::Mythological Masti Creation Gallery #7::

Posted: 2014-06-01T17:40:44Z
W e l c o m e to the 7th Creation Gallery of our Mythological Masti Forum!
Click me to travel to the previous CGs!
Here are some guidelines to keep in mind
Dancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons)1. No bashing of anyone's creations. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
Dancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons)2. Please do not post pictures in this gallery, only creations.
Dancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons)3. Please only post creations related to a mythological show, movie, or documentary. Creations of God paintings and temple deities are also welcome. In addition may post offscreen creations of individual actors who have been in at least one mythological show/movie before.
Dancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons)4. Do not cut parts of others' creations and claim them as your own. None of that will be accepted, and the offender will get an instant rise in Warning Level. Do not take creations from IF and post them on facebook, tumblr, or other social networking sites without the explicit permission of the creator.
Dancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons)5. This is not required, but for the ToC's sake, it would be appreciated if you specify the show your creation is from.
Dancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons)6. Simple comments are allowed (such as praising one's creation or giving suggestions) but no long conversations or chatting please.
Dancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons)7. Have fun, and do make this thread very successful!
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Posted: 2014-06-01T17:43:21Z
There will be no ToC for this gallery guys. It's way too hard to keep track of and update, so if you like any creation, just save it to your desktop.
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Posted: 2014-06-01T20:04:41Z
OMG yeah! We're at our SEVENTH shop, guys! :O I joined the MM in the first gallery, and now we're here. I'm sorry, but I need a moment!
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Posted: 2014-06-01T20:25:35Z
WOOHOO!!! Thank you all for moving the last one to completion, y'all are the best. I'm seriously contemplating posting in this one GeekLOL
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Posted: 2014-06-01T20:29:19Z
Who's brave enough to post the first creation? lol
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Posted: 2014-06-01T20:34:57Z
Brave? No. More like

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Posted: 2014-06-02T02:53:02Z
Congratulations Everyone !!!

I Just Can't Believe We're Up Here On The 7th Cloud !!! *Taaliyaan* *Taaliyaan* !! So Here I Present These Creations Of Our Super-Cute Kanhaji, So That He May Stay With Us Throughout This One And All The Galleries We Gather In The Near Future !!

...i am the dance and i still go on...
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Posted: 2014-06-02T06:47:23Z
Thanks for the wonderful pictures. They are just beautiful and also thanks for taking time to post these pictures. 
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