ZaYa OS: Good Morning Princess [18+]

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HELLO! I am back with another one, and it's a bit different from my other stories. So please do let me know what you think. And if you would like PMs for any other future works please add the account "astonm_pm", I am going to post a comment right below the OS.

WARNING: Mature content ahead, so if you aren't comfortable reading about sex...then don't read it okay.

Good Morning Princess

Aaliya yawned opening her eyes to the first rays of the morning sun. It didn't take her long to realize that she was wrapped up against a warm naked body, her face tucked into his neck, his rested on the top of her head and his arms were thrown across her body as their legs lay tangled between the two of them. A tiny grin pulled at the corners of her mouth as her face flushed, the events of the previous night flooding her mind. She conspicuously moved away to look at him, he was sound asleep, a small smile on his face. She turned even redder when she noticed the indentations on his left shoulder blade, they had turned from angry red to a deeper blue already. She hadn't even noticed that she had bit him, she was sure that it happened the third time around though.


"Oh god Aaliya," he groans into her ear as he pushes deeper inside her. She tries to stifle her own noises of pleasure as he fills her. Over and over again. She lets out a loud scream surprising herself when he hits a particular spot. "Right there?" He whispers into her ear, his voice raspy and low. He groans when she nods and moves her hips,  he thrust in at the same angle again causing her to let out a louder scream. "Shhh." He whispers hitting the spot over and over again. She doesn't know what possesses her to do it but she bites the skin between his shoulder and neck hard trying to stifle her screams.


Aaliya was sure that her face was red as a fire truck as the events of the previous night came back to her, especially the events before that moment, the first time around, when he kissed and licked every inch of her body. She had never felt as alive, as worshipped, as beautiful as she had the night before.   


"So beautiful," he murmurs for the tenth time, his thumb strokes her clavicle, causing goosebumps to rise in its wake and sending currents all the way to her toes. She knows her face is red, she isn't used to compliments, and she definitely isn't used to laying naked under her husband as he explores her body for the first time. He touches, he kisses and he licks, memorizing every part of her body and every sound she makes. She sighs when he strokes her stomach, she moans when he sucks on her skin and she groans when he moves against her.


He buries his head into the crook of her neck sucking the delicate skin there wanting to mark her. She gasps when he bites down on it, and moans when he licks the same spot and blows on it. He smirks noticing the tight grip she has on the sheets before moving back to look at his beautiful wife. Her lips swollen from all the kisses, her hair fanned around her on the pillow, her eyes glazed and her face flushed. She looks even more beautiful to him then than she ever does. His hands trail down her arms and he takes her hands in his, lacing his long fingers through hers and squeezes them gently, she sighs and he feels her body relax under him.


"I love you." He whispers slowly bringing her hands over her head before moving back to appreciate the sight in front of him, the position of her hands makes her chest stick out in the most sinful of ways. "So f**king beautiful." He whispers leaning down and placing kisses around her heaving breasts. She aches for him and tries to rub her legs together looking for something but unsure of what exactly.  But he is bent on torturing her, he kisses her slowly, and slows down even more as he explores her breasts, making sure to kiss around where she actually wants to be kissed.


"Zain." She groans his name, she is about to say more but her breath hitches in her throat when he licks her nipple. And then the other. He licks it, he bites it, he sucks on it and he blows on it. Over and over again, making her whole body light on fire before his kisses trail further down her body.


She smiles looking at her sleeping husband, pushing his hair away from his forehead remembering what happened next. Her body started tingling again and her breath was laboured just thinking about it.


"Zainnn!" She screams when he runs the tip of his nose over the top of her lace panties. He looks up at her smirking, noticing that she is leaning on her elbows watching him, her eyes wide with shock.  He slowly peels the soaked fabric down her long legs before moving back in between her legs. He watches her intently as his thumb descends onto her c***, she lets out a groan before she falls back onto the bed. He watches her intently as he works, her mouth open wide in a silent scream, her eyes clenched tightly and her back arching off the bed.


She groans as need, desire and pleasure rockets through her body. She screams when he circles the flesh with a firm pressure. And then he kisses her, there. Her back arches off the bed, the moans coming from her mouth sound foreign to her own ears. He holds her hips steady as his thumb and tongue work in tandem. She feels the pressure rising within her, a knot forms in her stomach and then he bites her c*** lightly and everything explodes, her thighs clench around his face, as her entire body goes up in flames as she falls over the edge.


Her breathing rate increased as she lay there thinking about it. The knot was forming in her stomach again, and she knew he was the only one that could fix it, like he had last night, four times. Her breath deepens as she remembers the way he loved her last night - from gentle, reverential strokes to unrelenting, rhythmic pounding.


"Uhhhn Aaliyaaa." He rasps into her ear as he rocks back and surges forward into her warmth, again and again. She gasps and lifts her hips to meet his causing him to groan and pick up the pace. He lets out a grunt as he pulls out almost completely before filling her again, harder, deeper, faster and over and over again. Her eyes meet his and she brushes a strand of his hair out of his eye as he moves against her, their breaths mingle as they stare at each other. He makes her cry out in helpless ecstasy and he groans when she starts clenching around him. Their lips meet as they shudder with the force of their orgasms before falling.


Aaliya shook herself out of it and yawned, she was tired. She had gotten very little sleep last night, not only because he woke her up many times during the night but also because she spent most of the night just looking him. She could get used to waking up to this everyday for the rest of their lives. She looked at him again, and couldn't help but notice that his jaw was absolutely delectable, begging to be licked. It was lined with stubble since he hadn't shaved in a few days and nd she loved it, despite the scruff burns on the inside of her thighs. Her hand had a mind of its own and started to trace his face.  


"Mhmmm." He moaned a smile adorning his face as he woke up. He opened his eyes and smiled at his wife before pulling her flush against him.


"Zain!" She gasped at the sudden movement.


"Good morning princess." He whispered into her hair, she felt him place a kiss on the top of her head.


"Good morning." She blushed.


"Are you blushing?" He laughed moving away from her. "Mhmmm, you turn even redder when I do this." He said his hand travelling down the side of her body, deliberately straying at her boobs before moving down.


"Zain, I need to shower." She whispered.


"Hmmm, good idea." He whispered getting up. Aaliya blushed when the sheets pooled at his feet. He just laughed and picked her up.


"Zainnn!" She said shocked as he walked her to the bathroom.


"I thought you wanted to shower." He smirked placing her below the showerhead. "I thought we should conserve some water." He smirked.

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what can i say???
HOT! i mean Fuming HOT!
oh my my! ZaYa like this!
and on top of it i'm a shipper!
my gutter mind is fully activated!

but i really like this flashback technique of urs! 
even in Breaking News!
i loved the OS yaar! i think i shld bookmark ur index rather than individual shots!
thank u for this one
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Just like all your other OS's, this one is also amazing, well done Thumbs Up
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its awesome...
thanks a lot for the pm...
really great os.. loved it...
plzzz keep writing...
and continue soon...
do pm me when u write...
thanks a lot...Big smile
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That was super HOT! Loved it Embarrassed
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it was hawt ... and I enjoyed the hotness u know... come up with the next part if u can Tongue LOL 
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its just too much hot and beautiful.i'm always waiting for u'r OS as u always come up with beautiful piece.waiting for u'r next one.Edited by edwebllalover9 - 2014-06-10T12:34:21Z
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