PrAja OS: Humko Maloom Hai Ishq Masoom Hai

Posted: 5 years ago
Hello shello lovely people.Cool Celu is back with another bakwaas OSTongue. I had posted it in the AT earlier this day but on my judwa behna Jesu's request I'm posting it separately in the forum.EmbarrassedBig smile Otherwise I am really not too willing for getting beaten up with jootas and chappals.TongueLOL(For those who have already read this in the AT you all can, if you wish, read it once again as I have changed it a little, actually a little more than only a little).
First of all I'd like to warn you. This story is my insane and crap imaginationDead. If you FIND ANYTHING WEIRD AND STUPID, bear it pleaseDead. So here is the crap OS:

A: Pratap, humein shama kijiyega. Woh hum kal nahin aa paye.
P:Jaiye nahin karte hum aapko shama.
A:Pratap, ab aap hi bataiye, hum kya karte? Raani maa ko hum se kuch aavashyak kaam tha. Hum unki baat kaise taal te?
P: Aur humari baat ka kya Ajabde? Humein kitna man kar raha tha ki kal hum aapke saath sair par jaayenge bahar. Aur kal ka mausam bhi kitna suhana, tha..
A: Woh Pra..
P:Aur aapko pata hai, hum inn raajneetik vishyon se bhi tang aa chuke the.Kaise inn videshiyon se humari matri bhoomi ko azad kiya jaaye, yeh sochte, vichar-paramarsh karne ke chalte, hume aap ke saath thori der waqt bitane ka mauka hi nahin milta hai. Hum to bass apna mann halka karne ke liye kuch shan aapke saath samay bitana chahte the.
A:Humein shama kar dijiye na Pratap. Hum bhi to apne pati ke saath kuch waqt bitana chahte the, par, aap jaante hai na? Rani Maa ko bohot bura lagta yadi hum unki baat na maante.
P:Aur humara kya? Humein bhi to bura laga.
Saying this Pratap angrily turns his face away from her and goes and stands near the window.
Ajabde smiles at his childishness but feels bad for she made him sad.
A:Humein maaf kar dijiye na Pratap (says while going to him and hugging him from the back.)
P:Aaj hum aapko itni asaani se maaf nahin karenge. Aap humesha humein mana leti hai na,, meethi meethi baatein kar ke? Par aaj hum itni asaani se aapko shama nahin karenge.
Ajabde thinks that she has to do something to make him forget his anger and forgive her. How was she supposed to live seeing her dear hubby Pratap angry with her.Something comes to her mind and she smiles mischievously to herself.
A(thinks to herself): Aapko to hum mana hi lenge Pratap. Kitni reh paayenge aap apne Ajab par krodhit?
(I am writing whatever is coming to my mind. Please people don't take it seriously, i mean joote chappal mat maarna)
It was evening. Pratap came to his room after a good 2 hour sword practice. He was really tired and wanted to see Ajab once. He badly wanted to place his head on her lap and let her caress his head and face like she does every time he is tired, stressed or sad. But he didn't want to forgive her so easily. This time he will make sure she doesn't do this from next time.
He opened the door of his room only to find it dark.
P:Yeh kya, Ajabde ne humare kasha mein diye nahin jalayein? Humne unhe shama nahin kiya isliye woh dukhi ho gayi kya? Nahin nahin aisa nahin hai. Aur phir dasiyon ko to jalana chaiya tha na humare kaksh mein diye.
He went inside the room with help of the light coming from the door. Suddenly the door started closing and by now it had closed fully.
The room was really dark now, only the very little amount of light came from the window as the sun has already set.
P:Yeh darwaaza, yeh kaise bandh ho gaya.
He was about to go to open the door when he heard sound of payals and turned around. He could see fire being lit in the diya. Slowly the face of the one lighting the diya was revealed.
Pratap was mesmerized by her beauty. He didn't knew how she managed to look that much gorgeous, beautiful, serene and angelic at the same time! Now how was he going to be angry on at as he had planned, seeing her that beautiful and innocent face.
Yes, it was Ajabde.
Ajabde lit the diya. Her pretty face looked more beautiful in the light of the flame. She smiled looking at him, who was staring at her intently. She then moved took the diya and moved towards the other corner of the room to light the other diyas. The sound of her payals echoed in the room. The weather was very pleasant with cool breeze coming from the window making the atmosphere romantic. And with the sound of the payals it made the aura of the room a little creepy.
Ajabde was knowingly moving slowly, making Pratap's anger melt.
Pratap was just staring at his beautiful wifey. His eyes followed her wherever she moved. She was looking breath taking that evening.
Soon the room was lit up with diyas, but she had not lit all of them.There was only a liitle much of light making a romantic atmosphere.
Pratap could now see Ajabde clearly. She was dressed in that lehenga which was his first gift to her after their wedding. She had wore it only once. Her beutiful hair cascaded down her pretty face. She had put on a light make up with the jeweleries which Pratap had gifted her.
Pratap was just unable to move his eyes from her. A blush crept Ajabde's cheeks. She looked at his eyes which were filled with love.
She neared towards him and stood in front of him.

Pratap's hand slid around her waist and pulled her petite body close to her. And stared at her face. Ajabde was blushing heavily with her face down. Slowly she lifted her face up and their eyes met again. She knew it. She knew it that her Pratap can't be angry on her for long. But she knew this too that she should not have did that to him but she couldn't let down her Raani Ma.
Ajabde cirled her hands around his neck and said
A: Pratap humein shama kar dijiye. Satya kehte hai hum. Aage se hum aisa nahin karenge.
P:To aapko lag raha hai hum aapko itni jaldi shama kar denge.
A: Ab hum shama to maang rahein hai na! Ajabde said cutely with a super cute pout on her face.Pratap admired his cute wife silently.
P: Jaiye, nahin karte hai hum aapko shama.
He thought of playing with her a little more. He truned his face away from her.
Ajabde was really dissapointed by that. She thought that he had forgiven her. But looks like someone  was really hurt this time.Suddenly an idea struck her.
(Ok now this is just my stupid imagination, Please, sare tamator aur ande mat phekna)
A: Humko maloom hai,
    Ishq masoom hai...
Pratap turned around listening her melodious voice. He was surprised to listen her singing all of a sudden. Then what followed, made it harder for him to be angry on her.
Ajabde continued  singing, while coming towards slowly, going aroun him caressing his face and shoulders with her soft hands.
A: Dil se ho jaati hai galatiyaan.
She now came in front of him and put her hands around his neck once again
A:Sabrr se ishq mehroom hai.
Pratap was totally amazed by this. He wasn't expecting her to sing such a cute song for him.
Ajabde then held his hand and took him to the middle of the room. The room was beautifully decorated with flowers and rose petals. The beautiful fragrance just complimented the beautiful surroundings.
Ajabde took his hands in hers and held it close to her heart.
A:Humko maloom hai,Ishq masoom hai
Dil se ho jaati hai galatiyaan
Singing this lines she moves gets on toes and places a soft kiss on his right cheek. Then taking a look at his totally shocked as well as surprised face places another gently kiss on his left cheek.After that she leaned forward her and pecked his lips gently. The sensation made her shiver.
Pratap wasn't expecting a kiss from her. When she kissed his cheeks he was really surprised but when she pecked his lips, he literally felt as if he had frozen in his place. It was their first KISS. He found himself the luckiest person in the world to have Ajabde with him.
Ajabde unable to hide her blush anymore, hugs him tightly.
Pratap also hugs her very tightly, almost crushing her petite body. Ajabde was feeling very happy and safe in those strong arms of his. Every time she hugged him, she felt as if it was their first hug. She was thankful to god for giving her such a loving husband. She thought she must have done something very good, for which she got Pratap, the person whom she loves the most in this world and so does he, as her life partner.
Pratap was feeling the same. He felt as if he could hold her and hug her like this for eternity. He was hugging her so tightly yet so gently as if if he releases her, she'd go away.
And he was thinking of staying angry at her. It was tougher than impossible.
P:Sabrr se ishq mehroom hai.
Pratap sang the line which she had left. Ajabde was touched by it. She raised her head and looked at him with tears of happiness in her eyes. Pratap gave a small nod to assure her that she was forgiven.
Ajabde hugged him again this time more happy and more tightly. She wanted this moment to never end. She sent a silent prayer to god, praying to keep them together forever, whatever happens.
And that was the end of that blissful evening.

Ok. I'm finished. Joota, chappal, sare tamator, ande, kankar, pathhar, jo maarna hai maaro, bass comment zarur karna. I won't say this line of mine that "Hope you all have liked it" because I have no hope of having this bakwaas OS of mine liked. LOLLOL
Please please please lovely people, DO NOT FORGET to drop you lovely as well as critisizm bhara COMMENTS. And lastly thank you everybody, for bearing this nonsense. LOLBig smile

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Posted: 5 years ago
Beautiful celu ..
Keep writing
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Posted: 5 years ago
Lovely OS Celu Embarrassed
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Posted: 5 years ago
Aw..cute OS! Celu! Miss you!Hug
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Posted: 5 years ago
Awesome celu loved it, cute :) ^^
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Posted: 5 years ago
Celu.. Blushing thank u for posting me bachcha! Hug
ab kya bolun main? Blushing back hug,kiss and all moments ..Blushing
totally loved it..HugHug keep writing Tum,Hum wil be wiating! HeartDay Dreaming
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Posted: 5 years ago
Nicely written, as always.Wink
Very well done, with lucid description of the surrounding.Blushing

One Small Mistake: The song contains Urdu words like Isq, Masoom, galti, dil, etc.Embarrassed

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Posted: 5 years ago
It's AMAZING as per usual!!
You write so well!! You made my day, such cute praja scene I couldn't help blush while reading them Embarrassed Please write more storoes on praja. I absolutely love reading your work Smile
And thanks for the pm
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