OS - Moments of Bliss by @kour Amrit and Sanjukta

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Hello dearies.. As RaYa are back together that too in same frames hugging and kissing! ( in imagination) So all maniacs have started getting naughty romantic thoughts..{ we know everybody} So here we make a small attempt..me that is Sanju di n Amrit to make your day a bit more happy and RaYaish!

Hope you guys like this out n out RaYa OS... please be sweet to the most two innocent souls. of this univere..

Have a happy read...!!!


After a long time they broke the hug..both didnt want to move away, she slowly lifted her head up...his eyes were glued at her, his hands still placed over her shouders comfortably! "I love you Mr Kapoor.. I love you so much.." she spoke to him, her eyes were moist already! Ram gave a warm smile.. "Taras gayi thi aapko khud ke saamne dekhne ke liye..itne paas.. I longed so much to be in your arms..to hug you tightly.. I just cant express my.." she was stopped by her man in between! He placed his finger over her lips.. "I can see everything in your eyes Priya.. I can feel it! " she slightly moved her head!! He pulled her nearer through her shoulders.. "I love you too Priya..more than anything in this world..you're my life" he kissed her forehead! She felt complete when his gente lips touched her skin!! He cupped her face looked intensely into her eyes.. "I dont want to miss a single moment from now on..It will be only you and me" she smiled sheepishly..


He lowered his head and moved to her lips..his lips softly brushed against hers..but she tried her best to escape the tension, she moved her head away..keeping her eyes closed ! He giggled..and pulled her more close.. "Itne dino ka hisaab lena hai Mrs Kapoor...you cant run away today! " she stopped him by keeping her hand on his chest.. "Right Mr Kapoor hisaab poora karna hai par..uska bhi sahi time hota hai..pehle fresh ho jaiye..I promise I'll give you whatever you want.." he wasnt convinced much..he tightened his grip on her.. "If you dont go..then forget it..okay" she rolled her eyes! "Hadd hai yaar..once I come back..fir dekhta hu kaise kahin jaati hu.."

"Sure..abhi ke liye this is enough.." she pecked his right cheek lightly!! "Now go.." she smiled!! He nodded a no like a stubborn young boy.. She pushed him a little.. He winked at her and left for the washroom...


She sat down on the bed with a broad grin on her face!! What effect he has on her..her life gets filled with bright colours only because of him, she thanked her stars for placing things back to their place!! Her thoughts were broken by ringing of her phone! It was Natasha's call! She attended her call..informed of the day's happenings and finally she can go on for shopping on her bhai's credit card.. Ram came back after getting fresh! He saw her wifey busy on her phone..smiling and giggling.. "This is so unfair Priya..its my time right..without any disturbance! " he pouted, came and settled besides her! She looked at him and signaled to wait for two minutes. He made an annoying face.. She mimed it was Nutz's call! Two minutes passed, but she still didnt hang the call! He gave a naughty look to her! And held her hand tightly! She gave a haww expression to him and moved a bit away.. He laughed silently..knew he was getting successful in gaining her attention!


He started tracing the lines of her angelic face with his finger..she lost her voice for a few seconds.. Stopped him by holding his hand..he grinned ear to ear.. He kissed her hand.. "Mr Kapoor stop" these words at once came out of her mouth! At once Nutz got alarmed!! And realized the condition the other side.. She got a fine chance to tease them!! Nutz fired back to back questions at Priya.. She tried her best to escape those questions!! Ram got super annoyed..all he wanted was his wife to completely concentrate on one person and that was him!! He took her phone from her.. "Choti...bhai here..Priya is busy..humlog aate hai tujhse milne pakka..Bye darling.." saying this he cut the call !!

"Whats this Mr Kapoor..apko thodi si bhi sharam aati hai..what she must be thinking!! " saying this she stood up!

Ram blocked her way.. "My choti is very smart..she will understand hum dono itne dino baad mile hai to obviously there's so much to do" she blushed hard hearing this!...

but trying to hide from her man..as ..this time she wants to play with him.. wants to tease him like before ... ha ha she is smart ..but that does not mean ..aap aise karenge.. must be..peehu. pari and .mayra all are waiting for us..what will they think that their mumma papa..

 He did not give her chance to complete .. what will think ?  .. think that their parents need own time..for themsleves..and trying to being naughty with her again... Priya pushed a little.. .

Kya Mr.Kapoor.. aab sab room me hi aajayega  ..and door is also open.. ...while saying she trying to move towards the door ... Ram pulled her towards himself .. and this time . embraced her in his tight hug ..that there is no tommorrow..  feeling of loosing her.. feeling of insecurity .. he hugged her even more tightly.. please dont go Priya ...i cant .. cant think my single Sec without u ..i need u .. in my each and every step.. in my each and every  breath...i was lost.. i lost myself..was  so scared.. and again u proved that u r my strength.. please dont go away  from me.. I cant simply.. i cant ..in a one go Ram spoke out ..spilled out his all in security ..

Caresing his back... Priya said softly..actually who else can feel his emotion.. like this way .. as exactly Priya was feeling same..his absence..their room.. their sweet memories.. all were haunting her .. that she spent so many sleepless night clutching his  photo frame in her chest .. and many times with her dairy ..

Main aapko kahi jane nehi dungi Mr.KApoor ..not even i will go any weher else.. meri jindegi to aapse suru hokar aapse hi khatam hona hai . .this time .. we will be together still our last breathe that no one cant separate us.

just that moment they heard a knock .. breaking the hug .. both looked at the door..

 with lilttle hesitancy Vikram said : wo main . 

 Ha Vikram come na .. why r u staying at the door step ..Priya said.. wiping  the   corner of  her eyes ..

plastering an expression less look .. Ram stared at him..  again the all.. flash backs came in his eyes... though he forgot .. what Vikram said..his complain about him his.. friend best friend..only he could see a father who lost his child...Vikram came to him..  Ram wo Sorry ..main gusse me aakar kuch jyada hi.. .. Ram hugged him..just like a big brother .. got the chance to console.. his younger one.. as he was the only eyewitness ..  what were ..Vikram's reaction when Shammy born...he treated Shammy as his most valuable gift ...even Ram treated him too like this way ..

Priya was witnessing all ..and silently pryaed to GOD that .. at least the two friends get back together again.. she knows . the importance of  both in each other life..

chal RAM study me chalte hai.. breaking the hug ..Vikram said..

though PRiya wanted to spend sometime with her man.. even RAM too..but both of them cant hurt their friend..as Vikram needs RAM more this time..

after a few minutes.. at study room.. with lots of chit chat  of two friends who r more like brothers..

Kyun na RAM aj tu aur PRiya dinner karne humare ghar aajaye.. Neha is coming so she will feel good to see u both ..

 hmm .. buddy ..i  do understand..but aaj sirf main Priya k sath time spend karna chahta hu,,

We will go na.. tommorrow ya day after .but today i want ...

keeping his hand on his shoulder.. .Vikram nooded .. yes i can feel.. no worries..


When RAM said to  her that they will go outside at evening .. Priya felt a lilttle diaapoint ..as she wanted to spend some lonely time with her husband.. in their kingdome..but.. suddenly his plan .. made her so.. but she did not wanna show her dissapoinment ..coz for her ..his happiness is much more important.. making herself ready .. she joined with him ..in the front sit of their car..

Ram   went close to blind fold  her ..  are what  r u doing Mr.Kapoor..  aise.. priya with a surprise tone said..

 kya Yaar shadi k .. 24 years k baad bhi ..u have no trust on ur husband..haad hai ..

un aware about her sorrounding .. as RAM tied one cloths on her eyes..and  started their journey..

Not like that .. just i want to know where we r heading for.. i guess we r going Vikram house.. so.

uff Priya..jyada socho mat..and i want to give u surprise.. so chup chap chalo ..ya ..main chup karayu with my own way..and naughtily grinned ..

Priya could not see..but her man's love and comments were enough to make her blush...

after a few minutes they reached some place ..still priya was un aware the fact ..

Ram again moved closure to her ..and opend the knot from her eyes...

She looked at her sorrounding and then at her man...after an ages  same place ..

aap .. we are here .. i love this place Mr.KApoor..

 RAM  seeing the smiling face .. of his life.. ..are  bahar to chalo.. with his charming smile replied..


still having 3 daughters .. and one son .. seeing kulfi Priya behaves like a 5  years kid..and this acts of Priya .. RAm loves like crazy .. even for her this childness act and  to see her like this .. he can do anything ..and .. he did the same.. arranged one kulfi stall for her wife at the beach side..

kya madam .. walk pe chale ya aise hi khare rehna hai tumhe..  Ram asked her ..with twinkling his eyes as he has  others plan too

 Priya wanted to spend some moments with her husband.. and the pleasant sound of waves.. the soothing breeze..under the open sky . which is covered with the duvet of starts ..and the moon.. what can be the best place other than this.. beside .. her life .. her world..

ha chaliye na..  main bhi to yehi chahti hu ..

holding her left hand in his right ...and shoes on others ..they started their walking.. within a moment  priya  kept her head on his shoulder ..and Ram took her in his side hug resting his  hand on her shoulder...

 after a fes step...almost they reached their most fav spot. on the full beach ..

may be this a  random place for all visitors..but so special spot for them that  they never cant forget its memory ..

when they reached both looked at each other .. their heart says a lot that they  dont need any voice.. and without a word they can understand what the other partner,,

taree ginnte hai .. Ram asked.. Priya with a shy smile nodded..

but Priya.. pehle Dinner. Feeling hungry  ... u know na.. i cant .. ..Priya looked at him..with lots of satisfaction.. as from many days she was missing these..missing his each and every words.. many times.. she skipped her food..

Kya? Tumhe bhook nehi lag rehi hai kya...

Hmm..  but right now.. where we will go ..

Dont Think about it Mrs. Kapoor..  your Mr.Kapoor with u na...

I have everything planned.." she was again surprised! Every little thing he did for her made her feel more and more loved.. He held her hand possessively and took her with him!

A table and two chairs laid in the beach-side for the couple.. "Wow...impressive Ram.. I so love it" she expressed her joy! "This much only I could do Priya"

"Its more than enough..trust me"

He pulled out a chair for her like a gentleman.. After she sat down he too took his seat!


All her favourite food were served to them.. "All my favourite dishes..aisa kyu.." he laughed.. "aise hi..main bhi tumhara favourite so aaj khana bhi aapki pasand ka dear wifey.." Both started having their food.. As always Ram's full concentration was on the dinner rather than the date.. Priya stopped eating placing her hand below her chin she whispered.. "Once a golu...always a golu.." Ram looked up.. "kuch bola tumne..khaona"

"Main hu yaha aapke saamne..look at me also.." she pouted!

He bit his tongue.." sorry sorry..main apne haathon se khilata hu tumhe.." he at once got up and moved to her and started feeding her..her eyes got wet seeing the love and concern in his eyes..How she wished for the time to freeze there.. "Thank you...ab aap finish kar lijiye..I want to see you eat..bhot miss kiya maine ye sab.."

Finishing their dinner ...Ram asked for 2 min from her ...within a moment RAM came with another surprise.. ..

YE kya hai Mr.Kapoor..Priya with her surprised look asked him..

Dekho to sahi .. ...

Wow..Mr.Kapoor mitha Pan... tears were starting to flow from her eyes...

u dont leave any chance to surprise me RAM...each and every moment u make me  feel special...I am blessed that i have u in my life...keeping his finger on her lips.. ..we are lucky Priya...we made complete each other ...only we can fill the void in each other life.. for u .. i am ur world..and without u I am nothing...your Mr.Kapoor is perfect when u r around him..

Tare nehi ginna  hai na .. .. meri sabse favorite wish..both laughing deliberately... as they lost their this heartfelt smile too ..

When Ram was looking at the sky busy counting the stars, Priya's gaze was firm fixed at her life..she wanted to capture every single moment of joy on his face..his smile his sparkling eyes his voice the lub dub sound of his heart which was so clear as she laid close to him..she didnt want to miss out on anything.. He caught her staring at him.. He waved his hand in front of her eyes.. "Taare upar hain. Madam ...mere mu me nehi ... " with a naughty smile...

"Yahan aakar bahot achha lag raha hai Mr Kapoor aapke saath taare gin ke..is tarah apko khush dekh kar.. This is my life..my happiness.." saying this she kept her head  over his heart.moving his hand a lilttle bit making it as her own pillow.and with a small she spoke, "ye hai dunia ki sabse khoobsoorat cheez, hai .. jo main mehsoos kar sakti hu ,,..now its perfect.." he too smiled lovingly.. " main bhi duniya ki sabse khubsurat chiz mehsoos kar sakta hu,", taking her in his embrace more tightly.. ...

After few minutes.. Ram asked .. though he could feel.. his wife.is less interested about counting the star ..even..he looked once.. she is enjoying the process keeping her eyes close..


Hmmm... ..Ghar nehi jana hai .. kya ?

Sunne dijiye na...


Aapki dil ki dhakkan...

Madam ye ghar jakar bhi tum kar sakte ho.. ..to main bhi kuch kar sakta hu..and winked at her ..

It was not unnoticed by Priya ..and she did feel his intension.. hitting his chest lightly " dhyat ..aapko sirf..."..

Clutching her hand..he took it towards his lips..kissing it softly .." i miss all those things..now i want to spend .., enjoy..each and every moment of us"..

Priya looked at him with so much love..pulled his hand which is clutching hers...kissing his hands softly ..

I miss our moments Mr.Kapoor..and i  want to spend a  quality of times with u only..no one will be around us to disturb..

He gave a broad grin to her.. "I am all yours Priya..Main bhi tumhara mera har pal bhi tumhara.."


After counting the stars with loads of nok jhok and teasing... Priya pulled Ram to the car.. "I think we should leave now.."

"No ways..Its not that late and also maine Khush ko inform kar diya tha ke hum dono ko time lagega to come back.." he winked!

"Oh god Mr Kapoor..ek hi din pura hisaab pura karna hai kya apko..roz thoda thoda.." she made a cute face!

"Just some more time with you here only Priya..yahan se jaane ka man nahi kar raha mera.." making a puppy face!

How could she say a no to her ever so adorable husband!

He clutched her hand in excitement.. "Wait.."

He went to the car and played their favourite song! She felt nostalgia.. Both settled resting their back at the car!

Hum tum kitne paas hai kitne door hai chaand sitaare..Sach pucho to man ko jhoote lagte hain ye saare..!

she could relate with each and every word..simply closing her eyes..


went closer to him, keeping her head over his shoulder and placing her hand on his tummy she went to her dreamland that only belonged to them.. He was overjoyed with this..played softly with her fingers he also hummed the song... She could nt hide her laugh..he too laughed out.. Without uttering any more word..he placed a soft peck in her hair...

 his little touch can make her happy ..give her peace.. Priya looked at him..very slowly ..  pecked softly on his cheek.. her sudden activity always ..makes him more shy ..and happy too.. Ram caressed his cheek..and moving towards her ear with husky voice.. I love u Mrs.Kapoor.. and ur each and every activity . Priya hided her face in his .. broad chest .. and  uttered ..I love u RAM...


 okieee  we know ..bohut hi bakwass.. OS tha.. never mind..but ..as we r most innocent..so please jo bhi dena hai.. joro se nehi ..halke se.. egg..shoes( branded new please) ..tomatoes..mango ( no rotten one) . daru bottle ( exclusive for Amrit ). what ever and jhelne k liye thank u ji..with huggie...

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Posted: 2014-06-09T04:49:57Z
Beautiful it was very romantic awww Raya lovely
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Posted: 2014-06-09T05:34:33Z

Starting scene is super & cute
Ram behave like a cute boy
How much Ram & Priya each other,
this scenes are well written
Ram's each & every touch make Priya lose her sense
Priya & Nuts phone conversation disturbed by Ram in a naughty way
Ram's fear is true, Priya understood his feelings very well
Ram & Vikram scenes little emotion
Ram Surprised Priya, that scenes are magical,
Cute, beautiful, wonderful...etc
Thanks for the wonderful OS
Thanks for the PMBig smile

Hope Amrit & Sanjukta this OS scenes also come true like that previous OS Wink

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superb os
thanks for pm
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Posted: 2014-06-09T06:44:15Z
Thanks for the pm
fabulous OS. It was beautifully written. 
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Posted: 2014-06-09T07:39:11Z
This is too good..
Beautiful Smile
I would be really very happy if they show even 20% of this on the show today...
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Posted: 2014-06-09T08:13:52Z
To good os
thnks for pm
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Posted: 2014-06-09T08:15:09Z
Love the OS , it's awesome Big smile
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