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Posted: 2014-05-30T10:50:41Z
Hello RRians!!
I had this OS in my mind for quite some time, and today I finally decided to pen it down. Consider this took place before Rudra told Paro about his mother and all of that.This is my take on the separation track , totally different from the Mumbai separation because I had it mind before all of this happened. This is about the pain Paro feels after leaving Rudra one night (in Chandangarh).
OS - Memories
The wind was getting stronger, almost unbearable but she wouldn't stop. She couldn't stop... She had to keep running.  Her breath came out in sharp pants as she ran along the gloomy streets guided by the dim moonlight. There was no sign of life around her. The tinkling of her anklets seemed loud.She could feel her feet growing numb by the moment. But, she knew he was good at tracking people down, and in her case he would leave no stone unturned, so she had to be far from home until dawn. She noticed an isolated temple a little ahead of her. She had no energy left and her delicate frame was shivering now. She walked up to the temple and dropped down on the marble steps, her bosom heaving with exertion... Her own life felt like a burden, a torture. She felt like she had left behind her life in that haveli, in him. 
Everything seemed blurry to her, as she recalled how he had finally confessed last night under the twinkling stars on the terrace.How he had whispered passionately 'Paro,mujhe tere se pyaar hogaya hai'. Oh! How desperate she had been to hear those words, and how her heart had filled with joy when she heard him confess.Her thirst was finally quenched.She had 
immediately wrapped both her arms around him, her head resting on his sculpted chest.She had struggled to keep calm, to breathe. It felt like they were one, at last, and then it happened.Something she selfishly wished didn't happen any time soon.Both his arms wrapped around her tiny waist, making her shudder.She had felt dizzy with passion as they came even more closer.She could hear his hearbeat, smell his musky fragrance.She didn't want this moment to ever end.But, oh the devil, as his arms tightened around her, her eyes fluttered open and she snapped out of her reverie. She extracted her self away from him and grabbed his hand. ''Aapka haath...'' she uttered and looked up to him. He smiled gently, his eyes
twinkling in the moonlight as he spoke ''Haan, Ab khushi se bawli mat ban , haath jo chalne laga hai mera''. She slowly backed off, remembering the unfortunate vow she had taken in urgency. Her knees buckled and she fell to the floor in shock.
'Why.. oh WHY?!' She thought. One moment, she had felt complete and at peace, and now all her happiness was snatched away. He dropped down too, his face clouded with concern. She bit her lip, trying not to let even a single drop spill from her  eyes. 'Paro?' ''Wo.. major Saab , mujhe neend aa rahi hai'. She knew he was confused, but he didn't question her. He
probably was thinking her thoughts just got too muddled up with happiness and felt a little exhausted. He gently lifted her off the floor and placed her on the bed in their bedroom.Paro shut her eyes as she heard him, pulling out the mat and  laying on it slowly. She knew he hadn't slept for in a few minutes, he got up and sat near her, stroking her hair and feeling
her for fever. He then brought his lips very close to her forehead. She felt her breath mingling with his, her heart thudding. She felt anger building in her now. She couldn't spend any more moments with him when they would be separated so soon. She moved her head away and felt his head moving away too. He sighed and slowly went back to his mat. Soon, she heard him snoring gently.She got up slowly and glanced at him , sprawled as always on the mat. His face looked innocent and handsome. She wiped away a tear, and with so much pain in her heart, she walked out of the room...
 The sound of a dog howling disturbed her flood of thoughts. Her fingers curled around her rudraksh as she wept. Now all that was left worth living for were memories. Of Mythili Jeeja, of Kaku Sa, of Mami Sa, of Bapu Sa and of the time spent with him.  But, she decided, if she had to choose, she would decide on living the same life in her agle janam too, if only for those memories.
There, its done. I don't know if its good, but it took me quite some time to stir it up. 
If you liked/appreciated it please drop a comment or like the post. Constructive criticism is welcome.Its just a humble amateur post.

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Posted: 2014-05-30T19:05:36Z
simply fabulous
loved it.
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Posted: 2014-05-31T06:13:43Z
Originally posted by daniclayton

Glad you liked it Embarrassed
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Posted: 2014-05-31T06:14:28Z
Originally posted by IsleOfCapri

simply fabulous
loved it.
I am no where close to all the fabulous writers on this forum. I'm glad you liked my effort Embarrassed
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Posted: 2014-05-31T14:11:44Z
Originally posted by lourel24

Thanks lourel Embarrassed
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Posted: 2014-05-31T14:21:04Z
Originally posted by _Ms.Foxy.Angel_

Awesome loved it.
Thank you Smile!
Btw, I find your work fabulous Embarrassed
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Posted: 2014-06-01T09:23:52Z
Originally posted by Marvel-freak

Great OS
Thank you Marvel-freak Embarrassed
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