OS - LOVE Part 3 pg 5 (Last part)

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<font size="3">hey ppl.. I kno n update is due but then this OS is something which I hv written at once when i was watchin d episode of season 2 today where Ram confronts priya in hospital and asks for peehus custody..
I have tried to bring out the pain and dilemma of a person who goes thru such phase in his life..
I have tried to show Rams pov in normal way a man reacts & nt a typical BT serial..

Hope u all like it cz this was wt i feel should b normal thinking of Ram as per his character shown in BALH
This has one more part which i vil update by tomorrow as this was getting long..</font>

<font size="5">PART 1</font>

<font size="4">To say he was shocked was an understatement..!!
He was driving as if racing in Formula1...
Dodging drifting accelerating in a speed never used before..

His vision was getting blurred now & then because of the rage & burning he felt in his eyes just one question playing in his mind

No other words came out of his mouth...

ALL the events replaying in front of his eyes..
The more he recalled the more his car speeded..

How can he forget what he felt when he saw her all in flesh n blood in front of him in dt marriage hall after 5 long years !!
She was alive..
His Priya..his wife..was alive ...
Priya Ram Kapoor was alive all the while & standing in front of him..

And before he could even take this in another biggest shock came in front of him..


This was the last blow he could take because by then he was too numb to react & just collapsed...

When he gained conciousness he saw her close to him..
Tears flowing down her beautiful eyes & the touch of her soft hand on his forehead..

JESUS. .!!

But reality struck him hard & again losing his sanity he raged on her & hell instead of answering she was trying to calm him down sending his BP sky rocketting & again sending him in d state of unconciousness...

PEEHU.. Peehu was his child..He was deprived of his own daughter..his own flesh..!!
This was the only thing sending him in bind rage against Priya...

Everything flashed before his eyes..
The first communication he was having with his supposed dead wife after five years...
His rage on her.. peehus custody.. his hate toward Priya...His exit from there...

He was driving crazily with all the images flashing in front of him from dt marriage hall till he left her der on d door crying making him go wild with anger..

He slammed the brakes hard when an image of Peehu introducing Priya as her mom to her golu uncle came in front of his eyes..

He could not take that pain any longer & hide it behind his anger..
That image completely broked him down & he could not control his tears any longer..
He cried his heart out breaking down completely...
This was the worst pain he was going throug
h ryt nw in his entire life..
He could not figure out what was he feeling..
Not trustworthy


Why the hell did u do this with me Priya.. why ???

He was crying heavily..

All the time spent with her came in front of his eyes..
Their first meet... fights... confusions.. marriage.. hesitation.. comfort.. trust.. friendship..   love...
And when he thought he has now everything what he wanted slowly slowly every happiness slipped away from him...
He lost his Priya.. His life.
She was the soul reason of his haPpiness & living...

He was left alone again to live for fulfilling his resposbilities only..

He remebered..
All those years where he was pinning for her..
All those years where he was just breathing & not living..
All those years where he struggled each night to stop his tears & tried to sleep with her pleasent memories..
All those years he thought she has left this world & kept her alive in his memories..
All those years he felt so terrible that he was not able to complete her wish of giving a new life..
and here nw she was alive in front of him with their daughter Peehu..

He repeated it again ..
Yes their daughter.. A part of his & hers..
Their love child..

This struck him hard...
Peehu was not only his daughter ..
She was hers too.. infact she is the one who has raise their daughter all alone .. only she was der to take care of peehu..
Priya have raised their daughter all alone..

An unknown sense of fear rushed inside him and all the talk he had with Rajat in Dubai came back to him..
The story of certain Miss Pooja sharma.. her struggles to live an independent life being a single mother of his mini me Peehu.. her self respect.. peehus sickness after he returned from Dubai.. bookstore problems.. kadys story abt her friend pooja.. all came back to him..

All this while when he wanted to help that single mother after hearing her story from Rajat he felt the need to help her and a longing was der to meet her..
At that tym he thought its cz he has grown attached to peehu bt nw he understood y he felt all that when he was in Dubai..
Rajats Miss Sharma was none other than his Priya & there he was giving dt Rajat tips of wooing his wife !!

God dammitt Priya !! Wt hv u done...

He ran his hands thru his hairs frustrated..
All the anger has nw taken form of sudden sense of protection ...

He remebered Peehu praising her mom endlesly..

ohh god wt a fool he is to ask peehus sole custody from priya when peehu was the only reason of her survival..she told him today dint she ?
moreover he had witnessed her struggles himself when he was in Dubai though he never knew it was her..

He dint let her xplain her side of story..
There must b something big which made her take such big step..

He wiped his tear stained face & came out of d car resting himself on d back of d car..

In his rash driving he dint noticed where he was gng bt nw he can see that he has landedup straight to the beach - her wifes favourite place where he used to sit for hrs alone lost in der happy moments..

Sun was setting .. waves were crashing..
He leaned on his car feeling all the emotions gng inside him at once..

He is hell angry on her but then the love he feels for her is overpowering his every emotion specially after the realisation of priya being pooja stuck him hard..

He is in so much pain cz of d feeling of betrayal that he doubts if he could ever forgive her for wtever reasons she did this with him ??
Does he hate her nw for making him suffer like this ??
Was it his fault that he left him like this & hide thaier daughter too from him ?
Did she stoped loving him cz he was nt able to take her out of dt jail & so left him ?
Did she not trusted him dt he would do ne damn thng to save her ??

A lone tear again made its way out of his eyes..

He stood there for long tym untill the beach was desserted & all he could c was darkness..

Wiping his face he got into the car with a determination & drove off to his destination...

Do like & comment ur views..
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Posted: 2014-05-27T13:20:56Z
nice OS... waiting for the next update
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Posted: 2014-05-27T13:24:28Z
Very good start
Ram has every right to be angry on Priya
but now he himself thinking she has gone through many struggles in her life to raise Peehu pls continue soon with next part thanx for the pm
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Posted: 2014-05-27T13:37:44Z
Awesome os pls write more na
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Posted: 2014-05-27T15:21:19Z
Great start. Lovely story. Another way of telling the story using the situation. Waiting for next update.
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Posted: 2014-05-27T21:37:50Z
A lovely OS called 'LOVE'. The inner mental turmoil of Ram as a husband as well as a father to be  kept in dark  about the reality is very well  written. Pl. continue soon.
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Posted: 2014-05-27T21:50:28Z
Awesome Start Clap
You wrote very well Clap
Each & every lines explains Ram's emotions clearly
Continue soon Day Dreaming

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Posted: 2014-05-27T22:10:34Z
 Ram's  anger  is  right.. 
 his POV is  beautifully  written . 
his  love  anger  and more..

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

thanks  for the PM 
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