Zaya OS - |The Green-Eyed Monster| (Based on 05.20.2014 Promo)

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HOLA! So if you haven't seen/heard about the promo for tomorrow it shows that the guy Bak-Bak and Zain hit turns out to be Aaliya's friend. So obviously, I got a idea and had to write it down. It's a short oneee and this probably won't happen in the show because shows like to drag out once concept/problem for weeks but I wish this would happen. So here it is!

The Green-Eyed Monster

Zain's POV

I wish I could kill people with a glare because then he would be dead. Just look at him sitting on the sofa and laughing, I bet he is pretending to be injured to gain sympathy. I should have left him on the street, in all of stupid Mumbai we just had to hit him. And now he is sitting on my spot, that one corner of the sofa I always sit in and my wife is running around taking care of him. She made him soup. And here I was thinking that she only made soup for me and ran around for me when something happened to me but he seems to be getting the same treatment. Asshole.


"Tum meri biwi ka peecha karke yaha aaye?" I asked, I was sure he followed her here, what else would he be doing in Mumbai? I could also see the way he looked at my wife, like he was smitten with her. He should go back to Bhopal before I kill him with my bare hands. Asshole.


He laughed, the flipping asshole laughed while Aaliya glared at me. Excuse me MKB? I should be glaring at you for flittering around this asshole but you don't see me doing that now do you wifey? OH. Now she is going to sit by him when there is a seat right next to me. Perfect. Just flipping perfect.


"Nahi, mein toh kaam se aaya tha. Lekin Aaliya mujhe toh laga ki Zain Abdullah tumhara dushman hai lekin tumne toh usse nikaah kar liya." He laughed. How dare he? Why does he know that we used to hate each other?


"Dushman nahi, shauhur hoon main uska, tumhe kya?" I replied. This guy, seriously.


"Zain!" Aaliya hissed glaring at me. Seriously, are we glaring again? I should be glaring at you woman, you are the one sitting beside another man when your husband is clearly in the room and clearly sexier too. 


"What? Meine kya kiya?" I asked her but she just rolled her eyes. Did she just- WHY IS SHE TOUCHING HIM?


"Tumhare liye guest room saaf karvadiya hai, tum jaakar aaram karlo." Aaliya smiled at him. NO WHY IS SHE SMILING AT HIM? He smiled back at her before trying to get up. "I'll help you." Aaliya said getting up.


"NO." I screamed shooting up from my seat, I knew where this was going and his arm was not going around my wife. "Mein help kardeta hoon." I said unwillingly walking to stand beside the asshole. I lifted his arm and put it on my shoulder as he limped towards the room. I need to sanitize myself after or I'll have asshole germs. The urge to walk the opposite way towards the door and wave goodbye to him was too strong, I don't know how I contained myself.


"Waise tum bahut lucky ho ki tumhe Aaliya jaisi biwi mili." He said. How dare he say that about her? How dare he say her name? It was true statement but he couldn't just say made him sound like he knew her. I helped him sit down on the bed but I seriously just wanted to push him out the window.Asshole.


"Mujhe pata hai kyunki woh meri biwi hai." I replied before turning around and walking out of the room and walking into my own.


"Oye." I heard my voice from behind me. I turned towards the bed and found my other self perched on the bed smiling.


"Tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?" I asked.


"Jalan ho rahi hai?" He waggled his - uh my eyebrows.


"Nahi." I replied a bit too quick. Who was I kidding? I was so jealous. 


"Acha? Tum bhool rahe ho ki mein sab jaanta hoon. Subhe sai tum apne dimaag mein usse maar rahe ho, kabhi window sai gira rahe ho, kabhi hammer sai uska siir phod rahe ho..." He- uh inner Zain replied smirking.


"Haan toh kya karu? Woh toh aise act karta hai jaise woh Aaliya ka best friend hai, kaise meri biwi sai chipak kar beth raha tha aur usse baat-"


"Zain, tum theek ho? Kisse baat kar rahe ho?" Aaliya asked walking out of the bathroom with a confused look on her face.


"Meri baat chodo, woh kya tha?" I asked her.


"Kya kya tha?" She asked looking confused.


"Tum usse itni achi tarah kaise jaanti ho?" I asked, what else would I be talking about Mamu Ki Bhanji.


"Hum saath mein padte thai." She replied casually, HUM? I watched as she went to the closet and opened it placing something, it looked like paper, in her drawer before looking for something.


"Acha? Aur usko yeh kyun pata hi ki tum mujhse nafrat karti thi?" I asked walking up behind her.


"Woh toh saab ko lagta thanaa Zain." She said still searching the closet.


"Humari family ko lagta tha...usse kyun aisa lagta hai? Tumhara ex-boyfriend hai?" I asked, my blood boiling at the thought. She turned around slowly and looked at me.


"Excuse me?" She said sounding appalled.


"Uske saath chipak chipak kar beth rahi thi toh mujhe laga-"


"Kya laga?" She said sounding angry. Oh, I was done for, she glared at me before she started talking again. "For your information, mera koi boyfriend nahi thaa, tumhare jaisi nahi hoon mai. Aur woh mera ex-boyfriend hota bhi toh tumhe kya fark padta? Aur tum itna ajeeb kyun act kar rahe ho?"


"Mein ajeeb act kar raha hoon?" I scoffed. "Usse chipak kar bethi thi tum uske aage peeche ghoom rahi ho tumuske liye soup bana rahi ho tum aur uske saath haas-haas kar baate kar rahi ho tum. Yeh sab toh tum mere liye karti ho." I didn't know where the words came from but they were out of my mouth before I could think about them.


"Kyun jalan ho rahi hai?" She smirked looking at me.


"Haan." I replied looking right at her, the smirk left her face instantly as she looked at me.


"Kyun?" She asked her eyes filled with something that I couldn't quite comprehend.


"Kyunki tum meri biwi ho. Aur tum sirf mujhse haas-haas kai baate karti ho, sirf mere liye soup banati ho, mere aage-peeche ghoomti ho aur mujhse chipak kar beth thi ho." I yelled, I had to admit that I sounded like a sulking child. 

"Acha? Actually, mein sabse haas-haas kai baat karti hoon, lekin kitkit sirf tumhare saath karti hoon." She yelled poking my chest hard. "Soup sabke liye banati hoon par khud sirf tumhe hi khilati hoon, mein sabko help karti hoon lekin aage-peeche sirf tumhare ghoomti hoon Zain." She yelled back poking me every time she made a point.


"Kyun?" I asked her.


"Pehle tum mere kyun kaa jawab doh. Jalan kyun ho rahi hai tumhe?" She asked.


"Jawaab diya toh." I said confused.


"Woh jawaab nahi tha...woh jo chithi mai likha tha, woh jawaab." She smiled. She found it? She found the letter? She knows?


"Chithi mai...tumhe chithi..."


"Haan, mujhe chithi mil gayi, dresser kai neeche thi." She smiled.


"A-a-acha? Uh...woh, mein..." What was I supposed to say?


"Haan, uh, woh tum kya? Zain Abdullah I love you bhi nahi bol sakta?" She smirked.


"Aaliya Zain Abdullah bhi nahi bol sakti? Tum toh bilkul phatoo ho, at least maine chithi toh likhi " I said, I see what you're trying to do Mamu Ki Bhanji but you're going to say it first.


"Maine sooji mein likha tha lekin tum toh bilkul pagal ho kitkit, aur hi..." She stopped when she noticed that I was smiling.


"Sooji mein kya likha tha?" I asked.


"I love you aur kya-" She said before he eyes grew wide.


"Mere liye?" I smirked placing my hands on either side of her face on the closet behind her as she nodded. Her breath hitched when I moved my face to the side of her face, my heart was trying to hammer it's way out of my chest but I am sure hers was too because she was breathing a lot harder than she was a minute ago. I made sure to graze my stubble filled cheek against her jaw and then up her soft warm cheek before putting my lips near her ear which caused her to shiver. "I love you Aaliya Zain Abdullah." I whispered against her ear before placing a kiss on her earlobe and pulling back slowly.It almost felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my chest as soon as the words left my mouth. 

Her eyes were closed, her cheeks red and a smile on her face and she had never looked more beautiful. My right hand left it's spot on the closet door and cupped her face, my thumb rubbing soothing circles into her cheek causing her to open her eyes. "Uss din freezer main bhi Aaliya Zain Abdullah ko hi I love you kaha tha Mamu ki Bhanji." I added causing her smile to grown even larger before she threw her arms around me. I smiled wrapping my arms around her as we stood in front of the closet. She felt absolutely wonderful in my arms, like she was meant to be there. I could feel her heart beating just as fast as mine as she buried her face into the crook of my neck.


"I love you too." She whispered after a while.


"You better Mamu Ki Bhanji." I smiled.


Okay so maybe I over-reacted, she wasn't treating  him like she treated me. She didn't love him, but she loved me.  Oh my god, Mamu ki Bhanji loves me.



Lemme know what you think and if you are interested check out my other Zaya OS here:

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Awww this is so sweet! Jealous Zain is absolutely adorable <3
Very well written. Enjoyed every bit of it Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2014-05-19T13:30:26Z
Awesome one shot.
I doubt that this all will happen in the serial but I am sure a green monster will be seen in Zain. Jealousy is a perfect catalyst in love. 
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Posted: 2014-05-19T13:42:54Z
such a sweet and romantic jealous zain was damn their confession.keep writing.
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Posted: 2014-05-19T13:46:46Z
wow awsm os 
loved it 
very beautifully written 
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Posted: 2014-05-19T13:47:57Z
Awww this was perfect. I loved it. Please write more. 
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Posted: 2014-05-19T13:58:14Z
I LOVED this! It really oozed Zain and Aaliya! After hearing about the promo and dying trying to find the link this helped with the wait..
You are a great writer please write more FF's/OS on Zaya
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Posted: 2014-05-19T15:00:26Z
ClapClap was soo ZaYaish... 

kaash aisa actual mei wud be Day DreamingDancing
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