Rangrasiya Written Update 27 May 2014

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Rangrasiya Written Update 27 May 2014


Paro tells Rudra you don't know how to bargain and asks him to learn looking at her and she starts bargaining and scolds the seller that he is cheating her charging Rs 40  bargains for 20 and tells her husband is a BSD officer and she does not get  money for free  or steals Rudra keeps on watching and then she gives 30 as he has a daughter. Rudra asks her why you bargained and then gave more  money. He says that I saw the picture of his daughter  she says you also saw . He says I have been trained to do so and she says I am also a BSD persons wife and then feels awkward. He then tells you saved ten rupees and they go to the gola man . Paro again unable to decide which flavor to take and the gola man gives her a mixed flavor one. Rudra is amused seeing her bargaining and buying she buys one kala khatta for him too

 Samrat gives gift  to Dilsher and all happy.  Dilsher tells Mohini Samrat may not be as intelligent in business as you but he has the jeal to do something and work hard he praises him and goes.  Mohini  scolds Danveer for taking money from Dilsher without informing her and again scolds him for taking money She also scolds her DIL also saying they begged money from Dilsher and feels everyone knew about this except her.

Both eating  Gola  Paro asks how is it and before he says its khatta she says hope it is not sweet LOLand she looks at Rudra who has ice dropping from his mouth and says he is eating like a child  and wipes it  finds his bread pricking her and he looks at Paro and finds  Paro eating  also messes up her face and then Rudra also wipes the ice which was  in her mouth  with RR in the background. She feeds him and asks why he took leave and he says for her does she not like it and she says why did you not go back after Doc visit just then he gets a phone from Aman and says he is coming saying Laila

Mohini comes and sarcastically scolds Mythali as she prepared kheer asking her to put tadka in the dal.Just then Dilsher asks her to bring food. Mohini says she hates Bhaisa as he was responsible for Sumeer being out of the Haveli and Mythali says fault is Sumer's Mythali says I had no wish not to tell you but Mohini grills her and keeps on telling he scolds her sarcastically saying just because your husband earned money so you are talking against me and tries to hit her and Dilsher shouts at  Mohini

Rudra asks how he disappeared and he tries to give explanation that she disappeared from the room  but Rudra says she ran away as she wants to stay in my house and Tejawat has nothing to do with it Paro tearfully tells may be they have kidnapped her and she is afraid of the distrust which Rudra has.

Rudra is angry and says remember the puppet show people who made you cry Laila paid them to change the story and make you cry and make you weak so that you will withdraw.


Dilsher scolds Mohini for scolding Mythali and she says I am talking to my DIL and not to interfere but to control his son and he should not talk as he could not keep his wife Danveer scolds and asks Mohini to apologize to Dilsher and when she reluctantly does Dilsher says I am not trying to steal  your children,and she tells all her grievances about Rudra his marriage etc Dilsher says I am just trying to fulfill the duty of an elder in the family and that is the reason why my wife left I could not interfere and could not be harsh on my son. He says I have given my reason and now it is your turn and she says the dinner is served.

Aman comes and tells Rudra that Laila kepts the pillows and put blanket hiding that she is not sleeping and immediately Rudra says she is very crafty Aman tells despite calling her when she did not answer then they found the window open and Rudra says should I trust her and tells her see and tells Aman there is no danger to her life and she made up the story .When Aman says what about the camel owner's talk Rudra says maybe but I should never have trusted this crafty woman.

Paro sits and remembers all Laila told  her about Rudra and how she cheated her and FBs of the scenes shown she says sorry to Majorsa in her mind. Rudra goes to find Paro and drop her home but the BSD jawan says she left and went home. Rudra says Laila don't come in front of me.

Tejawat's men have captured Laila and when they opened her blindfold he is in front of her.  Who says you are as teeka as ever(Tejawat is back)

PRECAP Rudra hugs a crying Paro placating her when she tells him she did not trust him when he told the reality of Laila

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Thank you for the speedy update! much appreciated! 
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thanks for the WU :)
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Cant wait for todays's episode.. just love the way Rudra hugs Paro EmbarrassedEmbarrassedBlushing Edited by cute-eyes - 2014-05-27T13:20:48Z
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thank you Smile
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Posted: 2014-05-27T15:14:45Z
Tejas at is back? Really?
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Great WU , thank YouSmile
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@PutijaChalhov: TFS the WU of the epi!!!!Smile
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