Rang Rasiya: 16th May - Written Update (Broken Trust)

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Rang Rasiya 16th May, 2014: Written Update

Part 1

Laila continues, right now what must Rudra be thinking? Whether to make Paro meet her and Laila's past or not. Mohini says if he decides to? Laila says then a heart will break, just this cloud is thundering. Paro's heart will break and then the volcano Rudra will be hers, only hers. And that day, be ready to welcome her. Mohini says that time will tell whose weather will get disturbed?

Rudra takes Paro to a abandoned house. Paro asks what this place is. Thundering makes Paro scared and she clings to Rudra. Rudra says she got afraid of this little lightning, how will she bear his story. Which is full of lightning and storms. Will she be able to hear.

He tells her that when his mother left him, he came here often. He got peace. Children called it a haunted house, and the family which lived here had abandoned it years ago. It was plunged in darkness, like his life. City, noise was so close, yet so far. The silence penetrated him. There was only sand and his loneliness. As he grew up, the silence started eating him inside out. Once a friend, this silence became his enemy. His loneliness was something he couldn't bear. Paro asks then? Rudra says then, he left this place and never came back. He wanted place whose noise subdued the silence and every noise. Even his heart's. A place where his feelings didnt speak to him and he found such a place. Paro asks where. Rudra tells that he was an animal! He called his father by name, he had no soul...and if he had, it was that of an animal. He was a stone. And he is not very different right now.

Part 2

Rudra asks why is she not saying anything. Paro holds his hands and says because he is not finished yet. Rudra continues that so he found a place where he could forget his sorrows. He went there every night for 8 years. When he wanted to run away from himself. No emotions, no promises and no questions, and she agreed to his rules. She was Laila. She and him shared a relationship which not even developed between them. He went to her, to escape himself. Paro asks if he ever loved her. Rudra says NO! It was a need. Going to her was a need because he wanted to run away from his emptiness. He doesn't even know why's he telling this to her. He just feels like telling her, and if she came to know this from somewhere else, she would have been hurt. He turns around and sees Paro missing. He calls her around. Paro walks upto the door. She remembers Rudra telling about Laila and him and then their disturbed marriage. She recalls her moments with him. And cries. "Zindagi Mein Kabhi Koi Aaye Na Rabba..." Plays in the Background. Rudra finds Paro. He asks her if she is alright. Paro says it is late, they should go home. They go back.

Laila is holding alcohol in her hand and looks at the rain. She says Rudra and Laila are fire together. Just like this glass. She takes the draught and then hears Rudra calling out to Paro. Paro is walking away. Rudra follows her. He asks her that he told her all about him and Laila, why is she not saying anything. Paro gives him a towel and walks away. Laila smirks.

She goes to Mohini and tells her she won. Paro is not talking to Rudra and he told her everything about him and her. Mohini says Paro can even throw her out of the house instead of breaking up with Rudra. Laila says she won't, because she's too innocent. The moment Laila sheds two tears, Paro is going to melt. No one can throw her out now. Mohini says whatever and goes to sleep. Laila praises herself.

Paro and Rudra change into dry clothes. She helps him dry his hair. Both don't speak to each other. There is a certain awkwardness between them. When Rudra tries to speak, Paro walks away.

Laila says that she played an awesome move. The two will separate such as not to meet ever again.

Paro sleeps on the floor. Rudra watches her. He goes near her to speak but she turns her back to him and cries. Rudra leaves and sits on a swing. He recalls his moments with Paro. Paro cries. Both of them doze of.

Part 3

Rudra wakes up feeling a touch. He gets shocked to see Laila. Laila tells him why is he doing this to her. He loves her and she loves him. Why is he letting her go, why is he hurting their relationship. Paro is nobody in this relationship. She hugs him asking him to not hurt him. Paro sees them.

Precap- Laila tells Paro that she is only a fly. And a fly can only hover around the flame, but when she tries to get near, it is turned to ashes. But Laila is the fire, and fire is the integral part of flame. Fire and flame can never get apart. Paro is hurt.

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Posted: 2014-05-16T10:46:34Z
Then?? God! Now I'm restless... Please baisa update the rest Smile
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Posted: 2014-05-16T10:52:48Z
Sorry guys, I was typing the second part and it all got deleted! So had to type ALL over again!
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Posted: 2014-05-16T10:57:08Z
I was waiting for the precap part of the WU, coz i did not understand it. OMG why isn't Rudra saying anything! Cry
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Posted: 2014-05-16T11:02:07Z
Thanx for such an early update!
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Posted: 2014-05-16T11:45:53Z
Thanks for update.  Will read updates,till Laila is gone.  Otherwise. I won't reward CVs with my TRPs.
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Posted: 2014-05-16T11:54:47Z
Thanks for the update
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Posted: 2014-05-16T11:57:38Z
Thanks for the written update. Episode was sad, i hate the last scene and precap! 
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