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HELLO! This was previously an OS I wrote for AsYa, you can find it here, a while back, but I found it on my computer again and thought it'd be a cute one to re-work for ZaYa! So here it is. Obviously, this is not in-line with the show at the moment, consider it being a year or two down the road from where ZaYa are right now :) 

Zaya OS: The Joys of Being a Woman


"Ya Allah. Ugh. I HATE YOU!"  Aaliya screamed out while squeezing Zain's hand with all the force in her little body as another contraction hit her. "KITKIT! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!"


"Well if I recall correctly it was actually both our faults Mamu Ki Bhanji." He said as she squeezed his hand again, he wasn't sure how someone so little had so much strength in her body. His hand hurt - it was red and he wouldn't be surprised if she broke a bone or two.


"SHUT UP! YOU ARE NEVER ALLOWED TO COME NEAR ME!" She screamed like a banshee letting his hand go as his eyes grew wide. One would think that Zain would have mastered the art of knowing what to say to a pregnant woman and what not to say by now, but then one would be wrong because the next three words should never have left his mouth.


"Calm down Aaliya." Zain said grabbing her hand again rubbing soothing circles into the back of her hand with his thumb.


"DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! I HATE YOU SO MUCH! DON'T TOUCH ME EVER!" She said letting his hand go again. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WOULD DO THIS TO ME!" She burst out into tears again. Zain wanted to pull his hair out.


"Aaliya! I am so sorry. Don't cry, please." He said jumping up from his seat and holding her face between his hands, wiping away her tears lovingly. Aaliya sniffled and looked up at him, seeing the worried yet loving look on his face made her cry even more.


"I a- I am s-sorry." She hiccuped. "I-I am a bad person."


"No, no! You are not. Just stop crying." Zain said, he was completely lost and had no idea how to stop her. "Mom!" He said looking at his mother who was standing in the corner of the room laughing with his Phuphs, the latter was trying to hide her smile behind her hands. "Why are you two laughing? Help me."


"Zain, she is going to be like this for a while, she is going through a lot right now." Surraya explained to her lost son before deciding to give the couple some space. "We're going to go get her ice." She said before walking out of the room with Shabana, both of them smiling.


"YEAH, I AM IN PAIN. BECAUSE OF YOU!" Aaliya said hitting his arm hard as soon as the two walked out the door, the tears were gone all of a sudden. "Let's have a baby Mamu Ki Bhanji!' You said, 'It'll be worth it, the baby can have your eyes and lips' you said. I don't know why I listened to you, this is torture! I am never having sex with you again!" She claimed hitting him again.


"I love you Aaliya." Zain said kissing his wife's hand.


"Well, your love doesn't make this hurt any less. Why did you do this to me?" She groaned.


"Mamu Ki Bhanji! You were an equal participant in this." Zain said.




Zain's head whipped around to the door where the sound of laughter was coming from, his mom, her mom and the nurse were literally holding their stomachs laughing at Aaliya's outburst.


"Ah, I like that analogy hon." The nurse smiled causing Aaliya to blush. Zain sat by her side again and held her hand. "I think it's time for the epidural." The nurse said preparing the needle.


"You're going to stick her with a needle that big?" Zain gasped shooting up to a standing position, looking at it. "That'll hurt her!"


"Not as much as she's hurting right now." The nurse smiled at how Zain subconsciously stepped in front of Aaliya, putting himself between her and the needle. She also didn't miss how he seemed to cringe every time she was in pain. "Now I need you to hold her upright on the bed while I administer this." The nurse said. Zain nodded helping Aaliya into a semi sitting position and sitting behind her to one side to ensure that she didn't fall back. His eyes closed shut as the nurse pierced her lower back with the needle.


"Are you okay?" He whispered to Aaliya opening his eyes. She nodded and gave him a weak smile before he helped her lay back down.


"Get this baby out of me!" Aaliya cried a few minutes later as another contraction hit her.


"But the baby book said you're going to be in labour for-"


"If you tell me what is written in the baby book one more time. I swear to God that you will not have anything left to make babies with." She seethed quietly pulling him by the collar.


The baby book pissed her off. Ever since she had announced her pregnancy her usually aloof husband had become so overprotective. The first week after they found out that she was pregnant, he wouldn't allow her to walk anywhere, he would carry her. Aaliya found it cute the first few days but had enough by the fourth day. He wouldn't listen to her though, it took the doctor ordering him to let her walk around for him to listen.


If his overprotectiveness wasn't bad enough, he'd bought out every parenting book he could find to make up for his lack of exposure to science as he claimed. Their room was full of baby books. He would read them all day, and then relay the information to Aaliya.


The following phrases are some Aaliya had become tired of hearing:


All the time: "The book says you should eat more __________. "

At 4 weeks: "The book says our baby's nervous system is developing."

At 5 weeks: "The book says that the placenta is developed! Wait, let me find the definition of placenta."

At 6 weeks: "Mamu Ki Bhanji! The book says our baby looks like a jelly bean now, isn't that so cute? Come look at the picture!"

At 7 weeks: "The book says his or her legs and arms are forming! The baby will be able to move soon!"

At 8 weeks: "Did you know our baby can move now Aaliya? Come read the book!"

At 9 weeks: "Why can't I feel the baby move? ...Oh wait, the book says you can't feel it yet! Nevermind."

At 10 weeks: "AALIYA! This book says that our baby has fingernails now!"


And on and on he went. Aaliya was sure he could quote all the books by heart now. As annoying as he was, she also found it really cute. He was so invested in the baby and her. He made sure she had everything she wanted. He would cuddle with her every night, holding her stomach. He would kiss her and their baby good night and good morning. He'd run out the house at 2 am when she had cravings, he complained about it but always got her what she wanted. He would be the perfect father, a fact that surprised Aaliya. Zain had grown up a lot in the past few months, the thought of having his own kid made him realize that he wasn't one anymore. Aaliya still remembered the tears in his eyes when he saw the baby for the first time.




"This is so exciting!" He said for the millionth time holding Aaliya's hand while waiting for the doctor. Aaliya rolled her eyes but smiled at him, he sounded like an excited kid. He had taken the day off work to be there for their first appointment with the gynecologist.


"We are going to see our baby for the first time! The book says he/she won't look like a baby though." He said sadly making her laugh.


"Mrs. Aaliya Zain Abdullah!" The nurse called, the two of them got up and followed the nurse into the room.


"First baby?" The nurse smiled.


"How'd you know?" Aaliya asked confused.


"Well you are shaking and your husband here hasn't let go of your hand." She laughed looking at Zain. "Young man, I assure you the world won't end if you let her hand go, I am going to need to weigh her."


Zain blushed and let Aaliya's hand go. "Sorry." He muttered.


After taking her blood pressure and weight, the nurse directed the two of them into an examination room and handed Aaliya a hospital gown instructing her to change.


"So do I get to watch my stunning wife strip?" Zain teased as the nurse shut the door behind herself.


"Besharam!" Aaliya laughed moving behind the curtain at the side of the room.


"I am allowed to be a besharam where you are concerned!" He laughed winking at her.


She came out from behind the curtain and struck a pose in her gown. "So how stunning do I look?" She laughed.


"You always look stunning." He smiled causing his wife to blush. Zain moved across the room as soon as he realized that Aaliya was making her way towards the bed, he picked her up bridal style and put her on it.


"I am pregnant, not disabled Zain." She rolled her eyes, but Zain just grinned at her and shrugged.


The doctor knocked on the door and entered the room, the lady had a huge smile on her face as she noticed the cute couple.


"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Abdullah, I am Dr. Sharma. It's nice to meet you. I see this is your first visit, so I am going to have to ask you a few questions." She said, a clipboard in her hand.


Aaliya nodded at her waiting for her to continue.


"When was your last cycle?" She asked.


"Around March 5th."


"And when do you think conception occurred? A rough idea."


"Uh, the week after?" She blushed.


"Holi to be exact." Zain piped up remembering that particular day really well.


"All right." The doctor laughed as Aaliya turned red and glared at Zain. "Lay down and pull your gown up Aaliya." The doctor said putting on gloves and grabbing a jar of blue gel.


"Wait! What is that?" Zain asked.


"It's just a gel that'll allow me to slide the ultrasound wand around the stomach."


"Will it hurt?" He asked causing the doctor to smile and Aaliya to slap Zain's arm.


"It's just going to be a bit cold but that it." She said, Zain nodded and moved to the side as the doctor rubbed the cold blue gel on Aaliya's stomach and grabbed a wand and turned on the monitor.


"Ah, that little blob right there is your baby, it doesn't resemble a baby yet since you are so early. Only 4 weeks along. See that fuzz that appears after every few seconds, that's your baby's heartbeat, you won't be able to hear it yet, but it is strong and healthy. We should be able to hear it by your next appointment."


Aaliya smiled and looked up at Zain, his eyes were moist as he stared at the monitor in awe. Aaliya couldn't help but smile at how happy he looked right then.


"Can we get a copy?" He asked the doctor after a while.


"For sure." Dr. Sharma replied.


"We can put it up in our room." He said to Aaliya as the doctor wiped the gel off.


"I am going to prescribe some prenatal vitamins, just make sure you remember to take it every day, make sure to drink plenty of water and eat at regular intervals. Don't over exert yourself." She smiled at Aaliya.


"Can you tell him I am pregnant and not handicapped?" Aaliya asked pointing to Zain causing the doctor to laugh.


"You." She said turning to Zain. "It's very obvious that you love your wife a lot and I feel like you're the type that's going to baby her a lot but try not to. She can do the things she normally does, but make sure she naps in the middle, eats a lot and drinks plenty of water." Zain nodded frantically. He was silent all the way to the car, lost in his thoughts.


"I love you." He said kissing Aaliya's forehead as he bucked her into the car.  Aaliya smiled and wiped away the teardrop that fell out of his right eye.


"I love you too." She smiled. "So, so much."




Aaliya was brought out her recollection as another contraction hit her. She squeezed Zain's hand hard as it passed.


"Almost there, you're doing great." Her mom said running her hand through Aaliya's hair.


"Maa, I can't do this. I am so scared, what if something happens to my baby?" Aaliya cried.


"Everything is going to be fine Aaliya, don't worry. I am sure even Allah fears what Zain will do if anything happens to you two." She smiled looking at Zain. She was so glad that the two of them were so in love.


Dr. Sharma walked into the room and smiled at the scene she saw. Surraya and Shabana were both fussing over Aaliya as Zain sat beside her holding her hand and gazing at her adoringly and moving whenever she moved in the slightest. Dr. Sharma had yet to see another couple who were so in sync with each other.


"Let me guess, he's staying for the delivery?" She said looking at Zain, who nodded.


"You can go-" Aaliya said but stopped knowing he wasn't going to listen to her, she'd tried to persuade him otherwise before.


"I think it's time." Dr. Sharma smiled moving towards the bed, the nurse nodded confirming that the patient was fully dilated.


"When the next contraction comes Aaliya, I need you to push while counting until ten. Don't stop pushing until your reach ten, and then you can rest until the next contraction, okay?" Dr. Sharma asked.


Aaliya nodded her head looking lost. She was scared out of her mind.


"Th-the baby is coming now?" Zain asked causing the doctor to nod. "Oh." Zain said shakily as his feet gave out from under him and he fell to the floor.


"KITKIT YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!" Aaliya screamed. "Did he just faint?"


"Ah, happens all the time." Dr. Sharma said looking towards the nurse who nodded and stooped down to shake Zain and splash water on his face.


"I think he's getting up." Surraya said looking at her son.


"ZAIN!" Aaliya screamed causing Zain to bolt upright.


"H-huh? I am here! What happened?"


"You fainted you idiot. I am the one having a baby and you fainted!" Aaliya said as Zain got up off the floor. "AHHH." Aaliya screamed suddenly.


"Okay, here comes the first one. Push!" The doctor instructed.


The nurse counted down as Aaliya pushed, Aaliya fell back onto the pillow as soon as she heard ten. She had no idea it would hurt so much. Zain was also scared looking at his wife in so much pain. He kept wiping her face with the cold cloth Shabana handed him. It was the only thing that kept her sane.


"Okay, again Aaliya!" the doctor instructed. Aaliya pushed again with all her might, hoping that this would end soon. She wanted to see her baby. She fell back again as the nurse said ten.


"I can't do this Zain." Aaliya cried.


"Yes, you can baby. You are Aaliya Zain Abdullah, you can do anything remember? And you are so strong, just a little more Aaliya, and then we can see our baby. And you can brag that you were right if it is a boy." He said lovingly. They had decided not to know the gender beforehand, but Aaliya was so sure it was a boy.


"Okay, last time Aaliya. The baby is crowning. NOW." Dr. Sharma said and Aaliya pushed as hard as she could and suddenly fell back, like a huge weight had been removed. The room filled with a loud cry causing Aaliya to smile. Her baby.


"It's a boy!" Dr. Sharma declared. Aaliya smiled and looked towards Zain ready to say I told you so, but he wasn't looking at her. He was looking at their baby boy, a look of adoration and love in his eyes.


"Would daddy like to cut the umbilical cord?" Dr. Sharma smiled. Zain stood there shocked.


"Go." Aaliyah said quietly. Zain slowly walked towards the doctor and his baby. He was beautiful, even covered with blood and tissue. The doctor handed him the scissors and motioned towards the umbilical cord.


"Are you sure this won't hurt Aaliya or the baby?" Zain asked scared, causing everyone to laugh.


"It won't hurt a bit." Dr. Sharma smiled.


Zain carefully cut the cord, and the nurse swept up the baby cleaning him and wrapping him in a blanket. She handed the baby to Zain who looked shocked.


"He is so tiny." Zain whispered touching his cheek with his finger. "I am your daddy little one. Want to see your beautiful mommy?" He cooed at the baby in a voice that no one had heard before. Aaliya was mesmerized, seeing Zain holding their baby made her chest feel warm. It was the most perfect sight in the world.


Aaliya smiled as Zain brought the baby to her. She held out her hand and he carefully placed the baby in her arms.


"Hey you." Aaliya smiled at her baby boy. "Aren't you the prettiest baby ever?" She cooed. "He has your nose, he looks so much like you Kitkit." Aaliya noticed.


Zain just smiled and sat beside his wife staring at his baby.


"I love you both, so much." He whispered.


"Should we name him?" Aaliya asked excited, they already had a name picked out. They looked up at Shabana and Surraya.


"Ammi, Mami, come meet your grandson Rehan Zain Abdullah." She smiled. Surraya grabbed the baby and both women cooed over him. They were already in love with him.


"You are amazing Mamu Ki Bhanji." Zain whispered into Aaliya's ear.


"I love you." Aaliya smiled.


"Thank Goodness, and here I was thinking that you hated me! I love you too." He said kissing her forehead.


"I was in pain, I didn't mean what I said! I could never hate you...again." She said.


"So it was all a lie? Especially, the part about me not being allowed to touch you ever again?" He smirked causing Aaliya to blush and shake her head. "Because I was thinking that Rehan may want a little sister in a year or two."


"Zain!" Aaliya said slapping his arm causing him to laugh.


"What? We make cute babies together." He laughed.


"He looks just like you, but with my lips." She smiled gazing at her Ammi holding the baby, the two


"He is perfect. I never thought that I could love someone so much, but seeing him just..." he started but couldn't finish his thought.


Aaliya smiled at her husband. "By the way, you owe me a kiss, it is a boy!" She laughed.


"Oh, how sad." Zain laughed, it was a win-win situation for him either way.


"I love you." He said moving closer to her and giving her a quick peck on the lips.


"Hey, that's not a proper kiss! I feel cheated." She pouted.


"Baby, I think we better wait until we don't have an audience." He laughed causing her to blush. "I mean, I know you are besharam and all but..."


Aaliya gasped. "I hate you kitkit!"


Let me know what you think! 

And you can check out my other ZaYa Stories if you want: 

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Posted: 2014-05-28T14:29:43Z
Omg omg omg OMG!!!! Embarrassed
Thatvwas so cuuute n .umm..well...i liked zai fainting part n besharam part a looot!
Btw u mentioned evrything in it if i m not wrong!?!
Still loved n enjoyed it...mere besharam version kotaaza kar diya...keep writing!Wink
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Posted: 2014-05-28T14:57:41Z
Awsm os
Loved it
It was so cute
Beautifully written

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Posted: 2014-05-28T15:51:51Z
Originally posted by ZayaShiz

Omg omg omg OMG!!!! Embarrassed
Thatvwas so cuuute n .umm..well...i liked zai fainting part n besharam part a looot!
Btw u mentioned evrything in it if i m not wrong!?!
Still loved n enjoyed it...mere besharam version kotaaza kar diya...keep writing!Wink

depends on what you mean by everything? Like going into labour and having the baby? I left out the nitty-gritty details but that's essentially what happens along with a lot more swearing and crying :) 

and THANKKK YOU! Embarrassed
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Posted: 2014-05-28T16:04:43Z
Though I have read this in the QH Forum but still read it again as I don't feel like studying right now. This was an excuse to take a small break from my books Big smile

Well Do I need to repeat what many people must have told you before as well? 
Okay, You are a VERY talented writer. Big smile

I felt like I am reading it for the first time. 
No matter how many times I read your fiction, it feels fresh! Smile
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Posted: 2014-05-28T17:32:45Z
This has to be the best OS i've ever read..

Hatts off man...this is absolute perfection! Clap Clap
I soo want such scenes to happen in the show but. ...

Keep writing n do pm whn u write sumthng...
I've become ur fan Embarrassed
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Posted: 2014-05-28T17:40:06Z
As soon as I read the title m like its an asya os
Loved it as asya version and also zaya version 
Loved zaya touch 
Even though it was disturbing for me mostly in deleeviry room bit read it 
I am also like zain I fainted when in delivery room when my sister had a baby boy lol
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Posted: 2014-05-28T20:52:36Z
Originally posted by Ravinanaik


awww soo cute
zain was totally hillarious
n zain faint lo
i love it
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