Ye Hai Mohabbatein 29th may'14 written update

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Inspector asks shagun to give her statement. She looks at raman then gives her statement to inspector, which is not audible to us.police comes out.ashok asks the inspector abt her statement, inspector told shagun herself is responsible for this, as she consummed extra dose of pills.he tells ashok to take care of her, then looking at raman inspector told him that shagun want to meet him.ashok was about to go but inspector stops him n tells shagun called raman to meet. So raman goes inside, ashok fumes!
Raman asks shagun how s she now, but shagun tells him to say thanks for saving him from jail.she starts her rubbish talk saying she can punish him, in anyway.he tells her, she s cheaper than he thought and he will never get scared with these.he tells her to stop this rubbish act or else she will die for real! And warns her not to come infront of him, or else she hav to face insults. He leaves
Raman s sitting in his room.ishita comes n says I did lots of hardwork for that speech.Raman asks her so what!she tells he never appreciate her anywork n, ur rude.raman asks her if she will listen to him.but she doesn't and starts her blabbering.raman tells her to shut up and calls romi to bring his phone. He tells romi to show her vdeo .so romi shows ishita her speech vdeo he recorded n his phone.she s surprised to see vdeo. Raman tells romi to tell ishita what he told. Romi tells Ishi that bhai told me to record ur vdeo n keep d speaker on, so he could hear it frm his phone. Ishita is melted to hear this.raman scolds her n told I hav this speaker function n my phone so I heard ur speech while driving.romi cutely supports his bhai, Raman tells him to go.he scolds her for blabbering without listening and tells n angry tone "puri speech suni thi mein tumhari, jitna bola sab samjha mein, lekin tumhari samajh mein nahi aaya abtak, ki mere speech BETTER thi LOL .OMG and they starts their nokjok on this speech. Ishita tells its better u didn't listen to my speech.he tells and u knw what is better than that, ki mein wahaan se jaata hi nahi, and listen to ur whole speech Embarrassed then he cutely said sorry and tells he went out.ishi smiles and asks where he had gone. He told to hospital and told her everything abt shagun's suicide attempt, meeting param.ishita asks how shagun could do this.raman told her for adi he went there.then he tells ur speech was good, it was long, but its good and senty! And he smiles. Ye hai mohabbatein n bg .he leaves. Ishita talks to herself that its not good happening with raman, Shagun left him but still she s haunting she crossed her limit.
Ashok tells shagun that i never knw that u could do this big mistake.and that too for raman.shagun told that she was irritated with raman thats y she did this and told him that she will never repeat it.ashok tells her but u got a good opportunity to defame raman and u spoiled it..u could send him n jail by simply giving a statement to police.shagun was surprised listening this
, she taunts him .ashok tells u will never die doing these attempts.
Next day : ishita gives food lists for dinner to toshi ji, all vegetarian.toshi ji tells behenji s not a madrasi like bhalla asks who s coming and why need to invite her.simi tells its not mummy ji's fault n support her, and tells ishita invited her.ishita told him how she met her talking with toshi ji n invited her for food. Simi tells abt chachi that she s a strange lady n tells how she was angry with them since her wedding time. Simi tells if she gets angry nw she wont forget it till ruhi's wedding.ruhi s excited to hear abt her wedding, romi tells wait mine number comes first.romi praises ishita saying she will win sheila chachi's heart. He was leaving for out, mr bhalla reminds him abt his exam..and Raman too gives him bade bhai wala dhamki to get good marks n exam.Raman goes inside to take his phone. Ishita goes behind him with tea.simi says n her mind that romi got this over confidence frm his bhabhi and lets see how she will win sheila chachi's heart, she smirks.
Raman couldnt hear anything frm his phone, he throws it on bed .ishi asks what happend, he tells its not working.he left to office taking his old phone. Ruhi comes to there n asks abt raman. Ishita tells she went to office.ishi tells his mob s not working.she tells ruhi he will buy new one! Ruhi tells papa thinks only abt others but not abt himself.ishi asks then what will they di.ruhi tells her to get a new phone for him, like shahrukh's.a cute scene between them. Toshi ji s cutting badam, ruhi n ishita s going for shopping, toshi ji asks why she s going for shopping while doing foods preps.ishi tells she hav to buy some vegetables too.simi too tells she need something. Ishita leaves telling Simi to text it.Simi thinks lets see how u will touch chicken nw!
Romi meets his friends. They tells bala sir gave them question papers.romi remember bala's plan n tells its not real one.Ruhi n ishita r looking for phones. Ishita calls her mom n tells her to soak choles for her.finally ruhi selects a phone. They both comes at raman's office. receptionist told them raman s busy nw.ishita tells her to give this packet to raman and they left.
Sheila chachi comes. Toshi ji n simi attends her.she asks abt ishita.toshi ji tells she was preparing food for her.Simi n toshi ji takes her for shopping.
Mihir asks raman abt his phone, he tells its hanged nw.then receptionist comes there with packet and tells him ishita n ruhi gave him that.mihir n tondon told him to check it.and due to insist of mihir n mr tondon raman opens n find the pink mobile..all laughs seeing that pink mobile.raman fumes thinking she bought this phone to insult him

Precap : ishita is tensed that how will she cook chicken.Ruhi shows gloves. Ishita smiles.chachi ji criticizes her food. Raman gets angry and
defends Ishita. Ishita smiles .and simi gets angry

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