OS-Power Of Love..! by @Kour Amrit

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OS-Power Of Love..!



A short OS.. to celebrate the togetherness of RaYa! This one's for a bunch of people.. Ifra Priya Raizada Vartika Navya Peehu my darling Komal And soulmate Shifu..! Hope you guys like it !!Be kind enough to comment!! *Fingers crossed*



He moved like a small baby in his deep sleep.. He felt too lazy to open his eyes. He stretched his arm to the left side of the king size bed to find his Queen.. But she wasnt there, he opened his eyes and looked around!! Realization struck him that it was already very late.. Looking at Priya's picture kept on the side table his lips automatically curved for a cute smile! He put aside the comforter and slipped his feet into the slippers.. He went upto the door of changing room.. "Madam is in the washroom..hmm she didnt want to wake me up and disturb me is it" he smiled!!



His eyes fell on her most precious possession.."Her diary" that was kept over the dressing table!! He grinned naughtily!! "You always hide your diary from me, aur aaj yahan rakh ke bhool gayi.." He picked up her diary.. "I know reading personal diary is wrong, par kya karu.. I so love it.." he took it and came to the room,settled down on the sofa and started reading it!!He raised his eyes towards changing room... "If she sees me reading it, bawaal kardegi subah subah.." His eyes fell on the first few words of what she wrote! He was awstruck!!



""Mr Kapoor..it was cut... Ram.. Again a cut.. Dear Ram..again a cut!!he smiled!Dearest Ram,Its been three days you are away from me..door to hum pehle bhi hue hain.. But this seperation is different.. And its really killing me.. You know why, because aapke bina our house our room which you call our world it really haunts me.. My life makes no sense without you...""



He read each and every line and by her each word, realized how much she missed him, she was in no less pain.. He turned the page and read further!!



""I know you're innocent.. Apne kabhi kisi ko hurt nahi kiya hai Ram, and I will go to to any limit to prove you innocent! Zyada din hum door nahi rahenge aap dekhna.. Your Priya is eagerly waiting for you, jaldi aa jaiye aap.. Fir aakar tang karna mujhe, mujhse ladna jhagadna rooth jana fir manana...bhot pyaar karna.. I wont complain of anything..""



"Tumhari zid ne aur humare pyaar ne hi sab kuch theek kar diya Priya..Its only because of you and your faith in me that I am here" he thought!!



""I didnt get permission to meet you Ram, Bahot bura lag raha hai.. I am missing you like hell today!! Cant share my pain with anybody.. I need to be strong!! I know aap hote yahan to mujhe kaske hug karte.. Fir jab main aapki dhadkanein mehsoos karti to saari bechaini door ho jaati..You're my strength Ram""



"And you're mine, Mrs Kapoor.." he felt his throat choked!!



""Aaj bahot khush hu main Ram..after so many days ek khushi mili hai, everything is sorted between Pihu and me..you were always right..humari beti mujhe zaroor samjhegi amd humare pyar ko bhi.. Pata hai what I am feeling like.. I feel like whispering I love you in your ears..aur fir jab aap smile karte haina..bas wahi dekhna hai mujhe.. Mere Ram ki smile.. Apko kitna kuch batana hai mujhe..kitna kuch sunna hai aapse.. I feel like cooking for you, to feed you, to see you going into deep slumber.. I miss every small thing about yours sabse zyada aapke kharrate.. Raat bhar sone nahi dete..par fir bhi... I find peace in them! Apki har buri aadat se pyaar hai mujhe! Bas ye jo humare beech ki dooriyaan hai naa isse nafrat hai.. I will make sure is baar jab aap aaye to ek pal ke liye bhi we dont stay away! ""



Just then he heard the sound of washroom's door getting opened!! his heartbeats paced up!!"Oh god..iska kya karu.." he stood up and panic...she came to the room and saw him standing near the sofa! He at once hid the diary at his back and made a smiling face.."Good Morning Mr Kapoor uth gaye aap""Morning..haan bas abhi!! You didnt wake me up??""Nahi you were deep in sleep, bhot din baad achhe se neend aai na...so didnt want to disturb you""Oh achha.." he started looking around!!She felt something odd in his behaviour!!"Aap kuch chupa rahe hain kya.." she rolled her eyes at him !!"No no nothing.." he stepped back!She stepped towards him ! "whats that you're hiding at your back...tell me""Baapre hitler..waise paas nahi aaogi.. Ye hai...tumhari diary." he showed that to her!She went hawww seeing her diary in his hand.."How did you get it...this is wrong na Mr Kapoor" she pouted!"Arreyy hum dono ke beech kya personal..waise bhi I am loving reading it"



"Noo.. Please wapas dijiye mujhe.""No ways..diary zyada pasand hai ya main..." he asked her with a wink!!She went numb for micro seconds.. "Aap" murmered softly!!"Thank you..now let me read futher..thoda sa bacha hai..let me see how much you love me and missed me""Kyu...meri aankhon mein nahi dikhta aapko" she looked deep into his eyes!"Aisa nahi hai yaar.. Zara padh bhi to lu.." he again sat on the sofa and read further!She didnt want to be in front of her so escaped from the place and moved to the dressing table with  shying smile plastered on her face!!



""Every small thing reminds me of you! Even your ac.. Apko to ek secret bhi nahi pata hai.. And I wont ever tell you..kyunki mujhe bhot achha lagta hai jab aap aisa karte hain.. While sleeping I think you are my soft pillow..and I hug you tightly.. You think I dont know.. Par mujhe sab pata rehta hai.. I do this knowingly! Fir..You decrease ac's temperature taaki main aur paas aa jau..3 hours ago



But I never show that I know of all this and your naughty tricks, because I love these things you do for me, to come close to me..""Ram went awestruck reading this!! He looked up at Priya.."Aaj bhi main ac ka temperature decrease kar dunga.."She blushed.. "I wont mind..kal raat bhi you did the same.." He bit his upper lip and scratched his temple!!!



""How miserable you must be feeling in jail.. Ac ke bina neend nahi aati aapko.. Bhot chinta hoti hai aapki Ram.. Please come back to your Priya, I want to sit quietly and see you speaking! I miss the moments jab aap mere kaano mein aakar khusur phusur karte the, mujhe chain se sone bhi nahi dete...par mujhe ye sab bhot achha lagta hai..aap par bhot pyaar aata hai tab.. I love you Ram.. Your Priya is incomplete without you..""



He closed the diary..A broad smile covered his face! His thoughts went straight to the naughty nights when he teased her for nothing!!!



******************It was quite late in the night, he tossed and turned from one side to the other!! He wasnt getting sleep, maybe too much excitment for his new project did this to him!! He looked at her, her back faced him!! "Kitne pyaar se so rahi hai" he smiled thinking!! He extended his hand to touch her face gently!! She moved a bit... He enjoyed that.. He came closer to her..coming near to her ears he blew some air in her ear..it tickled her, she giggled!! Moving a bit away from him she spoke" stop naa Mr Kapoor why this childish behaviour.." still eyes closed!!"Priya.. Mujhe neend nahi aa rahi hai..utho naa tumbhi.." he whispered!!



This much closeness charged up her senses.. Although she enjoyed his moves..still pretended to be sleepy!! "Mujhe neend aa rahi hai Ram...subah jaldi uthna hai..close your eyes and you'll fall asleep pakka.." she told him uninterestingly!! He made a puppy face..and cluthed her hand softly... "Achha sunona.." his lips brushed against her ears..her face turned red!! "Hmmm" she asked!!"Pihu wants something.." "Kya...to laa dijiye na use..Mujhe kyu bata rahe hain.." "Tumhare bina kaise...I mean...samjhonaa yaar.." he bit her earlobe naughtily!Her heart skipped several beats..she clutched her duvet tightly!! "Raaam...har baat ghoom fir ke aap wahi laate hain..Mujhe sona donaa.""kya hai yaar..Pihu ko sachmein bhai behen chaiye..ab how can I say a no to my rockstar!! "Priya turned and pushed him a bit.. "Good Night..no more talks..we'll think of it later on.." she again blushed!"Ahaa...I seee...kisiko sharam aa rahi hai"She placed her hands over his chest..



"I'll see apko kaise neend nahi aati hai..pihu ka gift hum kal sochenge I promise" she smiled broadly!!He smiled cheerfully ...*****************



Ram noticed Priya standing in front of him crossed her hands across.. He stood up.. "Thank you Priya...for reminding me of those moments..Tumhare bina main kuch nahi hu.. You're my strength..""I could do all this because of our love..whenever I was losing hopes, our love give me the power to fight!! You are my life Mr Kapoor.. I can do anything for you.." her eyes welled up!He opened his arms to invite her, without wasting time she went into his arms..closed her eyes to feel every bit of that priceless moment... "How much I missed being in your arms.." he smiled!!!



When they parted, saw Pihu standing at the door observing her parents sharing lovely moments with each other.."Tu wahan kyu khadi hai..idhar aa Pihu.." priya asked her!!Pihu came inside and stood besides her dad..



"You both are just..just so happy with each other...touhwood you both remain like this forever.. You guys complete each other...Pata hai papa..mumma ne dhang se khaana bhi nahi khaya aap nahi the to...And now I feel so happy seeing this smile on her face..I made many mistakes..par mumma forgave me for everything..thanks maa.. I love you both a lot.. "Ram looked at his sensible daughter.. "My rockstar can be wrong but she can never be bad..galti ho jaati hai pihu..and parents always forgive!! At the end we all are together na.. Now there's no looking back.. My pihu deserves all the happiness..Mera favourite bachha hai tu to...haina.." Pihu nodded a yes.. And hugged her dad..! "Lets plan for an outing pihu.. Sabka mood fresh ho jayega..everybody has gone through so much.. Plan something and let me know." "Wow..great papa..I'll just talk wit khush myra and pari!"



Priya was happy seeing her daughter excited for the outing! Pihu took a leave..



"Mr Kapoor fresh ho jaiye aap bhi..I'll give you your clothes.."She went to the changing room!!He followed her like a baby!!Priya tied her lose hair into a bun.. Ram made an annoying face.."Wait.." she turned around raising her eye brows..!!"How many times do I need to tell you, you look more gorgeous in open hair.." he pulled her close and let lose the bun.."hmmm now its perfect" he placed a feathery kiss on her cheeks..!!she clutched sleeves of his kurta.."Ab jaiye bhi..""Ruko..wo..tumhara.." he told her in a husky tone!"Kya...""Hook khula hua hai.."and moved his hand to her back.. she stepped back and hit the cupboard.."Think of something else Mr Kapoor.. Ye idea bhot purana ho gaya hai to get naughty with your wife.." she winked at him..He laughed.. "But then also you love it...I know.."



She looked away.."hmm okay I agree...ab jaiye..warna sab aa jayenge humein bulaane ke liye..""Achha sunonaa last thing..""Kyaaa""I love you.." placing his palm over her cheeks.."I know.. And I love you too.." her eyes twinkled looking at him with so much love..!He kept on staring into her eyes..



**Screen Freezes**

It turned out to be so long *sobs* hence boring..

Sorry in advance!!Joota chappal socks andaa tamatar welcomed!!-


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Posted: 2014-06-09T06:11:01Z
wow!! lovely OS...di..Smile
i am first time first in your thread.LOL
i want this diary scene should happen in the serial...LOL
the ac wala scene bhi bahut achha hai...heheheLOLTongue
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Posted: 2014-06-09T07:31:06Z
Beautiful & Cute OS
I like it very much
Very well written
Ram Reading Priya's Dairy scenes are Highlight
Thanks for the Beautiful OSSmile
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Posted: 2014-06-09T07:41:30Z
Awesome Clap
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Posted: 2014-06-09T08:14:24Z
Love the OS , it's lovely Big smile
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Posted: 2014-06-09T08:48:02Z
Thats soo good 
briliantly penned down their feelings thru the diary and his own feelings 

thanks for posting 
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Posted: 2014-06-09T10:03:03Z
I really dont have words to say...
It was just...perfect!!!
Love it !!
Raya Heart love them!!!
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Posted: 2014-06-09T10:14:57Z
Aww so cute and sweet Os
Ram is reading Priya's diary in her absence
very sweet things are wriiten in her diary about Ram she had missed him very much he also got bit emotional after reading the diary
lovely updateEdited by aanchaltulshan - 2014-06-09T10:11:44Z
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