Ye Hai Mohabbatein 19th May 2014 Written Update

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Ye Hai Mohabbatein 19th May 2014 Written Update

The Episode begins with Raman and Mihir coming to Jai Kakkad's shop to buy engagement ring. Jai welcomes them and asks them to opt for Raman verbally expresses  Mihir says whatever you decide. I don't ken all this. Raman asks him to optate as its his engagement. Raman thinks about few necklaces and cerebrates of Ishita's words. He goes to visually perceive some good ponderous sets. The man shows him some sets. Raman says no, something fashion hefty, Punjabi style. The man says tell me what you like, I will make it, will send your home till evening. He  tell me Madam's relishes. Raman says Ishita's bridal look and gives her description. Apni apni rahein hai...plays...

Yeh hai mohabbatein...plays...

Raman says are you taking my interview, did I come to get a job here. The man says expresses I will take blue and pink set, you will relish it. Mihir wears all the rings and asks the man what would you give to your wife. He culls one taking his opinion. Shagun meets Parmeet and asks does Bhallas talks about me. Parmeet says, how could Raman leave such a comely wife. Parmeet says that's maybe what you are but he does not have any relationship with his wife.

Shagun says expresses genuinely and cogitates Raman's words. She says he did not show this. Parmeet says the truth is Ishita is eyeing him, but she does have the charm that you have, He  expresses Raman is making Mihir engaged to Trisha. She says who is Trisha. He expresses she is Tandon's sister. Ashok comes and says let him do the arrangements, we have an arrangements. Trisha is Tandon's sister and Tandon is Raman's financier. He would have invited you personally. Ashok says ofcourse, I'm invited.

Shagun says, you are Raman's project partner, and you have to go in engagement. He asks why are you desperate  to go. . Parmeet says  affirmative, we will make them dance on salsa. She says Salsa? He says, he is dancing salsa with Ishita. She says  I would relish to visually perceive this. The man brings the blue and pink set. Raman asks do you relish it. Raman says  make it. The man says it will cost 5 lakh. Raman  says make it. Mihir understood him and smiles.

He says this time you bought this with heart. Not by Ruhi's force. Raman expresses I did this for me. Raman says lets go. Jai gives them Mihir's ring and verbally expresses I will send the necklace at home in evening. They leave. Vandu comes to meet Ruhi. Ruhi asks did you see my dance practice. Vandu says you are doing good. Vandu asks Ishita about Romi and Trisha. Romi comes and keeps his phone on charging. Ishita checks his phone and signs Vandu to take Ruhi.

Ishita says I m doing deplorable work. Raman comes and sees Ishita her with Romi's phone. She says it looks to one message is there from Trisha. He says this Madrasi spy. He asks what are you checking in Romi's phone. She says I was checking model number. He says don't lie if you can't, what were you doing. She says  I wanted to gift you a new mobile, so was checking how the  model is. Raman says you can only give me pain and lectures. She says  you deserve a gift, as you are dancing so well. She smiles thinking about  him. He asks what is it.

Yeh hai mohabbatein...plays...

He expresses affirmative, I have learnt Salsa, Now I will show that madrasan the punjabi tadka salsa. He gets Jai's call. Jai asks shall I send the set home. Raman says no, I will come and take. He says if I go to bring it, it will be an issue. He calls his employee Subramanium and asks him to pick the set.

Its night, Ishita meets Subramanium. He gives her a parcel. Ishita asks whats in this. Mrs. Bhalla sees it and shows it to Simmi. She likes it a lot. Mr. Bhalla says its very costly. She says Raman may have got this for Trisha. Mr. Bhalla says lets ask Raman. Raman asks Subramanium about the set. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman this set is for whom. Raman says its marriage time, so I got this for Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi get offended. Ishita is shocked.

Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to express. Ruhi says its very pretty, you will look princess. Ishita says yes and goes to Raman. Mr. Bhalla tells Mrs. Bhalla that finally Raman is taking care of Ishita's happiness. Simmi thinks Ishita is trapping everyone, she has ruined my life, I will not let her be happy.

Raman says Ishita's eyes will fall in bowl seeing the set. Ishita comes to Raman with the set. Raman asks her did she like it. I will change it, it might be around 1.5 lakh. He says what, its not madras, its about 5 lakhs. She says what, this one. She does not like it. He says fine, throw it on Bala, Idiot Madrasan. He leaves. Its morning, Ruhi talks to Mrs. Bhalla. Raman says you have decided everyone's clothes, who gave this idea.

Ishita smiles and says big ideas come from films. Raman jokes. Mihir asks Ishita did you like the set. She nods yes. Mihir talks to Ishita and asks did you not like the set. She says its so colorful, its total waste of money. Subramanium brought that set. He says what, Raman has specially designed that set for her, and it took about 3 hours. Ishita is shocked.

Mihir says you know Raman does not express his feelings. She thinks Raman heard her talking to Bala and Raman's words. She thinks Ayyo, Raman would have felt bad as I spoke bad about the set I have to do something.

Yeh hai mohabbatein...plays...

Ishita asks Raman to come with her to have a coffee. Raman asks are you taking medicines? Edited by QH_DDEJ_Fan - 2014-05-19T18:25:03Z
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Posted: 2014-05-19T13:49:11Z
Thanks for the WU! Smile
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Posted: 2014-05-19T14:41:34Z
Thanks for the update but what's up with "verbally" "verbalize" "verbal" ... being used in almost every sentence...made it so hard for me to read...
i hope you were just kidding, right?
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Posted: 2014-05-19T15:45:57Z
I am sorry but your update is very hard to read. 
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Posted: 2014-05-19T15:54:33Z
with "verbally" "verbalize" "verbal" ... being used inalmostevery was really difficult to there any reason for this? Did you do update just becaused you have been lumbered with it?

Sorry for expressing my feelings in writing as I cannot verbalize it face to face...

Thanks for the update anyway...

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Posted: 2014-05-19T16:07:16Z
Yeah sorry but im with the others this has got to be the worst and most annoying update ever posted in this forum...i appreciate the hard work thats went into it but seriously? i got confused and bored before i even got halfway through so gave up, can anyone post even a very brief UNDERSTANDABLE update plz plz plz x
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Posted: 2014-05-19T16:33:24Z
Well done for the update, it's obvious you've put a lot of effort into it. The only thing is that it's a bit difficult to read, some of the English used is a bit unusual. 
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Posted: 2014-05-19T16:53:13Z
Originally posted by Rujul13

with "verbally" "verbalize" "verbal" ... being used inalmostevery was really difficult to there any reason for this? Did you do update just becaused you have been lumbered with it?

Sorry for expressing my feelings in writing as I cannot verbalize it face to face...

Thanks for the update anyway...

Sorry...but I agree with this. Its really confusing, takes away all the fun :(
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