Ye Hai Mohabbatein 15th May 2014 written update.

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Romi and toshi ji are preparing for engagement.toshi ji tells mihir & raman to stay at home.mihir asks why so many functions r needed.Trisha tells I already told raman bhai that I need all rituals n my engagement .Ishita said all this happens only in marriage, its
engagement now.she says i dnt care i want to put mehendi.Raman tells her let her do what she wants, let her enjoy, we are Punjabis, not madrasis. Romi asks about Mihikas engagements arrangements.Ishi says its going good. He asks aboutBala.ishi tells he is busy with arrangements, and he is on d way.raman laughs when ishi ask if they need any help.ruhi comes n asks her for her lehenga, so they goes to get it.Romi calls his friend and says Bala is coming here, listen carefully what you have to do.Mihir comes to Ishita and asking when are they planning mihika's marriage. Ishita says we will do it soon, as Vibhu has to leave soon. Mihir told i hav told bala jeeju to ask for any help. Ishita asks him when did bala become his jiju and why will you help. Mihir tells even though our relation ended, I still care for Mihika and want her to be happy. Mihir asks hrr why did you choose a guy from US, how will she adjust there, like she daily want to eat panipuri and she wont get it there. Ishita asks him to relax and concentrate on his engagement, as
Raman takes care of him, she s there to take care of Mihika. Raman s talking to Tandon and asks him to come there to check preparation. Ishita calls her appa and talk to him about Mihikas engagement arrangements.mihir n raman s listening this.She says Raman will also come with her. Raman
says I dont have time for this. Ishita tells they will go gor mihika and trisha's shopping together and no more arguments.saying she leaves. Raman tells Mihir ur mihika is crazy than her, would you have been able to bear her?they leaves for shopping. Romi
meets Bala and says Vandu and Amma went to market for shopping. Bala says where, Romi tells him to call them and ask. Romi gives him some money asking him to give it to Appa
saying Ishita gave it. Bala asks him why. Romi tells may be its for mihika's engagement.bala took that money frm him and Romi's friend took that pics in Ouch. Bala leaves.Romi checks the pics and is happy.he says I explained you before, you did not do good by double crossing Romi.
Mihir,Trisha and raman r shopping .otherside . Mihika Vibhu and Ishita r doing their shopping. Mihika and vibhu laughs talking. Mihir s jealous to see them together.mihika shows a gagra to ishita which she liked.trisha too liked same gagra, so both raman and ishi goes to take it.sales man says we have only one piece. They both starts their nokjoks.madras v/s punjabis arguments over dress ROFLfinally Ishita buys the dress. Raman says to himself that getting that dress she s acting as if she won Padmabhushan.LOL Ishita brings the dress to Mihika and asks
her to try. They goes to check it.Raman comes near to vibhu to pull his leg.He says Ishita and Mihika are mad.
Mihika has beaten up a guy at the station when she came here, she gets angry soon, but dil ki bahut saaf hai.raman makes up stories of mihika's angry and at end of it tells but dil ki bahut saaf haiLOL vibhu looks like scared.raman says no worries m with u, only when she is not angry LOL
Vibhu says thanks and tells i knw she s good at her heart but dnt knw much abt her.I always wanted a girl like this, good at heart and sometimes angry, he hugs Raman and says she is my dream girl.ROFL Raman leaves saying he s crazy.

Raman mihir comes home. Romi asks him abt Ishita. Raman says at Iyer house,mihir asks his permission to leave him nw.advct patil comes and informs Raman abt parmeet's bail.Simmi s happy.Raman is shocked and asks him who did his bail.patil says not sure but possibly its Ashok Khanna. Raman gets angry and tells he cant expect much frm Ashok, I thought
Parmeet will change in jail but he proved he is a
snake.simmi feels bad listening to all this.
Simmi comes to meet Parmeet at a coffee shop. He tells her he was dying to meet her. She says I m there to get justice for you, but why u joined with ashok, who s our enemy, he keep raman bhaiyas son away frm him, how can you join him. Parmeet tells today I realized who is my own and who is not.
Ishita has put a bad blame on me, your family kicked me out, Ashok freed me from jail.He supports ashok and shagun.he tells bhalla family throws someone or put one in jail if they dnt like them.simmi says i was living there jst for u and u dnt knw ashok well. Parmeet tells ashok gave him job n house.simmi says then she too will come with him.he tells her to stay there some more time untill he earns money.He hugs her. He thinks he has to keep Simmi on his side as she blindly loves him, she can go against Raman and Ishita for him.and untill.let her do works for him.
Mihika is waiting for mihir outside. He comes and asks why did you call me here. She returns all d gift he gave her and says I have to return these. He says I gave this with my heart not to take it back. She says m going to marry vibhu and I dnt wanna keep this old memories with me, I want to move on and start a fresh life with vibhu.mihir s sad.She gives him her engagement card and asks him to come. He says I wont come, as my engagement is on same day. She asks if he will come if its another day.he says no and tells her you deserve someone better than Vibhu, . She says Ishita always told me to marry a man who keeps you happy,now I say marry someone who does not make you cry. She leaves. Mihir says sorry to her.he cries holding gifts.
Raman n mihir s doing work.Romi tells Raman that choreographer is coming. Mihir says no need of all these. Raman says its raman bhalla's bhai's engagement. Ishita comes there .seeing her he starts taunts abt his wedding's musics.he says he was wishing that he was a deaf.ishi too gave him reply and they starts their never ending nokjokhs.ruhi was coming there flying her hairs.she asks did u start it again.ishu and raman said we never fights.Ruhi says lets go to ishita. Raman asks where are you going. Ishita says parlour. Raman tease ishi saying no use of u going parlour, u ll b looking d plastic surgeries cant change u LOL ishi says its not funny. Ishi tells ruhi to tell ur dad not me ur going parlour. Ruhi says she is going to have hairstyle like Priyanka Chopra. Raman says ur going to beauty parlour with beast, what a combination LOL ishita n a low voice says I would have answered u if ruhi was not here.kabhi kam na honge chahatein plays and epi ends on raman.
Precap : param invites ishita to come with him in his new car.she asks which rich man bailout him.and tells him if he tries to misbehave with her again, she will not slap this time, instead will gather everyone and beat him with chappals..

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Posted: 2014-05-15T15:11:18Z
Agggrhh. Romi :|
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Posted: 2014-05-15T15:36:09Z
AB rmoi ill aksi doo simething Ouch
Thnks for wu..
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Posted: 2014-05-15T16:14:48Z
Thanks for the WU! Smile
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Posted: 2014-05-15T17:27:11Z
Thanks for WU think I don't understand from woman point view if your hubby is prove to guilty of assaulting another woman ( not just anyway woman but your sis in law why on earth side with such a dog ) n the mother in law the less it's said about her the better ..
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Posted: 2014-05-15T19:54:59Z
Thanks for the update :-)
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Posted: 2014-05-16T02:27:29Z
nice episode
thanks for the update
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Posted: 2014-05-16T04:07:01Z
Thanks for the WU...
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