lose you as a friend." She took a deep breath and pursed her lips, forcing herself not to wipe away the tears that traveled down her cheeks.


"You should have said something-" He said shocked at the turn of events.


"What should I say? You aren't interested and I am not going to force you to be."


"Aaliya? Can you-" He groaned turning her around to face him.


"What?" She asked finally looking up at him, her eyes red and overflowing with tears. "What should I have done? You don't see me that way and I'm not the type of girl that's going to try to change your mind! If you felt that way for me, you would've realized that I liked you, a long time ago. But you didn't and you wouldn't have if she didn't point it out and I know that you aren't ever going to fall in love with me and that's something that I will learn to live with. I'm sorry if it's caused problems between you and her. But don't worry, I am leaving anyways so."


"What do you mean you are leaving?" He asked shocked, his voice breaking.


"I am going to the States, for school. I got into the pre-law program I wanted to get into so I am going."


"What? How come you didn't tell me? How can you just leave?" He asked angrily.


"Oh that's just rich. Why does it even matter to you Zain? I exist when you want me to and disappear when you don't need me? Aaliya doesn't exist when Zain Abdullah has a girlfriend, right? You forget that you promised to see her Thursday night? You don't even show up to movie nights with YOUR family. You don't even speak to me. You leave me stranded in a parking lot in the middle of nowhere in the dark and completely forget about it."


"I thought you said you forgave me for that- why are you so mad?" He asked shocked. "Aaliya talk to me." He said grabbing her when she didn't say anything.


"Why am I so mad? Because I am an idiot and I am in love with you. I always have been, for as long as I can remember, and I spent years hoping and sometimes even thinking that you felt the same way.  I am so stupid, I can't believe I- I am tired, I am tired of waiting for you to realize something you don't even feel. I am tired of crying myself to sleep every time you go out on a date with another girl. Saying your name hurts, thinking about you hurts, seeing you kiss other girls hurts. I am just...I am done. I need to get away from here. It's not your fault that you don't love me and I don't blame you for it, but I can't do this anymore."


His heart broke for her and he grabbed her and forced her into his arms and held her tightly as she stood stiff in his arms with tears traveling down her cheeks and her heart in her throat. "Please let me go Zain." She whispered and he did.


She walked away from her best friend, from the one person she loved, that day. She wanted to forget him. She didn't want to wait for him anymore, she didn't want to spend nights giving him advice about other girls, she didn't want to feel her chest constrict every time she saw him kissing other girls and she didn't want to cry herself to sleep anymore.


Those were the last words she'd said to him before she went off to university in the USA leaving behind a shell-shocked Zain who couldn't even comprehend what had happened. It took him a few days to figure out what she had said. To say that he was shocked was an understatement, he never knew that she liked him as more than a friend. They were best friends, and he thought that they were nothing more than that but his heart hurt when she left. And she didn't just leave, it was almost as if she never existed. She didn't leave any information behind, he tried to call her cellphone hoping that she would pick up but she deactivated it. She didn't tell anyone where she was and she made Aayat swear to not tell him either so he had absolutely no clue where his best friend disappeared off to.




July 10, 2017


"You still love him." Barkat said watching Aaliya closely as she sat on Aaliya's bed with Aayat beside her after the party. Aaliya's hand froze over her bangles before she shook herself out of it and continued to take them off.


"It didn't matter before and it doesn't matter now. But I don't." She said.


"But I think Bhaiyoo loves you-"


"He doesn't. I know him, he's made himself feel guilty over the years but that's all, if he was going to fall in love with me he would have long ago." Aaliya said removing the last bit of her jewelry.


"It's been so long, at least talk to him. You know he's been looking for you for so long, and then all of a sudden we get an invite to this party and now you are getting engaged."


"It took a long time for me to put myself together, I am not going to let him break my heart again."


"But Aaliya he-"


"You know your brother just as well as I do, he changes his mind faster than the second hand moves on the clock. What if he decides he doesn't want me a few months from now? What am I going to do then?" She said before walking into the bathroom.


Barkat and Aayat looked at each other. "We have to fix this."


"She doesn't want to listen to anything." Aayat sighed.



July 11, 2017


"Ah Zain! Come sit and have breakfast with us!" Ghulam said as Zain bounded down the stairs the next morning. Zain nodded while avoiding eye contact with the woman sitting on the breakfast table. He wouldn't be able to hold himself back if he determined that she looked just as broken this close up.


Life was always cruel because the only seat that was empty was the one beside her.  He didn't miss how her knuckles were white from griping the table as hard as she was when he sat down next to her. The two of them were absolutely quiet as the rest of the table carried on their conversation. Aaliya wanted to get up and leave, because being so close to him was wrecking havoc on her heart, her treacherous heart still sped up at his proximity. But her brain conjured up images that always haunted her, images of a perfect world where the two of them loved each other, where she hadn't spent the last eight years hiding from him.


It wasn't until Aaliya's dad decided to show Zain's father the new site for the hotel that everyone got up and slowly left one by one leaving the two of them behind to "catch up".


"So you are getting married." He said after a long moment of silence.


"It would seem so." She replied swallowing, his voice had gotten a lot deeper from the 19 year old boy she had left behind, and she loved it even more.


"You don't sound to happy about it." He said looking at her expressionless face.


She said nothing but got up and started to walk away.


"Aaliya, can we talk?" His voice came from behind her causing her to stop in her tracks.


"Okay. Talk." She said turning around and facing him.


"Do you love him?" He asked after a few seconds of just observing her.


"I am marrying him." She said. He didn't say anything but just looked at her, like he was trying to gauge something.


"Okay." He said turning back to his plate. Aaliya took a deep breath before heading upstairs. She shut her bedroom door behind her and leaned against it slowly sliding down it before falling to the floor and bursting into tears. Why was he here? Why was she still crying? It had been eight years for goodness sake, why did she still love him? 

C'est Part 1! Do lemme know what you think. And if you want a PM for updates please leave a comment below and I'll add you to my PM account or add "astonm_pm" as a friend! 


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HOLA. Wow, you guys are amazing! Thanks for all the lovely comments, I am so glad that you like this story! So here is the next part, one more to go after this. I hope you like it. Once again, THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING COMMENTS MY LOVELIES.

Part 2

July 12, 2017 

"Ammi, I can go with Aayat. Or Barkat. Zain doesn't have to come with us-" Aaliya said to her mother for the tenth time that morning.


"Aaliya, what's wrong with you? The boy has hardly leaves the house, it'll do him some good. You two used to spend every hour of the day together, what's gotten into you two?" Her mom reprimanded.


"Ammi but-."


"Not one more word Aaliya. I already told him to go with you."


"But he knows nothing about engagement cards!" She tried one last time.


"He isn't picking them out, you are." She said before shaking her head. "Go get dressed."


Aaliya let out a huge sigh and went up to her bedroom, it was like the whole universe was conspiring against her. Zain was coming with her, to pick engagement cards, for her and Zeeshan's wedding. Just perfect. She got dressed quickly in her skinny jeans and an oversized hoodie, her hair in a bun and her Chanel bag hanging across her body.


Aaliya walked out of the house to find him already leaning against his favourite beat up Jeep. He had won it in a race when he was 17 and he'd loved it ever since, it held a lot of memories for her. They used to try to sneak out in the middle of the night just for the hell of it and that noisy jeep of his would always end up waking at least one member of the house. And whoever it was would just look at them and then shake their head and go back to sleep, her dad would always tell them to bring him some ice-cream too and to use another car if they wanted to do this all the time.


Zain opened the car door for her, closing it behind her and walking around to the other side before he sat down in the driver's seat and pulled out of the huge driveway. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a black long sleeved t-shirt, Aaliya envied how he looked like he had walked off a magazine cover in such casual clothing, she was sure she looked like a hobo.


The two of them remained absolutely silent for the whole ride to the wedding planner's office. The silence was awkward and didn't fail to remind her of a different time, she remembered the long car rides from before - sometimes full of bickering and other times full of silence, but comfortable silence not this suffocating kind. The awkward silence was followed by an even more awkward elevator ride to the tenth floor of the building. Being in a confined space with him made her heart thump a bit too loudly and the cheesy elevator music didn't help either.

Aaliya didn't know if she was happy to see Zeeshan or sad as he came into view as the elevators opened. "That's an interesting choice of attire." Zeeshan said looking at Aaliya obviously not pleased by her laid back style. But that's who she was, she didn't care to dress to the nines all the time, she just wanted to be comfortable. She noticed that Zain stiffened next to her and looked his way to find him staring daggers at Zeeshan.


"I forgot to introduce you two. Zeeshan, this is Zain Abdullah my bes-, uh, my abbu's business partner's son. Zain, this is Zeeshan." She introduced. She noticed Zeeshan cringe when Zain shook his hand and didn't know what to make of it.


She couldn't help but notice the disparity between the two men standing in front of her, they were both approximately the same height and both handsome in their own accord. But Zeeshan's eyes weren't deep and brown like Zain's, his nose wasn't slightly crooked from where a cricket ball had hit it, there wasn't a small gash underneath his thick eyebrows from when he had fallen and hit his head on the table and his mouth didn't turn up in a crooked grin like Zain's did. Aaliya forced herself to stop thinking and just let it be.


Their over-enthusiastic wedding planner ushered the three of them inside her office. Zain sat to her right and Zeeshan to her left as the wedding planner threw idea after idea at them. Beach theme, traditional, royal. Personalized engagement shoots and  movies. Bold colour schemes, storybook invites, food invites and god knows what else.


Zain couldn't help but notice Aaliya's lack of interest in what the planner was saying, she looked like she was a thousand miles away, lost inside her head. As Aaliya sat there, the reality of the situation hit her, she was trying to listen but she couldn't help but think about how she'd thought of this day - with another man. Ever since she'd actually realized that people grow up and get married she'd always thought it would be Zain that she would get married off to. The thought of it not occurring didn't occur to the little girl who loved playing "house" with her best friend, she would always be the wife and he would be her husband, and they'd push around their little kid in a stroller around the neighbourhood arm in arm. And that was it, that was all she ever wanted.


Aaliya felt suffocated but said nothing letting Zeeshan take over, his taste was so unlike hers, she liked simple things even traditional things and he was all about the fancy and modern. She didn't even know what card they picked out, but an hour later she was walking out of the office nodding along to whatever Zeeshan was saying to her. She froze when Zeeshan kissed her cheek before heading off to work, due to her shock and the realization that she didn't like Zeeshan touching her she failed to notice the aghast look on Zain's face as they stepped into the elevator.



July 14, 2017


That wasn't the end of the awkwardness between Aaliya and Zain, her mother seemed to throw them together every opportunity she got. He went along with Aaliya, Barkat and Aayat when they went shopping. Aaliya hated it, she hated being around him because her resolve seemed to be wavering, she found herself staring at him, longing for him. And this longing made everything else feel wrong, she hated it when Zeeshan hugged her, they weren't his arms, he didn't smell like her favourite Hugo Boss cologne with a hint of muskiness, that was him. Zeeshan didn't understand that she abhorred hot pink and other flashy colors that his eyes always seemed to land upon, she liked those red, dusty pink and gold clothes that he seemed to admire.


A few days later the two of them found themselves standing in the middle of a shareholders meeting for Barkat Royale. Zain stood in the corner of the room socializing with his associates and Aaliya stood a few steps away amidst most of the female shareholders. They were all quite shocked that Aaliya was planning to act as lawyer to the Barkat Royale Chain even after her wedding.


"Oh, trust me honey. You're going to get married and as soon as you get pregnant you're going to realize that this becomes hard to handle." Mrs. Sharma said to Aaliya, causing Aaliya to stiffen and pale. She let the sentence sink in for a moment, children...with Zeeshan. She detested his hands on her, she was expected to...what the hell was she even doing? She took a deep breath and realized that she couldn't go through with this.


Aaliya's head snapped up when she heard the sound of glass hitting the floor, she turned around to see that the glass that Zain was holding was shattered, he was holding half of the glass in his hand, his hands bleeding, almost as if he'd broken the glass himself. Her eyes widened and before she knew it she was beside him, his hand in hers.


"Come with me." She whispered dragging him out of the conference hall and into the adjacent office. She sat him down on the sofa before opening her Abbu's last drawer, the first-aid kit was there, as always. Aaliya sat beside him on the sofa cleaning his bleeding hand with the wipes. She cringed when she noticed that there was a piece of glass lodged in the middle of his palm. "This might hurt." She said as she went to pull it out.


"I don't think anything could hurt as much as..." He started to say but stopped when she pulled the glass out, he let out a little hiss and Aaliya didn't even notice that she was crying as she wiped the remaining blood away before putting on antiseptic cream, and bandaging his hand.


"Does it hurt?" She asked looking up at him. He smiled sadly and gently wiped away her tears with his thumb, her eyes grew wide with his touch. The electricity still flowed through her, like it always used to.


"Do you feel that too?" He asked.


"Feel what?" She whispered.


"It's like...a current, like your skin is tingling, it makes me feel...warm." He whispered caressing her cheek. "It's always been there, I thought it was completely normal...but it never happens with anyone else."


"I-uh." Aaliya moved back like she was on fire and got up.


"Aaliya!" He called out stopping her in her track. "It does hurt. More than you could imagine." He said, but she knew that he wasn't talking about her hand. "It should be me." He whispered and she turned around and looked at him. "It should be me holding your hand and introducing you to everyone as my fiancee, I should be the one-"


"Don't do this now." She cried, he crossed the distance between them in a millisecond and wrapped his arms around her, his head rested on top of her hair.


"I love you Aaliya." He whispered. Aaliya's heart clenched, the words settling heavily in the air. She pushed him away from her.


"You can't do that to me. Just don't-"


"I love you Aaliya." He said again louder this time.


Aaliya laughed. "What? Are you bored of whatever girl you're dating now?"


"Aaliya- it's not-"


"Well, that's just rich. We spent most of our lives together Zain, you didn't realize that you loved me then. I haven't seen you for eight years and when I come back you magically just love me. You don't even know me anymore. And I refuse to be another notch in your belt, if you want someone to f**k with please go back to your legion of admirers." She said angrily.


"Can you just listen to me?" He asked.


"No. It took me a long time to put myself together, to forget you. I can't do this again." She said.


"Y-you don't love me anymore?" He asked quietly.


"No." She lied.


"Oh." He said moving away from her. "I see."




July 15, 2017


Aaliya cried herself to sleep that night, the sky seemed to cry right along with her. The pitter-patter of the heavy downpour calmed her, just a little bit. But her mind was anything but calm, she had some decisions to make. She needed to talk to her dad and tell him that this engagement couldn't happen, she wasn't ready to marry anyone. Not yet. And some part of her knew that she never would be. She wanted to believe that Zain loved her, but she knew him. She knew that he would feel guilty about what happened, and she also knew of his track record with women. The list of women he dated or fooled around with would be taller than him. These thoughts plagued her until she fell asleep and she felt like she'd just fallen asleep when she was being awakened by Aayat.


"What?" Aaliya asked opening her eyes, Aayat was crying, tears running down her face.


"Z-zain." She hiccupped. Aaliya sat up straight at the mention of his name.


"What happened to him?" Aaliya asked, her heart sinking.


"C-car accident, a truck collided head on with the car." She said. "H-he's in the hospital."


Aaliya shot up and ran to her closet and threw on a hoodie and leggings as soon as the words left Aayat's mouth. Her heart was beating faster than a jack hammer, all she knew was that she had to see him. Aaliya met her father and mother by the front door, they both looked just as worried as she felt. Aaliya's mom hugged her when she noticed the tears streaming down her face. "He'll be okay." She whispered.


The drive to the hospital felt longer than the twenty minutes it took. Aaliya literally jumped out of the car and sprinted through the hospital as soon as they parked. She only came to halt when she noticed the Abdullah family, Surraya was sitting on the plastic hospital chair crying with Barkat in her arms, and Fahad and Usman were standing near them, both looking stricken. Barkat got up and ran to Aaliya, puling her into a hug as soon as she saw her.


"What happened?" Aaliya asked looking at Fahad as her parents and Aayat came up behind her.


"His arm is broken, he has a mild concussion and they are trying to stop the internal bleeding." Fahad said.


"Is-is he going to be okay?" Aaliya whispered.


"Yes, thankfully." Fahad sighed.


"H-how?" She asked.


"I don't know, he was really sad about whatever you- uh, he left the meeting right after you...the police say they found skid marks, he was trying to stop the car but the roads were slippery because of the rain, he was probably know how he is when he's-." Fahad stopped noticing how stricken Aaliya looked.


Aaliya sat down at the end of the hall beside Barkat, wrapping her arms around her knees. "This is all my fault." She whispered over and over again.


"Aaliya." Barkat said shaking her. "It's not-"


"It is. If I hadn't...he wouldn't have...and he wouldn't be." She whispered.


"What?" She asked confused.


"Nothing." Aaliya said.



"We have managed to stop the internal bleeding. He should wake up within 24 hours." The doctor informed them.


"Can we see him?" Aaliya asked.


"One at a time, and only one person can stay with him overnight." The doctor informed them before leaving. Aaliya sat in her spot as everyone went in and came out. Aaliya's mom kept looking at her sadly with Surraya beside her. "I'll stay here." Aaliya said as Usman finally came out of the room.


"But Aaliya-" Usman started to say.


"Let her." Surraya said smiling sadly at her. Surraya walked over to Aaliya and kissed her forehead. "He'll be okay." She whispered before she left with the rest of them, leaving Fahad standing behind.


"I don't know what happened between the two of you today, and I don't if I have the right to do what I am about to but I think the both of you need to sort this are like my little sister Aaliya and I want you to be happy, just like I want him to be happy. So...uh, you might want this." Fahad said to her. Aaliya looked at him confused as he handed her Zain's iPhone. "I hope he doesn't kill me for this, but the iDiaries App, you may want to read that." He said looking at her sadly.


"But Fahad Bhaijaan..."


"Just read it Aaliya, it'll clear up a lot...I might not know all the details of what happened today but I know that Zain...just read it please. Okay?" He said smiling at her sadly before walking away. 


Aaliya stood outside the room, his phone in her hand, willing herself to walk in. She took a deep breath and opened the door. The sight in front of her made her heart settle, he was hooked up to several machines, his arm was in a cast, his forehead bandaged. He looked pale and she could see where the glass shards had pierced his face. She would have assumed he was dead if it wasn't for the steady beep of the cardiac monitor and the humming sound of the respirator. She sat in the plastic chair beside his bed and took his hand in hers, the one she had bandaged earlier. Aaliya just sat there staring at him as the events of the past few hours caught up with her.


She knew that this was all her fault, he wouldn't have been out there if she wasn't so rash with him, but what could she have done? She sighed again and noticed that she was still holding his phone in her hand. She decided that she might as well read whatever it was that Fahad Bhai was so intent on her finding out. She hit the only button on Zain's iPhone and her heart skipped a beat when she noticed that the lockscreen picture was one of the two of them, from many years ago. He was sitting on a bench and she was behind him, her arms around his neck and her face on his shoulder as they beamed at the camera.


Aaliya swiped across the screen, unlocking the phone and clicking the iDiaries app. To her surprise there were a lot of entries, she knew that Zain sometimes like to write things down because it helped him think better but she never knew that he actually wrote a diary. Aaliya scrolled all the way down to the first entry, it was dated a few days after she had left.


December 19, 2009

She left, no one knows where she actually went. Aayat won't talk to me at all, her parents won't answer me either claiming that she strictly forbade them from telling anyone anything. I don't even know what's happening right now, all I know is that I need to find her. I need to talk to her.


December 24, 2009

 Still no word of her. I even ran a search on all the universities in the USA and her name came up nowhere. She even cancelled her phone. I was so shocked when someone picked up, hoping to hear her voice, but it wasn't her. She doesn't read my Facebook messages, I doubt she even goes on Twitter and she won't reply to any of my emails.


December 31, 2009

Tomorrow is the first day of 2010, and it's been two weeks since she disappeared. A thought hit me a bit sooner...I don't recall a New Year's without her, her face was the first one I saw every year as soon as the clock hit midnight. We always lounged around the TV because she loved to watch the ball drop in Times Square. Watching it alone was no fun at all. I miss her. Her constant kitkit, her laugh, her smile, her weird sense of humour and... actually everything, I miss everything about her.

 It's raining again, she loves the rain, I never understood why but it's kind of calming now. It's hard to hear yourself think over the pitter-patter of the rain.


January 10, 2010

 I had an epiphany of sorts while Lara was throwing anything she could get her hands on after I told her that it was over...she should have realized it since I haven't talked to her in over three weeks.

But I digress. Today I realized that all the girls I have ever dated fell short in one way or another, their voice was too deep or too shrill, they were too short or too tall, their hair was not right, their smiles didn't light up their faces, there was something wrong with their laugh or their sense of humor or the way they carried themselves.

 They didn't have a sweet yet affirmative voice, like she did. They didn't fit perfectly against me when they hugged me, like she did. Their hair wasn't fun to play with, like hers was. Their smiles didn't make me want to smile, like hers did. Their laugh didn't sound like tinkling bells and didn't make me feel happy, like hers did. Their sense of humour wasn't a witty mix of sarcasm and spontaneity, like hers was. And they didn't carry themselves like she did, she walked with her head held high but with a smile on her face, she looked...kind...perfect, when she walked towards anyone they smiled, instantly feeling at ease. All those other girls weren't right...they weren't Aaliya.

It took three weeks, three f**king weeks after she left for me to realize that it never worked out with these girls because they weren't Aaliya. It took me 18 years to realize that somewhere along the way my mind had ingrained her picture as the "ideal girl".


January 29, 2010

 Yesterday someone told me that she was planning on going to Harvard and I hit myself in the head. Of course! Where else would she go? She would always rave about Law School at Harvard, and she was definitely smart enough to get accepted.

 After hours on the phone, and trying to convince the Registrar at Harvard that Aaliya had run away from home and her brother was dying and she needed to know, did they actually search up her name on their database, but nothing. There was no Aaliya Ghulam Haider registered there. That surge of hope I felt yesterday diminished and it was replaced by a weird pain. And I also felt bad for killing her imaginary brother, whoever he was.


February 14, 2010

 Apparently, I am a pain in the ass and a total downer to hang out with. Seemingly, I spend all day sulking. Rizwan tried to set me up on a date today, it is Valentine's Day after all, but I couldn't say yes. It felt wrong for some reason.

 And I miss her even more today. She absolutely abhorred Valentine's Day, or so she said. She claimed that it was just an excuse for people to suck each other's faces off and pretend that they were in love. And now I kind of think it was a jab at me, because that's exactly what I used to do. Maybe she only hated Valentine's Day because of me.


February 19, 2010

 I can't sleep, at all. Her crying face haunts me; the tears and her words pierce through me. Our conversation keeps replaying in my head over and over again. She sounded so unlike my Aaliya - she cried, she sounded weak and broken. And that is not the Aaliya I know, the Aaliya I know is strong, she's the glue that holds everyone together...but I guess I don't know her after all since I didn't even guess that she was in love with me.


March 20, 2010

Mom found me sitting by my bed and crying today. I wanted to tell her, about what happened, about how much I miss her but I couldn't get myself to. This is no one's fault but mine. I can see the way everyone acts around me, like I am going to break any minute. I certainly look like I could with the dark circles around my eyes.

 Whenever I was feeling down she was always there for me, I don't know how to deal with my feelings alone. If she was here she'd slap me out of it, make me some hot chocolate and watch movies with me until I told her what was bothering me...but she wasn't here. And it's my fault.


March 29, 2010

Rizwan told me to grow a brain and realize that I am in love with Aaliya. But what is love? How do you know if you love someone? Is love being cordial towards each other and helping each other through life like my parents do? Was love wanting to just make her smile all the time like Fahad Bhai wanted to do for Nafeesa?

Or is love knowing that nothing seems right without that one person? Is love realizing that the things I thought I loved to do were only fun because she was right beside me when I did them? Are you in love when you spend most of your time looking for the girl you lost? Are you in love when you realize that a really hot woman just walked by but you don't give her a second glance because she's not her.


May 7, 2010

 Today is her birthday. I sent her an email, a DM on the twitter account she doesn't even use anymore, a private message on Facebook and I even told Aayat to tell Aaliya that I said happy birthday. But nothing, I heard nothing from her.


September 3, 2010

 She didn't call today, I thought she would at least send me a text message, an email or something. I waited all day and didn't let my phone out of my sight, I even checked my email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but nothing. Not even one word. And despite the plethora of people fussing over me, today was the worst birthday ever.

She didn't sneak into my room quietly in the morning with a cupcake with some ostentatious candle and scream Happy Birthday like she always did. She wasn't there to fuss over me and tell me to wear something nicer than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt because it was my birthday. She wasn't there to get me the perfect present and sing me happy birthday with the rest of my family and friends.


December 19, 2010

 It's been one year since she disappeared. One whole year without her. I think I know what she meant when she said saying my name hurts. Because even thinking of her made my heart clench, I miss her, so so much.

 I told Bak-Bak what happened, and she cried right along with me. She knew, she knew that Aaliya was in love with me, she always had been. I can't help but realize how stupid I was. I know that I would have realized that I am in love with her one day, maybe a few years down the road, if she hadn't left, but why did it take me so long to figure out?

 If she felt like I feel right now...that must have been horrible, to feel like this for years. Like you lost something you almost had. I want to tell her, I want to find her right now and tell her that I am an idiot, that I love her. That I need her because I am in love with her, I want to tell her that nothing feels the same without her, that I can't stand to watch soccer without her weird and insightful inputs, that I hate watching movies because I can't turn around and laugh at her when she gets emotional at the weirdest parts...I just, I miss her. So much that it hurts.

December 31, 2010

I went to Aayat today and I begged, I begged for her to tell me where Aaliya is, but she didn't. She said that her Aapi made her swear on her life, that she couldn't despite wanting to. So I walked myself over to the park near her house and sat on the swings, in the pouring rain. We always came here, she would sit in the swing next to mine and just twirl around or she'd challenge me, claiming that she could swing higher. I could almost hear the shrieks she would make when the swing was too high and started jolting, she would freak out and then slow down afraid of going over the top.


July 14, 2015

There was a time where I thought that Aaliya would be right by my side in everything I ever did. She was always there, at my games, at my high school graduation and at any event I had to go to. But she wasn't here today, I graduated from Oxford today with my MBA, something she said I would have to try very hard to do because I had a poor work ethic. And I used to, I used to spend all my time with friends and doing everything but work. But ever since she left I didn't keep in touch with anyone, I realized pretty early on that I just dampened everyone's spirits with how miserable I am without her and I also realized that studying kept my mind off her.

I miss her everyday, some days more than others but I couldn't take it today. I expected to see her beaming face from the crowd when I went up to get my degree. I wanted to hear her clapping and cheering. I wanted to see her be proud of me. I think Bak-Bak understood because she hugged me really tight and told me that Aaliya would be so proud of me if she knew, and I hope she's right.

I just hope and pray that I'll see her again soon so I can tell her that I love her and that I am thinking of her all the time even five years and 6 months from the date our lives fell apart. I want to tell her that she was wrong, that I do love her. More than I could even imagine.



September 3, 2016

I turned 24 today and my mom thinks it's time I get married now. I think I scared her with the look I gave her. Her eyes grew wide when I told her that I wouldn't get married, not until I felt the need to. She tried to argue but I left, putting the discussion at rest immediately. I didn't want to get married, to anyone but her. I never thought about marriage before, ever, but thinking about it now makes me realize that somewhere in my head I was already planning to spend my whole life with her. It made perfect sense, even to the 7 year old boy who used to hate playing "house" but would never let anyone else be her husband.

I couldn't even think about anything else, I hadn't even dated anyone since the day she left...apart from that one date that I went on about 4 months after she left. I left 10 minutes into the dinner after realizing that even though the girl looked a lot like Aaliya, she wasn't her.


June 30, 2017

Mom got a call today, from Shabana Aunty, it was nothing new, they always called each other since Dad and Uncle were business partners. But this time she called to say that Aaliya was coming back- for their 25th wedding anniversary party. She is coming back. Aaliya is coming back!


July 10, 2017

I went to the party, she took forever to come down, I didn't understand why she wasn't there to greet the guests. But my brain didn't want to think about it, I just wanted to see her. I felt like I started breathing again when she came into sight. She looked absolutely stunning, she was always beautiful but she is even more so now. My eyes drank her in as if she was water that a man lost in a desert for years had just come upon. But there was something off with her, she was smiling but it didn't reach her eyes. Her eyes looked lifeless, I could tell from across the room. Her eyes met mine for a moment, and she looked at me before abruptly turning around. And then I felt my world shatter around me again, she was getting married, to Zeeshan. Her eyes met mine again, almost accusing. I couldn't stand it anymore and had to leave the room. I found myself at the park again, after many years, and my heart hurt, so much that I wanted to rip it out of my body and get rid of it. She is getting someone else.

TADA! Lemme know what you thinkkk! And now for some shameless plugging, check out my other ZaYa stories if you want:

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Sorry for the lateness my lovelies! My bf kidnapped me for a day of fun and took away my laptop. *cries*. Anyways! This part is a wee-bit different from the other two. It's nauseatingly sweet tbh. I wasn't planning on doing sweet, but *shrugs*. I hope you like it. Do let me know what you think! On to the last part!

Part 3

Aaliya gasped for air as the notes came to an end, there was nothing past the day of the party. She felt the tears streaming down her face as she looked at Zain laying on the hospital bed all because of her. He did love her after all, she was so wrong. All that time she wasted pining for him seemed like a waste...if she'd just listened to him. If she picked up his phone calls, and actually read his messages and emails before deleting them. If she'd actually -


"Aaliya?" Barkat's voice came from the door. Aaliya looked up to see her standing at the door. She was in her pajamas, her car keys in her hand, she'd obviously driven here in the middle of the night for some reason. "Are you okay?" Barkat asked noticing that Aaliya was crying.


Aaliya nodded and gave Barkat a sad smile as she came down to sit by her. "I- he-." Aaliya started to say but the words refused to form.


"He loves you." Barkat said for her, seeing the phone in her hands.


"I- I thought he would just feel guilty about what happened Bak-Bak, that he'd only miss his best friend...but..."


"You know, I had a best friend in middle school once. She moved away and we lost touch, but I didn't spend eight years pining for her, I was sad for the first few months but life moved on. I found new friends." She took Aaliya's hand in hers then. "But you and Bhaiyoo, you were never just friends Aaliya and it was painfully obvious to everyone but him. You guys spent all day together, Bhaiyoo would flip if anyone said anything about you, he was so protective of you and the way you guys acted towards each other-." Barkat took a breath before she continued. "Bhaiyoo, actually most guys, don't understand their feelings as well as we do. Maybe he would have realized his feelings sooner or later if you hadn't left...but now you know that he loves you Aaliya, and that no amount of time or temptation is going to drive him away from you. He's always going to want you Aaliya because he loves you, he knows he can't live without you." Barkat squeezed Aaliya's hand lightly, reassuringly.


"When did you get so smart Bak-Bak?" Aaliya sniffled and pulled her into a side hug.


"Someone had to get the smart genes in the family, and it definitely wasn't Fahad Bhaiyoo or Zain." She giggled causing Aaliya to smile through her tears.


"He's gonna be okay right?" Aaliya asked.


"Hmmm, you should talk to him." Barkat smiled. "I thought you may need to hear this after Fahad Bhaiyoo told me that he gave you the phone."


"I am so stupid. I should have called you - or someone, or I should have listened to Aayat when she started talking about him but I didn't-  UGH." Aaliya cried.


"Hey, it's okay. Everything happens for a reason right?" Barkat said hugging Aaliya. "Now I am going to go before they kick me out, the nurse looked like she was going to eat me alive when I walked in." Barkat said.


"Bak-Bak, thanks, you're the best." Aaliya smiled.


"Oh, you're welcome, Bhabhi." She giggled before kissing her Bhaiyoo's cheek and leaving.


Aaliya smiled turning around to look at Zain again. "You better get up soon Zain Abdullah, we really need to talk." She whispered resting her head on the edge of his bed as she succumbed to sleep.  



July 17, 2017

"Aaliya?" Zain said blinking, he had woken up to find her head resting on the side of his bed. At first he was sure that he was dreaming but he knew that he wouldn't dream of this much pain, his arm was hurting and his head was pounding.


"Zain?" Aaliya shot straight up and stood leaning over the bed. "Are you okay? Does something hurt? Should I call the doctor?" She asked wide-eyed as she frantically searched his face for any traces of discomfort.


"I am fine but how am I here?" He asked looking around the room, to say he was confused would be an understatement.


"Uh...your car hit a truck head on." Aaliya whispered.


"Oh..." He said still thinking. It took him another minute to remember and Aaliya knew as soon as he recalled it because he let out a louder "OHHH."


"You idiot! People don't drive that fast in the rain. I swear, when are you going to learn Zain? I am just glad your car isn't wrapped around a tree somewhere."


"Most people don't yell at injured people either Aaliya." He said back causing her to blush.


"Sorry." She said sheepishly. "I guess old habits die hard."


"Uh- where's everyone else?" Zain asked looking around the room, shocked that Aaliya was talking to him. She was starting to sound a lot like old Aaliya and it was throwing him off.


"Oh, they went home for the night. The doctor said that only one person could stay here." She said, Zain's eyes widened with shock.


"Uh, you stayed back?" He almost whispered, confused out of his mind.


"Obviously! Why wouldn't-" Aaliya shut her trap when she realized why he was confused, she was probably sending him mixed signals. "About what I said yesterday-"


"Don't worry about it, I am sorry. I won't bother you anymore as long as you talk to me." He smiled sadly.




"Ah! He's awake!" A nurse said walking into the room. "How are you feeling?" She asked grabbing the clipboard that was resting beside the cardiac monitor.


"Okay, just a little tired and my arm hurts." Zain said looking at the nurse.


"That's normal. Here, let me put the bed up so you can sit, it might help with the pain." She said hitting the button on the side of the hospital bed, the top of the bed slowly lifted, bringing Zain with it until he was in a semi-upright position.


"Hmm, everything looks normal." She said checking the levels on the machines. "I guess I'll get you some painkillers and we'll be monitoring you for a few more hours." She said to him before she turned around to face Aaliya. "Oh darling! You look like you haven't slept all night. Come along with me and get yourself something to eat, I assure you we'll take full care of your man here." She smiled.


"I-uh, can I have a minute?" She asked the nurse.


"Sure hon." The nurse smiled before walking out.


Aaliya turned towards Zain. "Uh, what I meant was...before I was interrupted. About what I said yesterday - I didn't mean it." She said.


"Huh?" Zain asked confused. "I think they messed with my brain or something, because nothing you say makes sense to me."


"They didn't, I am just being confusing. Uh, I lied...about the not loving you anymore part." She said looking at him, she watched as his eyes widened with shock.


"I-uh, do you?" He asked.


"Do I what?"




"Oh he's awake!" Another nurse came waltzing into the room. "Oh dear, does Neena already know?" She asked looking at Aaliya, who nodded.


"She just came in a moment ago actually." Aaliya informed her.


"Oh, all right, I'll let the doctor know then." She smiled before leaving the room.


"Uh, right, where were we?" Aaliya asked looking at a confused Zain.


"I was asking if you still-"


"Love you?" Aaliya asked, he nodded.


"OH, he is finally awake." Another nurse waltzed into the room.




"Aaliya!" Zain laughed. "Owww, it hurts to laugh." He groaned but continued laughing.


"I am glad you find this funny idiot." Aaliya snapped at him.


"Is it that time of the month again?" Zain teased.


"Shut up!" Aaliya screamed.


"Okay, sorry sorry! Continue before another nurse bursts in." He smirked.


"Where were we?" Aaliya aske again.


"Did you develop short term memory loss or something?" Zain asked.


"Shut up Kitkit."


"Do you still love me?" He asked seriously.


Aaliya took a deep breath. "I never stopped." She said looking at him. Zain let out a loud breath as he shuddered.


"Seriously?" He asked surprised.


"I love you Zain." She whispered grabbing his hand and sitting on the edge of his bed.


"Oh god." He said. "I love you too." He laughed tearing up.


"I know." She smiled, the tears forming in her eyes too. She laughed at the confused look on his face. He was wondering why she made a complete 180 turn all of a sudden. "Uh...your diary." She said pointing towards his phone that was lying on the table beside the bed.


"Oh..." He said.


"Are you mad?" She asked.


"Not at all. You should tell me you love me again, just in case I am unconsciously mad and don't know about it yet."


"I love you, you dork." She laughed.


"Good. I love you too. Now, can you lean in and kiss me? I can't move right now without screaming of pain. And I really want to kiss you right now." He pouted causing Aaliya to laugh. She leaned closer to him and held his face in her hands, caressing his cheek.


"Does this hurt?" She asked swiping her fingers over the little cut on his cheek.


"Not when you look at me like that." He whispered.


Aaliya giggled before moving closer and pressing her lips to the cut. "I love you." She whispered.


"I think there is a cut on my other cheek too." He said causing her to smile and kiss the other cheek. "And my forehead, it's obviously bandaged." He said smiling, she pressed her lips against his forehead.


"What else hurts?" She asked.


"Everything." He said. "Everything hurts."


Aaliya smiled and placed a kiss on his nose and then pulled back a little and stared at him. He was smiling showing off that crooked grin she loved so much. "I love you." She whispered before pressing her lips against his. Aaliya sighed as his soft lips moved against hers, slowly, almost as if he was making sure that she was really there. Her hands make their way into his hair where she lightly tugged, something she'd always wanted to do. She pulled back smiling.


"I wasn't done kissing you yet." He groaned when she pulled away. She coughed and pointed towards the door where the grinning nurse was standing. Zain blushed, not even having heard the door open.


"Well, if y'all are done being cute and scaring my staff, can I give him his pain meds?" She smiled at them. Aaliya blushed and stood up and sat back on the plastic chair. "Honey, you may want to call the family and let them know, maybe get some food? The doctor's going to do a quick check-up on him."


Aaliya nodded before she waved at Zain.


"But I want to talk-."


"You can talk to her later." The nurse laughed before Aaliya left the room. She made a quick call to the Abdullahs ensuring them that they could take their time and make their way here, Zain was absolutely fine before she practically inhaled a grilled cheese sandwich and made her way back to Zain's room.


He was laying down on the bed but perked up when he heard the door open. "Hi." He smiled scooting over on the bed to make room.


"What are you doing?" She asked, afraid that he would hurt himself.


"Just making some room for you." He said patting the space next to him. He held out his arm and smiled when she tucked herself into his side, her head resting in the crook of his neck. It felt absolutely perfect to him, she still fit against him perfectly. He closed his eyes and pressed his lips to her hair, his chest constricting. "I missed this." He said.


"Me too." She whispered, there was nothing that felt better than being wrapped up in his arms. She couldn't help but notice how easily things seemed to be going back to the way they were before, there was no discomfort, no awkwardness. 


"I am sorry." He said.


"For what?" She asked placing her hand over his heart, she smiled when she felt that it thumped faster than it should be.


"For being a total idiot and not realizing that I loved you sooner. For these eight years that we both probably spent being miserable." He whispered.


"I am not any better, if I had just listened to you...So, I am sorry too. I guess we can both conclude that we are total idiots." She smiled.


"Hm, I guess so. Perfect match." He laughed. "Where did you disappear off to by the way? I was so sure you went to Harvard but you weren't registered there." He asked.


She smiled. "Because I knew that was the first place you'd look. I did Pre-Law at Columbia and then law school at Harvard. But you know what really surprised me? The Zain Abdullah went to Oxford and got his MBA"


"Your astonishment wounds my ego." He said playing with her hair, it was softer than he remembered it being.


"I am so proud of you!" She gushed. 


"Uh...studying kept my mind off things." He said.


"I know." She smiled sadly remembering the words from his diary.


"I had a question." He said after a few moments of comfortable silence.


"What?" She asked.


" you like him or...?"


"Uh, no. Abbu thought it was time I get I said yes because I didn't expect that you would..."


"Good. I don't like him, at all. He doesn't even know what you like." Zain sounded appalled causing Aaliya to laugh and move away from him to look at his face.  "And his nose is really big."


"I think we've established that no one knows me better than you." She laughed. "And the, well, I agree."


"Damn right." He said looking at her. "Jokes apart. I've realized a few things in the past few years."


"And?" Aaliya asked.


"I definitely can't live without you, you crazy girl. And we really need to talk more, so promise me that we won't hide anything from each other ever again." He said.


"I promise." Aaliya replied.


"Good, now can you kiss me again? Because I've realized that I really like doing that. " He whispered causing her to smile. She leaned up and kissed him again. Aaliya smiled when she felt his warm breath washing over her mouth as he opened his, his warm tongue sliding along her lower lip causing her to moan. His good hand, which was under her, found it's way to the small of her back, where he flattened it against her to pull her into his body. His tongue danced along her bottom lip before finding it's way into her mouth and tangling with hers. Their tongues moved against each other until Aaliya pulled back hearing someone clear their throat.


The two of them turned towards the door to see all the Abdullahs along with the Haiders. Surraya and Shabana were beaming at each other and then back at the sight in front of them. Usman Abdullah smirked while Aaliya's dad gaped. Aayat, Barkat, Fahad and Nafeesa were all laughing.


"Uh-I- Hi?" Zain smiled at them. "I love Aaliya. And she loves me. We will get married one day." He announced to the room as if he'd just won the lottery.


"What? You didn't even ask me about the wedding thing! You can't just say that." Aaliya said looking at him.


"Well, were you going to say no?" He asked her with a 'are you for real' look on his face.


"No but-"


"Dude, chill, I didn't ask you to marry me yet, I am just saying that it will day. I am not an idiot that's not going to ask you properly."


"Okay then." Aaliya smiled.


"I guess I'll call Zeeshan's parents and call the engagement off." Shabana smiled high-fiving Surraya.


"I knew they would come around." Surraya beamed.


"Huh?" Aaliya asked sitting up in the bed confused. She tried to move Zain's hand from around her but he wouldn't budge.


"Do you really think we're blind or stupid?" Shabana asked her daughter. "We figured out what happened long ago."


"Why do you think your engagement was announced'? That usually doesn't happen does it?" Surraya laughed.


"And why did you think I sent Zain with you everywhere?" Shabana asked.


"Our kids are so dense sometimes." Surraya laughed. "Did you really think that we wouldn't notice that you loved him Aaliya? And do you really think we wouldn't understand why this stupid child acted like his life was over after you left. We were just as shocked when you agreed to the wedding, we thought you wouldn't. And then we thought that this child here would make a huge deal and object. But you two didn't. We were getting scared here for a moment."


"Uh- so you aren't mad?" Aaliya asked surprised.


"Mad?" Usman laughed. "Try ecstatic!"


"We always thought that the two of you would end up together, we have no qualms." Ghulam added. "As long as you are happy." He said noticing that Aaliya's eyes actually lit up when she smiled now.


"This is way too easy, isn't there supposed to some kind of problem. And then at the end your dad is supposed to come around and let you marry me? And then we're supposed to run away on a train and live happily ever after forgetting all the drama?" Zain asked. "Stupid movies."


"I think he's fine." Fahad laughed.




December 13, 2018 - 1.5 Years Later


"Ahhh!" Aaliya yelled as she felt a hand grab hers and pull her into a room, she was walking by with a platter of rose petals in her hand, they flew up in the air and the platter hit the floor with a loud thud.


"Any louder Aaliya." Zain hissed as he pressed her up against the door.


"What are you doing? You aren't supposed to see me until the Nikaah tomorrow. Zain! This is considered bad luck." She hissed trying to push him away. He just smirked, and pushed closer to her until he was flush against her.


"But I miss you." He pouted and then nuzzled her neck.


"Zainnn." Aaliya groaned when he bit her neck. "I am going to kill you if you give me a hickey. I am still trying to live down the embarrassment of last time." She quipped. Zain blushed sheepishly and smiled at her.


"You have a very sexy neck." He said as if it explained everything.


"Let me go." She said.


He shook his head no before he closed the distance between them and kissed her. All her arguments washed down the drain as his lips made love to hers, her hands found purchase in his hair and his wrapped around her waist pulling her as close as possible. She pulled away slightly and his lips trailed down her neck.


"Mhmm, Zain. Stop." She gasped causing him to groan, he complied and loosened his hold on her.


"I love you." He whispered against her lips.


"I love you too." She whispered back.


"I can't wait to marry you." He said.


"I can't believe this is happening."


"It is. By this time tomorrow you're going to be Mrs. Aaliya Zain Abdullah." He whispered.


"Hmmm. I like the sound of that." She said pecking his lips.


"I do too." He smirked.


"Now I have to go before the whole house comes looking for me." She sighed.


"I really don't think they care." He pointed out.


"Yeah, but Badi Phuphi and Nani care, they'll make a huge deal out of it." She said.


"This sucks, what if I can't go to sleep and I really want to talk to you tonight?" He asked.

"Badi Phuphi and Nani don't know about FaceTime." Aaliya winked at him before sticking her head out the door to check if anyone was around. She literally ran down the hall to her room where Barkat and Aayat were sitting. They both smirked when they saw her.


"Bhabi, you look like you've been thoroughly kissed." Barkat laughed looking at her swollen lips. "I swear you two are insatiable."


"Shut up." Aaliya retorted trying to hide her blushing face.


"Zain! The sherwani is here, try it on." Surraya said knocking on Zain's door across the hall.


"Again?" Zain groaned opening the door.


"It has to fit perfectly Beta." She said walking into the room followed by Shabana, the latter took one look at Zain and burst out laughing.


"Seriously Zain, if you two are going to sneak around like this at least wipe off the lipstick off your face. Badi Phuphi and all the other women are going to be scandalized!" Surraya exclaimed shoving the sherwani towards her blushing son.



June 16, 2019

"FREEZE!" Zain yelled from behind Aaliya. "Don't move and drop the gun."


Aaliya froze, her eyes wide and her heart thumping until she realized how stupid this was. She was holding a friking water gun, not a pistol. She whipped around and smiled at Zain before pressing the trigger repeatedly.


"AALIYA!" Zain screamed.


"You scream like a girl." She laughed still shooting at him.


"I do not." He claimed as the gun started making a wheezing sound. "HA!" He said realizing her water gun was out of water. She was a step ahead of him though and broke out into a run before he could begin shooting.


"You can run but you can't hide!" Zain sang chasing after her.


"Zain! You don't want to spray your poor wife right? What if I fall and hurt myself?" She yelled running in front of him as he sprayed her with water.


"You should have thought of that before challenging me to a water fight Wifey!" He said running into the yard where Saif and Sara were chasing Aaru with their water guns.


"GO CHAHCHUUU!" Saif cheered.


"RUN CHACHI!" Aaru screamed at Aaliya as she ducked around the house and ran into the kitchen.


"Chachu." Sara yelled stepping in front of Zain causing him to skid to a stop. "Can I have your gun pwease?" She smiled innocently. "PWEASEEE?"


Zain groaned and handed her the water gun before running after Aaliya. She was standing behind the table waiting for him.


"Where's your gun?" She laughed.


"I don't need it." He smirked before jumping onto the table and onto the other side.


"ZAIN!" Aaliya screamed as his arms wrapped around her waist, he pulled her flush against him getting the front of her t-shirt wet.


"Payback suckerrr!" He laughed picking her up and putting her on the edge of the table. "You know we never got around to christening the table." He smirked stepping in between her legs before he attacked her lips with his. She smiled and grabbed the back of his head and fisted a handful of his hair.


"Hmm, Zain, someone might..." She groaned when he pushed her back until she was flat on the table, he slid his hand under her shirt and leaned over her, bringing his lips back to hers.


"Zainnn!" She gasped pushing him away.


"You're killing me. You really need to stop-" He started to say before he heard giggles from behind him. He looked to the side and sure enough, there were three little kids standing to the side of the room laughing. Zain stepped away from Aaliya, almost tripping over his own feet. Aaliya got up and smoothened her hair.


"I am going to teww Dadi!" Aaru exclaimed running out of the house.


"Sara!" Zain and Aaliya yelled running after her. Zain grabbed her and picked her up.


"You can't!" Zain exclaimed.


"Why? Dadi says it's not nice to pway on the tabwe. I teww her."


Aaru and Saif laughed mischievously staring between Aaliya and Zain.


"What do you want?" Zain sighed knowing that the older two were going to take advantage of this situation.


"ICE CREAM!" They yelled.


"COOKIES!" Sara added.


"Got it. But you can't tell anyone what you saw, okay?" Aaliya told them, they all nodded. "Now go get dressed and we can go." She said.


"Did we just get blackmailed by kids?" Zain asked as the kids bounded down the hall.


"Yeppp." Aaliya said looking at her husband and laughing.



September 10 2022 


"Why is he here?" Zain glared at the little boy in front of him.


"Because he is our daughter's best friend." Aaliya said looking at her husband and then at her two year old daughter, Zaya.


"She isn't allowed to be friends with boys." Zain exclaimed. "Why did no one tell me? Princess! I thought I told you boys are yucky!" He said picking Zaya up.


"No dadddy." She pouted. "Can I pway with him, pweaseee? He nice."


"I hate you for teaching her how to pout." Zain said looking at Aaliya before sighing and putting Zaya down. He crouched down on his knees and glared at the boy. "What's your name?"


"Asif." The boy smiled.


"What are your intentions with my daughter?" Zain glared at him.


"ZAIN!" Aaliya hissed. "He probably doesn't even know what that means, let him be. They're just kids."


"HA! We were just kids once too, look at us now. My daughter is not marrying some guy named Asif." He exclaimed.


"This man is never going to grow up." Aaliya groaned crouching down next to her husband. "Go play." She smiled pushing Zaya and Asif along towards where Nafeesa was sitting with Sara and Saif.


"HEY! I wasn't done interrogating him." Zain exclaimed standing up. "I don't trust that boy. He looks evil."


"You think all little boys look evil." Aaliya said stepping in front of him and wrapping her arms around his neck.


"Well they are." Zain mumbled pouting.


"Awww my poor baby. Why don't we take advantage of this situation?" Aaliya whispered smiling.


"Advantage?" Zain said arching his eyebrow.


"Hmm. Nafeesa Bhabhi and Barkat are watching the kids, we could sneak off..." She said coyly.


"And do what exactly?" Zain said back wrapping his arms around her waist.


"We could practice how we would make Zaya a little brother...I think a few months of practice would make a really pretty baby." She smiled.


"f**k, I love you." Zain groaned before picking her up.


"ZAIN!" Aaliya laughed.


"BYE BHAIYOO! BYE BHABI!" Barkat yelled from across the yard laughing. 

TADA! Cheesy galore? I think we can all conclude that they lived happily ever after! Thank you for all your amazing comments, you guys make me smile so much. So thank you thank you thank you. 

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Damn this was beautifully written
i love the concept
excited to read the next 2 parts
plz do pm :)
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Posted: 2014-06-16T11:59:36Z
Resresresresres Big smile LOL
I love ur Au's. And i liked how they were besties.
and how she fell for him. And zain being a typical boy,did not realise.
I really like tera backflash technique. It is really refreshing to read :-P
Waitimg for part2 nd 3..knowing u,u wont take long :-P
But if only they could see how imperfect her seemingly perfect life was.
i liked this line a lottt. I dont why,but i did. Keep giving us awesome updates.
as usual,update soon.
Pm me and thanks fr the pm.
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Loved it!
Do continue soon :)
Thanks for the PM!
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This is amazing! Looking foward to the next updates! :)
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Loved it completely . The pain through which aaliya is going through is really heart wrenching . plz update soon and do pm me
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