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Part 1

Thakur asks Thakurain what trust are u talking of? I kept u in my heart .. showered u with love.. gave u fame and name and what did u give me in return? U told me that ur son is above me? Thakurain says.. this happened after i saw ur truth ..ur scary side.. ur not the love of my life .. ur the worst mistake of my life..! Thakur says my mistake is that i left Rudra live! Thakurain gets up to beat Thakur for daring to talk of her son ..! But her legs are chained! Laila says am so emotional seeing this sad story.. now tell me why did u call me here? Thakur says .. lemme intro u .. Thakurain ..this is Laila.. ur sons special friend. ..! Laila asks who is this son? Thakur says.. when i take his name .. u will be shocked! Laila says fine.. tell me! Thakur says.. Thakurains sons name is Rudra ..! Laila is shocked! 

Rudra is in pain and Paro asks what happened? Rudra says my mom used to sing..! He  says the night Paro came to BSD office .. he was drunk and says he saw HER again.. his mom! Paro is taken aback! Rudra says u learnt the song from my mom! Paro says no .. learnt from Thakurain! Rudra says.. she is my mom! Paro is stunned! 

Part 2

Thakur tells Laila that Rudra is Thakurains son! Laila asks she is the one who left my Rudra? Thakur says yes ..now lets talk of a deal..! Laila says.. what is my benefit of being part of this family drama? Better i tell Rudra.. so he will come here and beat u up and take his mom away! Thakur says.. adore ur innocence... lets agree.. Rudra comes.. and frees Thakurain .. what will u get? Nothing! Thakur says Rudra will go away with his mom and wife..! Thakur asks now convinced? Well now do as i say! Thakur tells Laila to tell Rudra that his mom is with me and happy .. but if he wants to see her alive.. he has to give up all proofs against me.. and then hand Paro over to me! Laila is taken aback..! Thakur asks if she accepts? Laila smirks..! 

Paro says Thakurain is ur mom? She recollects interactions with Thakurain! Paro says ur eyes are just like her..! Rudra is fuming ..! Paro says she was like my mom ...! Paro happily says.. i call her Thakurain Masa.. coz she told me to! Rudra says enough! He says dont wanna hear her stories..! Her son was lonely without her but she was busy with other kids..! I was awake all nite and she was singing lullabies to others! Paro asks why did Thakurain leave u two? Paro says she is so nice ..caring..! Rudra says.. ur Thakurain killed me and dad..! He says.. Thakurain ran off with Thakur..! He says if she was in front of me ..wuld have strangled her..! Paro tries to stop Rudra.. he says stop ..! Rudra says..she is not deserving of the word Mom ..! Paro says when Thakurain fell in love with Thakur.. she did not know his true face! Rudra asks so what? I should forgive her? Coz of her i lost faith in love! Rudra says.. love is selfish .. disgusting .. i hate it..!! Paro is shocked..! 

Thakur asks Laila what she decided? Laila takes glass of drink from Thakurs hand and drinks..! Thakur asks what is this? Laila says just drinking a bit..! Thakur fumes! Laila says i accept ur proposal ..! Thakur takes glass from Lailas hand and says.. what i want i will get .. stay in limits! Laila says.. u lost ur drink ..and still so much ego? Well u cant do anything .. am of good use..! Thakur tells Bheemsingh to take Laila to her room and lock her up ..! Laila says the thing i want.. i get..! She leaves..! 

Paro comes in the room and sees Rudra lying on bed! Paro says sorry to Rudra for hurting him! She rues that she spoke crap without knowing the details! Paro says .. a moms love only a mom knows.. ! Maybe she is also missing u ..and u r missing her here! Rudra turns his face  away from her! Paro turns Rudra on his back to look at her..! She takes his hand and applies meds but he refuses..! Paro insists..! Rudra says this wont be cured! Paro says there is no wound that cannot be cured.. takes time! BG-Rangrasiya! Paro applies meds on Rudras hand..! 

Next day morning, Paro is doing aarti ..! She turns to give aarti and prasad to all ..! Dilsher asks where is Rudra? He comes! Paro notices Rudras hand is not shaking anymore..! She smiles at him..and gives him prasad..! Rudra says.. yesterday i said a lot. .. forgive me..! Danveer says now listen to me! He says talked to a big doc and he has given time to meet him tomorrow..! All are delighted! Danveer says doc says Rudra will be completely fine and soon! 

Part 3

Dilsher asks Danveer to go rightaway and he says doc is in Mumbai! Maithli asks so Rudra will go to Mumbai? Danveer says yes both PaRud.. already did booking! Maithli says i feel Rudra will be ok soon! Paro is delighted and prays to Bholenath! Rudra comes and thanks Paro for being with him despite last nite! He leaves! Paro remembers her promise to Bholenath of leaving Rudra in lieu of his life..! She is torn..! Rudra notices ..! 

Precap -- Maithli chides Paro that people give oath to do all for love and u? Paro says i cannot break the promise given to Bholenath ..! It was in lieu of his life! Paro is in tears! 

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Thanks for written update!
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thanks for the update darling!
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