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Posted: 5 years ago
Hello PrAjaIans! Sab kaise ho? Ok I know, silly question, iss week ke itne ache ache episode dekhne ke baad sabka aur kaisa haal ho sakta hai.
Anyways, I am thinking of writing a TS(Three Shots). I don't know whether you all will like it or not, because its going to be a sad one in the starting but a happy ending for sure. It's similar to the one part or anything you can say,that I posted in AT. Here's the introduction:

"Ajabde, aapko nahin pata aaj hum kitne khush hai! Hume vishwaas nahin hota, ki yeh sab sach hai? Kahin hum koi sapna to nahin dekh rahein? Humein to yehi lag raha hai maano hum koi sapna dekh rahein hai. Humara vivaah uss vyakti se ho raha hai jinhe hum sabse zyada prem kartein hai.
Humara vivaah kunwar Pratap se ho raha hai! Aur to aur daata bhi iss vivah ke liye maan gaye! Ajabde aaj humare sabse khushi ka din hai! Nahin nahin, sabse khushi ka din to woh hoga jab humara Kunwar Pratap se vivah hoga. Ajabde aapko..." and she goes on with her blabbering. Phool was sitting in front of the mirror and combig her hair and could see Ajabde with her back towards the mirror, standing near the window.
"Ajabde, ajabde aap sun bhi rahi hai hum kya keh rahein hai?" Phool asked, irritated by her friend. Getting no response she went to her and put her hand on Ajabde's shoulder.
Ajabde was staring at the dark sky from the broad window of the room while remembering all their moments together. How their first meeting took place, how they had collided with each other while the flower showered on them,his smile, and then what Pratap said a day before "Hum Phool Kanwar ke saath vivaah karne ke liye taiyaar hai."
Her mind then immediately drifted to today's happenings. Rao Maldeo's approval for Phool and Pratap's marriage, the date of marriage being fixed. By now tears were rolling down her cheeks, they were flowing freely. She felt a pain in her heart. The pain was uncontrollable. She couldn't hold back her tears anymore. It hadn't been easy for her to control them from the past days but she had done it.She had controlled her emotions, for Phool, for the Rajputana, for Mewar and for...for Pratap.But today she couldn't do it. She forgot that Phool was there. She let her tears flow. Even when Phool placed her hand on her shoulder, she couldn't stop them.
Phool turned Ajabde around and saw tears in her friends eyes, her cheek was wet. "Ajabde aapke ankhon mein aansu? Kya aap humare vivah se khush nahin hai?" Phool said in a concerned as well as astonished voice. "Aisa nahin hai Phool." she said wiping her tears.
"Ajabde aapko abhi bhi aisa lagta hai ki hum humare vivah ke baad aap se door ho jayenge? Aisa nahin hai Ajabde. Hum dono humesha ek dusre ki pakki sakhi aur behen rahengi." Phool said engulfing Ajabde in a tight hug who also hugged her in return."Aap humare vivah se khush to hai na Ajabde?" Phool asked still hugging her.
"Haan Phool hum bohot khush hai. Bohot Khush." Ajabde said to Phool in order to make her believe that she was happy with it, but the truth was that she was trying to pacify herself, her heart which refused to accept it.

So I'm done. It's the introduction. I have not thought about the title yet.
If you all like it then please comment.Big smile It's really sad when you write such big stuff and not get enough comments.Ouch I will continue only if you all comment and give feedbacks, Big smileotherwise I'm not gonna continue it.
And yes thank you for reading this crap.LOL

Introduction- Pg 1
Part 1          - Pg 6

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Posted: 5 years ago
Its really nice and u have nicely portrayed pain of Ajabdeh & atleast its better than what cvs are showing us nowadays
Please continue and can i request please donot involve DB in this its just request

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Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by Chit15

Its really nice and u have nicely portrayed pain of Ajabdeh & atleast its better than what cvs are showing us nowadays
Please continue and can i request please donot involve DB in this its just request

Thank you so much buddy. Big smileWill try to continue if I get enough responseSmile. And yes I'm not really gonna DB in itWink. I just hate her from the core of my heartDead. She has no place in my TS! AngryAngry
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Posted: 5 years ago
Wooow...AWSOME. I love the introduction a lot and thanks for the pm, make sure you continue soon because I can't wait to read on... Smile if only the cv's could take inspiration from this forum...can't wait as I know love takes time and prAja will tell each other they love one another but whatever the ending I'm sure in this TS it'll be a happy ending...great start !!! Clap
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Posted: 5 years ago
It was lovely. 
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Posted: 5 years ago
Wow wow loved it so sad poor you ajabde 
But loved the start :) 
Please update soon :)
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Posted: 5 years ago
very nice, you should continue feels good to read stuff that actually is different then what they show on show... at least nothing tense there and showing real emotions. 
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Posted: 5 years ago
Thumbs Up Clap
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