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" Sanaya -

Which of thy qualities should I envy?
Passing by dazed faces enameled with bliss
Measuring her sunlit glow is staring into an abyss
 Your perpetual confidence lingers on and on
Against murky bitterness you've always won
In your profession you're a splendid icon
Not dwelling in houses you've foregone
We wish the best for you
A beauty so pure and true
No sunset darkens her hue
"Stay" implores the morning dew
Traveling through rocky mountains or steppe plains
She carries soft roses and luminous flames
A lass who transcends all the laudatory claims
Sanaya Irani was not born for ordinary frames
 Credit for the write up: Oyster

A Big thanks to starry.phoenix for the amazing tags!Hug
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There is something very special about Sanaya Irani - something that merely words can't express.

Her eyes ... hazel in some light, green in others. They light up her face and express her emotions more than any words can do. If eyes are the window to the soul, then Sanaya has a beautiful soul, as clear and transparent as her eyes. When her eyes light up with laughter, everyone around laughs with her. When they cloud with tears, they wrench viewers' gutsand make one want to kill whoever hurt her. And when they sparkle with mischief, they make everyone feel that all's right with the world. She conveys a myriad of emotions through her eyes, they change with her every mood, every expression. No words are needed when Sanaya's eyes speak, for her eyes say it all. 

Her smile ... lights up the surroundings. Effervescent and sparkling, it draws the world in and invites all to smile with her. 'The world is beautiful,' it seems to say, so enjoy life, be happy and keep smiling.' Her smile is infectious and all-encompassing. Smile and the world smiles with you' seems to have been written for Sanaya. 

Her face ... Sanaya doesn't have the most perfect features, nor the most beautiful face in the world. But when you see her, it's difficult to remember that. She's a natural screen stealer - when she's on screen, it's difficult to look at anyone else. Her beauty lies in the perfection with which she portrays emotions, the way she draws in her audience to share every single feeling she expresses on screen. Her flawless skin and porcelain complexion, a heritage of her Iranian ancestry, makes her face glow on screen, and add to her natural beauty. And off screen or in real life, with no makeup, she looks gorgeous, young and simply beautiful, her straightforward nature and sparkling effervescence is far more attractive than any simple criterion for beauty

Her nature ... Sanaya's true beauty and compelling draw is in her nature. At first look, she seems loud and ebullient and simply bindaas. Then one looks deeper, and sees the person beneath - a girl who is simple, honest to the core, to herself and her loved ones, talented, dedicated, extremely hard working and completely professional, a girl who gives whatever she does, her 100 percent, and is fiercely loyal to her friends and loved ones. A girl who makes friends and gets along with everyone, from the spot boys on the sets to the backstage crew, to even the dogs and homeless kittens on the sets ... and of course, with all her co-actors and co-workers. A girl who is bold, beautiful, brash, outspoken, honest ... a girl who says what she feels, and doesn't worry what anyone will think of her. Take her or leave her - but don't try to change her. She is what she is, and unless she feels the need to change, she will not. And what you see is pretty much what you get, no hidden messages or playing games for Sanaya. 

Confident in herself and in her own skin, Sanaya is truly a new age woman. No wonder Sanaya is so loved and admired in her field, by all those close to her, those she has worked with, and by her legions of fans, the ones who watch her on screen, and simplyadmire her as an actress, and even more by those who follow her off screen and love herfor the person she is.
Credit: DiyaS
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S-  is for Sensible,you think right
A-  is for Alive,your energy touches every soul
N-  is for Natural ,the way you are
A-  is for Alluring,enticing your charm
Y-  is for Young-at-heart,with smiling eyes
A-  is for Adamant,strong like a diamond 
    SANAYA, Apple of everyone's eyes

credit : Miyah

Sanaya Irani, exquisitely sculptured
Soaked with splendor and elegance
As she walked through the orchard
Roses felt deprived of beauty and sense
An empty glass could be filled on the morrow
For she knew how a sprout of bliss
Could grow from the root of sorrow
With counted breaths, she wouldn't be remiss
Draped with sunlight,
Calmer than the dead
It gazed through the cloudless night
So that some of her secrets could be read..

 Credit : Sonya + A bunch of us (can't remember who wrote which line)

To the most beautiful girl I have seen
Your dazzling smile lights up the sky
Your kindness touches every passerby
In your presence lorikeets refuse to fly

To the most beautiful girl I have seen
Your hazel eyes, a reflection of purity
They harbor not an inkling of obscurity
Honesty finds in them eternal security

To the most beautiful girl I have seen
Lost souls dazed by your glaring charm
Your fragrance keeps noisy miners calm
To enchanted hearts you bring no harm

To the most beautiful girl I have seen
Your unison with life shuns dark nights
And inspires the sun to scale new heights
To explore new horizons like waltzing kites

To the most beautiful girl I have seen
Your flaring energy revives withered leaf
End of your sojourn marks onlookers' grief
And your return remains a promising belief

Credit : A bunch of us (can't remember who wrote which line)
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OMGGG Congrats for new thread Party Party Dancing Dancing

Lets Party Dancing

Proud to be Sanaya Irani fan Approve 
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