Rang Rasiya: 23rd May - Written Update (PaRud Nok-Jhok)

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Rang Rasiya: 23rd May 2014 - Written Update

Part 1

Rudra drops Laila's baggage on the floor near the door. Laila picks it up and walks out. She thinks that she will come back, and this time, it will be bigger. She stares and Mohini and thinks this time, even Mohini will face her wrath. She will bring death with her. Rudra asks Aman to go with her.

Rudra is putting the bed on the floor when Paro comes and gives him meds. He asks why Paro didn't resent Laila being sent away. Paro says he said it out aloud. She couldn't disagree with him. And anyways, never wanted her to stay with them forever. That's why. Paro asks why is he sleeping on floor. Rudra asks if she can, he can too. He asks her to sleep on the bed. They hear a squeak and Paro clings to Rudra. They listen for the sound while Rudra picks up a stick. Paro tightens her grip around his hand. At the end, the spot the rat and Paro laughs that he took a stick as if it was a snake. Rudra asks her to stop laughing and go to bed.

Rudra asks if he can ask one question? Paro says yes. Rudra asks why did she let Laila go?

Part 2

Paro says he once told her to trust him for her life. So she trusts his words too, and anyways, there is Aman to take care of her.

Aman drops Laila at a guesthouse. He warns to not go outside. A guard will always be outside. If she needs anything, just let the BSD no. He asks if she needs anything. Laila thinks that what she wants, no one can give. She throws a jug down.

Paro wakes up to find Rudra still asleep. After sometime, he wakes up and sees a pillow under his hand. He asks where did this come from? Paro says she kept it so that his hands don't shake while sleeping. Rudra asks her to not get worried for him at night. Paro says why not? If he can keep a pillow for her, why can't she? Bapusa calls Paro that they have to go and see a Doctor. Rudra asks for what? Paro says, eye-checkup.

Sunehri comes and asks why Paro is so happy today. Are they going to Jaipur again. Paro asks No? Why? Sunehri says because last time she was this happy, was when they were going to Jaipur.

Laila gets up to hear Aman talking to Rudra. She hears that Rudra has taken an off from the office. Aman looked surprised. He hangs up and tells Laila that he is reporting on duty and warns her not to leave the house again. Laila nods.

Bapusa asks Paro for her Medical Receipt. Paro says its here. But Rudra comes and says its here with me. He says that he will go with her. Paro says why? He has to go to the office. Rudra says he has taken an off. Paro says why? Rudra says already told, to take you to the doc. Bapusa chides Rudra saying that beware! If the doc asks you the get your illness cured, refuse. Because this illness is good for your health. Paro is still stuck on him taking an off. She asks Why and how did he take an off. Rudra says took off for your eyes. Paro says she can go with Bapusa. Rudra says he will go, so go! Paro nods.

At the doc's, Paro gets her eyes checked. The doc asks her to close her left eye and keep her right eye open. Paro does the opposite. Rudra asks her to correct it. After the checkup, Rudra says the car is parked to the right, so will she be able to come. Paro says very funny. She was wrong just once. That doesn't mean he'll tease her so often. Saying so, she turns to the left. Rudra calls her back and shows the car. Rudra says what else? Food! Paro says, Food is ready at home! Rudra says...then what? Paro says have to help Jija with coloring the dupattas. Rudra says that means they've to go home? Paro says yeah! Where else?

Laila says if Rudra can take an off from work; she deserves to go out too. She climbs up the window and goes to Sumer. She asks him to order lunch. Sumer says she will eat all that herself? Laila says no! He will accompany her.

Sunehri laughs at Paro's innocence and says that Rudra Bhaisa meant to take her out to lunch. Paro says not possible. Rudra is quite confident, he would have asked straight. Sunehri says that since he talks little, he didn't.

Part 3

Rudra is cribbing. He says she's working ever since she got to know she's ok. He finds an earring and remembers its the one he took at Jaipur.

Paro is drying the dupattas. She feels Rudra and sees him walking to her. She remembers Sunehri's words and gets conscious. Rudra clears his throat asking for any help. Paro says not needed. Does he need anything. Rudra says he needed to say something. Paro asks what? Rudra says you need help. Paro cribs that he understood she needs help, why can't he ask for dinner out. Paro says nothing. Please come closer. Rudra looks at her shocked.

Precap- Paro asks to come even closer. Rudra walks lost in her. Laila is playing chess and says that if Paro thinks that she has kicked her out of Rudra's life, she is wrong. Because Rudra is all hers.


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Wow super fast! Awesome.
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Thank you so much for the written update:)
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Thank you very much!!!  Looks like a very filler one today :(

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Thanks for the WU Smile
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