#RaYa OS :Mrs.Kapoor reads Mr.Kapoor's diary..."Guilty as charged

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Hello People!

Hope all of you are doing well. Smile

Well, have tried writing something after a long time...just a general thought floating in my mind post the episode on Wednesday or Thursday...no wednesday I guess. Confused

We saw Ram writing something in his diary the other day...now its unfair na to not let Priya read it? LOL

So this is just an imagination as to what would Priya get to read in the diary. Its very random okay so don't expect too much...LOL LOL

Read along and tell me :)


Guilty as charged...

"Mr. Kapoor", Priya called out once again and peered through the door to Ram's study only to find it empty.

Arre, kaha chale gaye, abhi to yahi the, aur agar kahi jaate bhi to batake jaate na mujhe', Priya murmured to herself as she walked past glimpsing through the many doors that led to Pihu, Sidhanth and Khush's  rooms .

She looked confused and thought to check for him in their room else she'd call him on his mobile.

"Mr. Kapooor", she called out again but there was no answer nor there was any noise coming in from the washroom.

She turned to leave the room but stopped suddenly and slowly turned around again to find Ram's diary open on the study table near the window. There was a pen kept carefully in between the open pages, and the pages fluttered as the wind blew in through the open window. She stepped into the room again and slowly walked to the table and searched for him around. As she edged closer she saw words written on it in Ram's neat handwriting.

So he finally finish writing', she smiled and said to herself as she stretched her hand forward to pick the diary up but stopped midway overcome by guilt and said, Nahi...nahi...I shouldn't read his personal diary'. She gingerly picked the diary to close it but her eyes read, Priya multiple times on the page and curiosity then stopped her from closing the book.

Her index finger still in between the pages, she smiled at the thought of being written about so lovingly by her husband. She contemplated for a minute and finally gave in to her curiosity stating loudly to herself, after all it's about me and am his lawful wife, so nothing wrong in reading it and he can always read mine, if he wishes to, not that I will force'.  

She chuckled as she imagined his shocked expressions on learning that she read his diary on the sly. Pulling the chair back she settled down on it delicately and turned the page to read it from the beginning of the current entry.


Date: 11th June, 2014


So finally Ram Kapoor, the unbeatable business tycoon as people say so, finally beats his fate and is back to his family after all the long drama. It feels so good to be back home, back to my family, my children, Vikram and Neha and my extended family, the Kapoor Industries.

And diary, before you wonder or think or ask about Priya...(thank god you can do none of these else all that I write to you secretly would have reached Mrs. Kapoor instantly. And she, who can make even a dead stone speak up, can indefinitely make you spill the beans by just flashing her mesmerizing smile and well...it works on everyone...I mean EVERYONE! )

So coming back to PRIYA...Priya...what do I say? Umm...You know people call our planet E-A-R-T-H... I call it P-R-I-Y-A. These five letters complete my world! :)

Yes, she is my universe, my very breath, my life! So coming back home, to me, means I am back to being alive, back to feeling good, feeling blessed, feeling loved!

Last 43 days 18 hours 33 minutes and 26 seconds without Priya, have been the most difficult for me. Yes, I have literally counted every passing moment. That's also the count of moments when my body only breathed and heart continued to beat but I did not feel alive. Every passing moment I longed to be with her, to listen to her, to just feel her presence besides me. This impossibility led my hopes crushing and the diminishing possibility of me being proved innocent made me more and more dead. 

Though I always thought I loved Priya more than she loved me, I was proven wrong time and again. She loves me more than anyone could, even more than I could ever love myself. That is why even after I gave up hope she didn't.

I now realize what a difficult battle Priya fought for 7 long years to awaken from coma .To her it seems that it was my strong love for her that brought her back to me but I want to believe that it's HER immense love for me that she fought back all odds only to return hale and hearty!

After all she knows, her Mr. Kapoor can't do without her!

Every time we have been distanced by the cruel fate, we have been more and more determined to reunite with more love, more passion and extreme longingness for one another. And I must say, with distance our relationship has just grown stronger and deeper like never before.

Every time I look into her eyes brimming with love, silently saying so much I don't know how to thank my stars for sending her into my life.  

Priya, the only thing I know to do with you is love you!  

I know you will never let me Thank You for all that you have done and more but for certain very special things you have done, the least I can do is mention it here secretly. If only I could rip my heart apart and show how love for you my darling, shines and flows through my veins!

Thank You

- For your unconditional love and primarily teaching me what is love'.

 - For filling up the void in my life with your presence and giving me 3 wonderful children who are just the mini versions of You Priya, so making the count of women I love in my life to 4 :D

- Being the only purpose why I am alive today.

-For the millions of restless moments you spent in my absence, for the lonely sleepless nights, for all the tears you shed alone missing me, for sharing all your apprehensions about me with ME in front of the big picture of ours, for giving constant hope to my children and family and not letting them know, your own fears, for singly fighting against the world for me!

Now knowing you so well, I know you are already reading this (shamelessly) [Priya suddenly laughs] and are teary and going all awww after reading this. Please note that I don't like tears in your eyes.

That's all for now, back later for more.

Love you: )


PS: Priya...umm...Will you get mad if you come to know I got to eat some delicious aloo parathas in jail too?  Well, a very generous lady inspector who supposedly claims to be my fan got me some once...just once, I swear.

I denied but she said she brought them stealthily just for me...so...but trust me you make the best parathas in the whole world darling! :*

Priya shut the book angrily but the minute she turned around her eyes fell on Ram who was leaning against the wall and watching her expressions. She looked away with guilt written all over her face escaping his questioning eyes while a teasing smile played on his lips.

Wo...wo mein", Priya mumbled.

"Reading my personal diary Mrs. Kapoor?" Ram teased.

Overwhelmed with all that she read, Priya ran to Ram and threw her hands around him and hugged him tight. Hiding her face in his chest she said in a low voice, guilty as charged Mr.Kapoor'.

Ram laughed and encircled her to draw her closer to him and said, so ready for the punishment?'

Priya looked up into his eyes and asked curiously, Punishment?'

Ram leaned in to closer to her and kissed her passionately.


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Awww just a beautiful writing pls do write more hayeee Raya n their romance thats y we love them n punishement was superb
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Posted: 2014-06-14T02:19:55Z
Aweee dis is so bful bhumi
U one of my fav writer of rkr I still remember ur stories
This one I loved it so much
Thanks fr this
Do write more
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Posted: 2014-06-14T03:54:36Z
Very well written
their is immnese love in between Mrs.kapoor and Mr.kapoor
Ram love to tease Priya and she is blushes like a new bride everytime
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Posted: 2014-06-14T04:20:09Z
Awesome & Beautiful OS
very well written :)
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Posted: 2014-06-14T04:56:45Z
soo beautiful os
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Posted: 2014-06-14T05:03:41Z
Awesome as usual bhumi.
When it comes to stories you rock.
God bless
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Posted: 2014-06-14T05:05:53Z
Originally posted by Nupur68

Awesome as usual bhumi.
When it comes to stories you rock.
God bless

Haha Thanks Nupur!

How have you been? :)
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