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St. Louis Rehearsal Hall

"Rey..Rey..Rey" A girl entered in R.H, Her breathing was irregular because of running, Gang stopped their rehearsals and look toward entrance of R.H.

"What happen taani? Is everything okay?" Rey questioned her in concerned tone. But instead of answering him she pulled him into bone crashing hug.

"Rey you wont believe it..I got the scholarship in Australia's top college" She said in chirpy voice, all other gang members to surrounded them hearing this, taani broke the hug.

Rey was happy for his best friend, today she got what she dream of from her childhood but on the other side he was feeling sad as his best friend will leave him..She is going away.

Taani too notice the sad look on his face..decided to talk to him in alone later, one by one all the gang member come and congratulate her.

Taani and Rey are best friends from the time when they didn't even understand the meaning of friendship. Both were feeling sad that now they are going to separate.

All the gang members left the rehearsal hall as it was time of their lecture..Rey was too about to leave when taani stopped him by holding his hand.

"I will miss you the most" Taani said, she hug him tightly, he too wrap his arms around her petite figure.

"Toh mat jaao na" He thought, he wanted to say this to her but he couldnt as he knows that its her dream to do her higher education there and he don't want to become a hurdle in path of her success..well this is what we call true Love..yes he loves her...He was 15 year old when he realize that there is something more that friendship between them, he is in love, he loves his jhalli best friend. But he didn't confess it to her as he was not sure of her feelings.

"Richie Rich aap bhi mujhe miss karoge na?" She questioned him innocently. He smiled through his tears..They broke the hug, both were shedding tears.

"Ha meri barbie doll, i will miss you" He said, he wipe away her tears..she too did the same.

"Richie Rich mujhe kuch aur bhi kahna hai" taani said, richie rich his pet name..only she has the right to call him that like he has the right to call her Barbie doll.

"Hmn, kya kahna hai?" He questioned back, Taani look at him then stare at ground, rey can see that she is hesitating.

"Taani, from when you started hesitate while talking me, I thought we are besties" rey said, Taani look into his eyes.

"But I don't think of you as my bestie" Taani said, his eyes widen in shock


"Ha, because you are more than a bestie to me" she said, his heart jump in joy hearing her words.

"Before I go i want to confess something, I don't how you will react but its important as i can't keep it in me anymore" Taani said to him

Rey look at her in awe. he knows that what is on the way.

"Ha taani kaho na" 

"I love you..jab 10 saal ki this tabse aapse pyaar karti hu..par darti thi ki aap kaise react karoge..But i know One thing I love you" Taani said it one go with her eyes close, rey was looking at her with widen eyes.

Taani open her one eye to see his reaction, But she herself got shock when he embrace her.

"I love you too Barbie doll...More than i ever loved anyone in this world" Rey said.

"sacchi richie rich?" Taani asked him while broking the hug.

"Muchi Barbie doll" He replied in same cute tone as her.

"Then why didn't you tell this before?" Taani said in complaining voice.

"Tumne bhi toh nahi bataya?" Rey replied.

"okay okay..lets not fight..ab toh keh diya na" Taani said ending the fight before it start.

"Yeah right..But taani you are going Australia" Rey said in sad tone, taani too get upset.

"But I promise I will wait for you to come back..vese bhi 2 saal ki hi toh baat hai" Rey said lightning th atmosphere. Taani smiled at him.

"Ha 2 saal..fir hum saath honge..for forever" Taani said.

"Forever" rey said.

He move close to her..in one swift he pull her close to him by her waist. He bend down little and take her lips in his, both close their eyes, he nibbled her lower lip for response, obeying him she opened up for him. their kiss grew more passionate, they were lost in kiss but when they felt short of breath they broke the kiss. they stare into each others eyes. they promise each other and sealed it with a kiss...kiss of pure love.

They both sat on floor of R.H in each others arms taking support of mirror.

"Rey aapko kab realize hua that you love me" taani asked him, her head was on his chest while his arms around her.

"Yeah, when i was 15..You remember When i beat the guy in school who used to tease you that day I realize that you are more than a friend to me" Rey said, taani laugh remembering how rey beat that boy black blue when he teased her in front of rey.

"haso mat..tumhe pta hai na mein tumhare against kuch nahi sun sakta" Rey said, he tighten his grip on her. 

"I love you Richie rich" 

"I love you too Barbie doll"

They stayed there for sometime then leave for her house, rey helped her in her packing as she has to leave day after tomorrow. But now he is not feeling that bad as he knows that now she is his and will be back soon for him.


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*sorry* if you had any plan to res any more xP

Congrats on your One Shot Gallery Pooja :* *hugs
Keep writing lovely fictions :)

Sealed with kiss ... beautiful, lovely;  adorable OS :* Heart
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Heartily congrats to u
Keep writing sexy hot os
Thanks for all stry n os luv
U but yeah u make me wait
For long time
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Posted: 2014-05-15T07:55:37Z
Congratulations pooh...
Keep writing more hawt , sexy , romantic , cute n sweet os's...
Waiting for ur next os...
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Posted: 2014-05-15T10:24:53Z

fab work Cool

love you fr givn us amazing stories...

this one is so cute and like u said "pure"

congo fr a gallery...

u deserve this Clap

keep writing...
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firstly congradzClap,,
keep writing,,ur an awsome writer,,
comes to an update,,
short nd sweet os,
rechie rich and barbie doll love story,
how sweett,,
thankz for the pm,
keep writing hottest os more,Embarrassed
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such a lovely os!!
richei rich n barbei doll.. aww lovd it!!
SUPERB... yaar!!
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