Rang Rasiya: 30 May - Written Update (Last Day With Major Sahab)

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Posted: 2014-05-30T10:52:58Z

Part 1

Rudra sees Paro upset. He asks what it is. Paro runs away. Maithili comes to the kitchen and sees Paro working. She sees her crying and says don't worry, Rudra will get well soon. Paro says she wants Rudra to get well, but she doesn't know what she has done for him. She tells Maithili about her vow to get back Rudra's life. Maithili is stunned and tells how stupid Paro had been. People ask togetherness from Shivji and she asked for separation. Paro cries and says she got scared and she couldn't let anything happen to him. Maithili comments how silly of Paro. Paro says she will have to leave, she has vowed to Shivji and she cannot break that vow. Maithili says how can she leave Rudra. Rudra will never let this happen. Paro says I know! And I also know that I made him realize the fact that he can love, love exists. But she did this for herself and now that the time is here, she will have to go. She will. Maithili cries. Paro says today might be the last day at the Haveli. And she wants to live every moment of it. She wants to cherish these memories. She asks Maithili to promise to take care of Rudra and never tell anyone about her. Maithili is stunned.

Paro brings breakfast for Rudra. She helps him wear his watch. He asks why did she bring the food here, he was coming. He asks where's her food. Paro says later. She asks what he'd like to eat for Dinner. Rudra says breakfast first. And whatever she likes, she can make. He asks why's she worried. Paro looks sad. He says if its train, don't worry. He'd stay with her, and he has booked return tickets too. Paro looks sad. Rudra asks what she wants to say. Paro says take care of yourself. Rudra says he'd like bhindi for dinner. Both of them share a smile.

Part 2

Sumer is sleeping when Mohini comes and cribs that her son Samrat is now on Dilsher's side. He helped him start his business.

Paro is packing her luggage. She finds the paper on which Mr and Mrs Ranawat was written. She hugs it. Then she sees the earring which Rudra had taken. She packs it with him. Followed by some clothes, she takes out the doll and talks that she is leaving him only so that she can take care of him. Keep him safe, always make him believe that there is love and love is beautiful. Rudra comes and asks if she was complaining about him to the doll. Paro says ofcourse! Her husband has no time to spend with his wife. Rudra says that first lets pack. Paro says sure. She will help him. Rudra says can do it myself. Paro says please let me. Rudra melts. Paro brings dinner for him. They both eat. After that, both of them go out to bring dry clothes. Rudra keeps gazing her. Paro blushes. Inside the room, Paro finishes the packing and sees a torn shirt. She says she will sew it. She climbs up the window and starts sewing. She says you can change, and I am not seeing. Rudra says how do you know? Paro says its been a long time, she knows him inside out. Rudra asks like what? Paro says, that like he doesn't like burned potatoes but eats out of habit. His glares and black jacket, no matter how hot the weather is, he will wear it. And his bike, no one can touch it. Rudra smiles and goes close to Paro. He says tell me more. Paro says he loves the moon. Rudra says I love the full moon. He starts to sit beside her but she stops him, and says that they say in our village that no one should sit beside someone who is sewing. He may get hurt. Rudra chides her that this can happen in any village Paro. Paro stops him again and Rudra shrieks. Paro looks for a wound but Rudra smiles. Paro asks him to never do such a thing again. Come lets see the moon. Rudra asks why are you looking at me? Paro say my moon is you! Rudra says moon has so many depressions. Paro says not depressions but black tika. Rudra says he doesn't have it. She goes to put it but he stops and they run around. Both of them fall, Rudra shouts no Paro. Paro takes his phone and says she won't give. Both of them fight again, Paro gets clicked in a weird pose. Rudra sees the pic and smiles. He refuses to put the tika. Both of them decide to sleep. Rudra asks her to sleep on the bed. If not, he will leave her alone in the train.

When he's asleep, Paro puts the tika on the forehead. Next morning, Paro says that she will leave him soon, but till then, she will cherish every memory. She wakes him up. He asks her to get ready.

Part 3

Paro and Rudra get ready. Rudra spots the kala tika. Paro runs away from there. Maithili does both of their tika and cries hugging Paro. They are about to leave when Paro stops him. She says she wants to say something, he already knows, but still wanna say. I love you, more than myself, more than my own life. More than breathing, she loves him. Rudra is lost in her. He tries to speak but she holds him. She says, had to say this so said, there's no need to say anything. Rudra is stunned. Paro goes away.

No Precap- Mahasangam Promo shown!


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Thanks very much for the fast WU
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Thank you for the super fast update!
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I am feeling damn sad now
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Sounds like a good but also an emotional episode. Running to watch it.
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oha neydi bu imdi Cry
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Posted: 2014-05-30T19:00:01Z
Thank you for this lovely update..
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