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As always, comments appreciated.

All of You

Rudra Pratap Ranwat could not tolerate anymore.  The tension in the haveli felt like a heavy cloak on a blazing Rajasthani day.  He was itching to lift the weight off his shoulders and breathe easy.  The one soul that could offer him succor seemed intent on evading him or silently chastising him. Oh! He could read her eyes.  Could she not understand him? He wanted to know and today he would not be denied.  Every window in his room was secured, the curtains drawn from prying eyes and ears as he lay in wait for his wife.

Parvati walked into their darkened room hoping he would be asleep.  She could read his eyes well. She had seen the questioning disbelief in them slowly turn to frustrated helplessness and then into molten pools of wrath. Paro's breath hitched in the throat as she heard the door slam shut and the lock driven home.  In the amber glow from the bedside lamp, she walked resolutely to the bed, only to be stopped by a hulking figure in front of her.  She jumped back, feeling the heat of his eyes as they peered into hers. With a frustrated sigh Rudra picked up his wife and walked towards the bed.

"Major Saab" she began only to be silenced by the "Shanth Paro " he ground out.

He propped her against the footboard, a pillow behind her back and a curt warning "don't you dare move Paro!" 

Rudra crossed over to the other side of the bed to plop his head down on her lap.   Silent minutes passed as he lay with his eyes closed, feeling the restlessness slowly ebb even as her nervy fingers tightened on her skirt.  Rudra looked in her eyes even as his hand reached over to bring her palm to his lips.  Still holding her gaze, he placed an open mouthed kiss on her delicate wrist causing her to gasp.  He then slowly turned her hand, moving it with agonizing deliberation under his open kurta neck to nestle it over his heart. Paro felt singed by the sudden heat that exploded in her body.  Even as his head on her lap weighed her down, she  felt like the dessert grass that swayed in the cool night breeze, like she was going to float away.  Refusing to meet his gaze, she bit her lower lip to hold off the moan that erupted in her throat.

"Major Saab"

"Rudra Paro! Call me Jallad if you want!"

"Jallad" she whispered stretching each syllable, caressing the sound.  He pressed her palm into his chest so she could feel his racing heart. "Mhari Jallad" she said with a smile.

"Are you angry with me or have you started hating me because I hate your Thakurain?" the question was almost inaudible given the gruffness of his voice.

Shocked by the idea of even disliking him, she shook her head even as her free hand moved to soothe his temple.   

"I need to talk Paro. Will you listen without interrupting me?"

"You know my story but even you don't know the hurt Paro.  Imagine yourself as a 13 year old whose mother just left one day.  I know you lost your parents too but they died Paro, they didn't leave.  Your parents didn't choose to leave Paro, the Thakurain did. She wasn't forced to leave she chose to leave. Imagine what it does to an impressionable child to one day be loved and the next be orphaned of both parents who loved him.  The day she left, I lost Bapusa too didn't I? He became what I had never known him to be."

"Then began the taunts, the jibes" his eyes clouded in pain but they never left hers, her hand was in his hair trying to soothe "the open derision, the lewd insinuations and even genuine concern! How it hurts Paro even now.  I cried at first and then learnt to fight back, to be a bully.  At least they wouldn't say anything within my earshot.  15 years of shame, pain, guilt and disillusionment are etched into every cell, hell into my very DNA, to carve me.. into the bully , the beast, the Jallad that I am today." 

He absently brushed her palm over his bare chest as if trying to soothe the burn there. "To find that she is married to that monster .. not just married, but happily married! When she finds out he is a monster, she comes back expecting that Bapusa & I would just forget, forgive and move on? And are angry with me for not accepting her?  I am not God Paro, I am not even a Saint, I am the Jallad remember?"

His eyes were now closed tears running down their sides.  "Paro I need you to understand that though we are married, this is not about us. This is my hurt and pain and wrath and yes my revulsion as an individual! The only person I somewhat share it with is Bapusa.  For good or bad, these emotions are what shaped me, molded me, rotted me, lifted me and made me who I am.  I cannot be expected to forgive and forget and revert to the good son the nave 13 year old was.  Maybe the day will come when I can look her in her eye without my mind incessantly screaming why or maybe that day never will come.  At this point I don't know and I don't care to know."

"Don't try to project your feelings for her onto me Paro.  She might have been your surrogate mother but that only deepens the cut on my soul.  The jealousy makes me want to hate you Paro"

"Rudra" she panicked, her eyes raining on him

"Shh..Shaant Pari"

"You are  disappointed with me Paro?  How can you? You didn't face what I did or eat the burnt rotis with a side of hate every day.  Don't judge me Paro for who I am or what I do.  Some parts of my life I am not proud of, but in her case my visceral reactions will not be softened by your disapproval of them.  You say you love me!  Then, allow me the comfort of expressing my feelings in whatever civilized way I choose. I am not saying you cannot have your own opinions or people you love, just don't expect me to mirror you always.  You know I give in only to your zidd but not in this.  Please don't ask that of me Paro.  You gave me your word that you would never abandon me.  So don't, not just physically but emotionally too, not even for a minute.  Because that would be the end of me. You are my comfort, my solace.. I need you to be fully mine."

"So tell me my Pari, do I have you, all of you?

"Rudra" she whispered bending down to place her lips on his forehead as their tears mingled.

Rudra simply turned to bury his face into her stomach. Paro stroked her husband's back as she fiercely vowed 

"You have all of me! You always have and always will."
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Wow awesome loved it.
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This was beautiful.
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Ddc, wow! Just, wow! No holds barred, no prisoners taken! That is Rudra. Tell the truth, are you on the dialogue team?  Come on, now! 
Paro would never give him up! And she just wants him to face his past, not, you know, drown in alcohol everytime someone puts the words maa and bhaag in the same sentence. Its almost like conditioned behaviour. Its what his bapusa taught him. Its almost as if he made himself become unworthy of a mothers love. No. Paro will not have that anymore. She has seen the God in him, and does not want him to lose it  in the face of his old demons. She wants him to say to Mala what he just said to her! 
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That was beautiful, the way you conveyed the hurt of a child, his pain. Paro needs to give him time too.. 
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Posted: 2014-06-06T23:32:04Z
simply brilliant loved itc
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Posted: 2014-06-06T23:45:46Z

Can I just hug you for this? It had every bits and pieces I desired to have in one of the episodes in this track, in brief. 

the way you made him open up to her in THIS situation is absolutely beautiful. 

His head on her lap,  , him actually admitting of his jealousy, his fear of her leave due to thakurain, him asking her to be with him not just physically but emotionally since she promised him so in the station, that forehead kiss (oh how I wish that to actually see it on screen) everything was just splendid! This Rudra you portrayed through the OS mirrors how the majority in this forum want to see, I believe. 

Take a bow girl! Loved it to bits! Hug
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Loved every bits of it.I want to see such scene in show too.U made rudra open up to paro,confess his feelings,how he can't just forgive her becauz she wants him to,how he needs her all for himself,how she is his solace in a beautiful way.superb.
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