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pictures from beauty angel


 My story begins with how Angad humilates Kripa and they are seperated

Six months pass by

Angad packs up his bags and goes to the airport

Angad sits in  the plane and is sad and lost in his thoughts

After a couple of hours, his plane lands in Mumbai and he boards off

Angad looks around him and is saddened  to think about what had happend here

His eyes are fillled with tears and his face shows pain

His heart still pains to think about what he had done to Kripa

He remembers when Kripa had come to him and told him she was pregnant

Angad had insulted Kripa in front of the whole academy and revealed to everyone that she was an unmarried pregnant woman, had no characterBroken Heart

and was trying to trap him in her plan to become famous

Angad closes his eyes in mock painCryCryCry

Angad then remembers that whilst on his World Tour, Harshini had made an unexpected call, and had told every truth to him, the master plans to seperate Angad and Kripa, the baby etc.

Angad: batha nahi woh kaha hogi, kisse haal mai hogi, mujhe... mujhe maaf bhi kiya ya nahi, nahi maine Kripa ko bohoth dard diye hai aur mai Kripa ko poori izzat ke saath apnaonga

Angad goes to dadi's house first and is shocked to see a lock on it

Angad wonders why the house is locked

Angad then goes to Khanna house

Angad sees his mom

Angad: HI mom

Naina: arre beta, tum kab ayye mai tumhara hi intezaar karahi thi

Angad: mom, dadi kahan hai, unke ghar par lock kyu hai?

Naina avoids the topic: woh sab baad mai, humne yehi faisla kiya tha na

ki world tour ke baad tumhari sagaayi Mishti se kardi jayegi, so now is the time

Angad looks at his mom irratated: mom please!!!Angry

Angad: Kripa??

Naina looks angrily at Angad: batha nahi

Angad walks out of the house

Angad: there is one person who will surely know where Kripa is

Angad drives off to Bose house

Angad enters Bose house

Angad yells: Prithvi

Prithvi comes down

Prithvi: oh tum, kya lene aaye ho yahan

Angad: Prithvi kahan hai woh

Prithvi looks at him suspiciously: kaun??

Angad in great pain: Kripa

Prithvi: kyu koi thakleef baaki thi usse dene keliye, tumne jo kiya wo kaafi nahi kya?

Angad is now begging Prithvi: please

Prithvi looks away sadly: mai kya bathao, mujhe kudh nahi batha ki woh kaha hai, laukhon ka kehna hai ki....

he hesitates

Angad looks at him worriedly: lokhon? laukh kya kethe hai

bathao Prithvi

Prithvi: laukhon ka yeh kehna hai ki Kripa is is is


Angad's world comes tumbling down

his soul is broken into  tiny pieces

his life has no meaning left

Angad: nahi tum joot kehre ho, essa nahi hosaktha hai, meri Kripa... meri Kripa mujhe chodkar nahi jasakthi

Angad has tears rolling down his cheeks

Prithvi: looks at Angad and reazlies that Angad loves Kripa a lot

Prithvi tries to control him

Prithvi: kuch paka nahi hai lekhin abhi thak Kripa ki body nahi meeli hai

Angad trying to drown in this hope: umeed hai, umeed hai

Prithvi: lekhin Angad isse baath ko huwe che mahine  beeth chuke hai

koi bhi suraag nahi meela hai abhi thak



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please yaar, continue. i only live for the fan-fictions.
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Posted: 2005-06-05T00:00:12Z
awesome but DEAD.. man thast sad.. but i agree with happy on weekends its just fan fictions i am sure u wont kill her... she has to be alive....
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Posted: 2005-06-05T00:10:14Z
HEY I'M LOVIN IT ALREADY DONT STOP!! KEEP GOING!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2005-06-05T00:13:08Z
wow cool... plzzzz continue
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Posted: 2005-06-05T00:19:25Z


Prithvi: agar thum jaho, tho hum usse jaghe par jasakthe hai, jaha par woh geeri thi

Angad: geeri thi??

Prithvi: haan, Kripa bridge par se geeri thi aur neeche pani tha aur kuch bhi nahi meela tha, phir bhi jasakthe hai agar thum chaho

Angad: chalo

Prithvi takes Angad to the bridge and Angad looks down into the water

and cries badly

Angad doesn't want to go from there

Prithvi forces him into the car and drives him home

Angad can't sleep the whole night, he tosses and turns and still can't sleep

Angad: gets up, mujhe ek boat hire karke, aur aas paas ke gao mai check karna jahiye, shayad, shayad meri zindagi mujhe miljaaye

Par, subha jaonga,

Angad then goes to sleep finally finding a solution, although he took lots of sleeping pills, he still sleeps a restless sleep

Angad goes off very early in the morning

He hires a steam boat and starts off on his mission


Bose House

Prithvi is going out when


Tania walks in:haan mai, i'm sorry i'm late Prithvi

Prithvi softens cuz it's not in his nature to be short tempered: it's okay, chale

Tania looks at him and smiles: let's go

Khanna House

Naina looks angrily at Karthik,: Angad tumhe kuch batha  kar gaya hai kya?

Karthik: nahi mom, mai to kal usse meela hi nahi

Naina is very frustrated now: Yeh Angad kaha hai??


Angad looks around and spots a small village from afar

Angad checks with the village people but no one knows of Kripa

Angad is going back to his steam boat with lost hope and lost life

Suddenly he spots someone, he turns and sees someone smoking a cigarette and lots of beer bottles are around the person

That's it for today

A suspense in the plot

Who is this person smoking and drinking?

I thought, why is Prithvi always left out (eventhough

A-k have to be together)

so i decided to make his role bigger, keep guessing it might be a love story or it might turn out unexpeted

as i'm always knwon to my friends to do the unexpected

Luv ya all


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Posted: 2005-06-05T00:19:30Z
Dead... But plz continue
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Posted: 2005-06-05T00:27:36Z
soni why u leave us in suspense. i am going nuts. please continue
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