Love Vs Possessiveness [AR FF]

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Hey friends, I am srishti andfor those who don't know me I write AR ff's as AR was/is/will remain my fav Jodi. 7th june has now become a special day for all KSGiansEmbarrassedAfter such an awesome news I wanted to share my new ff on this special day itselfEmbarrassedHope u will like this ff as well like u liked my previous onesEmbarrassedLooking forward for your support for this FF as well Embarrassed

I am feeling very nervous at moment because this FF is of different genre something which I haven't written till now Big smileThis concept was in my mind for quite sometime and finally I penned it downSmileI really hope u like the concept Embarrassedwithout wasting much of time here's the prologue of this new FFEmbarrassed


After the death of his wife Padma, apart from his brother and his wife kirti, billy and ananya were the only one with whom shashank used to talk or share his feelings with. Later on when billy and ananya were at a verge of dying due to an accident, they had asked shashank to promise them that he'll take care of armaan and atul. The couple also expressed that their last wish is to see armaan marrying riddhima. Shashank promised the dying couple that he will fulfil their last wish. After that day armaan and atul were like his children, he fulfilled all their wishes. Since childhood armaan knew he would have to marry riddhima as this was his parent's last wish so he was determined to fulfill his parent's last wish. He always dominated riddhima because he thinks she belongs to him and only him, due to which he has become possessive about riddhima. Apart from this her simplicity and beauty attracts him towards her. Till now he was handling the companies outside the country but now he is returning back permanently because shashank gupta wants to merge Gupta and Mallik Empire so that he can take retirement after that. Like armaan even riddhima knew since childhood that she was supposed to marry armaan but she is hell scared of his anger and dominating nature. She is well aware of armaan's playboy image but can't tell her father due to many reasons. But according to shashank armaan isn't a playboy or Casanova and all these are rumours by media. She knows as soon as she graduates she has to marry armaan but seeing armaan she doubts he would wait for a year. Riddhima thinks armaan won't let her study after marriage and/but she wants to study, fulfill her mother's dream of doing MBA and then work in their family business.

Will armaan's possessive and dominating nature break riddhima's dreams? Or will riddhima's love and affection change armaan?

Here's the prologue hope u liked itEmbarrassedNow comes the main question i.e should I continue it or notEmbarrassedur response/ view/ suggestions matters me so accordingly I will decide whether to continue or motSmile

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character sketch - pg 1
Update 1 - pg 8
Update 2 - pg16
Update 3 - pg23
Update 4 - pg29
Update 5 - pg37
Update 6 - pg 43
Update 7 - pg 46
Update 8 - pg 50
Update 9 - pg 53
Update 10 - pg 55
Update 11 - pg 57
Update 12 - pg 60
Update 13 - pg 63
Update 14 - pg 65
Update 15 - pg 66
Update 16 - pg 70
Update 17 - pg 71
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Character Sketch

Armaan Mallik
He is 25 years old and is known as the best business man of India. He runs Mallik Empire. He is a short tempered guy who gets angry at the smallest of smallest things. He is a dashing blue eyed guy with whom girls die to get in bed with. After his parents died in an accident he holds absolutely no feelings for anyone except for his family or close ones. He loves throwing or attending parties because in each party he gets to flirt with girls. He gets what he desires for by hook or crook and can even cross limits to fulfill his desires. He is on the cover page of every magazine. He is a total playboy and also a complete Casanova. He is quite an arrogant, ruthless and an egoistic man. He is returning back to India after a long time though he is returning to handle business but his main aim is to fulfill his parent's last wish that is to marry riddhima.
Riddhima Gupta
She is a beautiful 20 year old girl. She is very innocent shy and a sweet girl. She is very down to earth, caring and loving person. She is a very loving and kind hearted girl she doesn't even know what did words like selfishness ego arrogance means. She loves helping people. She is scared when people shout at her or talk in a raised voice with her. She loves her father a lot but her father doesn't have time for her as he is always busy with his business. Her mother died when she was young. Her cousin sister cum best friend muskaan always supports her and also showers lots of love on her. She will enter third year of her college. She wants to fulfill her mother's last wish which was doing MBA and then join their family business.
Shashank Gupta
He is the father of riddhima gupta but he stays aloof from her due to unknown reasons. He loves atul and armaan very much as they are his best friend's children and fulfill all their wishes.
Shubhankar Gupta
He is the younger brother of shashank Gupta, husband of kirti, father of muskaan and chacha of riddhima. He really adores riddhima.
Kirti Gupta
She is wife of shubhankar mother of muskaan and chachi of riddhima. She doesn't like riddhima much due to some reasons.
Atul Mallik
He is 28 years old and armaans elder brother. He along with armaan manages the Mallik Empire. After the death of his parents he has always pampered armaan a lot due to which he has become a spoil brat but atul still continues to pamper him and ignores all his mistakes and keeps forgiving him, fulfills all his wishes. He is married to anjali.
Anjali Mallik
She is 27 years old married to atul. Like atul she also pampers armaan. Armaan is really attached to anjali as he receives motherly love from her and for armaan her words/orders are like command, he follows what anjali says.
Muskaan Gupta
She is same age of riddhima that is 20 years old. She is the only one who understands riddhima and tries to keep riddhima happy. Like riddhima even she wants to do MBA. She tries to save riddhima from her mother's anger. She is quite romantic and loves watching romantic movies.
Rahul Grehwal
He is 25 years old and is armaan's friend. He is of kind heart and tries to explain what armaan does is not right. He doesn't like the way armaan treats riddhima and feels bad for her and tries to save her from armaans anger. He works in Mallik Empire.
Abhimanyu Modi
He is also of 25 years old and is armaan's friend. He is engaged with nikkita. He too work's in Mallik Empire. He is quite a rude person and always supports armaan whether he is right or wrong.
Nikkita Malhotra
She is 24 years old and is engaged to abhimanyu modi. She met armaan through abhimanyu and now has become his friend. She doesn't gels well with riddhima and is always up to something to put riddhima into some trouble or misery.
Thank you for the warm response I have finally decided to go ahead with the story hope u'll enjoy this Story as many interesting things n twist r lined upEmbarrassed
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Yipee srish awesme yaar two happinesses for me
One is ksg movie n second is ur ff
Wow yaar happy day
N yipee i am the first to cmment here
Loved the prologue i want u to continue
Plz plz send me pm re
N cmng to prologue itz awesme yaar
Armaan n riddhima knws they r bound to get married
N armaan possesiveness doesnt go well vth riddhima
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Posted: 5 years ago
Srish i loved d concept re... Thumbs Up
really a gr8 treat for us... Heart
Thank u thank u for posting dis... really looking forward for further updates... do pm me SmileEdited by ar-n-only-ar - 5 years ago
Posted: 5 years ago
awsume dear cntnu soon :)
Posted: 5 years ago
finally u have posted it?
Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by teenorchid

finally u have posted it?
yesEmbarrassed did u like itSmile

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