OS-Tere Mere Saath Ki Ghadiyaan!

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Posted: 2014-06-03T12:17:26Z

OS-Tere Mere Saath Ki Ghadiyaan! by @kour Amrit

OS-Tere Mere Saath Ki Ghadiyaan!



Heya Peeps... I have very valid point in keeping it as my title! Kuch ho na ho...when RaYa will hug this line will definitely be played! *Free Gyaan* This is highly inspired by Geetha's fakepromo! Exclusively for my soulmate Shifu, meri jaan Trishu and Our very own Sanju di!! *claps* So its Monday.. This week Ramji gonna come back from such a long Vanwas! *tears of joy* happy days back! So are my innocent thoughts *winks*Please bear this OS!






Priya and her kids stood with the lawyer waiting for Mr Kapoor to come. Her eyes have longed for so long to see him! The wait was finally over.. Finally all problems were solved.. And now nobody could play evil games against them! She heard footsteps turned to look at the person! Her kohled eyes got moist seeing Ram in front of her! Her tycoon dressed in formals. She didnt bother where she was who were with her...she just ran to him and hugged him tightly!



Although he was physically tired of all the happenings that took place in the past days, once she was in his arms he forgot all his worries. He placed one hand on her bare back and with other hand caressed her open hair. A slight smile crawled on his chubby face.



*Tere Mere saath ki ghadiyaanjeevan mein sabse badi hai..Tum haste ho to lagta hai.,.saamne khushiyan khadi hai..*



After sometime Priya pulled herself back wiping her tears so that Ram didnt notice them! She smiled looking at him! He didnt even remove his eyes from her..



The kids went to their dad and hugged him telling how much they missed him! Ram signed a few papers and the family came out!! Ram held Priya's hand in his and walked upto his car. The driver opened the back seat for them, Ram closed it and extended his hand.. Driver kept the keys in his palm."Priya, give him some money he'll take auto and go"Priya obeyed to what Ram said! She took the front seat besides Ram!



Pihu who stood with her sibblings smiled and called out "dad come back before lunch" "Sure Rockstar, you guys go back, We'll see you there""Bye papa.. Have a good drive with mumma"Ram waved a bye and drove off with a grin on his face!



"What is all this Mr Kapoor, bachhe kya sochenge is tarah aa gaye hum" her face was already red!



"Oh hello, my kids are very smart! Wo jaante hain ma papa kitne dino baad mil rahe hai so we need some alone time together"



Her eyes twinkled with happiness..!!"Priya, I had lost all my hopes..that I would ever be able to spend time with you again, to take you for a drive, to hold the steering wheel in one hand and your hand in another"



He clutched her hand softly with his left hand and looked her. She held his hand between her palms and took it to her cheeks! She then kissed his hand softly..Monday 9:53pm



He smiled lovingly at her and opened his hand welcoming her. She went closer to him and rested her head on his shoulder. Peacefully he drove to Kapoor Mansion having Priya besides him. 



Hand in hand Ram and Priya entered the mansion. Everyone was waiting for them in the hall."Dad and mom are here" Myra screamed.Everyone's face lit up seeing Ram back in the house.



Everyone welcomed him.. "Papa you look tired" pihu spoke!"I'll have a shower rockstar!! Fir aata hun tum sab ke paas" he smiled!"Priya mere kapde dedo please" Ram looked at Priya and asked her to join him to the room!Pihu faked cough and smiled naughtily at Ram!"ji" she nodded and headed to the green room with him!



Priya went to the changing room to get Ram's white kurta from the wardrobe! Tip-toed he walked and stood very close to her. She found the kurta and stepped back to close the wardrobe but hit his chest. "Aap yahan, kyu..main de to rahi hu.." her heart beats had already arose!



He slid his hands around her waist and pulled her closer. "mil gaya.." he rested his forehead on hers."hmm" she smiled.."How much I missed this smile on your face Priya..""Now there's nothing to miss Mr Kapoor..nobody can keep us away from each other..""I am so happy today.. I had lost all hopes.. You proved to be my strength Priya.. I love you"he hid his face and kissed her neck several times..She giggled and tried pushing him away.. But he held her even more tightly and kissed her shoulder.. She felt butterflies all over her belly due to his closeness. She giggled again and this time pushed him with greater force.."Kya hai yaar.. Ab tum.." he spoke in an irritated tone!"Wo...wo aapki" she stopped and pointed at his beard!"kyaa" he asked innocently!"Apki beard se mujhe na...gudgudee ho rahi hai.." she blushed!"Oh..." he tucked her hair behind her ears."You know na My skin is so sensitive upar se ye beard aapki" "To kya kiya jaaye.." he asked her with a wink!about an hour ago



She tried stepping back, he held her wrist tightly and again pulled her!!"Ram please go... Take a shower..sab wait kar rahe hai neeche!! ""Cut that out..humara jab man karega tab hum neeche jayenge.. And we aren't going anywhere right now"Priya gave his kurta in his hand and pushed him slightly!! "Meri baat maaniye tabhi paas aaiyega" she rolled her eyes and went to the exit of the changing room!!"Aise dekhiye mat..just go..yehi hu main" "Aa raha hu..wait here only warna sabke samne se utha ke le aaunga fir mat bolna Mr Kapoor bahot besharam hai ap" saying this he went to the washroom!!Priya kept on blusing on his words!! She went to the room , sat on the bed and played with her phone!



After sometime Ram came back from the washroom..seeing his clean shaved face Priya happily stood up and smiled at her charming man!He threw the towel on the bed and like an innocent kid kissed Priya on her cheeks!!"Now fine" he raised his eye-brow!



She went into her dreamland feeling his lips on her cheeks! She blushed as hard as she could.. "Ram apke baal abhi bhi geele hain...itne bade ho gaye humare bachhe par unke papa abhi bhi sabse chote bachhe hain" she picked the towel and started drying his hair! He kept his hands on her shoulders..."Main sab kaam khud karunga to ye moments miss kar dunga..And this I cant afford..""And I love doing these small things for you"slowly she rested her head over his heart and closed her eyes! He too crossed his arms around her taking her securely in his embrace...



Just then Pari and Myra along with Pihu and khush pushed the door and came inside!!!Seeing their parents holding each other they started looking around!! Priya pulled herself away and felt awkward in front of her kids!!"Our love birds if you have some time then shall we go down for lunch" Pihu teased her ma papa!



"Rockstar..wo mujhe to bilkul bhi bhook nahi hai...I am full tum sab jaao hum baad mein khalenge"Priya laughed out! "Apko bhook nahi hai..Stop kidding me Mr Kapoor.."Ram got irritated "I feel sleepy,sona hai mujhe apne hi ghar mein hu na jab man karega tab kha lunga whats the big deal"Khush barged in "Okay Okay...Dad have some rest...Priya angel aap raho dad ke paas..hum chalte hain"He tried pulling out his sisters from the room!"How sweet are my kids... Bilkul mere upar hi gaye hain" Ram told proudly!"Haan.. Main to koi hu hi nahi naa" she pouted!"arey meri maa...tum nahi hoti to ye bhi kahan hote" he pressed her hand softly!!She couldnt hide her smile from him..!!He placed a feathery kiss on her forehead... "Thank you Priya for everything! Main aaj yahan hu to only because of you.. Your love always brings me back to you""Bahot selfish hu main..apni khushi ke liye kuch bhi kar sakti hu main..and my happiness lies in you"



She clutched his kurta and stood on her toes..he was looking intensely into her eyes..it was enough to melt him..she felt weak in her knees..slowly closing her eyes she kissed him on his nose..everytime she did something like that he just wanted to grab her and escape from the world!! He took his lips to hers and kissed her passionately!! That blissful moment they shared after such a long time..Nobody wanted to leave each other, they didnt have any control over their joys and flowing emotions..After sometime they parted away, "I'll bolt the door and come.."He nodded a yes and laid down on the bed..She came back and saw him lying lazily on the bed!! Everytime she looked at him a special sensation ran down her spine! It had been twenty four years but both still didnt have enough of each other! She could spend her entire life staring at her big teddy!!She sat down besides her running her fingers through his hair...



"Thak gaye hainaa aap bahot..So jaiye..I am here only" she smiled broadly!"haan..bas mere paas raho I'll get a peaceful sleep today.." he lifted his head up and dug it in her laps..He held her one hand in between his palms and took it close to his heart..She kept on adoring his chubby face with love!! Slowly he drifted to sleep.. Priya's eyes sparkled due to the happiness that has again knocked her life! She mimed a thankyou to her man from infusing life back into her...!!



********************Screen Freezes*Sorry Shifs, it came so late!!



Feedback awaited!!Amrit!

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Posted: 2014-06-03T12:22:20Z
Very Cute & lovely OS
Little romantic too
Very well written
Sanju Dear, Thanks for sharing this OS hereBig smile

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Posted: 2014-06-03T13:17:19Z
very beautifuly written...thanks fr such a lovely realistic OS..
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Posted: 2014-06-03T13:40:20Z
Lovely OS ...
Thank you for sharing ..
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Posted: 2014-06-03T14:53:33Z
wow awesome...superb only RAYA... Heart
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Posted: 2014-06-04T01:58:53Z
Awesome update
Love itHeart
Raya ka romance is evergreenWink foreverEmbarrassed
Thanks 4 pm!!!
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Posted: 2014-06-04T08:34:30Z
Very romantic OS on Raya
after long time they are now together
love the way he always tease her and she blushes

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Posted: 2014-06-04T09:21:58Z
Wonderful os di n thank u for pm
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