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Part 1

Laila tells Mohini that she has a design in mind. & asks her to make it..! She gives it to Mohini who fumes on her! She rues that u r here to make embroidery and there Rudra is busy trying to find ways to send u out! Laila says Rudra wont be able to do anything ... Paro will not let Rudra do anything! She says as such i won .. .Mohini asks why? Laila says the tension between PaRud .. is palpable .. the puppet game that Rudra enacted for Paros smile made her cry! I know Paro thinks i am the evil fairy and i paid the puppeters to tell the true story ...! She says.. so winning bet is with me and losing bet is urs..! Now get it done.. remember the challenge? Mohini says fine  but tomorrow if Rudra and Laila interrupts and says .. no one can kick me out of this mansion coz i won this bet..! 

Later in the night ... Rudra watches as Paro is lying on the bed on the floor with her back to him! He bends and Paro turns and Rudra asks why sleeping on the floor? I know trying to be stubborn to force me to change my decision but wont happen . .she will leave tomorrow! Paro keeps mum! Rudra sits on the bed and stares at Paro ..! He feels restless and so goes and sits next to Paro and puts pillow and says u always roll ur head in sleep  .. u will break ur head. .so ..! He goes to the bed and lies down..! Paro smiles! She asks Rudra if she can ask him something and Rudra says no! BG- RangRasiya! Paro is upset ..! Rudra feels restless and both try to sleep! Both toss and turn! 

Rudra asks Paro to ask what she wants! Paro asks Rudra to tell her who did Raja choose in the end? Rudra keeps mum and then gets up ..! Self thot .. am searching for the end of the story too..! 

Part 2

Mohini asks Maithli to serve tea and she shouts coming! Mohini says u gonna make me deaf! She sulks ...could not sleep whole nite coz of that devil. Laila says think of devil and devil arrives.. lemme see! She praises the embroidery! Laila spots Paro and tells Paro that there is something common between them .. she says u do great embroidery and so this is a small gift for u from me..! This is not as nice as u make.. but i tried to make it to make u smile! Mohini fumes that i made this and she is busy taking credit .. what the hell does she want? She asks Paro to keep it! Paro hesitates! Laila says i made this just for u ..! She shows the name Parvati on the saree! Paro smiles! She  opens the saree and sees Rudras name and Laila says first wrote ur name. Thot its incomplete without Rudra so wrote that ..! Paro says its very pretty! Sunehri calls all and says Rudra is calling u all ..! Laila self thot i know why Rudra has called all and i know the decision ..!


Rudra says .. this is the doctor ..! Laila says if he is here for ur hand .. don't worry i will heat oil and Paro will massage ur hand with it! Rudra says... U don't worry .. my wife.. my family are here to help me and take care  of me.. guests should eat drink rest and leave..! He says doc is here for u .. to check ur internal injuries..! He says we all want our guests to get well soon! He says as much as u know me... I know u well . .i know u cant bear pain ..so doc please do check up of Laila..! He tells Sunehri to take Laila and doc to the room! Mohini says Laila is injured deeply .. takes time to cure..! Rudra says i can see .. doc will see too ..so don't interrupt!


Later, doc comes and says internal injuries are not that deep and wont take time to cure.. ! These meds will help  ! Rudra thanks him! Rudra tells Laila as a friend taken decision that from today ur security will be under BSD inspection ..my most trusted man Aman will take u to an isolated & secure place.! Go pack! Mohini says wow great justice Rudra ..   u brought Paro in this mansion and sending Laila out? Rudra says u were troubled with Paro so don't wanna trouble u again ..! Btw why do u care so much? Laila says someone cares .. i was part of this family for so many days but then truth is am an outsider .. no one shows sympathy with outsiders! Laila tells Paro that this is for u .. the odhani . .but did not think this would be my farewell gift! Laila says guess Rudra cant trust me enough that i have changed .. guess he still thinks .. or feels ... those moments..! Laila says what difference it makes that Tejawats folks are looking for me all over .. even if they kill me who will care .. after all am an orphan! Paro feels bad ..! Laila tells Aman to give her 5 minutes to pack!  Rudra is uncomfortable! Mohini is shocked..as Laila starts to leave! Laila hopes Paro will say something .. counting 3---2---1! Paro says Laila ..! All are shocked and Laila smirks! Paro says don't call urself an orphan...am there with u..! Today ur leaving ... it doesn't mean all is over..! If u need something .. don't hesitate! Rudra smiles and Mohini-Laila are shocked! Paro says Rudra is right.. Aman is very brave and will take good  care of u ..! She thanks Laila for the odhani and says i can understand Rudra better now! She asks Laila to keep the odhani and says as remembrance! Laila snatches the dupatta and walks away ..! She starts to pack her stuff in a huff! Rudra comes and Laila asks ..u came here to check if i am packing or not? I am .. leaving .. to die of gunshots..! Rudra says stop the drama.. don't think i can figure?U did the game with puppeteers ? Trying to interrupt Paro .. show her down all the time..! U thought i wont do anything for u troubling Paro? 

Part 3

Laila says u care for Paros feelings the person you know only for 6 months? Rudra says .. u dunno about feelings.. u know how to snatch and Paro knows only to give! Laila says.. wow my Rudra is talking of feelings? So much care for that woman? Rudra says.. dare u .. she is my wife! Laila says so that ganwar gao ki aurat has turned my jungle ka sher into a kutta? Better wear a dog belt and move around her! Rudra says enough crap . .leave! 

Precap -- Laila is leaving and self thought am leaving now but when i return . .wont spare Paro! And with her .. Mohini too .. coz when i attack.. all will be destroyed! 

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Always appreciate the time and effort it takes to do these written updates. Well done for doing such a wonderful job! Hug
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Posted: 2014-05-22T10:16:55Z
Thanks so much for the written update today...
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Posted: 2014-05-22T10:19:12Z
Thank you Tanu Smile
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Posted: 2014-05-22T10:34:11Z
Awesome. Thanks for posting so fast!
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Thanks for the super-quick update..
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Many thanks for the speedy LU
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Thank you so much!!! Love it!
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