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Hello everyone! Again writing a story LOL You can decide whether to tolerate or not after reading the first part. Incase you want to tolerate it, i would like to make it clear that i wont be able to update it regularly, may be Ouch. But i will try harder not to mess the story. LOL Since, in the story, Priya is made to believe that Ram is the reason of all her sorrows n her enemy but Priya still falls for him,and Ram to considers her as his enemy after falling in love with her, so  i decided to name it "Falling in Love with Enemy".  Enough of my blabbering, now straight to first part.

                                             CHAPTER ONE
A lady was busy working in her cabin and a man dressed in casuals was gazing her.
"yeh aaj office mai kya kar rahi hai?", he enters her cabin.
"tum office mai kya kar rahi ho?", the man questions, almost startling her.
She was afraid with sudden presence of a person, "si...sir aap! You scared me"
The man complains, "again Sir? How many times should i say you Priya not to..."
"address you as sir", Priya completes the sentence, "sorry no more sir only Vikram, happy now"
Vikram smiles: yes...tum office mai kya kar rahi ho?
Priya: kal meeting hai na toh saare documents review kar rahi thi
Vikram: aaj sunday hai aur sunday mere staff ka off hota hai
Priya: i know but
Vikram: i am dropping you at your home right now
Without wasting a moment, Vikram drags Priya out of the office, makes her sit in the car.
In the car:
Priya: Vikram mai ghar par kya karungi, bore hojaungi
Vikram: sunday relax karne k liye hota hai toh movie dekho, shopping karo, if you want i can give company to you
Priya smiles: if your girlfriend will knew it, she'll kill us
Vikram chuckles n looks at Priya, and finds a file in Priya's hand.
Vikram: you managed to bring that file?
Priya bits her lower lip, "sorry, wo..."
"kuch din baad tumhari shaadi hai aur tumhe kam ki padi hai", Vikram snatches the file.
Priya didn't protested but the mention of her marriage makes her gloomy.
"kab aaraha hai Aakash?", Vikram questions.
Priya meekly: after 20 days
Vikram smiles: i am happy for you
Priya smiles back faintly.
Vikram drops Priya at her place, on Priya's insistence he goes inside her home. Priya offers him lunch but he settles for a glass of water and then starts for his destination.
Priya has been working for Vikram since 8 months. Vikram observed that she always keeps herself busy in work, she hardly talks to anyone rather no one. Somehow Vikram was successful in befriending her n since then two of them are good friends. Vikram knows hardly anything about Priya, he tried once to know but Priya didnt shared anything, he respected her decision n never asked her again.
Priya freshens up, makes strong coffee for herself n starts penning down her diary.
"aaj phir Vikram ne yaad dilaya k kuch din baad meri shaadi hone wali hai... Akash se! school friend, wo mujhse isliye shaadi kar raha hai kyunki wo mujhse pyar karta hai aur mai shayad isliye k apna pyar bhula saku...kya mai usey kabhi bhula paongi? Shayad Akash se shaadi kar kar mai kabhi khush na rahu par mujhe is baat ka yakeen hai k wo kabhi meri aankhon mai aansu aane nahi dega"

Priya takes a sip of her coffee, a smile plays on her lips as she remembers something "Priya tum itni kadwi coffee kaise peeti ho? Kabhi cheeni dal kar piyo, u'll love it"
Priya brings some sugar, adds it in her coffee n relishes it.
She takes out a photo from her diary n keeps staring at it.

So this was the first part, let me know how much you liked it. I know it was small(manage karlo na LOL) n not that good so give your positive/negative feedback but honestly. I hv not yet thought of the reason behind Priya's enimosity towards Ram, so let me know should i think or preserve my brain LOL 











PART 10:

PART 11:

PART 12:

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Superb Start Smile
I like Priya & Vikram bonding
Continue soon Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2014-06-16T00:04:11Z
Superb start n now want to read more about this ss wats the reason behind the priyas sadness n how they fall in love waiting for it n pls continue soon
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Posted: 2014-06-16T00:15:23Z
Continue soon
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Posted: 2014-06-16T00:52:19Z
Super awesome start!!!
Love it
Continue soon!!!
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Posted: 2014-06-16T01:21:12Z
Different concept of story yet interesting
good intro of characters
looking forward for next part
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Posted: 2014-06-16T01:57:25Z
Super start.. Priya and Vikram friend 

waiting and pm yar plzzz 
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Posted: 2014-06-16T02:06:53Z
please continue..
nice start...

PM me please
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