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You all are seeing Mr.Hegde's version of Othello. Here's my version of OthelloLOL. Hope you all will like it Wink. And about my other story on PaRud---those who are waiting, guys I will update that story after 7th june. My exams were going on. So I hope you will pardon me for this long wait. 

He  felt it!

He felt the tenantless!

The same void! The same, very familiar, very well known void he felt all these 15 years. He felt his closed eyes sting with hot water. His heart was crying. Why was it crying? A pain, unsurpassable pain, shot straight from his chest, making him gasp for some air, in a desperate need of oxygen to fill his lungs. His fist clutched the white sheets, the knuckles turning as white as the bed sheet. He fought to open his eyes. He fought the darkness. But...all of a sudden , he saw something, a luminous  shiny thing. As the darkness took the shape of scary beast, he tried...tried to ran towards that shiny thing...he  ran...ran there, gasping for air. Like the darkness shaped in beast, the shiny thing too started shaping...he ran ahead and saw it changing in different shapes. He looked back, the demons were just behind him, ready to drag him back. But he don't want to go back, he want to reach that shiny object. He again looked ahead...running...panting...running...running...and soon the shiny object too shaped in something...Two emerald holes looked at reflected pain...the same pain he was feeling...then two petals moved, wanting to shout out his pain. A hand lifted up, the same longing to reach him. But...but why was the two feet moving back? Why was she moving back? He ran...he ran to catch stop the two moving away feet. She will go..she will go. No! He ran ...ran ...But as nearer he went the faraway she went. No...he gasped... He will reach her...he will catch her and cage her in the darkest prison...a prison from where she can never escape. He ran...ran to catch her...But...but like a sand slipping away from the closed palm...she...she slipped away...NO! He tried to cry...cry as loud as he can but nothing came out from his throat...He felt something dying inside...someone was being butchered there...something died inside never born again.


"" Rudra's eyes opened. He gasped for  breath, his Kurta soaked in his perspiration, glued to his chest. He tried to feel some life in his limp body parts. After gaining some sense back, he turned to his left, wanting to behold the sweet face and forget about the nightmare he had just witnessed.


He immediately sat on the bed. But as he was about to get up, he felt something in his hand. He immediately looked at his palm. A paper. It was a white paper. He brought the paper to his eyes level, unfolding it with his hurried hands.


Major Saab,


I love you. It's true, do believe me. I love you more than my life. But I don't love you more than your life. Do you remember the Satyanarayan Pooja? Do you remember what you had wished for? You had wished for a free from me. I think your wish is heard...heard by the almighty above. Isn't it funny, Major Saab? When you wanted me to leave you, I was stubbornly forcing you to accept me...and now when...when you want...  Then I am leaving you. But...but Major Saab, don't hate me. I don't want the hatred which you have for your mother. I don't know why she left you. But I am leaving you for YOU. Don't think that my love will lessen. Never. It will never. And for me my life had stopped the moment I left your room. But I will pray for a happy life for you...a life filled with love...a love your barren eyes are always in search of. Try to forgive me, Majoor Saab. Please...

Yours Paro...




"Paro!!!" The paper fell from his hand, he called his wife, the voice may be loud but equally shaky and anxious.

"PARO!!!!" with trembling hands, he reached for the bathroom door and pushed the door open. He fought hard to keep his breath regular. He staggered back, the door supporting him to keep him up. With his shaking legs, he exited the bathroom. He wanted to shout ... a voice so loud that could reach the darkest corner of this earth...but nothing came out...nothing was coming out...It felt he was living the nightmare...His frightened eyes--- clouded with fear of facing his nightmare, searched for her.

"Paro...Paro..." it was a mere whisper...just a whisper.


"Rudra..." He heard from behind and turned around..


"Rudra? What happened?" He saw his Bapu-sa standing there. He ran towards him.


"Ra...Ranawat...Paro. Have you seen Paro?"


"Paro? She must be sleeping, right?"


"No...She is not in the room. I don't know where she is? WHERE IS SHE?! PARO!!!" The lion roared as soon as he gained his voice.

"Rudra!" his Bapu-sa looked at him shocked, shocked at the madness floating in his eyes.

"PARO!! PARO!!! PARO!!!!" he ran from one corner to another, searching for his Paro.

"Rudra?" Dilsher Ranawat stood there, looking at his Son.


"Why is this Rudra shouting?" Mohini came there stiffing back a yawn with her palm. The other members followed soon.


"PARO!!!!" after searching for his Paro all over the Haveli, he came and stood in front of his family.


"Paro...Anybody knows where she is. She...she told she left me...she left this haveli...?" Rudra's desperate eyes searched for some answers. He scanned every faces, wanting somebody to open their mouth and tell him where his wife is. But ...but everyone stood there, shock and disbelieve written all over their faces. But...Rudra's eyes halted at one particular face. He saw pain there...but shock and disbelieve? was just disbelieve...


With his jaw set and eyes determined, Rudra walked towards her.

"Where is she?" Rudra asked.

"Uhh?" was all that he got in return.


Maithili  jumped back.

"I don't ...don't know..." Maithili stammered.

"DON'T DON'T lie...Don't you dare lie to me..."

"Rudra! What are you telling? How can she know where Paro is?" Samrath jumped in.

"I...I know..." Maithili sobbed. She will have to tell the truth to everyone. She needs to tell them. And so she told them everything. Everything about Paro's promise to Bhoolenath.

Rudra stared at his Bhabhi-sa. No! He was not surprised. He is not at all surprised at the extent she went to negotiate for his life.

But she WILL sure be surprised at the extent he will go to fight for his life.


Rudra turned and briskly walked towards his room. Nothing about him giving away the volcano boiling inside him.




"Rudra!!" Dilsher's shocked voice rang in the Haveli. "Rudra...Rudra wait!!" he limped towards his Son but his Son was too fast for him.


And thus Rudra walked outside the Haveli with a gun hanging in his left hand.


Because the man Parvati Rudra Pratab Ranawat had left behind was not her Major Saab.


Because the Jallad has returned!!


Last part



All I will say is, the faster you comment the faster you will get the next installment Wink


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Posted: 2014-06-02T11:16:32Z
Woah! Nice! Will be waiting to read the next part!
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Posted: 2014-06-02T11:19:57Z
Oh no! I really hope he doesnt do anything drastic!!
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Posted: 2014-06-02T11:20:02Z
superb just loved it.
waiting for next.
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Posted: 2014-06-02T11:41:41Z
Originally posted by aruni50218

Woah! Nice! Will be waiting to read the next part!

Originally posted by anisa79

Oh no! I really hope he doesnt do anything drastic!!

Originally posted by _Ms.Foxy.Angel_

superb just loved it.
waiting for next.

Thank you so much for the appreciation, guys! :)

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Posted: 2014-06-02T11:55:41Z
Ok, bring him back quick! Iwant him to kick some ass and scare the living daylights out of paro! 
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Posted: 2014-06-02T12:14:50Z
awesome n interesting too.Wat he is gona do now?update soon
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Posted: 2014-06-02T12:19:06Z
w8ng for next..!!
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